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Kenma recognizes him from the broad lines of his back and the strong muscles that cover his shoulders and biceps. He doesn’t move much but when he does, they ripple like water, flowing so smoothly it’s mesmerizing. Kenma can’t see much at all; there’s no moon out and the street lights are down, but he knows this body well enough.

Kenma opens the door softly and steps out. From the slightest stiffening of Iwaizumi’s shoulders, he knows the man is aware of his presence, which is impressive since he’s always been quiet in his movements. He walks forward and grabs onto the railing, the cold metal biting into his skin.

“Can’t sleep?”

It’s rare for Kenma to initiate a conversation. It isn’t lack of interest so much as it is the fact that he’s rarely comfortable enough to start talking to someone. But his curiosity is far too great when it comes to Iwaizumi. The man is different from the others in the band. He never asks Kenma questions, never tries to pry, and respects his personal space, though he does smile at him occasionally and he makes great coffee.

Iwaizumi doesn’t turn to look at him but he smiles a little, his dimple barely visible. “Yeah, it’s just one of those nights, you know?”

Kenma nods because he does in fact know. Leaning forward, he rests his chin on the metal and winces when the cold hits him harder than he expected, but it’s not a bad sensation. The wind feels nice, just this side of chilly, and the silence is welcome. They don’t live in a good neighborhood, and there’s always fighting and loud music and an absurd amount of yelling.

But on this night, at 2:47 in the morning, with the stars hiding behind the clouds and the moon nowhere in sight, Kenma has never liked this place better. Iwaizumi’s presence is strangely comforting, and the sound of his every inhale followed by a soft exhale makes Kenma unconsciously sync with him.

“Do you like it here so far?”

The tone of Iwaizumi’s voice makes it abundantly clear that Kenma is free to ignore the question if he wants to. He appreciates that, and decides to answer honestly.

“Haven’t really been here long enough to decide,” he says, eyes sliding shut, “but I think I’m going to stay just a little longer, if that’s alright with you.”

Iwaizumi huffs out a laugh, and it’s strangely endearing. “No problems here.” He brings the cigarette to his lips and takes a long drag, and Kenma watches as he blows out the smoke with a sigh, a white cloud forming into the silent darkness of the night. The metal of his tongue piercing shimmers when the headlights of a passing car shines on it, and Kenma’s breath hitches in his throat.

Iwaizumi offers him the cigarette without turning to look at him and Kenma accepts it gratefully. He takes a generous drag of his own and the feel of the smoke calms him with its familiarity. Blowing out the smoke with a lengthy exhale, he hands it back to Iwaizumi, and he feels a new bond form. It’s intimate in a way he’s never felt before, warm even when it’s cold, and he actually likes it. Might even get used to it.

He finally turns to face the man and takes in his profile, and it keeps surprising him, how handsome the raven-head really is. “Has Kuroo always been this insufferable?”

Iwaizumi’s eyes widen at the question before he starts laughing, loud and deep, and Kenma finds himself smiling along.

“You could say that, though Oikawa is right up there with him.” Iwaizumi winks, a playful smile dancing on his lips, “Don’t tell him I said that though.”

Kenma covers his mouth dramatically and Iwaizumi nods his approval. The two grin and face the street again.

The view isn’t terrible, if Kenma’s being honest. They aren’t high enough for him to feel anxious, but he can easily see the park a few metres away. A sigh of content escapes him and Iwaizumi mirrors it and they just stand there, shrouded by the comfortable silence between them that mingles with the silence of the night.

It’s nice, Kenma decides. It’s nice.

Hurricane AU

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Congratulations! The Egg hatched into a male Popplio!


