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Are your sims craving that luxurious life that the rich and famous keep bragging about on SimsTV? Well Los-Angeles Loft will make their every dreams come true. Sit by the pool and catch some sun at day, and relax with friends, by the outdoor cabana with drinks and late night BBQ .

This Lot Has

- Two 2 BedRooms

- Two 2 BathRooms

- One 1 LivingRoom

- One 1 LoungeRooms

- One 1 Kitchen

- One 1 Out Door DiningRoom

- One 1 Garage

And a whole outdoor relaxing area (THERES JUST SOOO MUCH)

it has much much more !!!

I had so many screen shots but Tumblr only lets us upload 10 at a time.

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i feel like the remaining yuehua trainees (hyungseob, euiwoong, justin, jungjung) have so much potential and ability to grow. i really wanted them to go far but it seems like all the yuehua kids except hyungseob will get eliminated after this ep :(( i think justin is the biggest diamond in the rough especially after seeing him in "shape of you". He's sooo young and seems so diverse, theres so much to explore with him. whats your opinion on them?

Apologies in advance for the mini essay

Hyungseob didn’t get a lot of screen time this episode which was weird but I sort of expected it from the way Mnet edited his recent attitude controversy. In the previews they showed him apologizing (for his “attitude” controversy) but they cut the apology from the actual episode which is kind of sketchy and unfair. At first, I honestly thought Mnet had a thing for Hyungseob because he had positive screen time (and I’m never getting over that A reevaluation tbh) but then his controversy happened and now it’s a complete 180?? I would speculate that it seems like Mnet is trying to influence voters into not voting for certain people but who knows…

Justin is seriously amazing. I wasn’t too keen on him at first (the ab showing threw me off) but he’s definitely grown on me. His Replay performance was very cute without being too saccharine. I was really impressed by his performance on SoY, though. I was worried he might not be able to pull of the more mature concept without being cringey or resorting to extreme (*cough* ab flash *cough*) methods but he really surprised me with his charisma on stage. I especially loved his little mini solo (it’s honestly one of my favorite parts) where each member “revives” (lmao i don’t know anything about dancing so bear with me) as Justin passes in front of them. I kind of want him to do a dark concept??? It would be an interesting juxtaposition with his visuals. If he can continue to grow and adapt to a variety of new concepts- man, this kid can go far. 

I have so many feelings about Jung Jung. He’s so fluid in his dance and the acrobatics he does are so smooth (I was sold on him since the evaluation performances, I replayed his part a million times. Evidently I’m a sucker for acrobatics). The one he did for the Pop performance looked so effortless and flowed so well (also that zipper thing k i l l e d me). He’s been consistent in every performance which is why I’m glad he got some recognition in this episode. ;__;

I like Euiwoong, I do, but that ab flash during Boy in Luv put me off and now I sort of just warily watch from the side. His rapping tone is great, his diction.. not so much, but he’ll learn and he’ll grow. His rapping was really good in ep. 7, though!!! I honestly loved that entire stage and I think he held his own among Sangkyun (who was on fire) and Jinyoung (who was on fire x100). I like his stage presence and how expressive he is (and those ears are seriously cute). 

All together they’re a really promising group! They stood out to me from the first evaluation so it’s been hard seeing rank lower and lower. I’m not Chinese or Korean myself so I don’t feel qualified to give an accurate opinion about these matters, but from what I’ve read and what some people have mentioned, the tense relations between Korea and China could be one of the reasons keeping the voters from voting for most of the Yuehua kids. If true, it’s sad and unfortunate because they shouldn’t be judged by their nationality (or the nationality of their company).

I can’t wait to see their debut, though. They have the visuals and the raw talent to be a really great group. :)


Grunge Bowling Alley ( Indies Bowling )

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Are your sims looking for the perfect Friday hangout? Well stop looking because we’ve just found the perfect party place for all ages at The Indies Bowling Alley. Most teens come here on Friday and Saturday nights to just chill, eat pizza, have a few drinks and just have an amazing time with their friends .

This Lot Has

- Three 3 BathRooms

- One 1 LivingRoom

-  Lounge Areas

- One 1 Kitchen

And a whole outdoor relaxing area (THERES JUST SOOO MUCH)

it has much much more !!!

I had so many screen shots but Tumblr only lets us upload 10 at a time.

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H a p p y P r i d e M o n t h !


Vinni Puh: I’m going to pretend to be a small black cloud!
V.P (after jumping in a puddle and floating up with a balloon): So who do I look like now?
Piglet: Like a bear who is flying with a balloon.

