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ok but like peter sometimes forgets how sneaky he can be with his powers like one day peter is just sitting on the ceiling at the avengers place and a tired tony walks in holding a cup of coffee and doesn't see him and peter just lets out a cheerful hey tony and tony just screams

THIS KID IS BAD FOR TONY’S HEART. Also, this is my fucking favourite thing!!!!!! (And spiderstanspiderstan writes a little about this in her goregous fic here)

There are two kinds of part switch videos:

organized af like seventeen or unorganized and messy af like astro 

there is no in between

i made a playlist that just has ‘something entirely new’ and ‘it’s over isn’t it’ from su on it and i put it on repeat and ive been listening to it for like half an hour. its like theres a switch and one side is happy lesbians and the other side is sad lesbians and i keep flipping it on and off

Okay but here’s the thing about bodyswaps

It’s usually explicitly one’s consciousness or literal soul being switched around, right? It’s not your actual, physical brain and brain chemistry

So what if one person has clinical depression and the other doesn’t? Someone’s probably got ADHD, is on the autism spectrum, has OCD or anxiety or PTSD. And maybe some of that follows the original owner, because they’re used to dealing with in unconsciously, but whoever replaced them is getting the brunt of it

Focusing on the physical aspect of bodyswaps is cool and all but let’s see some more on the psychological too?

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What happened, did you finally see the light with Kaylor... I took a week + break from Tumblr and I'm lil confused

lol i’m not switching, i’m “on break”. This is a swiftie blog, i will support whoever taylor seems happy & stable long-term with, but tbh i’m exhausted from defending tayvin and i’m just gonna pretend we are still “in between boyfriends” and ship the couple i like personally. Taylor seems to be doing fine and I try to be respectful to her still, and if hiddleswift lasts several more months i’ll probably come around to shipping it for taylor’s sake because i’m here for taylor. But i don’t think it makes me a bad fan if i step out of it & ship my own ship for a while. This is a pro kaylor blog not an anti-hiddleswift blog; i try to keep the hiddleswift-hate to a minimum

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Pick 5 favorite TV shows anime (in no particular order) and answer the following questions about them. No cheating!

  1. Natsume Yuujinchou
  2. Baccano!
  3. Durarara!!
  4. Shinsekai Yori
  5. Monster

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Triangle thing for gifs for Ghost from Lea, Willow, and Emma.



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(AKA she’s there for him if he needs her.)



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Outwardly and Privately:

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Favorite SMROOKIES SHOW performance? ✨

30. Favorite SMROOKIES SHOW performance?

oh GOd! oh god oh god oh gof OH GOD oh god. 


BUT if we’re talking about my FAVOURITE … the one that made m’weak ass heart explode …. the one tht made me fuckgn shed real jesus tears … it’ll have to be “Winter Rose”

it was the 1st time yuta sang w/ the vocal line & he was SO NERVOUS but he did so so amazingly well (lsdjhfglsf im gettin emo while typing THIS) PLS JUST WATCH IT & TELL ME IF UR ASS SHOOK LIKE MINE DID ! esp towards the end when everyone cheers & yuta … smiles his healing smile Oh my Holy god it is a beautifol thing 2 witness :(( 

Pokemon GO PSA

If your find yourself with a pokemon near a playground, or somewhere where you don’t wanna look like your taking pictures, and you might be too anxious to explain your just playing an innocent game? Well theres an “AR” switch at the top left that I never see mentioned when a pokemon comes up on rhe screen. Switch it off, and the background will stop using the camera for a in game background, and the pokemon will be on the center of the screen no matter what direction you face. Use this to not look like your taking pictures/videos if you get a pokemon facing said sensitive areas.