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Hi! I'm a new-ish Black Sails fan and I really love your blog <3 I'm messaging you anon because I don't really have a Tumblr. If you don't mind me asking, what are some of the Silver/Flint moments that you want to see in S4 or wish we'd seen in the previous seasons? I really wish we got to see Silver pulling Flint from the ocean (and undressing him and dressing his wound) and I really want a hug, just one hug before it all ends ;__;

thank you!! :) 

oh this is a good question!! 

what i wish we’d have gotten in the previous seasons: 

- episode 108: the drowning scene! silver diving in after flint and saving him. i can’t believe they shot it and didn’t use it im still angry 

- episode 210: i would’ve liked to have seen flint’s first reaction to silver’s leg incident and learning why it happened

- since silver is now a qm, i’d hoped for some more cabin banter where silver is sitting at his desk in flint’ cabin and trying to figure out how sailing works and he keeps nagging flint about it.

- episode 304: flint waking up and lowkey freaking out as the maroons take silver and lead him away. we got parts of this tho god bless

- post episode 305: flint noticing silver is not ok and making arrangements for him to stay behind with the maroons under pretense it’s to secure the new alliance. flint telling silver to be smart (i.e. get that fucking leg checked.. please) and then saying bye before they leave to find vane. it’s super sappy 

- episode 307: i wanna know how the conversation in the darkness of howell’s sick bay ended. wHAT WAS FLINT’S REACTION TO ‘’how good it feels’’ ???? 

- episode 309: flint’s response to ‘’i can’t tell if this was a warning or a welcome.’’ i suppose we got an answer in 310, but i want to know what his immediate response would’ve been

- episode 310: how did flint introduce thomas into the story? this is the ONE THING that’s been driving me up the wall. what choice of words did he use and what was silver’s initial reaction before the rest of the story unravelled.

what i wish we’d get in s4: 

- more scenes where they discuss their feelings, how they affect each other, what they mean to each other now etc. or just sharing a small moment of peace. sitting some place in the camp, a little closer than necessary, swapping a drink and enjoying the comfortable silence 

- silver sharing tidbits of his past with flint. the real stuff, not the made up stories. 

- silver wanting to know more about thomas and flint surprisingly sharing more information. bonus points if silver’s questions are prompted by one certain red book

- flint teaching silver how to swordfight!!! touching. lots of touching 

- flint taking silver to miranda’s house. unlike vane, he’s not opposed to domesticity and appreciates having a lovely home. somehow they end up talking about their futures and chances of ever having this

- FIGHTING SIDE BY SIDE IN BATTLE (which im pretty sure we’re getting if that promo pic is anything to go by) ft. BEING SUPER PROTECTIVE OF EACH OTHER

- silver sinking too deep into darkness, at some point completely passing flint’s level, and flint getting worried. trying to talk him out of it and failing


- a hug would probably kill me

- a kiss would definitely kill me

alright, I’m not gonna bother screenshotting the rest of it

but the point of this ‘confession’ is that this guy went to the 99 cent store and bought a wolf mask, put it on and broke in to his own home while his wife was asleep, tied her up (at which point she woke up) and they then proceeded to “have ravenous, animalistic sexual intercourse”

after which, he “escaped” back out the window and left her tied up. he came back the next morning (without the mask) and asked her how her night was. she says “it was fine” all casual.

and then weeks later the internet sped back up again

he ends it with “Aaron, I raped my own wife”

fuck this movie

everything about this movie is so fucked, oh my god


Part three of “Miraculous Go”. Just letting you guys know this whole comic came from these three pictures. I drew these first and thought it needs to have more….. Now I have a whole bunch of notes and sketches. I wasn’t expecting it to span this much. And theres just so much more to draw.

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A challenge! Name all the things you love about John Boyega.