V.P. (singing to bees): I’m a little cloud-cloud-cloud and not at all a bear! [with English subtitles]


seungkwan’s friend, john~  ( ̄▽ ̄;;) // (trans ©)


one time wonders - [2/6] Civilians

“Your organs need sleep, you know. Your hair and nails are gonna fall out, and your kidneys are gonna shut down. I saw it in a movie… Sorry.” (7.17)


this whole thing started because we were imagining Kakashi and Yamato in terrible Hawaiian shirts dragging along team seven to tourist spots, which then led to what if they took a roadtrip to NinjaWorld like in the family vacation movies………………..

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imma bout to go full out rant on this common core curriculum bullshit in this country

like they’re implementing these fucking parcc tests, and if you don’t know what those are, they basically replace HSA/MSA, which still sucked but werent a big deal.

but these parcc tests, like fuck, im glad i’m a senior and don’t have to take them. for every test, even the fucking math test, you have to /explain every single answer you give./ every. single. one.

math problems are straightforward, theres not much to explain.

i get that you pricks in the government are sooo worried that we’re falling behind other countries, because apparently appearing on level with foreign countries is more important than /actually fucking fixing this country/, but you’re fucking up even in your own screwed-ass agenda.

yes, our system is currently just memorisation and cheating for grades. yes, i get that, i live it every day. yes it should be fixed so that we are actually getting an education instead of memorising to pass a test then forgetting about it. yes, we should be able to explain what we’re learning because we actually learned it and understand it instead of cramming and forgetting.




you only only just implemented the common core curriculum (which is fucking stupid in its own respect but thats a whole different argument for a different day) NOT ENOUGH TIME FOR OLDER STUDENTS TO CHANGE TO YOUR FUCKING STUPID REFORM WAYS AND BE ABLE TO EXCEL

god this whole thing is stupid, my boyfriend and a few of my friends are sophomores and i feel so fucking bad for them. this fucking country is so focused on its own agendas that it doesn’t care about the general populous and implements complete bullshit

fuck this fucking country.



By: @bioniczex


Heres a new build that I’ve been woking on now .. for a while. This house was made to inspire the life of the new Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack coming, December 8th, 2015.
This residential home, is perfect for your Power House Groups, in your game. Throw after parties here, have photoshoots with the hottest models in the business by the pool, or have a guitar mesh with some friends in the music studio, or maybe sit by the pool, BBQ and enjoy your luxuries.

This Lot Has

- Two 2 BedRooms

- Three 3 BathRooms

- One 1 LivingRoom

- Two 2 LoungeRooms

- One 1 Office 

- One 1 Kitchen 

- One 1 DiningRoom

- One 1 Outdoor Photography Studio 

And a whole outdoor relaxing area (THERES JUST SOOO MUCH)

it has much much more !!!

I had so many screen shots but Tumblr only lets us upload 10 at a time.

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johndave fic recs!!

(attempt #2, since, being the awfully talented individual that i am, i managed to delete the first one, after hours of work! yay!)

its always made me kind of sad that with davejohn fic rec lists, ppl usually tend to rec the same stuff over and over again. and, dont get me wrong! i know the classics are classics for a reason, duh, ive read most of them and love them, but!! to me fic rec lists mean introducing people to lesser-known-but-still-amazing works! so thats what im going to do right now, heheh.

(u might notice that the majority of these are fluffy as heck. no angst here. nuh uh. angst is Bad)

(also, no ongoing fics in here!)

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anonymous asked:

islam means submission. pure islam, untouched by western morals and values, believes peace will be attained when the world converts to islam. the qu'ran and the hadiths and the various interpretations of sharia law that were put forth by the pedophilic muhammad and his followers, successors, and scholars, are misogynistic, enforce gender roles, and are deeply rooted in homophobia and anti-semitism. get your head out of your ass.

1) when in the quraan does it say that peace will be attained when the whole world converts???? like living in a muslim country, learning my religion my whole life NEVER have i heard anyone say this, or anyone try and teach this to me 

2) here is a thing from the sharia law:  “ A Muslim woman can only marry a Muslim man and a Muslim man can only marry a Muslim or Ahl al-Kitāb . He/She cannot marry an atheist, agnostic or polytheist”

when the sharia law was made it was made as a strategy to spread islam - so this meant when you get married you marry someone of religious belief and in islam the religion of the father is passed down and taught to the children so islam as a religion can grow, and in order to do that you would have to be able to reproduce which meant heterosexual marriage would be much more popular AND i will talk about how homosexuality is in fact NOT haraam in my next point

3) In the quraan and the ahadeeth, there is literally NO word for homosexuality, there is no word that translates directly from arabic into english that means “homosexuality”, when looking up homosexuality and islam online, most people that go against it will call it “the sin of lut and his people” or something along the lines, but it is UNCLEAR what the actual sin is and is most likely oriented around rape, violence in sex, incest, and beastiality, these things oppose islam because they cause pain/disease, and homosexuality does not, this whole sin of lut thing may have been changed around to create the awful stigma around homosexuality in islam. 

