there darn it


Baby’s first snow fall! 🌨It lasted just long enough to run outside and snap some pictures. I can’t wait until she can play in the snow, that was my favorite as a kid.

Today has been such a good day. And really this whole week has been pretty darn good. I’m afraid to even say it and get jinxed. She’s been having some trouble staying asleep at night, because everything can’t be good, but I think it’s that 4 month sleep regression hitting us late. I was hoping we’d skated by it, but apparently not. Oh well.

5 months is going sooooo much better than 4. Such a relief.

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Hello beautiful hope your having a good day

Awe! You just made my year! You are so darn sweet! I hope something really good happens to you today. Like you find money on the ground or in your pocket or like you get to pet a really fluffy dog.

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That shade thoooo. I fit into the blonde category but that's it. Darn it! Would you say he goes for introverted or extroverted people? I feel like he's so overly extroverted he could go either way with another extrovert or an introvert to balance him out but idk what do you think?

I think introvert but thats just me from what I have seen

Zoe is extrovert though, right?

im so glad i did absolutely nothing on a presentation board like 36x36inches that i have to print out tomorrow

the art office will close like 3:25pm bc it’ll be a friday and there’ll deffo be a couple others coming in to print too so my garbage self has got to design this thing by like noon bc these printers never gosh darn work for me 


If I want to have a one-shot character (that had a magical girl-like transformation and be a dimension traveler based on what my bro and I talked about) be in this game, I darn well will and y’all can’t stop that!

It struck me today (or perhaps yesterday) that people write as a full-time gig. As in, that’s their job. They make notes on their writing, plot their writing, detail their writing, and also simply write narrative. That’s what they do.

So when I work my 8-hour shift of exhausting customer service/retail/managing/administrative-everything job (since I have no assistant and while my “can work in the stead of management” clerks are all pretty darn good and autonomous in their jobs, I still am the head honcho with no “official” classified support and everything comes and goes through me), and then come home and sit down and try to work on original fiction that people do solely for a living I’m legit working a second job. Except without the pay that a second job usually brings.

It… this realization makes me feel a little better about why I feel so completely drained after only a sentence because I’m trying to work more on already depleted emotional batteries. (because working retail and dealing with people does not a happy introvert make)

It also explains why, when I was taking my staycation last year for ten days where we did nothing but sit at home and fall in love with the Witcher III, I wrote 10k+ words in six days.

This doesn’t really have anything to do with anything else, other than it struck me and made perfect sense as to my penchant this whole year for basically being unable to do much more than sit down and stare at the word document and add a word here, fix a word there, maybe tack on a sentence at the end to shuffle things along an inch or so.

That is all. Back to your regularly scheduled dashes.