  • he’s amazingly fashionable all the time
  • he scrunches up his nose when he laughs (whic h kills me)
  • quotes shrek…………… heart…………..with impressions
  • does impressions of everyone
  • spent WEEKS on a yoda impression i mean what kind of adorable angelic shit is that
  • wears cute lil sweaters one second then goes out and wears a dark purple suit with one glove i mean pls ur killin me
  • loves harrison ford so much. so much.
  • tags daisy in almost every single one of his instagram pictures
  • on the topic of daisy THEY ARE SO ADORABLE ??????
  • he calls her peanut
  • and he makes her laugh which makes him laugh which makes me die a little inside bc it’s overwhelming amounts of cuteness
  • makes jokes all the time. and they’re good jokes.
  • everyone loves him he could charm the fucking life out of palpatine if he wanted to
  • he was once in a getty stock photoshoot which resulted in the most adorable pictures i have ever seen
  • he loves star wars more than anyone. like find the biggest sw fan and he loves it more than they do.
  • knows that harrison ford smells like cherries
  • HE IS SO KIND like genuinely the most kind person that has ever existed i mean he went to meet fans on opening night for tfa to thank them for being there and to see their reactions………..have u ever heard something so pure
  • he is a beautiful human person
  • if the aliens want to know what the epitome of human goodness was show them a picture of john boyega
  • he appreciates being apart of star wars so much like if anyone deserves to be in star wars it’s him
  • also he’s a fantastic fucking actor
  • his smile could rival the damn sun
  • he facetimes his cat hIS CAT
  • speaking of which his cat is cute beyond words
  • h ejumped over a couch 
  • we don’t deserve him but we need him
  • there’s more but like…………….this is so long this is more than you planned on getting when you asked

“Right, I’ve thought this one through completely and there’s no way to argue with my logic….I’d better lighten it up, though, I don’t want to be too serious. I know! Minions! Kids today, they love those Minions.”

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Lets talk about how:

  • Takao is probably Midorima’s first real friend. 
  • Midorima buys lucky items for Takao if he has a bad rating in Oha Asa.
  • One of the lucky item’s which he has bought for Takao was worth like 50,000JPY (400USD)  
  • Takao wants to see Midorima naked at an onsen in one of the 3DS games. 
  • Takao picks up Midorima for school every morning.
  • Midorima calls Kuroko for help to get Takao’s lucky item of the day.
  • Midorima can’t cook, but wants to be better at it since Takao teases him about it.
  • they are the shadow and light of Shutoku
  • Takao wants Midorima to acknowledge him.
  • Midorima trusts Takao with his whole heart. Otherwise he wouldn’t do those shots in the game against Rakuzan
  • Takao gets really happy after Midorima agrees to have a passing practices with him. Apparently Takao has been asking him a lot.
  • in one of the 3DS games Midorima says this to Takao. “Enough already, stop grinning. It’s beginning to affect my emotional balance…”
  • Takao also checks Oha Asa
  • Takao tries to help Midorima to get his lucky item

Another Voltron Highschool Au

  • Allura: transferred to Garrison Public school her Junior year, after a boy’s sad attempts of flirting turns into him recruiting her onto the cheerleading team and its captain unwillingly. She ends up being really good and enjoying herself, refuses to admit she has the hots for the football teams captain Shiro. She puts a lot of time & effort into each routine refusing to give a less than perfect! Constantly has to remind Lance that checking out Keith isn’t part of the routine.
  • Lance: Is the one who recruited Allura. He’s the cheer team’s vice captain, he turned down the captains position because it seemed like too much work and he felt like he wasn’t ready, but promised to take over after Allura graduates. Literally spends half time plotting how to make shallura happen. Lance’s huge family always come to watch him perform, they roll up in the school’s colors and with their own pompoms. Lance wears the girls uniform because its easier to move in (everyone knows its to show off his legs) No Keith is not getting his letterman jacket back.
  • Pidge: Pidge is in the photography club and has to show up to every game. Lance tried (keyword is tried) to get her to join the cheer team but failed miserably. Gets super close to Allura and spend their weekends together studying at Pidge’s place or girls nights at Allura’s. Has known Lance since they were freshmen and is completely done with him, but will roast anyone on the spot if they try and mock Lance for being a cheerleader. Pidge is always walking around with her camera not just for club activities but also because she loves catching pictures of everyone together having fun (and blackmail material).
  • Hunk: Hunk is in the photography club with Pidge, the football team tried to recruit him (he went into hiding until Shiro managed to get them to stop). Likes to help Pidge out with the pictures, but loves to make the half time snacks for the football and cheer team which he receives tons of praise for. Like Pidge has known Lance since they were freshmen and was super supportive of Lance in a skirt even if Lance’s knees freak him out. Was the one to talk Lance into joining the cheer team.
  • Keith: On the football team. Used to be ready to pick a fight and almost suspended before Shiro came along and asked him to join the team. Is in a foster home so he is never in a rush to go home after practice (no one knows- yet). Will sooner die than admit he likes Lance. Almost knocked some guy on a rival team teeth out when he made fun of Lance and Shiro almost let him. Gave his letterman jacket to Lance when it was raining and still hasn’t gotten it back.
  • Shiro: Captain of the football team. Has been called dad more than captain. Makes super deep and meaningful speeches before a game. Gets hurt most because he takes “take one for the team’ too seriously, but will walk it off like a champ. Helps Pidge and Hunk setup and cleanup every game. Will attempt to help Allura plan routines even though he dances like he has two left feet. Tried to help Allura with one of the tosses but ended up being the one tossed.

