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You said to send you new suggestions or say why we think dove is good to do sabrina. I think she'll be good because as you said she's done descendants and we've seen her "wicked" acting. Although it wasn't a dark role bc duh Disney, you can tell she sets her mind on he roles and does her absolute best while listening to how the people in charge want her to play that role.

That’s true, that’s why I’m a little on the fence bc Mal isn’t all dark and yes Disney kind of controls their actors at times. I’m not really against her, I do want to see what she would bring to the role if she were to get it. I wonder how dark they’ll make this Sabrina tho.

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Send me who you want to be the New Sabrina 🔮✨

                  “  HAIR.  “ SHE’S POINTING AT  the girl’s  bright  red hair  ,  her eyes wide. she doesn’t remember ever having  seen  hair that red before  ,  and her hand goes up to touch the  blonde wig  on her own head. maybe she should have gotten a  red  wig instead.  “  you have  good  hair.  “  / / @bev3r1y

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Car magnet here. More info? Uh, I've never been hit by a car while in a car. Walking, skating, biking usually. I'm only dead on the inside. It's not the same time of the, but generally from December to May? Idk. I'm not trying to get hurt. I've always walked away from getting hit more or less fine?

this is the best ask ive ever gotten

honestly i am so shook, i really love my church

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‘ Here, let me bandage that up. ’ (whichever muse you feel would be better for this :D)

                                               Caring Meme


                                                 Verse: Wolf Inside

Som v poriadku, vďaka” The words flowed like the blood from her shoulder, she felt a stiffness in her brain trying to understand the male wouldn’t get what she was saying. 

 ‘M fine. Thanks though.” The words came out like rough pieces of gravel, her finger’s stretching and un-stretching as she sat there, though she didn’t move away from him. She didn’t lean the other way like she should have, her body simply coiled though, it was ready to attach if someone touched her, ready to pounce on whatever was going to hurt her next. 

It was some stupid bar fight, someone saying something and away she went like a fuse being lit. Her twin was on his way, racing to her, she could feel him through that bond they had, the special thing they shared. She was worried, his finger’s hot against her skin, the only thing she was seeing was RED. She was sure that was from her wolf, the need for blood for anyone thinking about hurting her. 

Sorry.” For a moment when she looked at him, it was like she wasn’t seeing him, just seeing someone there, a vague shape, whiskey orb’s for a moment going cloudy, blindness taking her over as she felt her brother pushing into her mind. 

                                                  WHERE ARE YOU?

It was an instant thing, tanned finger tip’s grabbing on to the male who was attempting to help her, long golden tresses falling around her face as she slumped forward. Safeness and the relief of being safe filled her whole body, no more did the wolf need to be known, she was fine. 

Artem. Over here.” She thought she was saying it in her mind, through the bond, it was more out loud only snip it’s of the words flowing to her brother. She held on though, to the male, tanned finger’s gripping on like a vice, a need to keep herself upright and safe. 

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‘ Do you want to talk about it? ’ ( Artem )

                                               Caring Meme


                                                Verse: Wolf Inside

There was something oddly foreign about being asked if he wanted to talk about something. For centuries he only had the blonde to talk to, the only living creature he had found that was able to keep up with him, in age, in time, in everything. Yet here was someone who had just come into their lives, burrowing himself deeper and deeper until before Artem knew it, he was wondering if the other was even real, if either he nor Katia simply made him up, made him a figment of their imagination. He had spent night’s thinking this, racking his brain around the fact he was real, then he wasn’t, then maybe he was in this odd sort of way. He was the link in their chain they never knew they needed. 

Ah.” His voice surprised him, did he wish to talk about it? Did he want to jump down the rabbit hole that was his sister? Year’s spent trying to tame the blonde back her natural state was something he had given up long ago. He knew she couldn’t go back to the care free girl she was before the Lovci took her. She would never be the same, he wouldn’t either. 

Centuries ago, she was taken, by Lovci, hunter’s of our kind. They wanted her power, or so the power they thought she had. See there was a tale back in the old day’s of our people, about two wolves, deity’s that walked among us. Dazbog and Horz. Horz was the god of the moon, able to turn into a wolf, a brownish red wolf. Dazbog was the sun god, a white wolf who ferried the dead to the underworld. The Čierny Vlk, as we called him, was the wolf who bit Katia and I.” He paused making sure the other was listening, a soft inhale, a small smile spreading across his lip’s as he remembered the day’s of old were he roamed free in wolf form. Never fearing Lovci, never fearing there was something out there that could take his whole world from him. 

