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password: ben sulu

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The End of Bionicle‘s Rebirth

Gathered friends, listen again to our tale of our beloved experiences (or at least my experience) of Bionicle. I may have not known about bionicle for the first half of it’s run, but when i went to a local toys r us  back in 2006, i stumbled into the lego section to be surprised by what i saw. I saw what was the toa ignika sets. It looked interesting at first, but i wasn’t soo interested at the time, soo i moved on. 2 years later, my mother got me a huge bin of pieces at a local sale. I saw a few intriguing parts, along with the manual, and it clicked like the pieces i held. I was starting to love bionicle. though, after i had gotten in trouble like the kid i was, i lost them for a year and nearly forgot them since the series ended. But when i saw them again, i remembered the tales of bionicle. i immediately took them and headed back home. i started to wonder how i could stretch my creativity. There, i made my first of many mocs. Though not too many stayed, i made a few that lasted a long time and some are even with me to this day. When i had heard bionicle was returning, i was giddy with nostalgia and was using every opportunity to get a set i wanted, though i only had 2 opportunity because ketar was the only discounted one there and it was my birthday, so i also got the skull grinder set. I watched the journey to one series and i felt an urge to watch all the other times it went on the big screen. I watched all the movies and all the commercials. I was soo happy i got to relive my love for bionicle again. But then, i saw the season 2 series and saw that bionicle was over. I wanted to deny the end, but i got to the message boards of lego and one message caught my eye. I clicked on it and what i saw made my heart sink. “ The Conclusion of “The Journey to One” marks the end for LEGO® BIONICLE® Generation 2″ I then remembered. All my pals. All the stuff i made. And all my ideas. I came to type this, and i came to say that even though bionicle may be over, the story and experience doesn’t have to be. We can continue the story from where they left off. I hope that bionicle’s story and legacy lives on in our minds and in our hearts. R.I.P. Bionicle. We will dearly miss you.

so i read ToG a couple of weeks ago and i finished ACoMaF a couple of hours ago and holy moly, i’m in love with everything about it. Can we please thank Sarah J Maas for awesome characters in beautiful dresses!!! also Rhysand!!

i very nearly forgot Feyre’s tattoo in this, not sure if the designs quite right but ITS LATE AND IM TOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS BOOK TO CARE.
Search - Chapter 2 - SimplyKorra - RWBY [Archive of Our Own]
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Another week and another chapter. Honestly I had such a break between this and Run and I nearly forgot to post this today lol. Shoutout to the anon reminding me at the gym ;)

Anyway, chapter 2…


I realized I hadn’t written anything angsty for Doomsday Month yet, so here is my offering of angst.

Oh! And I nearly forgot! @timepetalsprompts weekly ficlet prompt is Doomsday!! So here is my offering for that too!

Tenth Doctor, Post-Doomsday Angst ~500 words

The Doctor stares blankly at the wall as the light from the Void crumples in and in until the hole seals itself, trapping him away from his love. He can’t feel his legs but he knows they must be moving, because the wall is getting closer, close enough to touch, close enough to lean against.

He presses his temple against the cold, white wall, stretching and reaching for the spark of gold that is suddenly and painfully gone from his head. He reaches as far as he can, but still there is nothing. He is achingly alone in his mind once more.

He turns from the wall slowly, not quite trusting his knees to not give out on him, and begins walking. One foot in front of the other…baby steps…easy does it…and somehow he’s back in the TARDIS. Her hum is low and mournful, and the knot in his chest wedges itself in his throat. His eyes sting and his ears roar and his lungs burn.

He nearly falls to the floor as the TARDIS goes into the Vortex. Surely he didn’t send them there? He didn’t remember going through the dematerialization sequence. He can’t remember anything, really, not over the migraine splitting his skull.

He sluggishly makes his way down the hall. One foot in front of the other…baby steps…easy does it…and somehow he’s in the room he shared with Rose. Just his, now. He can’t be bothered to undress, so he flops onto the mattress, a low moan escaping him as a stab of pain ripples through his head.

Exhaustion creeps up on him, and he welcomes the blackness with open arms.