At long last, the egg has hatched!! I want to thank @occasionalswablus for giving me the egg and inspiring me to take on this plot, and @dailypokedaycare for helping me out in planning and writing/drawing this lil plot as a collaboration! You two are amazing people, thank you SO much you two!! <3

Bonus panel:

On Alisha Diphda

I love Alisha. I really do. In fact, she might actually be my favourite female character in Tales of Zestiria (it’s so hard to pick favourites in Zestiria, since everyone’s so amazing and lovable). She’s kind, responsible, and fully capable of standing up for her morals and doing what she believes is right. Her strength and resolve are truly inspiring, and despite everything she goes through, she somehow manages to keep pushing forward for what she believes is important to her and the people she cares about. I actually see a lot of myself in Alisha–her idealism and slight naivety are things I can relate to, and her strength and persistence remind me to keep my head up and never give up on the things I value and believe in.

(rant tucked under cut)

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Cup Noodle Shenanigans

this is gonna be plan B(irthday) gladio fic just in case i don’t get out the planned birthday one because I can only write ridiculous things for a deadline

When Gladio woke up that morning, he was flat on his back and rather surprised to find a single container of cup noodles balanced on his chest. He grabbed it, mind still foggy from sleep, and set it on the nightstand. He turned his head to ask you what was going on, but you weren’t there – in fact, the sheets on your side of the bed were made absolutely perfectly.

Where were you? 

He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and went to put his feet on the ground, but his toes ran into two more containers of cup noodles. He looked down, bemused, observing the now slightly-dented tops of the food. “What the hell?”

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reasons to watch juana inés:

  • it’s based off a real-life mexican poet who is widely considered the first published feminist of the new world. 
  • it even includes some of her poems/writings as voiceovers
  • also there’s speculation that she was a lesbian and that’s touched upon in the show!!! a lesbian nun!!!!! 
  • it doesn’t ignore what was happening outside of the court. that is, it shows the racism and colonization in really jarring scenes imo. personally i wish it had been in it a little more, and i especially wish they’d included part of sor juana’s loa to divine narcissus, but… it is what it is. 
  • personally i love the acting and the plots and the antagonists are just so annoying like let my girl write!!!! let her live!!!!
  • it’s only seven episodes long 
  • the cinematography is honestly so beautiful??? some of the shots still have me speechless they’re just so breathtaking and vibrant. 
  • literally i just love it so much and that might be because i love sor juana and i’m biased but also i just? really love it??? 
  • like it honestly did just such a good job imagining her life and it is just so beautiful
  • in summary: watch it
my fav lil things abt j-hope pt.2

- his answers are always so well constructed like he’s thought of it so many damn times
- always thinking abt previous years
- is serious when he needs to be
- the way his eyes light up when talking abt dance during hope on the street
- how he has gallant set as his phone lock screen
- into interior designs
- the mnet butterfly fancam
- how he will always cheer on the members, even if they complain abt how loud he is
- “hobi is hungry!!!” precious 3rd person narratives
- how he does the peace sign and bends them in a rly cute way
- the way he holds his mic w his index finger pointed out
- how he’s aware he’s a flower
- being hyper behind the HopeOnTheStreet™ towel
- vocally appreciating joon’s vocals
- resting his arms over his head when he sleeps
- heart eyes @ every member (esp jimin)
- “just looking @ kim taehyung’s face is funny”
- how he’s yoongs energizer
- the lowkey mix of singing and rapping together
- knows he can’t act so he just quietly sits there
- his bony long ass fingers
- acts like he’s being fast-forwarded while cleaning up the dorm
- has leader qualities within him
- how he looks extra hot when he wakes up
- a rare talent: making tae feel flustered
- “hello~ im your hope~ im your angel~ im jhope!!” deserves the best self intro award
- underrated rbf
- will say he’s full but will also be eating 1m later
- puns (soda, melOn, osaka)
- how he randomly sings while preparing meat
- his edits when their twt reaches a million milestone
- moving his hips like it ain’t any1s business
- cute bear brick collection
- where is his credit for helping w choreos
- if his members constantly telling you tht hobi’s the best dancer in the group doesn’t give him a reason to be in the centre of dance parts…….you need to wake up
- “@-@”
- i appreciate hobi’s effort in doing bungee jump n scary stuff but he’s actually scared,,why does he need to prove smth by jumping w so much stress n fear??? he’s even stiff when standing on the balcony like does tht not scream HES NOT OK W HEIGHTS to ppl?? when will this stop

