Kings Stucky AU part 1

James Buchanan Barnes, known as Bucky by family and close friends, is crown prince of America (???). While behind enemy lines the 107th is ambushed and taken hostage. The only soldier who seems willing to go that far behind enemy lines to save the captured soldiers is, fresh to the front line, Captain Steven Rogers. Being that Steve was the only person willing to go that far to not only save the Prince, but also all of the other captured soldiers, he becomes an American hero and is invited to the capital for a personal meeting with the king and a banquet/ball in his honour.

While there Steve and the prince start to become very close. Steve can see so much rage, and fear pent up inside of Bucky, and all he really wants to do is help him. Bucky on the other hand feels as though he owes Captain Rogers his life, and anything that goes with that, but there is also a layer of jealous there. Bucky was always the best soldier and now all eyes are on Steve.

After cornering Steve at the ball and demanding to know what it is that he really wants, Bucky and Steve end up in one of the service closets, getting a lot closers than either of them had ever really planned. But Steve is shocked when, after it’s all over, Bucky pushes him off and tells him (against his own real desires) it can never happen again.

“I’m here now.” | Aomine angst part four.

You don’t remember much. It was a very cold day , you weren’t supposed to be in class. You felt sick , sad and angry. You wished you had stayed home instead of putting on a happy face and going to school. You wished everything was different. It was during the lunch break – you needed a moment alone , a moment of silence ; so you chose an empty hallway to shake away the dizziness. To calm down and forget about all these stupid thoughts you had. To try and pretend happiness. You needed time. Would you ever heal from what happened ? Most people would think it wasn’t a big deal. “It’s just a boy.” some would said. – but in reality he was everything but ‘just a boy’. Aomine Daiki was someone that turned your life into something you never thought it could be. He helped you. You loved him for that. He had give you the chance to feel things – to feel in love , to feel loved. You would always be thankful for that. Even if now he wasn’t yours to either thank or love any more.
You suddenly felt the ground shaking , only that it wasn’t the ground. You were shaking. It felt so cold , so alone. Dizzy. Your head was spinning like crazy. You never thought it could feel like this. The last thing that remained on your memory was the feeling of your body collapsing on the floor , the cold tiles , a voice , and then a pair of arms picking you up. Just like a dream.
* * *
You knew that scent. You loved that scent. It was the scent you loved the most. It was a mix of sweat and flowers , and , vanilla maybe? You felt yourself smiling in your sleep. “That idiot.” , and this voice. You also knew it. It was a voice you could hear forever , and never get tired of it. Someone was carrying you. You knew him. Daiki. But how could it ever be him ? No. It couldn’t be. He was always complaining about you being 'heavy and annoying’ when he had to carry you , even in piggyback. “Daiki?” But no one answered.
* * *
You felt yourself waking up very slowly. You were lying down. A bed. It was warm. So beautifully warm.
“Oi! Wake up already.”
Your eyes suddenly opened , only to meet with a pair of familiar dark blue ones. Aomine. “Where am i?” , you asked him while trying to sit up. Your vision was still pretty blurry but you could still recognize the worrying look he had all over his face.
“The nurse’s office. I brought you here an hour ago. No one’s here yet.”
You rubbed your eyes and then looked at Aomine that was leaning against the door with his eyes fixed on you. “Stop staring. It’s creepy.”
“What the hell happened to you over there , idiot?”
“Don’t call me that. – and nothing happened . I just -”, “Shut up.” , Aomine’s hand suddenly came to rest on your forehead – his fingers gently pushing your hair away. “You have fever.” , he said while pulling another blanket over your body. “I’m fine , Aomine. Just – Thank you.” , “Eh?” , when he turned to look at you again you smiled and nodded your head. “Thank you for carrying me in here. And for staying with me. But .. you should go to your class.” , you paused and then fell back against the pillow. “Isn’t ____ worried about you not being in class? I mean..” , “She already knows i’m here.” , “What?”, “___, i’m not keeping secrets. I found you and i had to do something. It’s not a big deal.” – you were almost shocked by his cold words. ’not a big deal’???!! “Oh. I see.. Um.. Thanks , again. But i think you should go back now.”, and he was gone , again. Just like that. He didn’t talk back , he didn’t even complain. He just looked at you once and then stepped out , the door closing behind him with a loud noise. You would never know he had actually stayed just outside – waiting for you to call him back in. He was waiting for you. Always waiting. – But you would never know.