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Fire Emblem Echoes: Another Hero King (Shadows of Valentia) Impressions

***No Story or Character Spoilers***

I dont speak or read a word of Japanese so I couldnt give my thoughts on the characters or story even if I wanted to.  In addition to missing out on the story and character development I also only scratched the surface of the skill(tech) system as well as the sidequest system.  All of that is enough to make me not want to call this a review; I need to play it in English and do the postgame content to have a complete opinion on the game, but as it stands I still have a lot of thoughts about the game after one complete playthrough. So…here are those thoughts:

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The signs as things they may or may not know they do when they have a crush (Based off of people I, an Aquarian, know)
  • Aries: You talk about your crush to your friends as if you and your crush are already dating! But then you become extremely angry and deny everything if asked if whether or not you actually like them. Ugh... There's one thing that really sets me off about you and your love life; you will get extremely defensive if someone else has something in common with your crush. Just chill fam, please.
  • Taurus: Like for real, you'll try to strike up conversations your crush wherever and whenever you can. It may be an awkward one, but that's usually because you, our stubborn bull, has already had the conversation planned out in your own mind and it has failed so you don't know what else to do/say. It's ok if things go differently than you plan or want. It's called Chaos Theory: look it up.
  • Gemini: Like Taurus, you'll most likely also talk to your crush but it will usually be WAY less awkward. You are the one who loves to talk (within reason... unlike some), or in some cases; listen. Plus, Gemini is usually an easy adapter, which comes in handy whenever the conversation starts to suddenly drift in a different direction.
  • Cancer: Heh... I hate to say this to you... But Cancer, you know you can be a little clingy; and that's exactly what you do to your crush. You can even be too shy to talk to them, and it still happens in a different form! With your protective nature, you feel as if everyone will be out to take them from you or hurt them. And if they, your crush, are also a close friend of yours, you will even help nurture them with their current relationship problem or heartbreak!
  • Leo: Tsk, tsk... Leo, you little fart, it's easy to see you're the playful one. You like doing activities that involve interaction between you and your crush, and your outgoing nature almost guarantee you'll be a bit of a flirt (even if you're shy). I say embrace it, but don't push it. You can tend to not think of their feelings and only your own, so don't be disappointed if your crush doesn't have or show their feelings towards you.
  • Virgo: When you do finally find someone it's sorta like... Hard to explain...? You're service-oriented, meaning you focus on making the other happy and knowing that you are available. This can be a gift, your crush may think it's awesome with how you almost shower them with affection, but you don't really think about yourself and how the other can walk all over you. Respect and take care of yourself first.
  • Libra: You are artistic and charming, two amazing traits to have when showing your love of something. You also apply it to how you interact with or talk about your crush. Basically, your whole way of speaking changes. You use more complex, attractive, and proper grammar. You may also think of/make up poems and stories about them (mostly in your head), and maybe doodle a lot of hearts and junk on stuff you own.
  • Scorpio: YOU ARE A LITTLE FLIRT-BALL WHO NEEDS TO CHILL. YOU ALSO ACT SHY AROUND YOUR CRUSH, BUT SOMETIMES ON PURPOSE. YOU ARE SCORPIO, YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT YOU LITTLE DEVIL. BUT THE FUNNY THING IS... You have the power to not show anyone you like someone if you choose. But you do show it to your crush. And I think that's hella rad.
  • Sagittarius: Saggie, you truly are optimistic about having a crush. You're sure everything in the end will work out and you two will be together. You may also drop subtle hints or straight out be truthful about your feelings to your crush and everyone you know, that's cool and all, but just try to be a little more carful and cautious about it... Kay?
  • Capricorn: jfc Capricorn you got all this crush shit figured out. Your ambitious to your goals but also cautious, so when you have a crush you be sure to make progress but not too much in fear of making a mistake. You may think you're doing something wrong but others could actually learn a thing or two from you bby.
  • Aquarius: M'kay, Aquarius, you may keep your emotions inside to yourself, but when that person comes along your whole world and attitude turns upside down. You'll go on and on about your crush for hours if your friends and family don't kill you first. You also have awkward conversations with them, like Taurus, and you secretly love being teased about liking someone; don't deny it! (BTW... STOP OVER THINKING EVERYTHING.)
  • Pisces: You worry about what your crush thinks of you just like you worry about every other little thing in your life. You also doubt yourself and your self confidence hits a low. It's ok bby, just be yourself. Many people try to make fun of Pisces in astrology posts, but I don't see the point; you are one of the most caring and amazing signs. Just let your true colors show and I'm sure everything will go in your favor.

SO lately ive been having so many kuramiyu feelings. i seriously just love these two to death and i cannot with them. theyre amazing characters individually, while i adore them both i also love them together.

i can see how theyre bros, its literally canon that theyre each others closest things they have to friends. miyuki has a bad personality that no one wants to death with and kuramochi looks scary. although theyre both good on the inside. part of the reason they work well together. they have chemistry and a lot of it.

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Sorry, big rant but thought you and your followers will appreciate it


Shwo, there are problems in a certain community that need to be fucking addressed because im tired of this. Now, this is from my experience so take this with a grain of salt.


I love you guys. We’re all in this together, but sometimes you fucking suck.