jin | yoongs | hobi | rapmom | jimin | tae | jk

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this video almost saddens me bc if u think how bored 14 year old phil could have come up w an overall fun and creative short game in one summer, what could 30 yo phil w +16 years of maturing; exposure to new writing and games; two degrees in creative areas, a large fanbase and more resources could do. i just wish phil would use all this creativity he has in other projects and not only stay in the ap box, bc there's so much he could do now, and i'd be so interested in seeing it

god phil has so much creative potential and he could use ap to help him branch out and create new things and new ideas as he’s done before while still staying in touch with his youtube persona. obviously his youtube career is first and foremost at the moment but i’m really excited to see what future phil lester has in store for us


His, Hers, Yours / Kojuro x MC x Masamune [2/3]

Kisses with Meaning Prompts

Thank you to @thedaydreamingotaku, @nijigendiaries and two sweet Anons for your prompts. I normally put the requests here but this time it got too long. Here are links to their requests: [Link 1][Link 2][Link 3][Link 4]

  • Kojuro + Masamune + Finger Tip (Praise/Admiration) + Palm of the Hand (Begging/Entreaty) + Bridge of the Nose (Treasuring)

[Part 1]

“What’s this, little one?” you ask one evening after she goes missing, “Is it for me?” You have to crouch down on hind legs to be at eye level with her, so as to not scare her with your panic, which had surged just a moment before, like an old friend, uninvited and foul. A killer mistake, because you almost go drowning in green so deep, it gives her father a run for his money.

She nods, a tiny little bob, and hands you a chain of knotted-together dandelion flowers, perfectly linked like a coronet. It stops you for a moment, and something inside goes welling up. “Don’t mind if I do then.” You place it gently on your head, and give her an obsequious bow. “Do I look pretty?”

The little scamp, so sweet, so stubby, bobs her head up and down more furiously, and you can’t help it: you sweep her into your arms and plant smooches all over her face, forgetting for a second the dim shouts of the castle around you, and she, so small, so cute, giggles into your neck.

“You scared me, young lady.” She buries her head deeper into the crook at your shoulder, arms tightening. “Shall we go find your father?” A shy bob.

It doesn’t take long, and when she spies him she goes leaping out of your arms so quickly you almost drop her. Her little feet scamper across until she collides into his legs, and the One-Eyed Dragon, who is not overly demonstrative, but can not help himself, much in the same way you can not help yourself, picks her up and pulls her close, eyes dropping, making sure she’s real and safe.

For a second it’s just the three of you, and you’re lost gazing at them, something hot and heavy clenching tight in your gut, before Masamune levels a viridescent look at you across his daughter’s shoulder and nods. It speaks words, and you smile back.

Then Kojuro and Shigezane come hurtling down the corridor and it’s another moment before nerves are calmed and searches are called off. And for the rest of the evening, you wear it for her, because every time she spots you, she runs over and buries her face in her father’s back, in his legs, in the crook of his neck, blushing all the while and dazzling you all into peals of laughter.

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concept: trans girl kaz

-she used to go by another name. not a soul knows it anymore. she made sure of it.

-she’s always taken in the rejects and the runaways, but she helps a few of them out personally. there was one-beck, they were called-who learned to always keep a small knife tucked in the hem of their pants, just in case. another, one a little younger, had learned from kaz how to plait their hair just so. no one else had taught her, kaz had said. it sounded almost defensive. 

-many found an irony in the cruel barrel boss’s kind reputation among the trans kids of ketterdam, but if any of them were in trouble, they knew kaz brekker will come at their call.

-one day a girl arrived among the dregs. kaz, until that point, hadn’t bothered to question…other aspects of her identity. she got enough questions as it was, and it wasn’t like she was particularly interested in the finer points of romance. but she was so beautiful. her name was imogen, and she taught kaz a few things herself. soon enough, though, kaz realized she couldn’t keep this up. as beautiful as the girl was, kaz wasn’t ever going to be enough for her, and she would never be enough for kaz to tear down her mask. only the lost children, the quiet runaways, the softhearted scoundrels ever even saw a peek beneath. so she moved on.

