A note my father gave to my mother when they were about to move to the states. What a lovely thing to find.

I would like to offer you the world, but I can’t at this moment offer you anything but my love. The world will come to us soon enough. To the three of us, we will conquer it. 
Thank you for loving me. Thank you for giving me the most beautiful present of the world. She talks, she walks, and she is the most beautiful.

With all my love,

My entire aesthetic could probably be summarized by the bit of animation during the first “we were born to make history” line of the opening theme of Yuri on Ice. It’s both Yuris skating, synchronized with each other, in outfits that include suspenders and basically that few seconds is all I need in my life

regarding the newly revealed trial captain im jus gonna post some salt 

TBH. im rly happy a lot of ppl see them as nb!! i do to, i rly like them!! (if u dont see them as nb thats ok too!! its just a headcanon after all) but then we get ppl goin like, “OH WHAT BC ITS HARD TO TELL THEIR GENDER THEY GOTTA BE NONBINARY, BUT ALSO FUCK GENDER ROLES RIGHT?????”

alright but the fuckin thing is, when theres a more feminine or more masculine character and ppl say theyre nonbinary, ppl are like “uhh god stop with this stuff theyre CLEARLY this gender” like we get an androgynous looking character n headcanon them as nonbinary, and u guys throw a fit. we get a more gendered looking character and if ppl headcanon them as nonbinary, ppl throw a BIGGER fit. why dont u just admit u hate nb ppl, lmao