there's tattoos all over his skin

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Tattooed todoroki?


  • todo getting tattoos to cover his scars 
  • not on his face, but the ink would definitely wrap around his bicep and crawl a bit up his neck, maybe even a bit over his shoulder and down his back
  • alternatively, todoroki with subtle tattoos. a small simple on the back of his neck, a tiny crescent moon behind his ear
  • metallic tattoos? like imagine gold and silver trails all over his skin. it would be so gorgeous
  • his favorite part about his tattoos are how his s/o always traces their fingers over the shapes, ever so lightly. it puts him to sleep
  • or… nsfw here but,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • his s/o running their tongue along his tattoos, love bites flourishing the inked skin with shades of red, kissing the trail of ink up, over his shoulder and down his spine

>> todobaku tattoo headcanon

seriously like tag me in tattooed!todo……! 

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Slides into your inbox because I see you're accepting soulmate prompts (my FAVORITE!): Where a tattoo isn’t set from the moment you’re born and whatever tattoos your soulmate gets, you get it too and it’s all cool because you kind of like the designs (I cut off the end of this prompt because I didn't like it and wanted there to be an option where there's that either B or C doesn't like)

Alrighty, done! Sorry for the wait, April, but I hope you like it! :)

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This is how it starts:

Bellamy Blake wakes up with flowers blooming on the skin of his hipbones and his first thought isn’t that he’s got a soulmate who wanted roses all over their skin. No.

His first thought is that they have thorns and maybe they suit him.

“You’re just poking holes in something that should be good,” Octavia tells him, rolling her eyes like it’s the last thing she’ll ever do.

So Bellamy swats at her leg and returns to examining the tattoo in front of the mirror. She sits cross-legged on his bed and muses about who his soulmate might be. At sixteen, the thought seems romantic to her.

“Just imagine – it’s your soul’s other part. Someone who’s predestined to be good for you.”

But Bellamy doesn’t smile, his finger hovering above a rose curling into the vee of his hips, like he’s afraid that the ink will disappear if he touches it. Like it might be poison or medicine and he’s not sure which is which. His face stays frozen in a scowl because he’s seen what soulmates do to people and he has no intention of loving someone so much he’d set himself on fire to keep them alive.

“Sure, O,” he murmurs, breaking the spell of being stuck between his reflection in the mirror and the dark, unfilled ink of his soulmate’s tattoo. “Good for me.”

This is how it starts:

Clarke Griffin is sixteen and wakes up with a map of Earth on her back, spaces between lines begging to be filled with color. She stands in front of her closet mirror for the longest time, eyes widening and narrowing in accord to finding that this is one of the most beautiful tattoos she could have ever imagined.

Clarke Griffin is sixteen and she’s got charcoal smudges on her cheeks. The only thing she can do is want to paint art on her skin, too.

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