there's that smile again


hesitant to let go // ready to open a new chapter


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Baby, love never felt so good
And I’d die if it ever could
Not like you hold me, hold me

‘cause I heard this short but awesome cover and I had to find a full acoustic version of the song



“No…no, no not again” You whisper. Your hand grips the collar of your shirt as your back hits the wall, slowly you slid down until you were curled up on the floor. Wide eyed and terrifed, you desperately try to calm yourself down. You had been staring into the mirror, thinking about all the things that hurt and scared you until you were in a full fledged panic attack. Tears streaming down your face, you draw in a shallow breath and speak in a shaking voice.

“Jason…Jason please.” You were desperate. Jason had always been there for you, every since you could remember. In every dark memory you have, there he was ready to pull you out. Your skin began to burn, your lungs hot and dry begging you to breathe. Your mind was clouded with everything that was pushing you under, through the fog you saw him. With fear flooding your mind, you draw in as much air as you could.

“Jason!” You scream, begging him to come and save you. You squeeze your eyes shut, sucoming to the anxiety. Everything shook you, fear, hatred, disgust, sadness. Your skin become cold and sore, your body stiff. Suddenly, warm hand grip your shoulders.

“Y/n! Y/n look at me!” Jasons voice pushes into your mind, and you open your eyes.

“Jesus,” Jason says quietly, pulling you into his lap. “its okay, im right here. Its okay.” His arms wrap around you and he gently rocks, whispering to you. “Im right here, you’re okay, just breathe.” His voice soothes you, reminding you of better calmer times. Through jagged breath you begin to find relief. You whimper his name, burying your face into his chest. He continues to speak kind words as he gently pets your hair. After a few minutes, when you’ve finally calmed down, he looks down at you.

“Hey.” He whispers, and you sniffle looking up at him. “Don’t cry, my love.” You smile at his words, and he grins.

“Ive got something for you.” His grin streaches ear to ear, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small little rabbit. The tiny little stuffed animal was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, its purple floppy ears and its small pink body. Its stitched on eyes, and lopsided grin. You smile and reach for it, he always made you the cutest toys and you treasured them all.

“I love it!” You say, cuddling the little rabbit to your chest. Jason smiles again, joy in his eyes.

“Theres that wonderful smile”

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Hi! Can I request a date with Minghao at the zoo for the date game(romantic but others can be there too)?I'm not sure what kind of description you want so I'm gonna be vague.I'm 5'3,very pale skin,pale blue eyes and light brown hair.I'm usually quiet but can go sarcastic and loud.I absolutely love animals(hence the zoo date)and I'm a really creative,open-minded and caring person.Thank you so much and congrats on having so many followers,you deserve it,your asks always make me smile :) ❤

