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i'll shout it a thousand times at everyone but gosh darn your portrayal of every muse you tackle is so flawless and beautiful to read. i'm always so blown away ??? by how clearly i can hear the voice of a character in your threads and replies !! you have this crazy amazing gift at breathing life into each muse with such a pretty style of writing that is like ... so smooth and flows wonderfully, honestly everything about your blog is art. i could stare at everything dreamily all day. <3

 seriously  thank  you  so  much .    this  message  left  me  completely  speechless  because  you  have  used  such  kind  words    &    i  honestly  do  not  feel  worthy  of  such !    but  i  genuinely  will  treasure  this    &    remember  it  whenever  i  feel  like  i’m  not  good  enough .    you  are  an  amazing  person    &    writer ;    i  can’t  wait  to  continue  our  lily  x  severus  thread    &    to  write  more  with  you .

MEME :    tell me what you think of my portrayal .

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May I request possible scenarios of how the Chocobros and Cor got to know their s/o, why they appreciate them and got closer to them?

Yes, yes, yes you may dear Anon! :D I just want to say though- this was a tad bit rushed because I wanted to get something out tonight but I’ve been so darn tired lately LOL! So if there are any typos, please flag them and let me know <3 Love you all! And enjoyyyy!

Noctis: Noctis first noticed you two months into beginning high school. He was curious about you, because unlike the other people in his class, you kind of just sat by yourself in the back corner and stayed glued to your books. Noctis would find himself staring at you during class break periods, earning himself a lot of teasing from Prompto. Noctis didn’t really know why he found you so extremely fascinating, but he couldn’t stop himself from turning his head every hour just to check and see if you were still sitting there in the back corner, reading your books and diligently completing your work.

On Valentine’s Day, Noctis received many gifts of expensive, foreign chocolates and roses. Prompto himself had received a whole bunch of gifts from his many admirers around the school as well. However, Noctis found himself staring right past his desk, saturated with gifts and offerings, his eyes landing on your desk. There sat a single rose with a bag of what seemed to be home-made chocolates tied to the green stem. Noctis had felt a pang of jealousy then- though he soon came to realise that his jealousy was unfounded.

That afternoon, as he was about to leave for the front gates where Ignis was waiting to pick him up, you approached him from behind and tapped him gently on the shoulder. Noctis turned around swiftly at the touch and his midnight blue eyes widen at the sight of you holding out the lone rose and cute looking chocolate moogles. His eyes travelled up to your face and he saw your slight blush and endearing bashful expression.

“Um, these are for you, your highness.” Noctis watches you formally bow down to him, your gifts outstretched to him. Not even thinking about playing it cool, Noctis gently takes your gifts from your hands and smiles when you straighten up to face him with a mildly surprised expression on your face.

“Thanks, y/n.” Noctis replies back simply, his gratitude evident in his shy tone. Noctis watches you smile brightly at him, and from that moment on, he slowly grows closer and closer to you until one day, your lips meet and seal an unspoken contract- you’ve been inseparable ever since!

Prompto: Prompto met you when the two of you were each twelve years old. Specifically, he met you when he fell during one of his morning runs. You were taking a walk down to the local corner store to buy some bread for breakfast with your family when you caught sight of a chubby boy sitting on the curb, staring at his bloody knee and crying. Prompto hadn’t even realised that you had approached him as he cried- he was so used to dealing with his emotions and problems by himself. So when you tapped him on the shoulder and offered him a shy, yet determined smile, Prompto was both grateful and fascinated by you.

He admired how you took him by the hand and pulled him up with a strong grip before pulling you along right towards your home. He remembered how your parents were so welcoming of your new ‘friend’, despite the fact that Prompto was almost positive someone as pretty and kind as you would never was someone as weird as him to be their friend. You had just nodded and stuck close to Prompto as your parents patched him up. He was extremely grateful for that act of consideration and kindness.

From that day forth, you and Prompto were close friends. You always made sure Prompto ran safely and Prompto always made sure you had a buddy to walk with to and from school. The two of you grew close over the years, and naturally, Prompto had asked you out on your birthday. At first, you thought it was too good to be true, so you took his invitation as just an outing between friends. But then, when he placed a tender kiss against your cheek that night at the end of your fun filled evening- both you and Prompto knew that it was the start of something special and long on the books.

Until this day, you and Prompto go to that very spot you first met as kids, and tell each other just how much you mean to each other. You tell Prompto that he saved you from a lonely childhood, and Prompto tells you that you saved him from himself.