-but then there was another girl. and another.

-finally, one broke down her walls.

-she was a suli girl, one with long, dark hair, and a face her clients called “exotic” and other words kaz noticed she shivered at. most of all, she was skilled and precise, something kaz knew her haphazard band of thieves and scoundrels needed. a contract signed, a few item’s plucked from the brothel’s shelves, and inej ghafa was a member of the dregs.

-kaz learned things from her, too. she learned she was not infallible. she learned she was not immovable. she learned she was not really the cold and careless girl she presented herself as.

-she couldn’t help but wonder what would happen. kaz knew that in ravka, things were different. there were fabrikators everywhere and, rumor had it, a tailor who could help you-for a price, of course. but kaz had known many girls, and even disregarding the ever-present factor of someone deciding, suddenly , that kaz “wasn’t for them,” or one of the million other excuses, she wasn’t sure that her walls coming down was a good thing. after all, what was so terrible that it had to be contained?

-and so between her fear of both facing inej and facing herself, kaz brekker was silent. thank god inej wasn’t.

-there was the day, while kaz was writing checks and skimming through ledgers, that inej’s laughter at the antics of the crows in the window shot her clear through the heart. ”don’t feed the crows,” she said. what she meant was, don’t feed me, don’t feed this aching want. she meant, i can’t take this. she meant, i can’t take you.

-”don’t feed the crows,” she said.

-there was the day, while kaz was pushing down tear, that she prepared herself to cut her hair. it was necessary, she told herself. practical. long hair gave opponents something to grab, another way to control her. this was her choice, she reminded herself. and besides, the feeling of hair on her neck, damp with sweat, always sent a chill up her spine. 

-a creak of the door startled her. “i’ll be fine,” she said. what she meant was, i won’t be fine if you try to help, if you run your fingers through my hair and tug out the tangles and coif and pin in just so. she meant, my want is a wound that has me bleeding on the floor. she meant, inej, i love you.

-”i’ll be fine,” she said.

-slowly, she felt herself falling. inch by inch, piece by piece, the mask was dissolving, the walls collapsing. and there was nothing she could do but watch it happen. every laugh, every smile brought her closer to the brink. kaz wasn’t sure if this was heaven or hell. 

-there was the night, while kaz was lying in her bed, that kaz finally said what she meant.

-from then on things were better. not good, but better. four hands were better than two at pinning and cinching and curling and scrubbing. and, of course, at stealing. they were known ketterdam over as twin scourges of the night. word got around never to underestimate two girls, one in a suit and the other in leather armor and a cowl. never judge them by their tinkling laughs or their slowly batting eyelashes.

-kaz had learned plenty. but she still had so much to teach the men of the barrel.


from my au in which victorian era!allen meets ancient china!lenalee 

i already wrote some ideas on it on my twitter but i’ve been thinking abt it during the summer, so if you wanna know more abt it, click the read more!

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anonymous asked:

Honestly it's like there's so much evidence for the theory that people who don't agree with it are just ignoring it, grasping at straws and screaming Disney will never do it. I mean, fuck, you're probably right, but the writers can write a trans character without confirming it explicitly in the show. And even if not, coding is still a thing

“but the writers can write a trans character without confirming it explicitly in the show”

Like, if you read between the lines on what they’ve said on the theory and LGBT characters in Star Vs that’s practically already been confirmed to be the case, they’ve been writing her that way but don’t have the power to explicitly confirm it in or out of show.

Why I love Bastille

I would just like to express once again how much I appreciate Bastille as human beings and as a band. Their talent and hard work put into their music alongside their humble personalities just combine together perfectly to make a lovable band that not only myself adores, but the millions of other people around the world and I can not express my love for them enough. They deserve every award they are nominated for, and even if they don’t win it they are still considered to be the best band to me and that’s all that matters.

purple-possibilities  asked:

(Ugh ok one more) "Do you honestly, truly, in the deepest pits of your heart, actually think that's going to work?"