A Date with Svt: Minghao at the Zoo

  • okay so you and Minghao have been friends for a very long time now
  • and Minghao has liked you for a very long time now
  • you felt the same
  • but neither of you made a move
  • but the both of you did tell someone, and that someone being Junhui
  • and we all know Minghao is close with Jun so theres no doubt he’ll let Jun know first
  • and like just imagine, when the three of you hangout, they would talk in chinese and Jun would deadass tell Minghao ways on how to make a move on you and just Minghao telling Jun that youre beautiful and you wouldnt understand a thing asdfghjkl
  • oh but you actually didnt tell Jun
  • you were just watching Minghao practice when he just went pulled you somewhere
  • “You like Minghao don’t you?”
  • you were honestly shocked, like since wen does Jun read minds
  • and you just casually realizing that your heart eyes for Minghao isnt as sly as you think
  • okay so how Minghao asked you out is honestly the most cutest and extra thing ever
  • he invited you over to their practice room
  • and to your surprise, nobody was inside the room except for a dog when you came
  • being the animal lover you are, you pet it
  • and Minghao just comes up behind you and taps your shoulder to get your attention
  • not saying anything, just holding up a sign that says
  • “I woof you. And I would woof it if you went out with me.”
  • you probably screaming yes
  • “I actually planned on asking you out the normal way but Jun made me do this because I lost.”
  • on the day of your date
  • you couldnt have been more happy to spend the whole day with him
  • when you arriving at the zoo
  • you both having a little fight on who’s gonna pay
  • “Im taking you out. I have to pay.” Minghao protests
  • “NOooo i want to pay for you and me” you pout
  • “Im the one who asked you out. You can just stay pretty and treat us on our next date” he winks
  • pale skin and blushing cheeks don’t mix okay
  • but he thought you looked gorgeous
  • sad to say that you lost and Minghao payed while you were screaming internally
  • you looking like a child as soon as you enter the zoo
  • and Minghao just looking at you fondly
  • “Well aren’t you excited, where do you want to go first?”
  • “Of course I’m excited!! Where have you been during the whole time we’ve dated??” you say making a face jokingly
  • then your eye catches on something
  • “Theres an elephant show! Let’s hurry it looks like it’s about to start!!”
  • all throughout the show
  • Minghao would just look at you while you smile at the tricks the elephants were doing
  • and would just, smile
  • you would catch him every once and a while
  • gazes meeting
  • you immediately looking away as redness takes over your cheeks
  • he would also hold your hand when he gets a chance
  • “Are you even watching?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • “I never knew your eyes can see things sideways”
  • “i’m watching though”
  • “Doesnt seem like it.”
  • “That’s because I’m watching you” He smirks
  • “Yah. Stop it.” You playfully hit him
  • after the show, you guys decided to walk through different enclosures
  • seeing a lot of animals really making you happy
  • you love them to bits and being able to see them with someone you like is like a bonus
  • you walked through the different enclosures with both of your hands intertwined
  • and you guys being dorks
  • you name every single animal you see
  • “I think that lion is more of a Michael. He looks like a Michael.” he points to the lion
  • “Minghao. It’s a lioness.”
  • “Then Michaela.”
  • “How about the tiger over there?” you point
  • “Minghao.” He answers immediately
  • “okay just why.”
  • “Because Im a tiger.” he winks
  • “.. I need you to go away”
  • you guys explored the zoo all day
  • even getting a chance to name a baby panda officially
  • “Okay. This is a big decision. What will we name it.” you ask
  • “How about Oreo since he is black and white?” He suggests
  • “Babe are you hungry?” you ask laughing
  • “Pffft no not at all”
  • you stare at him, a smirk growing on your face
  • “Okay yes love I am”
  • a thought flashes through your head
  • “Ai, I want to name him Ai” you grin
  • he smiles softly at you,
  • the look in his eyes showing how deeply touched he is
  • “Ai it is, now Iet’s go eat my love”
  • him wrapping his arm around your shoulder sweetly
  • the whole day was filled with moments like this
  • you two would be holding hands and talking about random things
  • him throwing his jacket around your shoulders when a cold breeze hits
  • riding his skateboard around the zoo with his arms tight around your waste and hands intertwined
  • and just times where the two of you arent talking and you would catch him looking at you with a soft smile
  • sadly, the day eventually had to end
  • and the two of you were walking
  • since you missed the bus
  • you were holding Minghao’s hand as you were riding his skateboard
  • with your hands out, trying to balance yourself and the other being held by Minghao as he guides you
  • “Did you enjoy the date?” him breaking the silence
  • “I had so much fun” you smile
  • “So theres a possibility that I can take you out again?” he asks
  • “After today? no of course not” you joke
  • “Heyyyy” he whines
  • “Just kidding babe” you grin
  • he replies simply with a kiss on your forehead

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MASTERLIST (where the other date scenarios can be found)

A Hopeful Hardy for Tennant Tuesday

(or whatever day this post may find you)

The Trager Triplets

You heard noises coming back from Tigs dorm. You just had a fight and now hes fucking some croweater.
You barged in not even knocking to find Happy pounding in to a blond croweater.
“Fuck, Y/N learn to knock”. Happy grunted.
“Sorry I thought it was Tig, where is he by the way”? You said a little embarrassed .
“He’s in my room, thats why I’m in here”. He went back to ramming the blond.
“Sorry”. You whispered as you closed the door.
You saw Happys door open and peeked in. Seeing a sad Tig cuddling up to a pillow with one of your shirts as the cover. He had tears running down his cheeks.
You slowly opened the door trying not to wake him. You tipped toed to the bed and crawled behind him and spooned him.
He jumped.“Hey”.
“Hey Tiggy”. You wrapped your arm around him.
“I’m sorry for yelling at you”. He said turning over to look you in the eye.
“I’m sorry for running my mouth to people”.
“You were just happy to tell everyone, just wish I was the first person you told”.
“Tig, I just told my mom and she’s the one that told everyone”.
“I heard it from a croweater, how did she know”. He questioned.
“I don’t  know, I think my mom is just mad that its with you”. “She was just trying to start stuff”.
“I’m sorry, its great news”. He said kissing you
“Your going to be a daddy again”. You smiled
“I can’t wait”.
“Theres something that i didnt tell my  mom”.
“What, that your having more than one baby”? He laughed.
You had a serious face, his eyes were big and the smile dropped from his face.
“Your kidding right”?
“Alex, we are having twins”. “Theres two babies”.
He got off the bed and started pacing.“Two,Two”. “How is that possible”?
“Babe, anyone can have more than one baby at a time”. “You didnt do anything different”.
“Are you mad”? You said saddly
“NO, God No”. “I’m just shooked”. “Two little Tragers running around WOW”.
“I know you said that you didnt want anymore, now theres two”.
“That was before we got together, after I meet you that part of me left and is never coming back”. He cupped your face
“So your ok with two, what if I told you three”.
“I would die, Happy would have to bury me in our front yard so I could be close to you”. He laughed.
“Well mister Trager, you better get Happy away from his croweater then”. You pulled out your sonogram of three babies.
“You see here, here and here”? “Those are our babies”. You said pointing to the little alien shaped figures.
“Holy shit, I made three babies”? “What”? He fell on the bed.
“Tig, you ok”. “Breath baby”. You laughed
“I’m ok, we have a lot to do”. “So much stuff they need”. “How are we going pay for all this”?
“Tig, we will manage”. “If we are together we can get threw anything life throws at us”. You kissed him.
“I’m so glad your calm, cause I’m freaking out”.
“I had some time and I know that their going to have great parents”. You smiled with your head on his shoulder.
“Yeah they are”. “A beautiful , carring mother and a very crazy dad that can teach them to survive in this big world”. He kissed your forehead.
“I love you Alex”.
“I love you more Y/N”.

