there's that smile again


hesitant to let go // ready to open a new chapter


Thanks to cows for giving Jin so much joke material.  

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if anyone's looking for me I'll be on the ground crying


“No…no, no not again” You whisper. Your hand grips the collar of your shirt as your back hits the wall, slowly you slid down until you were curled up on the floor. Wide eyed and terrifed, you desperately try to calm yourself down. You had been staring into the mirror, thinking about all the things that hurt and scared you until you were in a full fledged panic attack. Tears streaming down your face, you draw in a shallow breath and speak in a shaking voice.

“Jason…Jason please.” You were desperate. Jason had always been there for you, every since you could remember. In every dark memory you have, there he was ready to pull you out. Your skin began to burn, your lungs hot and dry begging you to breathe. Your mind was clouded with everything that was pushing you under, through the fog you saw him. With fear flooding your mind, you draw in as much air as you could.

“Jason!” You scream, begging him to come and save you. You squeeze your eyes shut, sucoming to the anxiety. Everything shook you, fear, hatred, disgust, sadness. Your skin become cold and sore, your body stiff. Suddenly, warm hand grip your shoulders.

“Y/n! Y/n look at me!” Jasons voice pushes into your mind, and you open your eyes.

“Jesus,” Jason says quietly, pulling you into his lap. “its okay, im right here. Its okay.” His arms wrap around you and he gently rocks, whispering to you. “Im right here, you’re okay, just breathe.” His voice soothes you, reminding you of better calmer times. Through jagged breath you begin to find relief. You whimper his name, burying your face into his chest. He continues to speak kind words as he gently pets your hair. After a few minutes, when you’ve finally calmed down, he looks down at you.

“Hey.” He whispers, and you sniffle looking up at him. “Don’t cry, my love.” You smile at his words, and he grins.

“Ive got something for you.” His grin streaches ear to ear, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small little rabbit. The tiny little stuffed animal was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, its purple floppy ears and its small pink body. Its stitched on eyes, and lopsided grin. You smile and reach for it, he always made you the cutest toys and you treasured them all.

“I love it!” You say, cuddling the little rabbit to your chest. Jason smiles again, joy in his eyes.

“Theres that wonderful smile”

[I just realised I’d promised some of you an update on my exam results, so here it is, belatedly:]

I passed the first (written) half! This means I get to move on to the orals- and hopefully I won’t make a complete fool of myself this year round. 

I’ll be taking them pretty soon (June 3rd-6th), so kindly think of me then, pretty please? ♥  

to the one who smiles so brightly no matter what happens

happy birthday taehyung 

A Hopeful Hardy for Tennant Tuesday

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and theyre just kissing and brendon can feel dallon smiling against him

!!! and he pulls back for a second and looks at dallons face and he looks the happiest hes ever seen him and when dal opens his eyes too theres such a sparkle and brendon smiles too and kisses him again 

Baby, love never felt so good
And I’d die if it ever could
Not like you hold me, hold me

‘cause I heard this short but awesome cover and I had to find a full acoustic version of the song


I’ve pulled a muscle in my neck!