there's the hate she gets from the fans

  • Stock Antagonistic god in a Persona game: If only more humans were like you
  • Protag: Cool. Coolcoolcool let me grab my wallet real quick
  • Stock Persona god: Why would I-- what are you doing
  • Protag: I am /trying/ to get out my pictures of my friends if you would just chill for like five seconds. You might want to get comfortable because there are a lot of them and I love them. Anyway, this is one of my friends from school, and she's the best because she's strong and kind, and-- You better be paying attention these people are important to me. Anyway, she'll kick any shadow in the face and I appreciate her. What a good friend. Also? Not a fan of your work, so that's one down for the 'hey so humanity actually hates what you're doing' count. Then there's this kid-- Oh man, they're so good. I'm gonna adopt them and kick their parents' asses. You better be listening; this is important and I have at least nineteen more friends to tell you about

If theres one thing im loving atm and that is endgame ships. IMO marlene is bringing together but at the same time she hasnt forgotten all the hate she recieved from the ship fandom aka twitter fandom aswell. While some dont care how they come together, alot do care. They fantasised about how it was going to happen or wanted it to go but marlene is giving them there ships in the WORST possible way.

To me this tells me that even though there has been alot of emphasis on the ships throughout these last 10 eps to cater to the twitter fans but by giving them there ships in such outrageous fashion. Its like shes saying theres your ships, and now were getting back to the mystery. Yes she has alot to do mystery wise and whatnot but after tonights episode, (which i wasnt bored at all with (loved it))i feel its going to be a more free flowing with answers and mystery solving.


I know and it may get frustrating. But please dont send hate to people if they met Tay already and happened to go to a SS . Thats not what Taylor would want either. Be happy for everyone. Just because one person met her once , or ten times doesnt mean that took a spot away from you. No matter how many fans she meets , theres still MORE to meet. So please just remember that and be kind.

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I'm glad Julie tweeted to fans and cleared somethings up. She let them know that Nina left because she wanted too, not cuz of Ian, she blocked some racist fans that have been trying to cancel the show, harassing Ian, Kat, and entire cast and crew, she shut down the idea of season 7 being cancelled, and said there's more to be done. She pretty much told them they don't have to watch season 7 and that the show will go on without DE. Julie has not been pissing me off this year, she's learning.

Hey Anon! I think I was the most shocked when she dropped that truth bomb about stopping Bamon from developing was fanservicing a whiny DE fan, like chalk that off the list of things I NEVER thought would happen. But yeah I respect Julie for doing that, and I know she gets a lot of hate and yes she is accountable for some of it because of the storyline choices she’s mad but threatening real life people over fictional characters is so idiotic and disgusting and I’m glad she blocked them. It’s amazing how you see people’s true colors when things don’t go there way and I’m glad the writers finally seem to be at a point where they aren’t catering to ANY fans.

Now it could just be that I follow the right people but I think it’s so fucking awesome that fans who are sticking around next season have been talking all the relationships and stories they want to see explored OUTSIDE of their preferred ship/OTP. I’ve seen more posts about people being excited for Baroline and Defan getting more focus than I have Steroline or Bamon and that’s just incredible! I’ve also seen people wanting to see more of the Stefan/Bonnie friendship that was completely dropped after S4 and they want to see more reconciliation between Damon/Caroline because it’s long overdue. I think some fans get too entitled and they think the writers cater only to them and when things don’t go their way they throw temper tantrums. I’m glad JP & Co. won’t let themselves be bullied by them, people like that don’t deserve it, you don’t like the direction of the show. Stop Watching.

“ EXO fandom is so funny. I remember when they was saying their official collor was red (even before the debut), then they said Mirotic was a EXO song, now they are using "AKTF” (a motto that cassies uses for many years as to express our feelings of hope that one day DBSK will have back the five members) for current EXO situation - and it is not even the same situation: DBSK history is something and EXO history is another thing; I’ve seen people saying that Yunho and Changmin were treinees to be EXO members! And also I’ve seen someone talking who thought Jaejoong was a EXO member. (Seriously?? DBSK boys debuted 9 years before EXO ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ Saying that Yunho and Changmin were EXO trainees doesn’t even make sense! — I’ll not even talk about that person who thought that Jae was EXO member).
I wonder why it has to be TVXQ/Cassiopeia stuff?
I mean, EXO has its own history and its own personality, right?
Why do some fans have to relate ANYTHING to them/their fandom? (Even the ferry disaster turned into something related to EXO!)
I wish they had more mature fans, really. I believe there is a lot of cool, respectful, nice and matured fans, but some of them can’t live and behave by themselves, they need to copy, steal and borrow things from other fandoms?
I think every fandom has to have its own story, not borrow things not related to them.
I’m upset because of people turning our hope and faith source into something else… don’t u know how much our motto means to us?? How can u dare to do something like that with us?

EXO fan asked to me to understand them (for using AKTF as their motto)
my answer:
yeah they have to fight by themselves - like HOT fans/ changjos/ cassies/ elfs/ hottets and so many other fandoms who had suffered - maybe starting with their own motto to instill strength and pride, not turning someonelse stuff into their own, changing the meaning and disregarding others’ history.
You asked to me to understand them, but you guys need to understand us too. TVXQ split is a wound that bleeds since 2009.”
Author: a person I really admire, who prefers to remain anonymous because she does not want to receive anon hate despite being right.

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so I've noticed a lot of talk about criticism toward youtubers over the last few days and i was just wondering how would you like to receive constructive criticism? there's a youtuber ive watched for several years and she's changed lots recently and it feels like she's trying to seem relatable to get more subs ? I want to ask her about this but i feel like she might feel upset or i might get hate from her other fans

I always think if there’s a way to ask someone something privately, especially if it’s something you feel may embarrass them or if it’s something negative, then do that! Like tumblr messaging is ACE for that! Alternatively, I think you just have to try to be as nice as you can about it and make it as clear as possible that you’re not trying to pick holes, it’s simply something you wanted to ask more about in order to understand better! When you approach everything with kindness, the biggest hurdle has already been overcome!


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Sarada is a child and I don't agree with the hate, but Kishi did change her clothes, maybe he read the comments about fans saying she's Karins child so he put Sarada in Sakura's clothes and Sasuke's cloves there's no problem but Boruto is wearing the same clothes except Sarada. Not hating, but if everyone is wearing the same clothes they were wearing in chapter 700 than Kishi did feel pressured, maybe he just really doesn't know how to draw girls or he's a slacker and just put her on anything. ?

Yes indeed, but I just dont really get the hate? Its like if Kishi changes nothing or anything he will still get hate for it. Criticism isn’t bad, but from the way I see it, they’re overreacting a little bit with just a simple spoiler cover.

We haven’t seen the entire series yet and here are some couple anons criticizing the child’s design because of what? Her clothes? Wow.

What if that clothes was Sarada’s battling clothes since she just graduated from the Ninja academy? And her previous outfit was just her academy dress?

Or if Kishi did changed it, I mean it’s not a big deal. Sarada is wearing her mother’s teenage ninja outfit so what? That means Kishi must’ve been proud that she was INDEED and CANONLY SASUSAKU’s love child.

Or maybe let’s say he indeed drew Sarada with Sakura’s former ninja outfit so other haters and morons wouldn’t confuse Sarada as Karin’s child. It’s like “In-your-face-shes-obviously-SS-child-stop-associating-her-with-Karin-forreal-” kind of thing.

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You know I hate to say this with all my heart but there's a huge chance Camila might leave 5H. She gets all this hate and criticism from people who call themselves fans and it just destroys her. Have you seen her recent tweet? It's terrible and cruel

yeah… :(