8 Months Later
Tig and I had three beautiful babies. Two handsome little boys like their father and one gorgeous little girl like me. Baby A was named Riane Mackenzie Trager. Baby B was named Caden Kozik Trager. Baby C was named Diesel Alexander Trager. Diesel was our youngest and he had some trouble at the beginging but he pulled threw with his family by his side. Love my crazy little family.

to the one who smiles so brightly no matter what happens

happy birthday taehyung 

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You laid in bed crying, the depression coming at you with full force. You felt the bed dip behind you and you were pulled back into a hard but warm chest. Bucky just held you, quietly murmuring how much he loves you. Eventual the tears stop coming and the only sound in the room is your occasional sniffs. But then you hear Bucky softly singing "Here Comes The Sun" and you can't help but giggle. "There's that beautiful smile again."

This almost made me cry

Fluffy Friday™

the squad at a pride parade/fair

mini playlist- everyone is gay by a great big world // i want to feel alive by lighthouse and the whaler // avalanche by walk the moon // chocolate by 1975 // what the hell by avril levigne

- erica has a shirt that says “im not a lesbian but my girlfriend is” with lil bi flag hearts on her cheeks

- sarah has that big rainbow flag but its also lesbian on one side mkay shes That extra. her shirt says “girls bite back” and its got fangs on it isnt she clever

- um benny is literally wearing a pan flag as a cape and calls himself “pan man” all day and pretends to be a superhero with his magic its. adorable

- ethan was anxious about going bc of monsters & homophobes (whats the difference amiright) but his family and the squad helped him calm down and his shirt just says “not straight”

- rory has a big ol sign that says “nonbinary ninja” on one side and “single” on the other and he holds it up above his head the whole time

- theres a booth that talks about lgbt+ characters/headcanons in dusk and erica literally has to be dragged away from it

- ethan bought so many buttons for his jacket,, like 20$ worth of buttons its crazy oh my god

- the couples dont stop holding hands the entire time

- once ethan gets comfortable being there he drags benny to all the different stands to look at merch and hes all starry eyed and happy n conent and bennys like “woah,,, im Gay for My Boyfriend”

- erica just casually has her arm around sarahs shoulder and for once its not in a defensive or angry or defiant way, shes just enjoying being able to be unashamedly gay around other unashamed gay people

- the hearts on sarahs cheeks have ericas lipstick on them

- rory is speeding around everywhere bc hes so excited

- he also somehow ends up with like 12 peoples numbers??

- benny is so In His Element?? like he keeps smiling and waving at everyone and whenever they talk to other people hes crackin jokes and shit (“yeah, they call me benny quier!”)

- sarah is very small and at some point has to get on ericas shoulders to see over the crowd

- (insp by my own pride experience) there are a few people who sell giant cups of rainbow glitter for 50 cents and rory and benny think it would be HILARIOUS to buy two cups and just pour them all over the five of them

- um not to be gay but ethan looks adorable with the glitter in his hair and falling onto his freckly smiley cheeks ?? um???? angels are real yall

- none of them have stopped smiling since they got there

- (personal experience again) theres a float of just male strippers throwing beads out and benny points at the strippers like “i could be one of those” and ethan starts blushing like crazy

- rory has consumed like 9 churros

- whatever u do,, DONT imagine person 1 of the couples looking at person 2 with their eyes full of stars, wondering how they got so fucking lucky

- sarah isnt normally a jealous gf (seriously its usually erica) but at pride she gets oddly protective of her beautiful tall girlfriend and is constantly dragging her down for kisses whenever someone looks at her too long

- ^ benny and ethan are both like that its honestly annoying bc they cant walk 3 feet without kissing and its getting on rorys nerves

- they go to mcdonalds afterwards, still in all their queer propaganda, and practically buy the place out of fries and pies

- slumber party at the weir house afterwards!! grandma made cookies