there's this one person that pretty much everyone idolizes for some reason

So I have a sort of headcanon about the Snack Pack I would love to eventually write about but so far I’ve only got short-hand prompts written out but here’s the main thing:

The Snack Pack pretty much first formed because they were, in a way of sorts, outcasts in their society. Not that they were treated poorly of course, trolls in general are loving and friendly; but they’re “special” trolls always put up in a pedestal; revered but never treated like normal.

Special troll subspecies were considered the most delicious to Bergens, so of course they’re usually the first to be eaten (and hence why Chef happen to specifically select them), and the Snack Pack happen to be lucky enough that they were young enough when the trolls escaped so they wouldn’t have become instant meals. But that means theres so few of their subspecies, and the surrogate trees can’t really produce the special trolls like the Troll Tree could; they can barely produce regular rainbow trolls without most of the pods withering in the first week.

So here are these lonely individuals that feel like theres no one they can relate to, but eventually Princess Poppy brings them all together into this one unique clique of friends.

First you have Cooper: one of the rarest subspecies, and the only one of his family that could actually talk coherently (most trollimals only speak during songs, like parrots imitating sound). So he’s actually this highly intelligent person by trollimal standards, but not much by rainbow troll’s, and is often talked to like a helpless child. But the Snack pack sees his true nature and often encourage him to speak his mind, even if what he says doesn’t always sound smart.

DJ Suki is another rare subspecies with not much difference from the rainbows besides her gem, but on top of that most trolls are very put off by her because she had the brilliant idea to use bugs to make mixes, and most trolls think bugs are just gross, dirty creatures and here’s this gem troll whose pod is just covered in so many of them. But of course Poppy and the gang think it’s so unique and support her new music style, which eventually becomes popular.

Biggie, the giant troll, comes from a family of rainbow trolls (his grandfather, another giant troll, is long gone by then), so his parents have a hard time adjusting to caring for a giant child so they usually focus on his siblings. Biggie takes company from the family’s pet worms, the Dinkles, where he’ll eventually recieve Mr. Dinkles from a litter years later. In addition to being overlooked, he just doesn’t always fit in most troll’s pods, so going to a party indoors is a hassle and makes him feel left out. Eventually the Snack pack realizes this and bring their large parties outdoors for him, with most indoor parties becoming sleepovers when theres a lot less trolls around. They never speak about it outright, but Biggie understands exactly what they’re doing and just loves them for it.

Satin and Chenille would’ve been regular rainbow troll twins, but because they’re conjoined they’re somewhat known as “trolls gone wrong” (aka defects). In their early years, many insisted (behind their parent’s back) that they just simply separate their hairs and become separate people, but it’s just so physically and mentally painful for them to be apart for long periods of time and it nearly killed them both during their childhood. It was Poppy that had to plead to her father to decree that the twin cannot be separated against their own will.

Smidge is currently the only teaspoon troll; many wonder if she’s actually a subspecies or a “defected” rainbow troll. Her parents waited a little too long to plant her seed because the majority of the pods grown in the surrogate trees just wither away. But eventually the seed cracks and the parents freak out and plant her right then and there. By miracle, she blooms, but she’s so tiny and her voice is so deep. To this day, she’s still treated like a little girl that needs to be coddled rather than a maturing teen that’s more than capable. It’s also the main reason she worked out her and body so hard to become strong and show her independence. And of course the Snack Pack are her biggest supporters.

Glitter Trolls are uncommon but not rare, but Guy Diamond stands out amongst them because of his unusual auto tune voice. So many trolls disregard his singing as “true” vocals, and find it pretty unappealing. However, the Snack Pack worked hard to come up with songs and melodies that work with his unique voice, showing the great potential it has.

Fuzzbert and other hairy trolls are usually the quiet, overlooked subspecies in the background; they mumble and can barely be heard if you’re not listening close enough, and they’re the last ones to be picked for a choir. Most of them accept this and delegate to quieter tasks, but Fuzzbert dared to dream bigger. He wants to be heard, he wants to be liked, even if no one can hear him. Surprisingly, it’s actually Branch with his super sensitive hearing that managed to help him become a part of the not-yet Snack Pack; Poppy, her friends, and some other trolls were part of a temporary planning committee for King Peppy’s upcoming 15th Coronation Anniversary. Fuzzbert has a great idea, but just couldn’t be heard. Branch, who was dragged along by Poppy, tells the others to shut up and listen to the fuzzy little guy. It became the first time Fuzzbert had an audience, and in the end the group went with his idea.

