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HOly crap there's like no fanfictiion about gaius and robin. Can you write Gaius finding out Robin is pregnant? I really love all your writing btw!! <3

[A belated birthday present to the orange thief husband that I totally didn’t forget about–]

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Gaius didn’t find anything particularly special about the rainy May evening, particularly because it was dreary and cold outside, and there was nothing to do around the house.

While marrying you had many, many perks, including few dull moments, this was just one of those rare times that basically everything was boring. 

Gaius sighed, the small novel Sumia insisted he read being tossed aside. He sank further down his his armchair, glancing out the window. You headed off to some important meeting a little while ago, and all he could do now was wait for you to come back.

He couldn’t have been happier to see you drenched in rain and covered in mud from the boots up. 

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