there's that woman again

my play about being a trans woman starring myself as a trans woman and also myself as also a trans woman is on again tomorrow. pretty good. theres five tickets left rn

okay okay so in class we’re watching the feminist frequency video about sexualized NPC characters in video games and she uses mass effect as a way to show that even if you play as femshep things like getting a dance from Asari hookers still happen and like, I get her point, right? But at the same time, there are so many mentions in the game about how the Asari are actively working to remove this stereotype from their people and the men who objectify them are vilified? Also, not to mention that while the Asari have this stereotype in-universe, no one uses this against them when they are not in sex work positions. 

you can’t use ME as an example for these things because some aspects of ME actually exist to subvert these tropes. If you want to rat on ME for sexist tropes, even oversexualization of NPCs and characters (let’s be real here: every shot of Miranda exists to be a shot of her ass, and don’t get me started on Jack’s outfits) there are actually a ton, but the Asari hookers are a horrible example to use because they’re supposed to highlight the problems of the male gaze in universe. That’s my opinion, anyways. 

(it should also be mentioned that the Asari hooker dances do absolutely nothing to give you benefits, unlike other games that impose the “background characters for sex” trope or whatever she calls it)

I am so fucking tired of trying to understand mononormative jealousy relationship rules etc bullshit

Like in this series i have been watching, these two people were dating, then they broke up, the girl was with a bad guy when they were broken up, they got back together, the guy finds out she has been with the bad guy, they break up and the man has a super jealous breakdown like “every time i close my eyes i see these adult movies of them together” like wtf sicko let it go you werent even together, then later they fight and the dude confesses his love to her and she is like why are you so mean to me if you love me

ANd after that she comes to his house like only thing keeping us from eachother is you and kiss kiss and then she can see theres another woman and everything is broken again like oh my god this is i dont even i really dont get this could someone explain monogamous romantic relationships to me because i seriously can’t get this

Are they really like this or just on tv? Is that really a relatable storyline?

So this jasmineblack136 person/josie_ambrose1/Angel Van Meter is spreading lies again and this time on her Josie Ambrose catfish account. I already submitted a post about her to Jade-Deanee. This post is basicially a part 2.

She’s also stealing photos from Sharla again and claiming it’s her in the photos. So I dmed the woman on Instagram about her again as you can see on the screenshots above. Click on the screenshot if it isn’t clear enough and the screenshot will pop up bigger.I reported her but so far twitter hasnt suspended her.

She actually stopped stealing the woman’s photos for awhile and deleted them after someone called her out on it, but as I already said she started doing it again.

Proof someone called her out on it

As you can see the fourth screenshot she now claims her name is Sharla and not Josie while she isn’t Sharla herself obviously.

You can see more of the photos of Sharla she tweeted on her Josie catfish account here

On the Josie Ambrose catfish account she’s claiming that Dean has a girlfriend. I think the fake girlfriend is herself. She already pretented to be engaged to him on the jasmineblack136 twitter account and her Facebook account.

Here’s Some proof She’s starting to spread these lies again. You have to scroll all the way down to read all the tweets in the links.

She even responds to her own tweets she made on the jasminsblack136 account sometimes however she deactivated her jasmineblack136 twitter account for some reason so you can’t see the tweets she responded to.

I don’t have anything more on her currently. I really want her to stop with this nonsense. She already scammed people and now she’s pretending to be Dean AGAIN after she made up this horrible lie a about him that he left her behind in Vegas and broke off their engagement. And now she’s stealing someone’s photos and claiming to be Sharla when she isn’t Sharla but Angel Van Meter/jasmineblack136.

This is why I also took screenshots of my direct message conversation with the real Sharla and submitted them. She doesn’t deserve to have her photos stolen and someone pretending to be her. I hope this proof is enough to proof the josie_ambrose1 account is Angel Van Meter/jasmineblack136.

Thanks to @dashingdivas .
The Evolution of Sherlock Holmes
  • A Study in Pink: Yes I am a brilliant hot man with awesome cheekbones I have no time for friends and shit wait are you actually praising me oh look you shot a man to save my ass come live with me and let me take you out for dinner tonight just don't giggle its a crime scene.
  • The Blind Baker: Wait how do you flat mate wait who the fuck cares I've got a case to work on what do you mean you took a picture why the hell did you outsmart me like that oh shit no time to tell you I almost got strangled oh wow you came back for me again and now there's a woman who's dead okay let me save that useless woman you were dating and insult everyone in the bank instead
  • The Great Game: Yes, I am being annoying its what I do don't start expecting me to wear flower garlands and do the hula whatever fuck you hey hold the fuck up how is it that you're willing to die for me now? Wow this scares me I do care about you sort of alright get rid of the bombs strapped to your chest and lets go have dinner.
  • A Scandal in Belgravia: I have no time to listen to you now okay there's this really hot naked woman trying to kill me but we have lots of sexual tension and she almost outsmarted me for a sec no shut the fuck up and leave me alone for six months I don't know whats going on oh wait she's alive but then she's going to be dead let me just save her without telling you ah a worthy opponent she will always be woman with a capital W now
  • The Hounds of Bakserville: No there is something going on and I don't understand just leave me alone I don't have friends, I hate you, and I stay alone I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be friends with you but I also need to drug you for a sec wait we still understand one another and you forgive me wow I think none of us should say it but still get back onto the train closer than ever whats happening to me why am I opening up to someone oh its a nice feeling sort of.
  • The Reichenbach Falls: John, I'm going to jump off a building to save you