Gladio: Gladio met you at an official royal dinner. He was absolutely enthralled with the vision of you wearing a black lace dress with golden accents, your hair in an elegant up-do. That night, Gladio’s job was to tail Noctis and make sure that the prince didn’t slip out of the main hall and sneak off into the gardens. However, he was distracted by your beauty and, damn it, he paid the price. Within an hour, Gladiolus Amicitia had already lost the prince.

In a panic, Gladio began to search amongst the crowds in the main hall. In his hurry, he began to job backwards to back-track towards the large mahogany double doors so that he could go and search the prince’s regular haunts around the palace. But then, he stepped on some flowy material and he heard a rather loud rip.

“Oh my…” Gladio stands stock still at the sound of you saddened voice. He cannot believe it. He ran right into you AND he ruined your beautiful dress. Oh, and he lost the prince. Gladio turned towards you, an apologetic look on his handsome and rugged features.

“I am SO sorry! Follow me to the coat room, I think Iggy left an emergency sewing kit in there for occasions like this, my lady.”

You nodded and gathered your ripped skirts, and Gladio felt terrible as he lead you out of the room. Soon, the two of you were in the coat room, and Gladio frantically searched for the sewing kit he mentioned, only to find Noctis fast asleep under a pile of expensive women’s coats. He was about to yank the prince out from under the pile and give him a piece of his mind when you suddenly cooed and reached out to run a sheer gloved hand over the thirteen year old prince’s dark bangs.

“He’s tuckered out, poor darling. He may be prince, but he’s still also just a boy.” You sighed quietly as you stroked the prince’s hair. Gladio couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. Why did the prince get to have you touching him so tenderly? It wasn’t fair!

“Yeah, uh, I guess I should take him to bed then?” Gladio grunted, lifting Noctis gently from the pile of coats and into his strong arms. Gladio was about to tell you to wait in the coat room for him, until he caught you shrugging your coat on over your beautiful dress.

Gladio’s face was downcast as he thought you were going to be leaving. You see this forlorn expression in Gladio’s expressive eyes and you couldn’t help but smile at the large teen’s endearing reaction. You felt flattered that he wanted you to stay around longer.

“I’m not going anywhere, just so you know. I’ll be waiting for you outside the main hall. It’s too loud in there and I want to talk to you.”

Gladiolus came back to you in record speed after you’d expressed your desire to speak with him privately. That night, the two of you laughed and shared stories and aspirations between each other about yourselves. Gladio was absolutely ecstatic and VERY well-behaved. No wandering hands or eyes (despite your ripped dress) what so ever.

Gladio fell for your forward nature and natural confident charm the moment he laid eyes on you, and you fell for his soft, kind heart. The two of you cherish each other immensely and cannot even imagine life without one another. Gladio is loath to admit that Noctis is the one who brought the two of you together.

Ignis: Ignis met you when he’d first arrived at the Citadel at the young age of six. He was extremely withdrawn and absolutely scared of everyone and everything he had encountered. His uncle ad advised the Regis that it would be pertinent for Ignis to have contact with kids his age so that he could normalise and re-socialise after the traumatic experience of losing both of his parents in a car accident.

And so, Ignis first laid his eyes on you in the royal day care. He had been plopped down beside a quietly playing Prince Noctis, and the prince didn’t seem like he wanted to be disturbed, so Ignis had no choice but to play with someone else nearby- lest he die of absolute boredom. He had tried to approach some of the older boys who were playing wrestling on the floor nearby, but he quickly back tracked when he noticed just how hard the boys were hitting each other.

Ignis was about to make his way back to Noctis when he felt a tug on his sleeve. Almost immediately after the tug, his glasses were pried off his face and Ignis felt a wave of panic settle into his chest, suffocating him as his field of vision became blurry. Whether it was from not being able to see without his glasses, or the mere fact that he was about to cry rather violently, he didn’t really know.

He never found out either, because the glasses thief, after stealing his possessions, had immediately perched the glasses back atop his nose after seeing the clear distress on Ignis’s face and in his stunning green eyes.

“I’m sorry- I just thought your eyes were really pretty. I wanted to see them better. Please don’t cry- I’ll take care of you! I turned five this year!” Ignis turned to you, and he was a little mad at first. But then, throughout the weeks, as you continued to bug him to play with you, he grew fond of you. Soon, you were his best friend, encouraging him through his specialised Crownsguard training program and holding him whenever things got to be too much.

