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These our the top five Ancient Egyptian Gods. Mythology is pretty darn cool. Whether it’s the Greeks, the Romans, the Nordics, or the countless other pantheons out there, hearing the stories of powerful gods acting with human emotions is enticing. When doing research for our novel, JANE UNWRAPPED, Kate and I became captivated by the lore and legends in ancient Egyptian religion.  There are lots of cool god we don’t on have on here that we’d love to talk about some more! Like Bast, Nut, Geb, and Horus. Oh and Amun-Ra and Set! So many– so here’s just hte starters! Here are our picks for the five most badass Egyptian gods.

1.) Anubis
2.) Isis
3.) Osiris

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Gosh darn, I don’t get these people who see young teenage witches or witches who are the first witches in their family, and they get their panties in a twist that they’re obviously just fakers and aren’t “real witches.”

Where do you think these “real witches” with years of experience and/or family traditions come from? Do they just pop out of the ground after a good rain?

There is no sacred rule of witchcraft that prevents teenagers and first-times from being witches. Stop being a jerk.

you have curly hair 4/4

Ashton: I think Ashton would love your curly hair because you would look so great in this hat….See? That looks amazing Y/N you have to wear that today! I think he would always love to see your curls poking out of his hats, or sticking out from your ponytails and buns, because he’d think it’s so darn cute (no matter how annoyed it would make you). I think he’d love it when you tweeted about your fave curly products or answering questions about your hair and how you achieve/maintain the styles you wear because it connected you with the fans in a way that he couldn’t. Of course there would be days where your hair wouldn’t cooperate and you were forced to braid it, but Ashton would always sweetly kiss you and insist that you are beautiful no matter how your hair looks….but it looks pretty great if you ask me! and Ashton is just so full of joy and sunshine I would be honoured if he even looked at me I must go

Luke: I think Luke would be totally fascinated by your curly hair. I think he’d always want to be touching it or playing with it. Like when you’re in the shower together he’d be in awe that when you start combing it in the water it falls straight down your back, but once you get out it starts to spring up in curls. In the middle of the day he’d love to just lightly tug on a curl, pulling it down and watching it spring back up at his release. I think he’d also love to watch you straighten your hair, as much as he would protest (because he really did love the curls) he would simmer down after you shushed him and see how long your hair really is when it’s straight and sleek. I think it would bug you if other people were so fixated on your hair but I think you’d be okay with Luke being so adorably enraptured. He would love your hair because it’s a part of who you are and he loves all of you and I need Luke with me I think

Calum: I think Calum wouldn’t really make a big deal out of your curly hair but when people ask him about you he would always find a way to work the fact that he thinks your hair is one of the best things ever in the conversation. I think he would always fluff it up when he’s bored or in a mischievous mood and he wants your attention. I think he would joke about it all the time too, like shouting in your ear HELLO IN THERE CAN YOU HEAR ME? and you’d have to tell him a million times Calum shut up stop being a tyrant and he’d continue yelling THERE’S SO MUCH HAIR IN THE WAY I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU.….and he’d only shut up after you’ve given him a swift punch on the arm and then he’d giggle and run away. I think he’d also poke fun around the other guys as well, like if you were all in a room together he’d casually stand behind you and then crouch behind your hair and say Oh guys I seem to have gotten lost…it appears I’ve entered a jungle!…. I can’t see you!….. I can’t see anything!…and you’d whip around really quick knowing that your hair would hit his face and you’d have your angry face on and he’d say I’m only joking babe c’mon and you wouldn’t budge but you’d say in a flat tone No sex for a week and that would send the other boys into a fit of laughter but his eyes would widen and he’d get all pouty and beg Please Y/N I’m sorry I promise I won’t do it again but you’d remain stone cold so he would get really close and I mean really. close. and your breath would catch in your throat as his eyes filled with lust and he’d lean in painfully slow and whisper I really am sorry darling before kissing you passionately, reaching his hand behind your neck and the other dangerously close to your bum and your knees would buckle and you literally melted into his touch and only when Michael coughed loudly he’d break away from you with a shit-eating grin and say See? All better I’m forgiven, let’s go boys! before running away and you couldn’t help but still love your annoyingly cute boyfriend I have gotten carried away here it seems I am flying away now

Michael: So I think Michael would love your curly hair because then you could both have crazy hair! I think you’d both have fun with it and he’d try to out-do you in terms of hair awesome-ness and you’d have mini competitions and get the boys or the fans to vote and loser would have to buy dinner. I think he’d try to do things with your hair even though you’d protest Michael that won’t work my hair is too thick for that but he’d shush you and try anyways. He’d try to brush it out or braid it or do other updo’s but you would both end up laughing when it didn’t work. I think whenever your hair was giving you trouble or you were fed up with it he’d just shrug and say no it actually looks great and you’d try to argue and he’d just cut you off by saying Y/N you’re being silly your hair looks fucking amazing as always and we’re gonna go to this thing, so get your shoes on and it’d be hard to argue with him after that so you’d just oblige and end up forgetting about it anyways. I think Michael would be your number 1 defender if anyone had something negative to say about your hair or the way it looked, I think he’d always be quick to say something and show how much he’s there to support you and he is a sweet kitten and I would like 100 I must slither to my home

10 Questions Tag

I was tagged by pandasandbooks to do this. Thank you for tagging me, lovely!!! 

