there's something about her that i find uncomfortable

anonymous asked:

Hi, I have a dilemma... my boyfriend hasn't made me orgasm and he brings up how much he wants to all the time. I don't find it at all arousing when he fingers me or gives me oral or when we have sex. He talks about it with his flatmates and I get so uncomfortable because then there's 3 guys saying "there must be something wrong with her." I don't know what to do, I am fine with our current situation where we fuck and he cums and I masturbate in my own time but he wants to make me orgasm so bad.

Really? So than you go ahead and shit out some unfunny copypasta? I’m so tired of people like you. We try to make the tumblr community a friendly and fun filled environment for all ages to enjoy. We all have fun doing so too, knowing that some day people will look back on our actions and think “these are the people who united the internet”. But then there’s fuckboys like you who troll and don’t take anything seriously. It’s fucking retarded when you drop these unholy shitbombs known as “copypastas” into peoples’ inboxes, thinking that you’re the funniest shit in the world, even though in reality you’re just some fat lowlife scum who was probably adopted. You could go actually do something with your life like get a job, make some friends, but of all things you decide to ruin our friendly environment, and ruin the experience for everyone. Jesus fucking christ, go play baseball or something, dipshit.