“Kakashi, I have been making amendments to this jutsu for months, following the…unfortunate destruction of our entire kitchen,” Madara replied, inspiring little confidence in his partner.

“I’m just saying, if you start a forest fire, you’re going to be the one explaining to Tobirama why the enemy was alerted to our presence by a large ball of flames- I’m sure he’d love that.”

“Duly noted; however, I would like to at least have a small campfire to avoid losing my extremities to frostbite.”

“We could always share some body heat,” Kakashi said, wiggling his uncovered eyebrow suggestively and scooting closer to Madara.

“You great pervert,” Madara grumbled halfheartedly, and he continued to pout as Kakashi pulled him into a warm embrace.

[Send me the first sentence for a fanfic and I’ll write the last five.]

A Matter Of Time

Mob visits an old friend to help him get a gift for Teru, and the rest of the group goes to his play.

Read it on Ao3

“Niiname-sai” Is supposed to be “Thanksgiving labor day” which is celebrated on the 23rd. But saying Thanksgiving labor day is too much, so I hope Niiname-sai is the word for it.

White jasmines mean “sweet love” 83c

Sorry for the long wait, been feeling really bad about my writing recently. So for this next few weeks im going to re-write the first few chapters and fix some mistakes that people have pointed out to me.Thanks for the feedback so far, I’m still set on finishing this! Theres only a few more chapters left, hope you’re ready for the next one whenever it comes out, hehe..

Chp 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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Back from the vet. She’s healthy as can be and lost another 100g which makes her the perfect weight, according to my vet, oh, and also, she’s apparently turning 10 years old in 3 days!!! :O

(yes I don’t know my pet’s birthday, or even her age. I’m a terrible owner, I know) (mind you I don’t know people’s birthdays and age either so it’s not that I don’t think she’s important)

ALSO also, the most kitten!louis puppy!liam thing happened while we were in the waiting room? A huge fluffy husky came out of the vet’s room and stared at Kitty (who was in her bag) with big wide eyes and LUNGED forward, only to get pulled back by his leash, but he kept on desperately trying to get closer, and clearly he didn’t want to attack her or anything (the owner also had a cat), but he wanted. to. be. FRIENDS. It was vitally important that this husky be allowed to make friends with my cat, and at one point he even scooted back then jumped forward in the hopes it’d break his leash, lmao.

And all the while, Kitty just stared at him, unphazed, like she was judging him for getting so excited.

I’m telling you. That was the most pet lilo thing I’ve ever seen. ^_^

askadisneycharacter  asked:

So pretty much the only support "pro-Rey Skywalker's" have is that "it's a Skywalker saga and it has to focus on the Skywalkers" but it still is? Leia, Luke and Kylo are all Skywalkers? Not to mention the story is still focused on the repercussions of the Skywalker's actions - Kylo's actions with the first order, recovering from Anakin's actions, Leia's resistance, whatever Luke's going to do. There's no need for Rey to be a Skywalker - not to mention it's lazy AF writing and super predictable

I completely agree with you. Yes, it’s the Skywalker Saga, but everything that happened in Episode VII is a direct consequence of the Skywalkers and their actions. They are the center of the conflict, and Rey doesn’t need to be related to them by blood to be a protagonist. She is the heroine who got tangled in their mess, due to the circumstances, and now her journey is intertwined with them. 

there’s still so many things about you that i haven’t had the pleasure of discovering.

