there's usually a shirt with suits

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do u have headcanons/thoughts regarding the peter parker is trans idea bc i havent seen the movie but thats the best goddamn thing ive heard alllll day

  • may is his biggest supporter and fought super hard to get him everything he needed she actually popped a doctor in the face once for consistently misgendering pete
  • ned is also trans thanks 4 ur time
  • all the other boys in his class get embarrassed and flustered every time their voices crack but pete loves it more and more every time it happens to him
  • tony made the spidey suit with a bulge so peter doesn’t have to awkwardly stick his packer down there
  • ‘black widow’ and ‘hawkeye’ and ‘captain america’ r cool names n all but something is just always really great about people calling him ‘spider man’
  • he wears lifts in his shoes and so does tony and he’s completely gobsmacked when he finds out
  • he and ned host huge movie marathons and munch on popcorn and point out all the characters they think are trans
  • luke skywalker is The Trans Hero they both adore
  • his spanish teacher calls him señor parker and it makes him BEAM with happiness
  • he and ned go to the bathroom together bc Solidarity Bro
  • once he grew his hair out to try to “fit in” better but he hated it so much that he hacked it all off with those kids safety scissors and made a complete mess so ben had to buzz his hair right down
  • he and ned would practice deepening their voices for hours in pete’s room and end up ruining it by giggling
  • once he was doing his “stark internship” stuff and he missed his usual shot time so now he always makes time to do his shot properly
  • he loves how skintight the suit is bc he’s so Flat

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okay all the questions for septiplier pls im obsessed

Who isn’t honestly??

What kind of a relationship is it? (Romantic, friends with benefits, enemies who hatefuck, etc.)
They’re boyfriends, straight up dating, full on relationship, some gay ass shit

Who tops?

Who initiates sex?
Most often it’s Jack but Mark does too from time to time

Who finishes first?
Jack, usually

Fast and rough or slow and gentle?
Both! As fun as hard, kinky fucking is, making love is just as great.

Favorite kinks?
Dirty talk, bondage, both of them have a thing for pain (theres a lot of biting and scratching and burning and shocking), and Jack loves being come on

Favorite pic each has of the other(s)?
Jack’s favorite is from after the two had come home from a formal event. Mark’s still in his suit, but his jacket and vest are open, his tie is loosened, and the top buttons of his shirt are undone. He’s glancing up at the camera, hair falling into his eyes and hands pulling at the tie (which was later tied tightly around jacks wrists).
Mark loves the one of Jack on his knees, looking up into the camera. His wrists are bound behind his back and he’s covered in scratches and bite marks. His hair is held tightly in Mark’s fist, head pulled back to show off he come dripping from his face.

What was their first time like?
It was passionate. Jack and Mark had started dating long distance and it was sort if silently understood that something was going to happen during Jack’s first visit. It was the first night, a goodnight kiss at the guest room door got heated, and, the next morning, jack woke up sore and covered in hickeys in Marks arms.

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Carmichael scribbled a note, inviting Kat to come over and try out the hot tub. "It's almost like a bubble bath. The water's nice and hot, and there's spa stuff in there that makes it all frothy."

Kat read the note a few times, not entirely sure why she was being invited to try out a hot tub. She figured why not, though. She was human for a while, and who knew when the next time a similar magic would hit her. 

After changing into a swim suit, she pulled a t-shirt and a pair of jeans on. They’d be quicker to remove than her usual outfit, and it wouldn’t be as annoying if they got wet. 

With a towel slung over her shoulder, she stepped through the portal. “Hello?”