there's threatening

What being pro choice really means

- wanting better sex Ed in schools
- easier/cheaper access to birth control
- better women’s health programs
- allowing women to decide what to do with their bodies, not the government
- making it easier for women to get permanent sterilization/reproductive health surgeries


did some mm!kid ishimaru/ishimondo for the hev cause i love–

ishimaru wants to get payback on all the kids who did him wrong, even the ones who didnt but there’s just one he cant do that too– it threatens what he believes is right. mondo is his hope, his despair

more hilarity I found in the rough drafts of VS

Obi-Wan seems delighted to meet the Gungans, even though they’re being held at spear-point for most of said meeting. He seems delighted to make acquaintance with Jar Jar Binks, who grates on even Anakin’s nerves. Anakin considers himself to have a high threshold for unfamiliar cultures and species, and yet - and yet -

Obi-Wan, indeed, seems delighted at everything, and happily offers himself as a distraction should they need one in rescuing the captured Queen of Naboo. Gone is the reticent, soulless beast that Anakin met in the hall of the Temple; its chrysalis has burst to be replaced by some new kind of monster, bright and terrorizing.

Unfortunately, his entire personality seems to be built out of naivety and recklessness. What are they teaching the younglings at that Temple? Anakin will never say anything positive about his childhood, but at least he learned a thing or two about self-preservation!


look at this thing i made, i’m proud of it and everything

  • Me on a date: So what did you think of Fahrenheit from Fallout 4?
  • Them: Oh, I hated her, she was such a bitch. I killed her every time.
  • Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: Sorry but I have to go right now immediately.

If you’re going to be spiteful and buy a Colin O’Donoghue & Jennifer Morrison photo op at OUATNJ or any convention for the purpose of Jen/SQ and you’re going to rudely and meanly push Colin to the side, stop and think. Why would you want to make Colin feel so horrible, what would you achieve besides leaving a bad impression to Jen and hitting an all-time low as a human being because you hate a fictional character? Is that really how you want to represent who you are as a person and your fandom? Do you really think Jen would allow you to belittle someone she cares for so much? Jen has a backbone, she’s spoken about her opinions and feelings over fiction, why would she hold back on you making someone feel so small right to his face before her? 

If you don’t like Hook, that’s fine. If you’re going to take it out on Colin, something isn’t adding up. What shocking indecency has Colin ever done to a person or said that offended others? It’s not like he burnt your village to the ground, killed the elders and ate the children. Colin is just doing his job, and that’s the poorest reasoning to hold something against someone and have such vile feelings towards. Colin is literally the most anti-problematic person; I’ve been following Colin closely for over a year now. I can’t find any reason for someone to dislike, let alone, hate the poor man. Think about your words and actions.