One night, while Ignis was walking from the library with you beside him, he couldn’t hold in his feelings any longer. He had to tell you how he felt. But he didn’t know how to tell you in words. So he took his glasses off his nose and turned to face you. When you stopped your gait and stopped to face Ignis, you found him smiling sheepishly.

“I need you far more than I can say, y/n. Will you take care of me, please?” Ignis asked bashfully. You tentatively pressed you lips against his in the cool evening breeze under the murky stars in Insomnia, and it was from then on that Ignis the caretaker of all had someone special to come home to in order to have someone take care of him.

Cor: Cor Leonis met you when you were a newly recruited Crownsguard trainee. Clarus was not available to train you, so Cor had to step in. With no training experience what-so-ever, Cor was a pretty terrible teacher. He basically did everything for you and didn’t give you much opportunity to learn. And so, you naturally had to confront him about this oversight because you were there to learn and become good at your job.

“Cor… could I possibly take a solo mission someday soon?” you asked, your voice slightly shaky out of nerves. You were speaking to the marshal- of course you were going to be nervous. Cor had immediately frowned at shaken his head in disagreement.

“No. You’re not ready.”

“Of course I’m not,” you snapped at Cor, “you don’t even give me a chance to practice what I’ve learned!” you yelled, very frustrated all of a sudden. The man wasn’t letting you lift a finger, and you had no idea why. “Is it because you think I can’t be good? If so, then just tell me. Let me look for another job- be rid of me!” you have started screaming now. Luckily, the training room you and Cor were in was sound proof.

Cor frowns at you, his glare softening in its intensity.

“Are you immortal too?” Cor asked you, throwing you off all of a sudden. The question came out of the blue, and was unlike any question Cor had ever asked you in the past four months of your training. You shake your head silently in response. Cor lets out a sigh and clasps your shoulder gently with one of his large, warm hands. “Then how can I let you risk your life out there? I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you…”

You caught the soft, barely there blush on Cor’s tanned skin, and your heart began to race a mile per minute at the affectionate thoughts apparently running through Cor’s mind, directed solely at you. You were flattered… and you felt special and protected. Suddenly, you weren’t so mad.

“Cor, I know what I signed up for. To serve the Crown is my life. My duty. My entire soul.”

“That’s unfair- can’t you leave some of your soul for me?”

Cor’s smooth words from that day were what led you to throw your arms around his broad shoulders and kiss him senseless. His words were also the reason why you decided to take on an administration role, much like Monica. Cor was happy with your decision, and supported you one-hundred percent with your career from then on.

Over time, you fell in love with the way Cor only smiled for you, in private. You fell in love with the way he kissed you so tenderly that you were convinced you would break if he applied even the smallest amount more pressure because every affectionate act shared with Cor was extremely overwhelming.

You could feel the love exuding out of the stoic man for you. And Cor’s simple reason for having you set in the centre of his world-

… he absolutely loved the kindness and determination settled deep into your eyes. One look at you, that first moment he met you as his student… he’d broken his vow to remain unattached to others. And until now, with you by his side, he didn’t regret falling for you one bit.

Also for the record

P sure that me and my friend were behind BTS’ bus leaving the concert and for a solid 10+ minutes. But then not even ½ a mile before our hotel they turned on the highway and we were like DARN. But honestly they were probably like these girls following us smh but I promise we weren’t hahahaha 😂😂😂😂

abt the jake situation:

 tl;dr: a lot of people need to take a break from harshing jake about deleting his social media. it’s not that big a deal. respect the boy’s decision. 

y’all know there’s a lot of bands out there with individual members that straight up don’t have social media? I understand that it’s upsetting that jake deleted/suspended his social medias without warning and yea sure gosh darn it sure is sweet that he was responding to fans and such on it but… it’s none of our business why he deleted/suspended the accounts. Jake’s a person, and all of hc is relatively young for how much popularity the band has gotten and how fans react to certain things he tweets, or how the band twitter has been more relaxed in certain instances lately. jake even hints that, in certain songs, how he knows that critics don’t always take hc seriously because they’re so young. certain actions could be a reaction to this criticism. 