THE RULES: Answer the questions from the person who tagged you, then make 10 of your own questions and tag others to answer them!


If you had to assemble a team of book characters to help you with a work/school project, which three would you pick and why?

  • Nikolai Lantsov from The Grisha Trilogy because he’s a bit of an inventor and thinks outside the box (and also because he’s snarky and made me laugh)
  • Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter Series because he’s generally kind and a hard worker
  • Feyre from A Court of Thorns and Roses because she’s an artist (I can’t draw worth a darn) and also awesome in general
  • (Hermione isn’t on here because let’s be honest… She’d take over. And I’m NOT about that)

Who is your literary OTP?

Elias and Laia from An Ember in the Ashes!

What was the first book you can remember reading on your own?

I’m sure it was one of the Magic Treehouse books (I was so obsessed with them that the “tooth fairy” brought me those instead of loose change), but the one I vividly remember was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. 

What book helped turn you into the reader you are today?

I think it started with Ella Enchanted. Ella was the first character that totally resonated with me. I reread that story once a year (at least) to remind myself where my passion started.

What was the last story that made you cry and/or throw your book across the room?

The last book I threw was Red Queen because oh my goodness that plot twist!

What books do you think all book lovers should read at least once in their lifetime?

Hmm… I’m not sure that I can think of any books I’d recommend to all book lovers, but for those who like to read/would like to try

  • Classics: Treasure Island and Les Miserables
  • Children’s fiction (fantasy): Ella Enchanted
  • Children’s/Young Adult Fiction crossover: Harry Potter series
  • Young Adult: (Right now) The Grisha Trilogy, Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children, An Ember in the Ashes, and Feed
  • Fiction: Gone Girl
  • Nonfiction: Brown Girl Dreaming
  • Poetry: Poe! Lang Leav’s books and Dark Sons

I think that’s it… I also highly, highly recommend reading research-type books for your job or your favorite passion/hobby. 

How do you like to organize your book collection - by author? Title? Genre? Color?

I have two shelves of “to be read” books in no particular order, one shelf of collections (Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales, complete Poe collection, assorted books of fairy tales, etc.) assorted by alphabet and “type,” one shelf of “classics” arranged by how much I like them, two shelves of series books arranged by author, a shelf of reference books, a shelf of standalone books (including nonfiction and poetry) arranged by size from biggest to smallest, and then a shelf of books I hated because I don’t want them to touch the books I recommend to people. This is just at my apartment. I still have probably 400 books at my parents’ house that I haven’t moved because they’re only 15m away and my apartment isn’t that big. :) 

What is your favorite book-to-movie adaptation and why?

This is so tough. There are a lot of good ones! I’ll go with the most recent one that impressed me: Gone Girl. I thought they did an absolutely fantastic job with that adaptation. 

Who would you fancast as your favorite book character?

Also tough! One of my favorite book characters is Hermione Granger and I honestly think they cast her so perfectly. I’m also a wee bit obsessed with Genya from the Grisha Trilogy. I could see Jane Levy playing her beautifully because she’s a gorgeous redhead with a bit of an edge. 

What is your favorite complimentary beverage when reading? Coffee? Tea? Juice?

I love tea and coffee, but I mainly only drink those when I’m writing. I usually stick to a cold glass of water when reading (though I inevitably forget about any drink I’ve poured myself once I’m in a good book – I also forget about food, time, and sleep).


Those were some great questions!

My questions:

1. What is one book that a lot of people love that you just can’t stand?

2. If you had to read a book to five-year-olds, what would you read them?

3. Which book do you want to be turned into a movie the most? Which book do you wish hadn’t been turned into a movie?

4. What’s your favorite reading spot?

5. What’s your favorite quote from any book?

6. If you could wipe any book from your memory completely so that you could read it for the “first time” again, which book would it be?

7. How do you figure out which book to read next? Personal recommendations? Goodreads? Tumblr recommendations? Booktube? Browsing a store?

8. Where do you normally buy books from?

9. What’s your favorite book medium?

10. How often do you reorganize your books and what spurs that on?

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Get. OFF. My. COUCH.

[I’m NOT gonna tell you again. And boy, SNEEZE These SNEEZE darn SNEEZE allergies are SNEEZE killin’ me. Maybe it’s all this DOG FUR.]

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