there's something else i noticed here

Super fabuloso RocketDog over at TSDF  hinted today that Scott Gimple’s preview of S7 including Carol’s still wanting to run (and will she get what she wants?) might actually be happening. Something to consider is ; 

I note they are filming on a stretch of road next Monday.
I also remember there was a car chase during episode 2 during which Dwight runs off after the escapee Saviour?
I wonder if it would be interesting that Carol should run into Dwight at some point, notice him wearing Daryl’s jacket, and thats where our stories start linking together??

There’s a REASON Dwight is wearing Daryl’s jacket. Everyone else in Team Family KNOWS where Daryl is and what’s happened. Carol…does not.

Carol wants to run away. Will she get that? Perhaps not if theres something, or SOMEONE who keeps pulling her back to the group??

I originally thought Dwight would help Daryl escape to Kingdom as Dwight defects in the comics, but what if Dwight defects/is just running off here and there, runs into Carol and they team up?

Also just realised how this “Carol running away” is just like Michonne’s Pirate Arc in the comics!

Thoughts? Or rubbish?