Anonymous said to overwatch-chatroom:
Hey would you two actually be willing to do a chat room with the young reader actually going on a date with a talon agent and a lot of angst happens? ^-^

also I had to make an oc of mine a talon agent and it hurt me bc hes so sweet :’^)
theres gonna be a second part with angst. also this is terrible lmao/. and I make such original titles.

- Forest

Ana started a chatroom.
Ana invited 76, Reinhardt, Winston, Mercy, and Zenyatta.

Ana: Have any of you seen Y/n?

Ana: They were supposed to be back from their date by now.

Mercy: I texted her an hour ago, but when she was typing she suddenly went offline?

76: I tried calling them but they wouldn’t answer.

Ana: I did to.

Reinhardt: Maybe they are only running late because of traffic?

Winston: They went walking with they’re date.

Reinhardt: What if they only lost track of time? Happens to me sometimes!

Mercy: Y/n always checks the time and always picks up their phone. This is unlike them.

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