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hey sorry my blog isnt as great as it could be in terms of like, pc and like abouts and whatnot. i wanna work on like the formatting and all that fancy junk but my computer wont turn on, so for now you’re just gonna have to stick with my terrible mobile edits and posts and stuff because tumblr mobile is just the diggity darn best

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U just made an unholy sound I sounded like a kitten

like an hour ago i was screaming because TF noticed me heh

man im so lame no wonder why they havent followed gosh darn it

if I am up before the fajr adhan to do some afternoon zakat

you’re darn tooting that I’m wearing sensory friendly close to work and changing when I get there.

definitions from title for my non-Muslim friends:
(fajr: prayer before sunrise
adhan: call to prayer
zakat: charity)

I shouldn’t be complaining about doing a good deed, I know, I’m so sorry. It’s 4am and I’m just a wee bit cranky about it being 4am. I’ll fix my attitude after some adjusting to the waking world.

Internet broke during the stream!

I won’t be streaming anymore but I’d like to share what I’m “sort of” working on haha.


Can you guess who they are? ;D

Darn matter got me hot

The one black dude on the show turned out to be a narc, turns on his friends, then when he helps bust them out of prison he gets shot and is basically gonna die so he is out in indefinite stasis. 😑 I bet if he ever gets out of stasis he is gonna die immediately.

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So I got to play Puyo Puyo Tetris just last week...

So last week, I FINALLY got to play Puyo Puyo Tetris!! Well, granted, it was the demo, but EVERYONE (as in ALL 24 characters) were playable from the very beginning, so I’m still counting it.

That being said, I finally see why PPT is so addictive. I was making chains as Arle and Carbuncle, Amitie, and Ringo like it was no one’s business. However, for the strangest reason, when I did a 4-player match as Suketoudara against Draco, Witch, and Schezo/Ecolo, I was getting wrecked so hard…It got worse when I did Maguro/Arle and Carubncle/Ringo vs. Rulue (Darn Exploding Knee…), and Risukuma vs. Satan (Ascension. That’s all I’ll say).

Still, the most fun I’ve had with a puzzle game in so long. Heck, it’s the first console Tetris game I’ve played in nearly 10 years. BTW, can I just say that Big Bang mode is surprisingly fun? Cause it really is.
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So I couldn’t do anything last week and this is pretty darn late too (what is time management you guys??) but I had fun with this chapter. Lots of Rin and Komatsu bonding up ahead!

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I would die if laughing. Your spouse is just so cute! I hope he doesn't put too much stress on you and accepts you :))

hahah he really is :) oh gosh, no stress at all. he accepts every aspect of my weird dorky self and he’s amazingly supportive of my writing (he keeps asking me when he can read my original work, lol). i don’t want to say anything is perfect but he is pretty darn close :’)