there's still part of him that's fighting it


1x21 vs 2x14

just my own theory

(not based off of the book, just simply what came to my mind.)

okay lets start with BEGIN. Jungkook was dreaming right (i’ll get to the photos later) he dreamt of the piano burning and his car crash but what if its just him waking up from another life he had. what if the i need u vid and this video are different worlds. someone might be manipulating jungkook and making him pick which one is the real world. is him in the room alone real or is the inu real. 

if he picks the wrong world he’ll meet his or his hyung’s death. whenever he wakes up from one world to the other, it feels real and that leaves him confused. both worlds are real at least thats how he feels

youre probably wondering, well what about that painting it was crying like him and he called out hyung. i think the painting is the one manipulating him. it sees through him it gives him visions of the bad memories making him pick the inu world as the real world.he says hyung coz he sees yoongi burning himself which probably was because jungkook got hit by a car (thats when jungkook woke up here alone) 

do you get where im going with this? 

then theres LIE this doesnt connect with yoonkook much but i have another theory for this

It shows this painting. and eventually zooms out into this

its as if the hand is giving him an interview right? some are saying its his reality as an idol vs just him without the presence of the cam and some say hes taking the inkblot test where it can figure out your personality or emotions based on your response etc

he gives this look like hes hiding his emotion

then they show yoonkooks blob 

that slight smirk drops a little but he still hides his emotion. its like he doesnt ever want to say a word about it

then the camera turned to him, like its indicating that he should be more serious with the situation. he looks uncomfortable and disturbed like he doesnt want to remember what happened 

it cuts to this,its probably showing what is in his head as hes being recorded

then they show his and hoseoks blob

you see him smirk then it goes back to his “mind”

then he returns behind the closed doors where the camera wouldnt be able to suspect him, like a dungeon almost

this is where he releases his depression 

it shows the blot that said eva its possibly vmons. eva means life so does it mean that either rm or v or both are still alive and figuring out how to fix evrything? then it showed the pills indicating hoseok so maybe it means that he wants hoseok to come back to him thats why hes imagining another bed and plays pillow fights with himself

what if everytime he tries to sleep and just try and forget he relives the day he drowns himself because of the fact the Hoseok overdosed. he drowns in different ways thats why theres so many scenes of him drowning but he wakes up in the same bed 

but when this part came it struck me. what if all of them were in that painting in another world. what if in that forest it had different kinds of worlds and that it wasnt a forest full of trees but lives. they all lived different kinds of life inu/fire/dope/run and one by one they all died in different world sending them in different places? 

the first blot is yoonkooks and the second is jihopes

im confusing myself.. idk where im going with this fml

eye conversations ep 8 - 13
  • my take on what their saying with their eyes (2nd part) 

after their fight about possible pity in her eyes

should i try and talk to you

no. im still pissed


standing on the podium

Good job 

i did it 


so proud

and happy for you enjoy it 


after they say they dont know what to do with each other, just briefly theres this

im yours, its okay we dont need to label it 

im glad, your my person 

then she starts to tell him to take care of himself (hence why i think thats her thoughts) and that shell be fine he doesnt ened to come every night. She knows wang so is her person - she wants him to be okay  (the infamous my person thing, to me it means so much more wang so is her person) 


when he comes just before her hanging 

HS: this looks bad
WS: I’ve got this dont worry 

his arm is shielding her side too


when theyre both being sent away (though he doesnt know she is) 

hi, we need to talk

this seems serious

its alright, where not going to be sad
(in the sense its the farewell before he leaves)



when he proposes, so she can have freedom

should i trust you on this, i know but is it okay to allow myself

believe me - i wouldnt offer you something i cant deliver

this is too amazing 

its okay, its real. Im glad you like the plan