ANOTHER point that people bring up to say that homosexuality is haram in islam is that sodomy is one of the greatest sins, but sodomy doesnt even??? mean????? homosexuality?? and it just means taking it up the butt which isnt necessarily homosexuality so ??

i also want to mention the fact that allah created humans with a mind that has freedom of choice and animals without, if muslims say that being gay is unnatural how come animals WHO HAVE NO CHOICE can be gay 

4) ISLAM MAY JUST BE THE LEAST MISOGYNISTIC RELIGION, honestly this is such a bs thing that people bring up because SOOOO much evidence in the quraan has things that bring up women?? here are some examples i found (and there are many more)  

 The Messenger of God (peace be upon him) said: “The most perfect in faith amongst  believers is he who is best in manner and kindest to his wife.”

[3:195] Their Lord responded to them: “I never fail to reward any worker among you for any work you do, be you male or female — you are equal to one another.”

“[49:13] O people, we created you from the same male and female, and rendered you distinct peoples and tribes, that you may recognize one another.”

before islam the arab world would bury newborn girls alive, and then when all of these suras came the whole dynamic of how women are viewed changed - there are islamic countries today that put down women but i promise that this isnt rooted from islam?? if you think islam is misogynist, then why the fuck are there more women in the government of the UAE than there are in america? fuck you 

honestly youre telling me to get MY head out of my ass when if you just googled “islam and womens rights” there will be so much proof of equality of women in islam

by the way islam had sooo many more rights to women if you compared it to the bullshit europe was going through at the time, we also helped create the renaissance so youre WELCOME 

5) ISLAM IS NOT AGAINST JEWISH PEOPLE HOLY FUCK theres just a big population of arabs who are anti-semitist soley because of the israel-palestine situation, in islam the torah is considered one of the three holy books in islam and islam is about equality for everyone, it talks about how all souls are created equal, and no matter who you are you are no less than human, the anti-semitist culture in the arab world was created hundreds of years after islam and definitely is something that goes against the rules of islam

anyway theres that so unless youre going to get off anon so i can block your islamophobic ass im not wasting my time with you

When EXO Teaches You Martial Arts
  • You: ugh I'm so hungry why isn't there anything in the fri- oh hey Kyungsoo
  • D.O: helloo you look beautiful today 
  • You: oh thanks
  • D.O: *inches closer and stares intensely* 
  • You: ......ok I'm gonna go now 
  • *In the dorm room*
  • You: what the hell??? Where's my shampoo I just bought a new bottle
  • D.O: oh sorry. The smell of it just reminded me so much of you, I HAD to have it 
  • You: ummm WHAT?
  • You: 
  • Extremely creeped out, you go to buy new shampoo when you run into Tao and an idea pops into your head
  • You: Tao! Listen, kyungsoo's been acting really weird lately and It's really scaring me. I wanna learn to protect myself and- TAOO can u stop looking in the mirror and listen!!!! 
  • Tao: ugh so what he's into you big deal. You think I have time to help you? I have to go yell at my stylist because LOOK! She parted my hair on the COMPLETELY wrong side of my head am I supposed to walk around like this 
  • You: I'll buy you whatever you want if you help
  • Tao: kris already does that 
  • You: I'll shower with you
  • Tao: kris already does that 
  • You: when people doubt your martial arts skills, I'll tell them you once did a triple flip kick in the air 
  • Tao: why don't you just tell them I was a really good teacher
  • You: you probably won't be
  • Tao: I probably won't be. Ok let's start. The first thing you have to do is...kick! 
  • You: *kicks*
  • Tao: ugh oh my god I can't deal with this u suck
  • You: well tell me how to do it right!!! 
  • Tao: no u just suck there's no hope
  • Kris: ayo wassup wassup wassup guyzzzz. Whoa what're you guys doing, martial arts? That's so my style. I'm pretty good at that stuff myself.
  • Tao: you don't even have the proper form you have to- 
  • Kris: honestly Tao just because your good at one thing doesn't make you that special ok i can diss you in 3 different languages so gimme some respect 
  • Tao: at least I can take good selcas 
  • Kris: get out. I CAN teach her. 
  • You: uuum look guys I just want some basic stuff in case I have to defend myself ok don't start showing off or-
  • Kris: I CALL THIS ONE THE MEGASWAG BACKFLIP 3000 and-bleugjasbsaaaggghhhhhhh!!!!!! *trips and hits his head*
  • You: how did you just trip 
  • Kris: it's a really complicated move ok 
  • You: I'm pretty sure you tripped before you even attempted it??
  • Kris: I'm pretty sure you need to shut the fuck up . I'll start with something simpler for an amateur like you. This is the fist pump like THIS ! 
  • *bangs knuckle against dangling light* 
  • Tao: *high pitched* aaaaaagghhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooo kris oppaa!!! No pls no 
  • *Tao cups Kris's face in his hands and a tears begin to fall*
  • Tao: I need to get him to the infirmary
  • You: ok it's actually just a cut and I haven't even learned one thing yet 
  • Tao: oh mygOd you are literally SOOO selfish are you really thinking about yourself right now when kris is so gravely injured?? Ugh I'm taking him bye
  • You: (left alone) wow I knew this would be useless 
  • D.O: oh hello jagi
  • You: um nO fucKity BYE 
  • D.O: oh i don't think so. There's something I've wanted for a long time 😏. I was thinking of asking you this point I think it's gonna happen whether you like it or not ohhhh yea this is gonna be so much fun.
  • You: ...uuuuummm
  • D.O: come with me to the movies noona I really don't wanna go alone again 
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sooo finally i’m doing a follow forever, i also reached 700+ followers so theres two things to be celebrating! 2015 was a year full of ups and downs and no matter how sad i was, you guys and kpop cheared me up like always. I wish you all a happy new year, i hope its full of happiness :)