like whether you prefer baths or showers, or what your favourite cereal is, or your favourite kind of tea (i don’t even know if you like tea), or when was the first time you really fought with your parents and what it was that made you scream at each other, or what singular thought can overwhelm you until you’re brought to tears. but all i do know is that i want to find out every single one of those things. so i know whether to run you a bath or a shower after a stressful day, and what cereal to buy for you, and what type of tea to make you when you’re upset (if you even like tea), and what that first real fight with your parents was about so i don’t cross the same line, and i especially want to know what that singular dreaded thought is so i can find the perfect way to cast it from your mind even for a moment or two. because when i promise you forever i intend to keep that promise and i’m not going anywhere as long as you aren’t either. you are the only one for me and i feel so blessed to have found you so early in life. and even though we’re young i swear to beings i don’t even believe in that i would marry you right now if we had a goddamn ring because i will never be able to convey how much i adore you with any string of 26 letters, which leaves only actions. because actions speak so much louder than words but try as i may i still haven’t found the right way to convey through lingering kisses and trailing fingertips how serious i am about our forever. i will stay by your side in sickness and in health til death do us part if you’ll let me and i vow to you that i am never going to leave you the way you’ve been fearing.

so burn those nooses and cap those pill bottles you’ve been picturing because when i promise you forever you better believe i fucking mean it.

—  for @shakespearesspy

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Packing up the house steph finds a shoebox full of the notes that matt used to write her every day.

Despite the orderliness of the Patrick household, spring cleaning was still very much a thing. It wasn’t so much a chance for putting things in their place so much as clearing away the very organized clutter. Older clothes, knickknacks, movies and books, Matthew and Stephanie would take a day to sort through everything and decide what to keep and what to donate.

“What do you think, keep or donate?” Stephanie asked, turning to look at Matthew where he sat on the floor digging through their shelves and drawers. He looked up, taking in the shirt Steph was holding for a moment before shrugging. “When’s the last time you’ve even worn that?” He pointed out. She nodded and took another look at the shirt. She liked it well enough, but Matt did had a point. “Donate it is.” She muttered and tossed it onto the growing pile on the bed.

She reached up, eyeing an old sun hat resting at the top of their closet and accidentally knocked over the shoebox it was resting on. The lid flew off as soon as it hit the ground, and a scattering of brightly coloured scraps of paper spilled across the floor. “Oh dammit…” Stephanie muttered and crouched the grab the paper, rolling her eyes at the snickering she could hear from her husband behind her. “Smooth move, Elvis.” He teased. A word on a particularly vibrant pink slip caught her attention, and she barely heard Matt’s comment as her eyes skimmed the sentence.

‘You are so amazing, I’m so lucky to be able to call you my wife just like that place is lucky you work for them. Go get em tiger!’ was scrawled in messy handwriting across the paper, a little round cat face scribbled after the exclamation point. Stephanie felt her heart skip a beat as she recognizes those words on a note she had received years ago from Matthew, hidden in her bag on her third day at work after she’d confessed to her husband how she thought her boss didn’t like her. Recognition spread slowly in her chest as she picked up another slip, a softer pastel green one.

‘Have I told you lately how much I love you? Well here’s your reminder that I love you no matter what happens in your eval today. You’re just my cup of tea anyways.’ and Steph giggled at the pun as well as the sloppy tea cup doodled at the bottom of the paper, squiggly little steam lines rising off it. Her evaluation had gone pretty well, nothing too out of the ordinary but Stephanie had spent the entire day on pins and needles, knowing not just her job but her and Matthew’s entire lives revolved around a good report. The stress hadn’t been lost on Matt, and she’d almost cried when reading the note on that day.

The tears she felt spring to her eyes caught her off guard as she read a third note, a relaxed neutral blue. 'By the time you’ve read this note, it will be too late. I’ve already packed a lunch and am probably on the bus to your workplace now. Come out at noon, we’re gonna have a picnic in the parking lot.’ followed by a sandwich with a bite taken out of it. She remembered that day, remembered how awful that whole week had been and how happy she’d felt to walk outside at lunch and see Matt standing there with a plastic back full of sandwiches and a two litre of Diet Coke.

“Whatcha lookin at and is it something for the pile?” Matthews voice called out, breaking Stephanie out of her thoughts. She raised a hand to dry her eyes, and smiled a little tearfully to herself as she gathered the notes back into the box. “Something important, and absolutely not.” She replied, picking the box and turning to show Matthew just what she’s found and invite him on a trip down memory lane.