there's something funky with this coloring

Color my inbox!

BLACK = I would date you.
GREEN = I think you’re cute.
BLUE = You are my tumblr crush.
GREY = I wish you would notice me.
PURPLE = I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
TEAL = We have a lot in common.
YELLOW = I don’t know you at all.
ORANGE = I don’t like your blog.
BROWN = I don’t like you.
PINK = I think you are unattractive.
RED = I hate you with a burning passion.
WHITE = You scare me.
SCARLET = You have influenced my decision/thoughts on something.
MAROON = You taught me something new.
CINNAMON = You’re a really cool person and admire you from afar.

PERIWINKLE = You make me laugh
MAUVE = You are really talented
BLUSH = Seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better.
CYAN = We have very little in common
THISTLE = I only just started following you
INDIGO = I’ve been following you for a long time
FUCHSIA = Your blog content is gold
COPPER = Your blog content is trash (and I love it)
VERMILION = You make me feel passionate
HONEYDEW = I want to call you by a nickname
LAVENDER = You inspire me
CORAL = You’re a meme
UMBER = I want to know more about you

FORGET-ME-NOT = You remind me of somebody
RAZZMATAZZ = I would share my favorite food with you
ARSENIC = I don’t know how to describe the way I feel about you
WINE = You make me feel kinda funny, like when we used to climb the rope in gym class
SAFFRON = I love your ideas
TIMBERWOLF = I trust you
FALLOW = I want to run through the Northern wilderness barefoot with you
PLUM = I’d like to chat with you
TANGERINE = I love your aesthetic
SAGE = You make me cry
CRIMSON = We should collaborate on something!
VIRIDIAN = I wanna hang out on your blog
CHARTREUSE = You’re my homie
BURGUNDY = I get excited when I see posts from you


army challenge: [ 1 / 4 ] favorite live performances

tomorrow @ live picnic / 150604

Icing on the Cake (5/?)

is that REALLY what you want us to write on your custom-order cake?” AU 

A/N: Thanks for all of your amazing feedback so far on this story! Sorry to everyone trying to scroll past this super long chapter on their phones. 

3700 words / Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter

“You know what, brother, if you want me to do something about that, you could bloody well not interrupt!”

Of course, he didn’t say this out loud, but he was sending that silent curse as loudly as he could towards the man on the other end of Emma’s phone. Emma, however, was still looking at him with the most adorable panicked expression, waiting for him to say something.

He crossed the last few steps over to her and grabbed the phone from where she had set it down on the counter.

"It’s okay. You can do this. In fact, perhaps we can use this opportunity to get some more information out of him. Can you put this on speaker?”

Killian watched as she seemingly shook herself out of her frozen state before looking down at the phone in his hand. “Uh…yeah.” She paused and looked back up at him, eyes still a bit wide.

“Killian, I really hope I don’t screw this up. I’m a really bad liar.”

He chuckled and reached up to grasp her upper arms, drawing her attention to his calm face. “Love, my brother is just like me. Be your charming self and he’ll be putty in your hands.”

He watched her lips quirk up into a small smile at the same time as the pink in her cheeks took on a rosier hue. Gods, he was falling for this woman fast.

He stepped back marginally, just enough so he could hand her the phone and give her another encouraging smile. “You’re on, Swan.”

“Okay, here goes nothing.” She pressed a few buttons on the phone and held it up between them.

“Mr. Jones, are you still there?

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