there darn it

words and phrases luke would have most certainly said on tatooine at some point

  • ‘oh boy’
  • ‘too right’
  • ‘darn it’
  • ‘y’all’  dont look at me
  • ‘well i’ll be damned’     (   or the equivalent of    )
  • ‘holy womp rat!’
  • ‘huh?’ at the end of every question     (    e.g. ‘you tired, huh?’   )


Have some more spiceyhoney that I sketched around the same time as the other one, as they are on the same page <: just Stretch been a good boyfriend by stopping Edge from going to work as Edge keeps on overworking himself af by falling asleep on him, eventually dragging Edge onto the floor after Edge dragged Stretch with him a bit in an attempt to get him to let go where Edge eventually gives up because Stretch is right he needs a break or something like that xD

Turned out pretty good this one, a bit messy here and there but that’s the usual

This is pretty much how I see their relationship tho, Stretch having to force Edge to take a break as Edge is one big workaholic by using his charm which is very effective though also a bit irritating at times because just let him work xD also Edge is so damn short when it comes to Stretch, as when Stretch isn’t slouching he’s 7'3 aka 221 cm while Edge is 6'10 aka 209 cm without his boots


I just replayed the entirety of Origins and Awakening with my first Warden so I could then recreate my first and favourite Hawke (and take screenshots of his squishy baby cheeks.)

This is Dalton ‘I’m too shy for this responsibility, can I please just stay at home and bake cakes and read books’ Hawke. I’ve missed him.

thunderbxstxrd  asked:

yes hello I'd like to know why you and your muses are so wonderful thx

  —   @thunderbxstxrd      //      get to know rae   +   accepting   !!

                        out of tragedies.      catch me holding onto lachlan for dear life like my icon because what a bABE. but okay, real talk. i really wouldn’t consider myself   ‘ wonderful ’  for the simple fact i’m literally just your local 23 year old rper who tries to do the right thing for the most part. do i fuck up? yessir. but i mean i just try and treat everyone how i’d want to be treated. if you don’t do me dirty, i won’t do you dirty. if you do? karma is a thing as a few people have found out.

                        as for my muses… i really fucking try to just do them justice. like… i’m over here a poorly educated american who only speaks english, trying to master 4 other accents and still be able to speak english correctly. LMAO. i’ve got becky, finn, & kiernan who all have irish accents. maryse has a french accent. charli has an australian one. and paige has an english one. then i still have maria and cm punk who don’t need accents at all written. and characterization is a huge deal to me. i never do anything half-assed, so i find myself balls deep in research just to portray them correctly. and it’s a hassle but i love what i do, y’know? if that makes them wonderful, then thank you. ♥

continued from 🕐 || @bardicinspiraticn

                   with cap in hand and vest long removed, the dapper lad was much more comfortable as he lied upon the woman beside him. he was wide awake and aware of all her story. it was fascinating, even, that magic could exist. from his time witches would be burned for speaking of such silly things, but after spending so much time with this mythical being, he was slowly beginning to believe it himself.
                   at the end of her tale he smiled. not knowing what to say and not being able to say much anyway, he just smiled at her in awe. an accidentally yawn passed his lips, silently, but tiresome all the same. when she didn’t continue another grand story, he rolled his hands over one another as if to tell her to keep going.

continued from 🕐 || @bardicinspiraticn

                  without a voice, at times, it was hard to express overwhelming joy, but the gentleman had little issue. his smile was brighter than the sun itself and nearly spoke for how exactly he felt. he added a high skip to his step before practically throwing himself onto the ground beside her. he grinned at the flower in her hair, touched it up just a bit with one hand, and finally started keeping his hands to himself in his lap.
                  he threw his hands out in her direction as if to present her to, well, herself.

continued from 🕐 || @antiisep

                   it didn’t take much to scare the poor gentleman and he for sure jumped slightly when the other ripped the flower out of his hair.
                  despite the insult, he smiled, and tried to motion his hands to show a flower. he held one index finger up and used the other to try and show the process of a flower blooming by holding a fist and then slowly spreading his fingers out and up. 

@antiisep IS N O T being held hostage until they write this story with me tbh

                  after getting news that gifts were off the table, the gentleman wanted to decide on something different to please his counterpart. he could tell that he was so close to becoming friends with this so called ‘serial killer’ and he didn’t want to let the opportunity slip from his fingers.
                  with the flick of a fancy modern pen and a clean sleet of thin paper he wrote down a hopeful agenda.
                  ‘dear anti, i know that you aren’t in the mood for gifts anymore but i want you to know that i still enjoy our time together. if you would like to go shopping with me tonight at six in the afternoon, i will be waiting on the doorstep for you !! see you then, pal !! love, your friend, j.j.
                  and under the knife wielder's bedroom door it slipped.