And of course we have the one and only princess. You’d think she was on top of the world, but it’s due to her royal status that she actually was just as lonely as the rest of the not-yet Snack Pack. It’s hard to make friends when the other children are taught to treat her differently, better, more important. She just wants to play and have fun like everyone else; she’s not her title, she’s a person too. She’s pretty much the one that eventually seeks out and befriends the other lonely kids who would eventually become the Snack Pack.

Creek is just the jerkface regular rainbow troll who pretty much asserted himself into the highly idolized “special clique” until they accepted him. Most of his antagonization over Branch is basically the fact that the Snack Pack (especially Poppy) tries so hard to make Branch part of the group, taking focus away from him; the Creek that eventually makes most of them give up, besides Poppy.

The Snack Pack (in the early years) and Poppy tried so hard to make Branch a part of the group (and be as friendly as they possibly can with such a negative person) ‘cause they understand what it’s like to be lonely, to not fit in anywhere. At the same time, they’re baffled that someone would choose to be alone, and go completely against the lifestyle of troll-kind. Even with Creek’s persistence to give up on the grumpy grey guy, they still have just the tiniest hope for him (mostly thanks to Poppy optimism), and thus try to bring him into their group hugs as much as possible (though admittedly they’re not as enthusiastic about inviting him to a party he’ll end up ruining).

The “Snack Pack” term comes in during one picnic where Cooper pretty much says “the pack that snacks together, stays together,” which he pretty much regrets saying at first because he’s used to others waving him off, but instead he receives such positive feedback. The name stuck, despite Branch’s protests that they’re pretty much just screaming to be eaten, and they’ve been the best of best friends ever since. Even though they eventually find friendship in other trolls, and expand their circles, they remain the special little clique that joined together at their lowest points.

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hi!!!! i know youre a baek stan but i really really want to know why you think chanyeol is ideal~!

Hi anon

This is unbelievably long im so sorry i cant add a read more rn

Chanyeol..i mean first of all hes insanely good looking on camera but even better looking irl, hes tall and has a good (aura? Theres a chinese word to describe it but it doesnt have the same meaning ..its like how u hold urself and how u look to other ppl and what others can deduce from ur feeling. Like i.e person who walks confidently but not cockily, looks neat and clean and has a very kind disposition..etc etc..)

He is so kind and helpful, any person hes ever worked with has always praised him to the high heavens and they dont do that with every guest bc its simply not necessary, but u can tell he respects everyone a lot from the way he acts around them, theres a reason why people say hes one of the most enjoyable idols to work with!

HE ALSO DOES THESE V DISCREET BOYFRIEND THINGS Like grabbing ur glass and pouring ur drink /baekyeol/ or insisting to help with ur suitcases without a physical word, or opening the door first, protecting u in public, etcc -INTERLUDE FOR MY BAEKYEOL FEELS- its just v gentlemanly and i like that! According to the members he doesnt get outwardly angry but just loud, as in he wont lose his temper and say incredibly rude things or throw/hit things which is good bc im sensitive af LMAO

he has a really good sense which is smthg a lot of fans like about him, he knows what to do in undesirable situations and makes the most out of whatever he has! He makes mistakes like anyone else and sometimes his tendency to want to brighten the mood can end awkwardly but he tries nonetheless, hes not quiet but hes not obnoxiously loud…

I love his tendency to buy things/ food for the members for no reason, just “hi ily i thought of u take this” and he doesnt only show his love with materialistic things. Thats v important too, he genuinely gives u his entire heart and thinks of you too, especially with his fans, he makes music and shares it with us so every update from him is like a surprise, to share ur work with the public like that where its not official is a v intimate thing to do its beautiful ;~) the first thing he does when he makes or discovers something is to think of his fans! V thoughtful boy ;~)

he is confident and sometimes may come off as cocky to some but hes not, if u guys look closely u’ll see that he ALWAYS compliments his members too ^^ He doesnt think hes superior but rather is confident of both himself and of others~ he incessantly praises his members and never fails to include them regardless of where the focus of conversation is! It means that he takes PRIDE in who he is and where hes gotten but still sees the beauty in others as well and compliments them where its due–