Well see Čierny Vlk thought we were a sign from the other god’s that change was coming. Katia was thought to be the heart of Horz she loved anything at night, she was the most active than. I was thought to be the heart of Dazbog, always doing thing’s during the day, always protecting people. I gues the Lovci wanted us, but would take her first. I don’t know much but I know that she got hurt alot, she changed, no longer did the night welcome her, it shut her out, like she was too bloody for it. Too tainted. It seemed the day shut me out too, keeping me awake at night, living by moon to moon. Čierny Vlk, he couldn’t do much about it, he tried to fight though to find her. He, well we don’t know what happened. Everyone who used to protect me thought I killed him to become alpha. I left them soon after.” This time the smile faded and he glanced away, eye’s closing on the feeling of the past bubbling up around him. He could picture everything he was saying, like an old wives tale people told children to keep them in their beds at night. 

Anyway, year’s later I heard talk of a white wolf roaming around.” He laughed, it was short and almost as if he was telling a joke

They called her Prisťahovalec smrti. The Bringer of Death. Apparently those who saw her I guess died a couple day’s after seeing her, but when I found her she was covered in scars, she wouldn’t change out of her wolf form and she was shot, I guess someone didn’t want to see Prisťahovalec smrti.” He shrugged some, as if this was all something he learned to deal with, like a scar or something. The weight would never phase him. 

So that is our story, or at least her’s. I guess that’s why I worry about her. I don’t know how to protect someone who loves the taste of blood.” 

let me tell you as an artist there is literally nothing better than seeing my art reblogged with people tagged in it

like you enjoyed my stuff so much that you thought of someone who’d enjoy it too and you shared it with them mnnm AAAGHAAAH TH A NKS////

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I keep getting sick :(( idk why but probs coz of my uni ac .. its super cold in some classes !!

This week I have worked five nights and one day at a campus event hobnobbed with poets drafted a research proposal drafted a BIG OLD CHUNK of the results section of my thesis wrote a big jumbled beautiful mess of a blog post read like half a book about fairy tales and myths and revision and shit and tomorrow I have to do more hobnobbing with researchers and then go back to my regular job on the weekend and also I vacuumed all the rugs SO IF ANYONE NEEDS ME today I’m wearing my comfy jeans and lying in a sunbeam reading early ‘00s magical girl manga please leave your communications with my secretary 

On Days Like Today

My Anxiety, Depression, and Mania are probably my biggest flaws. It’s something I can not change, remove, or even rationalize most of the time, it’s a part of me I can’t escape. Almost every waking moment I feel as though I’m drowning and getting swept away with the currant with no hope of survival in sight. But on days like today, beautiful serene downright magical with a dash of love and hope these days makes all the darkness the despair desperation hurt and pain fade away into nothingness. Sometimes all it takes is something small to restore your peace of mind. On days like today I’m thankful for the beauty in small things they remind me to never give up even when I want to even when it may be easier to do so. On days like today I find magic in the small things, love in the unexpected, and above all hope I find hope in myself

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She hummed happily as he twisted her teasing back on her. There was something lovely about the way he didn’t judge her for any of her antics. He never pulled away from her. There wasn’t anything she had to keep from him— and it was the most comforting state of existence she’d ever found with another human being. For an assassin, she found unconditional honesty a rare and beautiful thing not meant to be questioned. “I think you were too busy trying to impress the Demon to be bothered by a skinny blonde thing standing in his shadow.” Honestly, she had always thought perhaps, if things had been even fractionally different, that it would have been Talia who found his bed instead of her.

“No, you needed to see me dish out some serious carnage before— get your ass knocked on the mat a few times—“ she winked and leaned across the table to press her lips to his own, brief but enough to seal their futures away from anything that might have been in the past. “Oh, but I love a colorful fight or two. Spice things up— not like there’s any paparazzi to catch your very kickass girlfriend in the act.” She leaned back onto her bar stool and took a long pull from her own bottle. “The nights young, Bruce.” ( Maybe scalp him in a game of pool? Get him off his face? ) Given the rarity of their nights out, she wasn’t going to let him whisk her back to his mansion just yet.

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tell me (pra qual quiser ou todos, você que sabe)

put a “tell me" in my ask and my character will answer…

está abaixo do corte mozona <3

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               ❛  i see dead people .  ❜     &  countenance remains somber,  though brow hangs low, dressed with annoyance.  stupid brother, daring him,  to do this —– a mere EXPERIMENT, to see what other’s would do. 

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Cooking was something he was good at, something he loved to do, calmed him down after a very long day of trying to chase his sister around. However, there was an added perk of having the taller male around, the stuff he put up higher to keep out of the reach of a shorter blonde he could now access, which he supposed was the best part of having someone taller than him. 

Hey Virgil if you don’t mind I need you to grab something for me.He was knee deep in churning out tomato’s for making home made pasta sauce. Something he learned from an old women in Italy a very long time ago, long night’s of staying up late feeding her animals and learning the way’s. Centuries of traveling around he always picked up some new idea’s. 

Actually you might be stronger than me. I need you to do something for me.” Tanned finger dipped into the sauce to try it, it would have to simmer for another 2 to 3 hour’s. thickening, mellowing out, gaining much more flavor.