a lot of fans think that this reaction to whatever caused him to delete/suspend is unsettling and irrational, to just post that live video of them suspending the account and to suspend the accounts at all, but as someone around the same age as jake I can totally understand why he would do it. it’s difficult to manage social media and constantly have opinions and shit thrown at you all day, and I can’t imagine how hard that is when you’re on a tour across the country meeting tons of fans ((especially when they can be really immature sometimes,,, honestly the whole thread that the photographer posted on twitter was funny but then made me really uncomfortable because like… you wanna go out and play a show and be respected for your music and not be called “DADDY” as you walk on stage… it’s probably funny for a hot sec but then annoying eventually)) maybe jake just needs a break from social media for his goddamn mental health y’all. hc is an eloquent band in terms of their lyrics and pretty chill and thankful dudes overall, and a lot of people are overreacting by taking this as a personal offense to fans. just think if the band didn’t have any social media accounts at all. 

honestly, all bands and band members have a different outlook and culture towards social media (how often does patrick stump tweet vs brendon urie? or just mgmt’s whole twitter vibe in general?) and we, as fans, should just roll with whatever happens and not harsh out the band or call them problematic faves because of it. everyone thinks alex caplow is still a sweet peach even though he’s abandoned almost all social media and isn’t even in america anymore. are fans mad that he didn’t update them on THAT? just chill guys. take it easy. 

RIP Starbucks

The man getting served in front of me at Starbucks asked for a mocha. “Sorry sir, but we’re out of mochas.”

The guy was fuming.

“I have a mocha every morning when I come in here!” “This is B.S.” he raged.

“Fine! Just give me a darned latte!” He went and sat down, grumbling.

I went to the counter and said, “I’ll have a large latte too, please.” They asked me for my name. I asked why they needed it and they told me that they’d write it on my cup and shout it when it was ready. So I told them my name was Mocha.

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🐝- Three friends and my three favourite things about them
@beanretro - wholesome, adorable, smart
@kidslutti- - attitude, aesthetic, humour
@officialflowergirl - ya darn face, humour, style

🦄 - Three favourite things about myself
1. My car
2. Uuuuh
3. ?????

🌷- what are you attracted to in people physical appearance wise
Facial features, piercing eyes, hands that can kill me, a gun to shoot me with

I have several Google Alerts set up, including one for the Time After Time ABC series Ben is in. Well, yesterday and today - unfortunately - I had many come in as the series has apparently been cancelled. Crap!

Fun, we got to see Ben in the premier earlier this month,

But darn that we won’t see his other two episodes unless it hopefully ends up online somewhere.

Meanwhile, Ben said he had an amazing six days in Albuquerque shooting some good scenes for CBS’s new pilot called Mission Control which takes place at NASA, written by The Martian author, Andy Weir.

Google alert for Mission Control CBS has now been set up!

// I have absolutely no idea how this is possible, but it seems like I have five major kintypes: Lyssa, Tina, Widow, Jean, and now this new one. I don’t know how it’s possible to have been two people from the same canon, but I *know* that I’m not faking this. The memories are too clear. Kinda just venting this down for later discussion or further thought.

When you're the neediest person in all the land and are trying so hard not to spam your girlfriend bc you know she's busy but you miss her so gosh darn much

Help me pls
I’m trying to behave

What’s stopping mobile users from making purchases on their phones?

Well, for one thing, the screens are too darn small.

That was one of the findings of a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey conducted in September 2016. The data was part of a UK-focused report that compared consumer usage and attitudes in the UK with those in China and the US.

About one-third of US internet users ages 18 and older surveyed said a challenge of purchasing products via mobile devices was that the screen is too small.

Meanwhile, about one-quarter said that mobile sites aren’t easy to use—likely a response at least in part to mobile phone screen size.

Another 19.0% said the lack of security on mobile sites is a challenge of purchasing products via a mobile device.

Connectivity was close behind: 17.0% of respondents said they have a slow data connection, which makes buying via mobile devices challenging, and nearly as many (15.8%) said they have no Wi-Fi access.

According to eMarketer’s latest estimates, some 147.3 million people in the US will use a mobile device to make a purchase this year. That works out to slightly more than 55% of all mobile phone users.

a notice

ok so currently watching Yona of the Dawn and favorite character is Shin-ah / Sinha (darn u translations??) he s a good soul

also slooowly almost caught up with Magi manga, Hakuryuu is still aight and Judar is an amazing middle-key supportive jerk as usual, I already have a Time Travel AU rip

uhh what else think that’s it besides Davesprite feathery son