Hes such a momma’s boy tbh those fanaccounts both from others n my friends… he respects his family so much (ESPECIALLY the women which is really important tbh i forgot which interview but..yeah) so much which is why im pretty unfazed by what happened recently because in countless fanaccts and from his own mom’s mouth he loves them like no tomorrow (when his mom would go wake him up for school hed put her hand on his and tHATS SO CUTE I JUST!!) and not everyone does that so openly trust me orz he visits his family and their workplaces v frequently and plays pool w his friends and family with such a lowkey, humble disposition its like u wouldnt have remembered he was an idol, its not designer and glamour all the time he knows when to relax and hang out with family, sans makeup and nice clothes or publicity ^^

He is so hardworking and ambitious it doesnt matter if hes down there or up here, hes always looking higher and higher but never forgets his origins! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT…Having money is not important but having the hard worker “i will not stop doing my best” mentality is crucial for being able to support yourself and ur loved ones but still maintain a healthy life! Some people get comfortable when they’re at the top but hes constantly surprising us with his many skills throughout the years and thats because he has such an overwhelming love for music and for LEARNING that he never stops picking up hobbies and i think thats so admirable ( and cool, the fact that hes actually good at almost everything he decides to learn)

suhos said that besides himself being rly smart chanyeol is the best at solving logic puzzles and such bc he has a lot of patience and diligence! I still remember when he was explainin a derivative or something to sehun and it was impressive bc it tells u that he at least listened in class enough to remember it a few years later, i forget my math like a year after passing the course LMAO

He loves kids with like..a passion..AND THEY LOVE HIM TOO..And children never lie they always know whats up hnmmm heh h O and he knows how to take care of them well! And u can tell hed be willing to even go through the nuances of taking care of children heh~ he can cook which isnt something i can say for everyone tbh sweats…

If u havent noticed hes super diligent in interacting with people he cares about its not just a simple i love you but he always goes that extra mile, whether it be to literally reconstruct a fan banner to reciprocate his love for his fans or folding 1000 paper cranes for a simple crush /LMAO POOR YEOL THO/ he puts a lot of thought into his affections but doesnt feel entitled to anything even if he works hard! Like w youngstreet radio no one formally requested for him to make anything but regardless of what kind of promise it is he fulfills it diligently and still doesnt “expect” anything just bc hes a top idol! He was still surprised to hear it on the radio heh~

But hes not showy! He doesnt flaunt what he has
Nor does he take advantage of it, hes the first one to speak up and explain to fans about his condition, and hes the first to clarify when fans thought he was sick or being lazy on broadcast! He deals with his haters in a really direct but respectful way and thats a really mature levelheaded thing for him to do ^^ he doesnt act up about anything and knows when to just let things simmer down all without losing his confidence and image in public~

Hes just overall a really respectful, humble, levelheaded caring guy who has an UNBELIEVABLY strong passion for music and has no hidden agenda..the most important part to being an artist is the drive to learn more and perfect, this is indisputable! Hes got a huge heart and knows what to do with it, and he doesnt give up just because of his mistakes or because of a few bumps in the road and u can tell hed love his girlfriend or wife and/or family with all he has without losing touch with his roots or passions ;~) and im kind of in love with him hes the only idol ive ever said id marry if the occasion came up



FinalBout 2
When we first talked about going to FInalBout, we first decided we had to make it there this year, At All Costs. 

