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You magically end up back in time in George Lucas' body as he works on the first Star Wars, and will be staying there until the the prequels have been finished - what changes/if any, do you make? Or, alternatively, you end up in his body just as he's making the prequels, without any ability to alter the Original Trilogy.

Okay, buckle in everyone because this response is going to get REALLY long (over 2500 words in fact) 

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Part 3 of Yuri!!! on Ice but with text-to-speech voices and pretty awful writing.

Part 2: Viktor’s Lament // Part 3: Pip Pip Yurio // Part 4: Eye of the Tiger


red spoils blue in his own way

does this count as spoiling?? idk he indulges his bf sometimes

interviews masterpost

I’ve found a bunch of new interviews from wondercon that have some important points (in my opinion) so here they are:

jeremy, josh and kimberly: the highlight is definitely jeremy rambling about lance. he says there’s a gonna be a huge shake up that will make him step up. he definitely matures through the season even if he starts out as “your typical 16-year-old that will hit on anything that’s on two legs […] or four legs doesn’t matter.” (also more hints about allura being a paladin which is nice)

tyler, bex and tim: bex eating her lunch during the interview was the highlight. no jk. bex says that there are great moments that haven’t come out yet. (i’m not sure if she was talking about hunk or in general it wasn’t very clear while i was watching). speaking of hunk tyler says that there’s more to him that’s meet the eye. oh also while talking about voicing before animating, bex says that the animators choose the takes the want and then animate them basically. which is…interesting.

lauren and joaquim: lauren says that they wanted to make a show that was similar to the premise of the old show. when asked about lotor, lauren said that she remembers him wanting to kidnap allura and stuff and said that’s stuff that needs to stay in the past. basically they won’t explore that and i’m glad. 

he’s not gonna be a replica of zarkon, we’re gonna do some new things with him.” (this is from another interview with them also new)

[about character development]

don’t expect some amazing revelations to come from the past, a lot of their stuff are happening as we watch.”

we’re also gonna see more reasons why keith’s a hothead apparently

and i’ll leave the rest to you! these are pretty long ahaha 

extreme kabe don should be in the olympics

I couldn’t pick one for you, so have them all!!

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Just travelling with the FFXV boyz things:

  • Sitting/walking/running beside them wondering what the fuck you’re doing travelling with a prince and his entourage because lord almighty they are a mess sometimes.

  • Being in charge of the music in the car because they keep bickering and what album to play so they designate you as the mix-master-in-charge (well, really it’s Ignis that does it because there’s only so much of the JusMon OST he can listen to). Your taste in music is pretty good and you buy new albums for the car when you can so the driver doesn’t go insane.


  • Falling asleep in the back seat between Gladio and Noct and Gladio gently putting his arm around your shoulders to make you lean on him and get a good nap in because lord knows you didn’t sleep last night with Prompto constantly singing/humming ‘I want to ride my chocobo all daaay’ to the chocobo theme.

  • Punching Prompto because you can’t stop singing ‘I want to ride my chocobo all daaay’ and it’s all his fault GDI.

  • Cooking with Ignis sometimes and cleaning up because the boys are dumb and don’t do that a lot of the time. Ignis is very grateful. He always gives you a little smile and it’s wonderful. He also tends to cook your favourites the next day if you do! Prompto is onto your sly tactics. If you’re feeling really petty towards Noctis, you request meals with vegetables in them. The glower you get from the prince is always hilarious.

  • Trying to teach Noct how to cook and it is literally a disaster and you can’t scientifically figure out how or why because you watch Noct like a hawk through the whole process and it still tastes like shit in the end, like Noct what the fuck shitty sorcery is this don’t do it.

  • Being the subject of Prompto’s impromptu photoshoots because “This isn’t fair, you’re always so photogenic. I try to catch you off guard, but you look perfect in every photo!” You know he’s always trying to take a funny photo of you, that’s why you always keep an eye on the blonde and his camera as much as you possibly can. If you develop any kind of anxiety from photography it’s definitely because of Prompto.

  • Stealing the camera off Prompto so you can take photos of him because there’s loads of photos of everyone else and not him. Also, selfies with the spirited blondie.

  • At least attempting to get up and do a morning jog with Gladio, but boy he is fit and it is very difficult to get up at the ass crack of dawn and run on various terrain. You suppose there’s a reason he has a body like he does. There’s no way you can match up to him. Still, those early mornings aren’t quite so bad. When you’re too tired and give up, Gladio is always happy to give you a piggy-back ride back to camp. Can confirm, he gives the best piggy-back rides. Okay maybe you purposefully give up sometimes so you can get a piggy-back ride. Gladio doesn’t mind one bit.

  • Sometimes the boys playfully argue about who your favourite might be out of the group of them, but honestly, how can you pick? They’re all so wonderful in their own ways. Plus Noctis gets miffed when you don’t automatically pick him because he’s the prince. There, there, Noct! 

Read part 2 here!

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Hello, do you have any studyblrs for business students? I have been searching but your blog is my most trusted studyblr so I wonder if you have some recommendations!

Ah thank you! Can’t say I follow a lot of business studyblrs, but here’s a few you might like to check out: 

+ any business studyblr that comments on this post. Chances are, if they’re willing to respond publicly = more responsive = may be able to answer your questions in a timely manner (once again I’m so sorry this has been sitting in my inbox for like 3 months gdi). 

All the best, and I hope you find a pocket of the community who can motivate you in your business course!