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ONE INSECURITY: my gender / being able to pass

TWO FEARS: growing old and not being able to transition 

THREE TURN ONS: humour, talent, kindness

FOUR LIFE GOALS: transition, own at least one dog as an adult, make enough money to live without too much worry, make sure alex is happy and safe

FIVE THINGS I LIKE: clean sheets, watching netflix with my favourite people, loud music, being alone and cuddles tbh

SIX WEAKNESSES: anxiety, depression, procrastination, gender stuff, low self esteem and ADD (maddy got it pretty head on)

SEVEN THINGS I LOVE: food, video games, adventuring, PUPPIES, soft blankets, laughing, making stuff (though i really have no talent for it)

EIGHT PEOPLE I TAG: mistralcity, whatever mika’s url is now, duncheri, gerardwayaesthetic, featuringfrankiero, wildrampantronnie, lmaostump, walk-like-theres-nothing-wrong - ofc only if you want to, folks<3

Also if you’re being triggered by what’s going on, you and your feelings are still valid. You’re important and loved and completely normal and your feelings are totally okay. 

I’m here for you. Nothing’s wrong with you for feeling these things. You’re not attention seeking. You’re only human and you’re feeling and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Love how you Love

There will be times in your life where you genuinely start to have romantic/emotional feelings for some one, and in the end it just didn’t work out. You may feel like the end result is your fault in the relationship, because you saw the end coming, and you knew that this wasn’t going to work out. You gave that person the benefit of the doubt because you saw a .000001% chance of it working and what was the worst that could happen? 

In this small or lengthy amount of time (honestly any time you spend in a relationship that you know is not going to work out is wasted time and a lengthy bit of time) you might notice something that you find ‘wrong with yourself’, a pattern if you will, and it seems like you ‘haven’t learned your lesson from the last guy/girl’. 

To relate, my thing is that I always wait too long before I decide that I like someone, and by then they either give up on waiting on me and are talking to someone else, Or I fall for someone who tells me that they’re not looking for someone. I pretend that I’m comfortable with that, and in the end when they chose someone else over me I am left crushed and heartbroken.

YOU might feel as though your indecisive, or that you’re too afraid to approach people, or that you love too hard or not enough, and I am here to tell you that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU AND YOU NEED TO FIX NOTHING!!!!

If that is how you love, or approach love that is PERFECTLY FINE!

Don’t try and change how you love to fit or benefit someone else.

For me, I realize that the man that God has promised for me would know that I take a long time to decide whether or not I’m feeling you, and will gladly wait for me. Your guy/girl will know that you are indecisive, but will also know that he/she is a possibility and a GOOD possibility, and will feel comfortable with that and also gladly wait for you. The same goes with you being afraid/too shy, etc.

There will always be someone out there for you. You just have to know that way that you love and someone will love how you love and love you also.

(I will admit this ending is kinda whack. I always have had trouble concluding my writings lol!


I will say that if a guy tells me he’s not looking for something, I’m not going to get invested… I’m probably going to leave because at that point I would be looking for something.)