thank you guys so much for lighting up my dash and making me smile so much! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.


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lucayafever23  asked:

ok I'm ready lay down your thoughts so far on this episode .😂😂 because theres sooo much i feel like I'm missing

Alright, here it goes.

The Boy Meets World illusion is slowly crumbling.
Farkle is going to write his own story ( something Riley needs to do) and discover who he wants to be.
Both Farkle and Riley experiment with identities. They are insecure, and neither feel like they have reached that “level” yet where they can step back and look around. But, they’re getting there.
Riley’s story is still overshadowed by her father’s history, but there’s more of an awareness now. She rebelled this illusion of BMW during her presentation.
Farkle’s really lost now, because the pages of his history are missing. He has no idea what legacy he should live up to. His great grandfather Ginsburg took pictures and observed, much like Rosie McGee. So both Riley and Farkle are comfortable observing instead of participating.
Now, baseball is often a metaphor for life, and in Girl Meets Cory and Topanga, neither Farkle nor Riley understood that the fun of the “long game” is running the bases. Just living everyday, one day at a time and learning more about who they are.
I go deeper into this with my Riarkle identity theory that I’ll post this weekend.
It sounds like Morotia M Black and Donnie Barnes will eventually “play by their own rules”. But, because both Riley and Farkle don’t know who they are yet, they have no incentive or motivation to “take on the world” and write their own story yet.
Riley and Farkle are, however, evolving because they continue to grow, and feel.
Lucas and Maya have been kind of pushed back in growth because both are acting “ok” when they’re really struggling with their feelings. And Zay, observant and amazing guy that he is, can see both layers of this story.
It was wonderful to see Riley and Farkle connect by “looking in each other’s eyes and able to touch each other’s hearts.” 😍

anonymous asked:

you're a vmin Stan right? I had to share this but I didn't want to go out of my way to make a post. anyway you ever notice how whenever tae is an mc and there's a Bangtan bomb about, Jimin gets this look of like immense pride on his face and he's always asked his opinion afterward? and it's usually just jimin too, it's so cute! it's like everyone knows their bff soulmate life partners lmao

oh yeah i love vmin sooo much!!! that is so true i cherish those videos so much. the staff just knows so they especially film jimin’s reaction;;; it’s the cutest thing ever~ they said it themselves that they want to be friends even when they are grandpas soulmate for life yessss

anonymous asked:

some fics with really good characterization? x

this ended up being mostly canon compliants, hope that’s ok? these are the ones where i distinctly remember loving the characterisation so i might well have forgotten some amazing ones, sorry!!

canon compliants/divergence:

still to be lost - future fic. oh my god, i LOVED zayn in this, it was incredible to read from his pov.

you existed both yoked and split - short, painful, lovely. another wonderful insight into zayn’s mind.

never felt like home (until i had you) - post otra, from niall’s pov. deals wonderfully with his hurt and confusion, and his love for zayn.

naive melody - ace!niall. i don’t think i’ll ever get over this, i love it so much. describes with niall’s struggle to come to terms with zayn leaving and his feelings for him.

stillness in woe - set before zayn leaves, beautiful description of zayn figuring things out after perrie breaks up with him.

and if you want me, i’ll always be yours - takes place before zayn leaves, but niall feels as if he’s losing zayn. he’s the one who keeps running away, though.

a challenge i can call my own - this is…pretty much just porn. but also very much not, because i love niall’s characterisation? soo well written.


the ground whereon he walks - this is pretty much 40k of zayn finding himself. and niall. sooo lovely.

i could be your home - more of zayn figuring out who he is and what he wants. still makes me cry with how real it feels, and how beautifully written.