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Idk maybe a lil fic where Patton tickles Virgil, and I'm sO LOVING HIS NAME!!

(Me tooooo, OMG. ^.^)

“Hey kiddo!”

Virgil couldn’t help his groan. Ever since Thomas and the rest of the gang came to his room, it seemed they were always popping to ask questions (Patton), beg for one of his items (Roman), or give another lecture on how staying in his room all day was considered unhealthy (Logan). It was like that one moment had turned into blanket permission for everyone to bug him anytime they wanted. 

“What Patton?” he grumbled, pulling off his headphones. He really didn’t mind Patton’s visits much (not that he’d tell the other side that), and he figured it would be easier to acknowledge Patton instead of ignoring him, because Patton would stay until Virgil at least said “hi” back. 

“Are you having a bad day?”

Virgil raised an eyebrow. “What gives you that idea?”

“Well, you haven’t been up for a while and after the last incident, I was worried you were clocking out-”

“I’m not, Patton,” he said tiredly. “I’m just… listening to music.”

“You look like you need some cheering up.”

Virgil rolled his eyes. “No, I don’t.”

“I think you do, kiddo!”

“Please leave.” Virgil grabbed his headphones and shoved them back on, determinedly not looking at Patton was looking similar to a kicked puppy. 

He heard a muffled noise. With a sigh, he removed his headphones again. “What is it?”

“I said, “I will tickle you,”“ Patton said with a grin.

“Why on earth would you do that?”

“To make you smile, silly!”

Virgil rolled his eyes. “Right.” The headphones were back on. 

Then, his midsection was being attacked by jittery fingers. He flung the headphones off and onto the couch in his room, jerking away from the odd touch. 

“Patton!” he shrieked, trying to contain a little giggle. “Stop this- this is stupid!”

But he was full out laughing and Patton was laughing as well. It continued on for a few more seconds, until Patton let up and Virgil was breathlessly shoving Patton away. 

“You’re ridiculous, Patton,” he said, but he was smiling softly. 

Patton grinned. “All I wanted to see, kiddo!”

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