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Some of you think its broken. Not all. Just because you want something doesn't mean everyone does. Nintendo just wants a male Link, theres nothing wrong with that at all, you really shouldn't try to crucify them just because they don't want to change one of the most iconic characters in video game history. Honestly I'm just done arguing with you, its obvious that you don't care about the game and just care about the feelings for minorities.

Really wouldn’t call you a professional either when you think Link is born “a wolf man” and a Kokiri. I would rather call you ignorant and uneducated. Why not play Zelda games instead of watching a trailer and then going on tumblr and bitching about how he has a dick 

1) Correct. I didn’t say it was all of us.

2) I haven’t tried to crucify them, merely discussed their decision.

3) I do like the Zelda series but uh…yeah I care about people’s feelings more than any game to be honest, that seems like a pretty standard priority.

4) I got paid to write the article, that’s the dictionary definition of professional.

5) Ad hominem.

6) I do play Zelda games. I couldn’t have played Breath of the Wild before discussing that decision though.

7) “Going on Tumblr and bitching” - again, I was paid for my opinion, and I’m only discussing it now because other people brought it up.

8) If all you care about is that Link has a dick (…weird…) why not have a trans woman Link or non binary Link?

Also if you’re being triggered by what’s going on, you and your feelings are still valid. You’re important and loved and completely normal and your feelings are totally okay. 

I’m here for you. Nothing’s wrong with you for feeling these things. You’re not attention seeking. You’re only human and you’re feeling and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.