A note my father gave to my mother when they were about to move to the states. What a lovely thing to find.

I would like to offer you the world, but I can’t at this moment offer you anything but my love. The world will come to us soon enough. To the three of us, we will conquer it. 
Thank you for loving me. Thank you for giving me the most beautiful present of the world. She talks, she walks, and she is the most beautiful.

With all my love,

@ any trans person who feels like they’re not valid because of what they wear or what they like: you’re all amazing and wonderful and valid and I love all of you so much. Seriously any of your ever need to talk to me my ask is always open anon or not.

I hate how girls HAVE to be a certain thing. Like on a show a girl had four pairs of shoes and they were like GASP! Unheard-of! Like a girl can’t have any less than ten pairs of shoes. That’s the bare minimum. Well ya know what? I probably have less than 10 pairs of shoes. I don’t want to be shallow and superficial and care about nothing but appearance. I don’t care if all other girls are like that I am the exception. It’s not like I don’t want to look good I just don’t want it to be an obsession and there are A LOT more important things to focus on. I want to spend the bare minimum amount of time on appearance that I have to and focus on what really matters to me. Think of all the hours girls waste obsessing over clothes, shoes, shopping! Not saying you can’t do those things but it shouldn’t be all you focus on, even a majority. I wish I cared less about it than I do–I don’t want to waste time on physical things like appearance and food and material possessions and cars. Plus I don’t have $$$ haha
I care a lot more about ideas and animals and nature etc and want to be physically strong and I care more about comfort than fashion. GASP! I’d rather wear pants than a dress and tennis shoes than high heels. Seems like every other girl is the opposite. Oh well I’m not gonna change just to fit in. Too late anyway. If that means I’m not a girl maybe I’m not but I think I am–girls can be what they want and don’t have to fit in a little feminine mold. They are people not mannequins.

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oH MY GOD I LO V E !! i haven’t seen the fifth element in a while buT AYE do whatever feels right for you, lee B)

I WAS LIKE OBCESSED WITH FIFTH ELEMENT AS A KID? Like I’ve still never seen anything like it visually or tone-wise? Its kind of amazing. 

theres a big part of me that i cant express that is very trans masculine. and i feel like shit whenever i try to present that way because the other part of me is very NOT trans masculine and it just alerts me to all the things the t-m part of me wants to chang.e 

i dont know what i am i dont think theres a word for it.  im not genderfluid because im the same all the time but theres multiple genders at once…… and they form something that is an unexplainable gender. 

none of my genders are binary but there is definitely one that is masculine and one that is feminine but theres like at least one other that is just weird. FUCK!!!! why am i so confusing