anyways can you believe that besides willhelm everyone grew and saw through their mistakes and learned from them but willhelm is literally still out there making it all about his feelings and makes noora feel like shit because i can and he literally is an asshole i’m sorry but there’s no way to excuse his behaviour any longer, it’s always just about him and his feelings and he left noora alone again and drowned himself in work because he was so disappointed in her and he literally learned nothing at all


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isabelle lightwood or clary fray


I have strong feelings about this musical but let me tell you one thing even tho no one will probably read this…

Evans ´´mission´´ to feel confident at that day was: Get another kid to sign your cast!

Now, he asked both of his only friends and ,ok,  Alana was not saying ´´No.´´ , she just walked off. But Jared asked, why Evan wants him so sign his cast, and…didn´t sign it too.

And that pretty much was it for Evan cuz, why the hell would he ask any other person?  The only two he alredy knew just…didn´t want to, so why would a stranger want to? (Likely he wouldn´t even be able to ask any strangers anyways..)

So, but Connor ok…

Yes, Connor was a dick by pushing him in the beginning(even tho we all know he has serious issues) , but srsly, why was he in the computer room thingy in the first place?
Maybe coincidence, sure. 
But, what if Connor maybe was there to apologize?

I mean, he didn´t had to ask what happened with Evans arm. He didn´t had to ask if he could sign the cast. He didn´t had to speak with Evan in a calm or any way at all!  Heck, he didn´t even had to take Evans letter from the printer to bring it to him! He just did. Because he wanted to.

And you know…I think for that short moment, Connor was maybe waving back at Evan. And thats something not even his Friends at that moment did.



No se si realmente Cross estara en Metadora.. pero igual le dibuje~ >.> 
quisiera poder dibujar a Drainir ;u; pero por desgracia los humanos no son lo mio xDUu

Los fondos tampoco son mi fuerte, lo siento no supe que poner.. :’3

espero te guste! Jakei n.n

I Don’t know if Cross it’s about to be in Metadora.. though i’ve draw him anyway~ >.> I wish I could be able draw humans! D:

He looks like a taller bunny <3 wait.. does he have two legs anyway?! (?)

Cross © @jakei95 ❤

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