overused plots i could never get bored of :

  • childhood friends
  • best friends to lovers
  • unrequited love  ;  pine pine pine 
  • cheating
  • pregnant  ;  planned and unplanned
  • shit i love u too much we’re d0ne
  • step siblings
  • jealous exes in general
  • long distance
  • met online
  • enemies to fuq buddies to lovers  ;  maybe even physical fights  (  fights for m/m f/f i don’t m/f physical fights  )
  • i’m rich you’re poor
  • high school sweethearts
  • dating ur best friend but fuqing u
  • lets make a sex tape
  • roommate ish
  • famous ish
  • criminal / murderous / gangs
  • i’m dating ur sis/bro but hot damn maybe i like dudes/chicks
  • no homo rlly lots homo  ;  one sided or both
  • co-workers but it’s slow so lets bang in the backroom 
  • a lot more okay i like plots

jade gets an orchard. everything is right in the world

No offense but Davekats whole dynamic is really important?? Like they work together like no other pairing including either of them could. The thing that makes Davekat special to me is how they just seem to completely and utterly give each other what they need. Dave needs a partner that will break through his façade and really uncover who he is while also helping him let go of his internalized homophobia he had had instilled in his mind this whole time. Karkat needs somebody willing to see past his façade as well (though less than Dave needed this), while also being able to go panquadrant with him. Daves whole “cool kid” façade was a mask that hid a cracked face that Dave was never able to reveal to anybody. Karkat was the ONLY character that quickly and easily found that mask Dave was hiding behind and disregarded it immediately for the “real Dave” instead. Dave also saw right through Karkat’s shallow angry screaming to see what Karkat was really all about. (This is a quality we see in Knights, which, ya know, they both are.) In order to really unlock the true Dave, we also need to shed his internalized homophobia that he had engraved his whole life. There’s no doubt Karkat was able to do that. And, who else had?? Nobody. Karkat was the only character that had been able to get Dave to really discover who he is. With trolls not having a problem with the gender of their partners, he must have helped Dave a lot with his problems, and vise versa with Karkat and his obvious quadrant issues. Anyway I’m rambling



003. Favorite/Memorable Olivia Dunham Moments (by Gio)

1x01; 1x10; 3x19; 3x12; 3x01; 5x08; 1x17; 
3x08; 5x13; 3x09; 5x06; 3x20; 3x09; 2x14; 
4x15; 4x20; 3x08; 5x13; 1x01; 5x13 
What she does

she makes me crazy.
she takes up every empty space in my mind.
she smiles and my heart sores.
she laughs and my mind goes blank.
she makes me happier than I thought was possible.
she gives me reason to get out of bed each morning with a smile on my face.
she pushes me when I need an extra nudge.
she loves me for everything that I am.
she makes my life worth living.
she gives me reason to be excited for the future.

That’s what she does

Back when I posted Ford in flannel, one reblogger ( @great-chaos, I believe) asked for the Stan version.  Which, I mean – the pic for which these are the warm-up does involve both Ford and Stan.  But that is coming along more slowly than I would have liked (between vacation and, um, being glued to the #Cipherhunt).  So what the heck, here’s the Stan version alongside Ford.

Stan’s shirt is directly based on one worn by Alex Hirsch.  Because I thought that would be fun.  (In reality it was kind of maddening, but hey.)

As before, thanks to @blackstarising ‘s post for the inspiration.