Rose is there, waiting for him, smiling at him. Gods, she’s beautiful. She is only wearing his boxers and his t-shirt, and her hair his mussed from sleep, but she is the most beautiful person he has ever seen. She rolls further into his embrace and presses her lips softly along the edge of his jaw, making his skin burn where her lips have touched. He holds her closer and whispers her name in her ear, wishing he could say more than that, wishing he could tell her how he truly feels.

“I know, love,” she assures, pressing her lips to the corner of his mouth. “I’ve always known.”

Her mind wraps around his, her beauty and warmth shining through to every corner of his mind. He hums happily and dives deeper into her mind, content to stay there, in their delicate stalemate, forever.

But forever can never last, and the Doctor slowly begins to wake up after nearly ten hours of reprieve his dreams had given him. He wakes up cold and sweaty and shaking, with an aching head and a coiled stomach. His mind lashes out violently, looking for its mate, and upon finding nothing but empty space, it retreats in on itself.

A hoarse sob echoes around the room as the Doctor pulls her pillow tightly to his chest. It still smells like her, like jasmine and lavender, sunshine and tea, time and home. He buries his face into it as his body shakes with grief, and he is vaguely aware that he’s whispering her name again and again, begging and praying to the universe.

Bring her back!

Les Misérables (1935) directed by Richard Boleslawski (part 1)

[german version] [english version]

  • Thank god I speak german bc I couldn’t find another version.
  • Black and White movies are great bc the dubbing doesn’t bother me as much
  • I nearly forgot “Innocent until proven guilty” was not a thing back then
  • Also they begin with Valjean’s first trial and not with his release from the bagne
  • and he’s sentenced to 10 years instead of 5 and in the galères instead of the bagne. Okay. There’s worse. I don’t know why though. (probably bc german American people have no idea what the bagne of Toulon was)
  • I just looked it up: Richard Boleslawski was polish but the movie was originally shot in english
  • It earned 4 Oscar nominations btw
  • We get to see Valjeans sister and her children *gives thumbs up*
  • OMFG They had the piece of bread Valjean stole in the courtroom as a piece of evidence I’M HOLLERING
  • “Javert, the reason why you’re not promoted lies under my discretion.” *tells the entire room full of soldiers that Javert’s parent’s were criminals and has him tell he was born in prison* (fucking dickhead)
  • holy shit they’re hitting a nail in the collar NEXT TO HIS HEAD
  • I wonder how many prisoners died bc the dude could not handle a fucking hammer
  • I’m not even ten minutes in just sayin
  • Old movies have the best screams
  • His passport is yellow for his attempt to flee… no???? Oh well there’s worse
  • Also apparently Valjean tried to escape only once
  • Valjean receiving less money than he calculated… There’s so many details!
  • Also the woman showing Valjean the way to the church. I actually really like this adaptation up to now
  • The bishops look is just… odd? not wrong but more how I imagine a judge in 1789
  • Bishop Myriel: *stands in front of Valjean in full Bishop outfit IN A CHURCH*; Valjean: What are you? You’re not an innkeeper; Myriel: No, I’m a priest; Valjean: A PRIEST!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!
  • excuse me but this is fucking hilarious
  • The priest is the first cinamon roll™
  • I can’t believe a 1935 movie managed to include the possibility of“What if two serial killer became roomate” trope like wow
  • “How can you be sure I won’t kill you tonight?” “How can YOU be sure I won’t kill you tonight?” Actual dialogue between Valjean and the bishop
  • Still not sure if it’s supposed to be canon fire or thunder outside
  • Valjean has nightmares about the galères. Realism: +1
  • I love the bishop. He’s all memes personified
  • “Ah yes, the con I received yesterday stole all our silver.” *Sips tea* “Give him the two candlesticks”
  • I feel like in an Opera show
  • “When is a man free?” Wow, easy there priest, barely 20 minutes in and you hit us with the deep existential questions
  • And thus ended the first part of Jean Valjean’s life

oh my gosh i can’t believe i nearly forgot what day it was!!

tq told me you wanted to draw/see pistol in this dress, so they came to me to put it together for you ;*

have a wonderful day!! happy birthday, we love you!