I swear nobody talks about this but we see it everyday. Homophobia is a biiig issue in the black community. Especially around gay/bisexual men. It happens to women too but not as often. They say everything is gay. You cannot be a guy and even remotely look/touch another guy without being called gay or a faggot. And you have to greatly defend yourself by being like “nah nigga I aint no faggot fuck that” Like really????? I cant believe a ton of guys thinks this is okay. And girls do it too. To both girls (not as much) and guys. You know you can hug another guy without being gay right?? Looking at another man or saying he’s not ugly dosent automatically make you gay. Its not cute or funny. You sound like a bigoted asshole.

Now I know this happens in every community but theres a specific type that I’ve seen in the black community. If you dont “act back” or like things that “black people like”, you’re white or not black. Can you stop???? Not every black person has to like the same exact thing. And what does “acting black” even mean? How do you act black?? I know I joke around saying “haha im so white. Im basically a white girl” but thats because thats all I hear. Now to some people, I “act black” or act like a combo of the two, but in my experience, (not all) black people have called me “white. White girl. Oreo. Etc.) It really needs to stop because then you make people hate themselves for liking certain things and thats never right.


OHHHH SHIT we’re getting into the good stuff. This is my favorite topic to rant about. My closer friends have heard me rant about this many times so I apologize. Mental Illness. Two small words that bring big reactions out of people. “Just get over it. Thats for crazy white kids. Black people dont get mental illnesses. Cant you just be normal. I cant deal/be with a crazy person” I’ve heard it all. THAT IS NOT OKAY TO SAY. Everyone can get mental illnesses and it affects different people on many different levels. Some may be severe while some may be minor. No they’re not crazy. Yes, they may need a littlr extra care but that doesnt mean you should be rude to them. No, you cannot fix them. Professional help can do that. And leaving someone just because they have a mental illness is a shitty thing to do. Now, if it is too much for you then fine, but if you just dont want to deal “with that” then you’re a big asshole. And I’ve heard multiple times “no thats only for white kids” No its not. And it doesnt make you “weak” either. Nobody asked for your shitty fucking opinion


Wow, 🐳, I’m done. This was a bad idea from the start but its alright (its really not)

(Remember, this is my opinion/experience. Do not take this as fact. )


“I love you guys. We’re all in this together, but sometimes you fucking suck.”

(Ehh I’d rather not say that though; there are some things I dislike, there a lot of other things that I like. You could easily say that for any community.)

I can vouch for the first and last ones (and a little bit of the second); so I’m gonna add in my two cents:

Homophobia is a huge issue within African families too. It was thinly veiled within my family growing up; when I was little I thought gay marriage was gross and wrong. I remember saying it on here, but during the 2004 reelection of Bush I really didn’t want John Kerry to win because I was told he would try legalizing it nationwide. And I’m pretty sure some relatives outside of my immediate family thought (and maybe still think) the same about homosexuality in general. Nowadays my parents are a lot better about it; they still don’t **believe** in gay marriage but they would attend a gay wedding if it was a friend getting married.

I never really got “bullied” at school; if I did it was nothing too severe and it was only to the point of teasing. I got the “you act/talk like a white person” comments a couple of times or so during middle school. It was annoying, but the teasing was never anything past that. It didn’t help that I grew up in majority white neighborhoods and the elementary schools and middle school (albeit a bit more diverse) I went to were mostly white. Most of my black friends when I was little were either (my many) cousins or family friends too. That changed in hs and college though. I was lucky I didn’t get relentlessly bullied or anything; this whole “acting the correct way” in terms of your race can be pretty damaging. And you play yourself by reinforcing stereotypes you want to get rid of.

And for body issues. That was probably the thing I was most insecure about growing up; I got teased within and outside of my family for being skinny and not being able to put on weight. I’ve noticed it’s a lot more acceptable to be curvier than super skinny within black communities, even back then before curvy bodies became popular again.

adorkablyawkward  asked:

Hey there!! Huge fan!! I've wanted to start a comic for quite some time now!! I know you don't know a lot about comic drawing but I was wondering if you had any advice on creating a real simple oc. I always get caught up in face details. Like noses or eye shape. Like I want to be able to draw a consistent character and then be able to add detail. I don't know if you understand that or not but if you could help me that'd be so so amazing!! Keep up the amazing work you do! Looking forward to more!

hey, thanks a lot! character design is one of my favorite things ever so ill do my best to help you out!

my advice, first of all, would be to not let the face details trip you up at the get-go, which is much easier if you approach the design process without thinking about them at all until later. this might sound counter-intuitive but i think those are things that should happen naturally as you brainstorm the character, and that brainstorming process can be hindered if you try to do details too soon. the fun thing about character design is that it can be very interactive, so you can let that work to your advantage! maybe a visual will help!

i’ll design a character from the ground up, so you can follow along if you wanna try this yourself with me! <3 theres commentary under each step with important notes. sorry if it’s a bit wordy lol

(ill continue under a cut; this is gona get long)

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rant on hazuki family

DISCLAIMER: these are my OPINIONS. and they’re not even professional opinions. but also no fandom opinion on tumblr is a professional one because guess what! you cant be an expert on an anime! we’re all on equal ground here

i see a lot. like a LOT of common headcanons surrounding nagisa and his relationship with his family and his home life in general. i’m not trying to be like ‘hey you’re wrong!’. headcanon what you want bro im not here to dissuade you or anything!! that’s the great thing about headcanons–it can be whatever you want.

i just have a different view of his family. and i wanna talk about a few things that really bug me about the common ideas surrounding the hazuki household

(i posted this to twitter too but cleaned it up before posting here)

((and by ‘cleaned it up’ i mean added a bunch of stuff so that the end product is like, crazy long oh my god sorry in advance))

ok so here we go 

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