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The signs as Graham Norton quotes from Eurovision 2017
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> I wonder if something was wrong technically. Of if he's just not great<p/><b>Taurus:</b> It gets quite good *host appears* oh not this bit<p/><b>Gemini:</b> If you think my job's easy, just wait till you see the guy pretending to play the saxophone for 3 minutes<p/><b>Cancer:</b> If Zombies did aerobics, it would look a bit like this<p/><b>Leo:</b> She claims she's the only yodeller in Romania. Maybe that's because the others don't talk about it... It's probably the first rule of yodel club<p/><b>Virgo:</b> (there's so much love in this room) NOT FOR YOU ALEX<p/><b>Libra:</b> (now it's time to say goodbye) -goodbye.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> Is he going to die?<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> (greetings from Denmark, where I am) We believe you<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> That boy is a boy<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> Really? That's the best part of Tallinn they could find? Oh, wait they gave us six points? I take it all back, Tallinn looks lovely<p/><b>Pisces:</b> *silence* sniggering<p/></p>
  • Germany: ...
  • France: ...
  • America: ...
  • England: ... what?
  • Germany: ... how exactly do you expect me to start a meeting when there's a BABY on your lap???
  • England: I told you for the umpteenth time, Kate and William have to go with George for an event, and I have to babysit Charlotte for the day~ Don't I, love~
  • Princess Charlotte: abuu~!
  • America: dude, like this is a world meeting, you can't bring some random child to this-
  • England: Excuse you! This is the Princess you're talking about.
  • France: well, I don't mind in all honesty, she's trés mignonne~
  • Princess Charlotte: F... F...
  • England: w-w-whaa??? I-Is she trying to say something?? Oh my lord, this is going to be her first word! I need to record this!!
  • France: Father?
  • America: Freedom??
  • Germany: For the love of-
  • Princess Charlotte, pointing at France: F... F... Frog!!
  • England: ...
  • France: ... wha...
  • England: ... I'm... I'm... So proud of you!!!
  • France: SHUT UP!!

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I absolutely love the Blackthorns especially Helen and Mark but something (actually a lot of things) about them has been bothering me for a while. I know there's so much about their origins that we don't know so how is it that they know their age even after all that happened with Andrew and Nerissa and the time difference in faerie?

Time does behave strangely in Faerie. What we (and Mark and Helen) do know is how old they appeared to be when they were brought to the Blackthorns, and how they have matured since then. So what we know of their ages is a guesstimate, based on what Andrew knew of his time in Faerie and observed in Helen and Mark’s development. We don’t know their actual birthdays, though Andrew probably made up days to celebrate. They might learn their actual birthdays eventually, if they meet someone who could tell them…

i know people feel like they messed up how magnus showed alec his cat eyes and ruined another first for malec or whatever but i completely disagree i love that it was shown in the way it was with magnus being in charge and just showing the lightwoods and being like “this is who i am” and alec’s little peak of interest… loved it


Making History | 1.03

The definition of friends.

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What happened to Lance's sniper team?? There's always at least a group of two, but usually three. There's the sniper, the spotter, and the security. Sniper shoots shit, spotter calculates distance/wind speed/temperature/etc. and the security makes sure no one sneaks up behind them and kills their asses while all this is going on. (Usually at least one person has some kind of more advanced medical training) Not that I don't like ur au, I love it!!! I'm just curious. You're amazing tho!!!

OKAY THIS IS honestly something i should have researched because i never really thought about sniper actually having teams consisting of two or more people and after you sent me this it clicked into place. SO THIS IS COMPLETELY MY BAD i never thought about Lance having a sniper team of his own at all. 

I do have it thought out that as a single team the Voltron Force often switch pairs depending on the mission. Shiro and Keith being the most close quarters combat capable out of all five, usually serve as the infiltrators or the front lines. But if the mission doesn’t require as too many roles to be fulfilled, the support team will get someone else to back them up, or vice versa. 

Coincidentally, Lance and Hunk have more advanced medical training than the other three! :) But now that you brought this to light i’m just like lol i should have thought this through…. Perhaps before Lance joined the Voltron Force, he was with a sniper team of his own. 


4x05: Breaking Glass
Something’s happened today and made me think about the past.

100 times captain swan made me cry: #18

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Sorry if this has already been asked but I love love love love ur art and was wondering what you use and......... Do......? I know there's a tablet involved and stuff and maybe Photoshop. Something about a brush? I don't know anything anymore who am i

I use intuos 3, photoshop, and Shaddy Safadi’s brush pack. The brushes are free on google!

The alternative: “I hate my son, he’s allergic to peanuts” “my stupid daughter can’t eat gluten so I don’t care much for her”

Jumping in the Jashi debate

Instead of thinking about this from a Jack perspective (“Jack is still physically in his 20s, so it’s okay!”), think about it from Ashi’s. Her whole life has revolved around Jack. From the moment of conception, she knew who he was and was trained to kill him. Ashi was a child when Jack was an adult. She grew up hearing about this adult man. So regardless of the friendship they end up developing, regardless of whether or not Jack actually ages, to Ashi, Jack was that age when she was a girl. It’s inevitably going to feel like there’s an imbalance of power, no matter how many armies Ashi can kill. 