Well, it did cost me most everything, and i literally couldnt be happier that i made it happen. It was such a scramble to get all three of us ready, oh my god lol!  I was having suspension, engine, and wiring issues, and the stress really got to me. Matts car had no strut towers and he had to put together a brand new motor from the block upwards and paint in a week and a half. Sooo much fiberglass repair, we didn’t spray matts bumper until 4am somewhere outside minniapolis!  All said and done, he started it up, backed it out of the driveway, and we literally left on the 30+ hour drive that moment. So scary! hahaha The morning we were supposed to leave, my car car was still wet enough to finger fuck, and has just broken everything, so i guess there was nothing left to break, because once we left from lethbridge i had zero issues with the car. Ryan being the only one who was really prepared, he organized a truck and trailer, had little to do but repaint and assemble his new look without all the vinyl, and funny enough hes the one who broke down in some small ass town named FreePort, though i’m not sure what state we were in. 

*Looong driiiveeeeee FULL of adventures for another day…*

We made it there, and first thing derek from Breaking runs over to give us a big ol american high five for making the trip. I was still trying to pick my jaw up off of the floor from the quick look at the track we got rolling up into the parking lot. All we’ve ever really had is shitty oval tracks and some badass streeting spots, so even from the parking lot preview, we were bouncing levels of excited to get out there. We unloaded ryans trailor and slowly pulled into the pits. Illia from Proceed ( the nicest dudes, seriously) gave us the best spot in the house, right at the entrance to the track and sandwiched between Proceed and Risky Devil. We set up our shop and went around, FULLY FUCKING PUMPED, we met all the guys we watch do cool stuff so many times before.

One thing i want to say here is how Unbelievably nice Americans are. Back up in Canada all id really heard about Americans is that they are kinda dicks. 


Seriously so backwards, all i heard from Canada before finalbout was straight sarcasm whining, talking so much trash about “the car show drift event.” It was actually the final straw that tipped me over the edge to make it happen no matter fucking what. Everyone was saying dumb shit, and i was just like you know what, im going to fucking go and experience it first hand, see it with my own eyes, and end all this opinionated back and forth bullshizz.

Well i went and it blew my brains out. Ive never gottent hat many high fives before. Ive never thrown down next to a stranger whos driving i for some reason fully trust and just met a few hours ago. I never could have even dreampt this event up. I just remember being like Okay Guys! Lets just take a grip lap first to feel the track out….lol nope! Ryan initiated first corner, i diddnt miss a beat following him with a hard flick, and i could hear Matt wasnt far behind me hahaha. (that cars sounds so insane when its right behind you, i always knew how close he was). We linked the entire first lap no problem, and i remember just jumping up and down in my car like oh my god that was unbelievable! i reallllly wanted to highfive someone, but i was alone so i just danced to myself instead, until we were all the sudden back at the starting line getting flagged through for another lap. What sweet heaven did i fall into?

See back home, we street drift, hard. None of us like it, (ok i love it) but we have no track anywhere near us which sucks huge balls. Even the one event we have is 5+ hours north and it just a parking lot. So for us, even though we’ve been driving side by side for 11 years, was a huge step!

So we got a few laps in before we had to change tires and wait for the tire guy to swap em over, so we drank a million gatoraids to stay cool, and chatted with people who was all really genuine and excited about us and our cars, but mostly confused by the KA-T r32 haha. So many people were shocked to just see an r32, let alone a four door, but wait what the fuck…is that a KA? hahahaha got soo many people good. Its the same reaction everytime, pretty priceless.

All the sudden it was time to lay down our competition runs, we had only gotten 6 practice laps, as matt broke a ruca, and me and ryan helped him change it. It all happened really fast, like we had just gotten there, done a couple laps, and then BOOM, theres animal style laying down a sick ass run and we were up a couple teams behind. None of us really got nervous or anything in line up, i was mostly busy remeniscing on the climb to the top of the hill where we got to drive between all the teams lining the outisdes of the track, high fiving you as you drove between them, We put down our runs and just kinda felt like, ok we did our thing,  but i wonder if animal style or faction is going to win, and then all the sudden out of NOWHERE,
uhh okay? So we freaked out a bit and went back into our cars.
three way high five for good luck and we went for a couple more laps.
I gotta tell ya, i really didnt think we would make top three, and i really didnt care if we did. From the moment we arrived on the parking lot for the first time, i was on cloud nine and it didnt matter if we did one lap, all crashed into eachother and sucked, i would have been just so glad to have made the trip and just been there!  