Ashi’s existence has always been about Jack. Even when she was on her own seeing the world, she was still looking for Jack. Many of us hoped for a relationship where Jack would help Ashi gain her own independence. Instead, Ashi is with Jack. Again. 

And honestly, this relationship could have worked. Plenty of cartoons have developed relationships from friends to lovers and done so well. It’s just that with the limited number of episodes, this show couldn’t and didn’t develop it right. 

This is especially the case since Ashi is still discovering the world. She doesn’t know a thing. A few episodes ago, she was confused by a deer showing affection for another deer for goodness sake! How is she supposed to understand any of this? How is she supposed to understand sex? 

That and the fact that it’s easy to mistake Ashi for a teen, and we’ve got a huge problem here. If such a large number of people were able to read Ashi as a teen, and if such a large number of people read their relationship as a teacher/pupil relationship, it’s a bit alarming that the show would take that and throw romance at us instead. 

Then there’s the simple fact that many of us are frustrated that a romantic relationship between a man and a woman can spring up over the course of less than ten episodes, but in other series, it takes multiple seasons before side characters can be shown in a same sex relationship. It’s not Samurai Jack’s fault obviously (I don’t think anyone is saying Jack had to be gay), but it’s contributing to people’s hatred for heteronormativity.

I’m only writing this because I’m sick of hearing people whine about “the SJWs!!!!” when honestly, it’s a lot more complicated than that. People critiquing Jashi aren’t wrong. Go ahead and like the ship, but if you honestly think that people hate it because its straight and crazy feminists love to complain about everything, maybe stop and think that there are some valid arguments. 

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15 & 18? Kevin helps Moose with homework or something @ Pop's, and M puts the moves on him. (Kevin is a pure little bean he is faithful to his little snake and tries to subtly tell him no.) Joaquin shows up and is about to like fight a bitch and DEFEND HIS MAN! :3 I don't rlly know, there's just a serious lack of Joavin writing, and I love your work so I think you could do a good job. :)

15. “I’ve been doing nothing but staring at the same page for over an hour and I still have no idea what any of this says.”
18. “Sorry, what the hell did you just say?” 

Pairing: Kevin Keller x Joaquin

Warnings: Some slight cursing.

A/N: Thanks for requesting, nonnie! :)

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“Hey, Kevin!” Moose called after him that day in the school halls, catching up to where he stood by his locker.
Kev closed his locker before turning to face him. “What’s up, moose?”
“I was wondering if you could help me out with something after school. Maybe at Pop’s? It’s just… I’ve been doing nothing but staring at the same page for over and hour and I still have no idea what any of this says.” He offered a nervous chuckle, scratching at the back of his neck.
Kevin was reluctant but nonetheless nodded his head. “Pop’s would be fine.” Then he turned back around and began walking towards his next class.

That night at Pop’s, Kevin had been seated fifteen minutes ago and still no sign of moose. He was seriously considering leaving when the bell above the door jingled and in came Moose.
He spotted him in a booth towards the back and slid in to his side of the booth, sitting really close.
Moose smiled at him before displaying his book from out of his backpack.
“This is math?” Kev questioned, already beginning to open the book.
He nodded. “Unfortunately.”
“Unfortunately? I can have you done and out of here within twenty minutes. This is easy.” Kevin didn’t mean to brag, but he was really good at this kind of stuff.
They sat there in silence a little while after that- the only time either of them spoke was if Moose asked a question of if Kevin had to answer his question.
And then he felt it.
Moose slipped his hand onto his knee. Kevin looked up at him as a warning but when his hand still stayed in place, he picked it up and dropped it onto the booth before continuing, acting like nothing had just happened.
Moose apparently hadn’t got the hint, however because his hand was now on his thigh. Kevin rolled his eyes and gripped his hand tightly this time, slapping it onto the table.
Moose smiled and within his anger he had forgot to let go of his hand.
Joaquin walked inside at that very moment to see them holding hands, Moose smiling brightly at him.
Without really thinking, filled with his own jealousy and rage, Joaquin walked up to where they were sitting very confidently. “Hey, Moose? Why don’t you do us all a big favor and fuck off.”
Moose let go of Kevin’s hand at that, turning to face him. When he saw nothing but Southside trash he stood up. “Sorry, what the hell did you just say?”
“You heard me. Get out of here.” Joaquin wasn’t even the closest bit afraid of the fact that Moose was a little taller than him.
He had fought worse before, and he had won.
Moose balled his fist up like he was going to throw the first punch but instead he reluctantly gathered his things and looked like he was getting ready to leave.
And then he sent a wink Kevin’s way.
Joaquin balled his fist up this time- he was the first to throw a punch. “If I were you I would just leave. Don’t make things harder on yourself, pal.”
Now, with a bloody cheek, Moose didn’t dare make another move. He quickly walked out of Pop’s and Joaquin watched him go with a smile that matched Kevin’s.
“Awe, were you jealous?” Kevin asked, standing up to be with Joaquin.
Joaquin rolled his eyes and wrapped his arm around Kev’s waist. “Shut up.”