So when they came back and announced we were in the top three, i just lost it.  Pretty much by myself, in my car, but a few holy shits were exhanged between us three no doubt. Now i know the competition is the smallest part of the weekend. I know that it shouldnt really matter, and that driving with everyone was obviously the highlight. I know this, sure. But all my life my brother ryan (Ryan and I are actual brothers, incase you didnt know) talked on and on about how all he ever wanted in life was to win a trophy drifting. Not for the fame, or to really win, but i think it comes from a place where you just want to see it on the wall of your garage and feel really proud of yourself for what youve built, earned, and accomplished through the hobby. Its symbolic eternal self validation for everytime you second the car, the hobby, the finances, everything.

 So when we went out and did our thing one more time, and we somehow got FUCKING SECOND PLACE, maybe i shouldnt have cried, But i sure did! Somewhere between spraying champaigne, doing a burnout, and hugging my car in the pits, i definitely had a moment of proud/happiness/drifting tears.
You see, mine and my brothers entire life dream had just happened, no, was still happening! And as i sprayed Risky Devil full of champaigne, lit a cigar and drank my big ol’ bottle,  ive honestly, and i really mean this, have never ever ever been happier. I dont think second place would have meant quite as much to any other team there. I called my mom, the whole bit, i wont ever forget it and it changed my perspective on life completely. It made a whole lifetimes worth of people downing your car, telling you your hobby is silly and a waste of money, parents dissaproving of new mods instead of being stoked, all that bullshit, it made it all so fucking worth it. I doubt anyone of those people has loved anything as much as i love drifting, and my passion brought me to my dreams front step! You cant say anything bad about that! One minute imdriving to work in my skyline, the next im driving on the track ive dreampt of since i was 16, riding walls next to teams ive idolized since they’re creation, and earned myself a great personal success! Second place may as well have been first place with 300 virgins, cause i dont know how to tell you how ecstatic we all were.

Not to mention that was the morning of day one! ahahahah
There was still an unexplainable weekend full of smoke breathing, door tapping, gas pedal flooring, clutch kicking intermediate course, to be had! That place really is Never Never Land and we stayed there for the rest of the day.

It didnt feel like a competition, more like when youre at the local skatepark with a few close friends, and youre just cheering eachother on.  
“dude that 360 flip down the 6 set was too clean!*highfive* ”
turned into
“dude this tire mark on my door didnt even do any damage. sugoi!  *highfive* ”

but then the skatepark would be full of all your favourite skaters, from the pros to the homies! And by the end of the day, the pros became your homies, and then you almost won the big game of skate. Or something.

Totally rad cars, radder dudes, and even radder that i got to spend all the best moments of my life so far, with two of my best friends who were equally having the best times of their lives so far. I feel a tighter bond between us three, especially when it comes to the driving. USA International Speedway was exactly what i needed to step up my driving game.

And so we slept under the concession during a huge lightning storm that flooded our tent, vacuumed out my car that has no windows, and drove the 30+ hours home. Ive said it before and i’ll say it again, drifting is sweet! Lets enjoy the spirit of drifting together!

So a huge thank you goes out to Proceed, for being amazing hosts, the other teams for being really friendly, genuine, and stoked to just have a good time with us even if youd never met us before or even heard of us. all the folks who came up to offer congrats or ask questions or compliments, you guys really wowed us this weekend, we were blown away by the community! 
Most of all i wanna thank my two best friends in the whole entire world, i love you dudes so much and couldnt not have ever made this all happen without you. Matter o fact i wouldnt have wanted to do it with anyone else, or alone. Im blessed enough to have amazing mates who push me to make my dreams come true, and help me do it. They share their time, parts, tools, food, and money, and now i get to share back with a few unforgettable memories. Cheers boys! Ryans now back in school on the island in BC, me and matt are moving houses this weekend, and lifes back to normal, but im so proud of everyone who made it out there to drive finalbout. Our story is hardly unique,we didnt spend the most, we didnt drive the farthest, spectators flew from around the world, every single team was pushing hard to make the event with the car working and looking how they wanted, and im proud of you all for doing it.

Long Live FinalBout!!
May you spark the spirit of one thousand stylish drifts!