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Here’s something I want you to do for me  :  go to a blog that you appreciate, or someone you see on your dash right now, or someone who you think could use some cheering up. On or off anon, tell them something  nice.  Spread positivity  because we’re a  community  of writers. Let’s not make drama and hate make us forget that  !  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Day 4/5 because yesterday i was so busy and had NO TIME

How has the channel impacted my life, well. WELL.
I watch Jack every day? Like, he’s basically part of my daily routine. This blog is a place for me to vent, and to interact with all these cool people. I feel welcome and safe and even when there is some drama there is always people to back me up. I’m able to just be myself and unload when i need to and i just love that this feels like a seperate me? Like theres irl lou and this lou and we’re the same but on here lou gets to just. Say her thoughts aloud. Talk about youtube. Get support.

I notice, you know? Whenever i post something sad and people like it to show support? When i post some gifs and get replies, stuff like that. It means the world to me, i love you guys so much.

So i guess the channel has just made me happier, and given me an outlet. Which i why im gonna thank the shit outta jack if i ever meet him.


just everyone is so nice and talented and i hope you all know that no matter what happens you are unique and important and no one can take that away from you. You’re all gorgeous.

anonymous asked:

hey cos! that sherlock holmes series youve been bloggin about looks pretty neat (and romantique......). Where can you find it/what is your go to website or channel for watching?

i watch it here: !! as far as i can tell its complete, i havent like gone thru and matched up each episode title to confirm theyre all there but theres the right number of eps so!

also most (all?) of the episodes are on youtube, broken into parts and some are low quality and hard to see, others are unavailable in the US and require workarounds, etc but they are there!

its very very nice…. comforting to watch, theres no like added Drama u know? none of the stories are drastically changed in cheesy ways to add some unnecessary action, nobodys grossly mischaracterized for the sake of manufacturing relationship issues, like its just. the original stories brought to life in the nicest and beautifulest way

also tbh if u watch it Hit Me Up anytime with like anything related to it….. like if ur watching an episode and somethings just like super gay and u gotta share just msg me like Anytime my friend

Keeping Up with the Hausdashians

So, I hit 1k followers and got partially inspired by @bi-as-heck‘s #drama post earlier. So here is 1k of some cracky not-that-angsty stuff.

[The television screen is blacked out before a puck is thrown from off-screen, “cracking” the center of the screen. The words “Haus Sweet Haus” scrawl over the top, followed by a montage of Samwell Hockey Players in various “high fashion” poses. The final image is of Bitty, Ransom, Lardo, Holster, and a few of the Frogs in the back. The theme song, a fast-paced anthem, halts to a stop as the final title card darkens the images of the hockey players and the words “Keeping up with the Haus” come up before fading away.]

“Today we’re going to see Jack play against the Aces!” Chowder crows into the camera, his Falconers jersey standing out against the muted gray backdrop behind him. “Parson is so cool for coming to our Kegsters and stuff, but Jack is just, well, Jack! It’s gonna be ‘swawesome!”

The camera zoomed in on Bitty, the blond haired player smiling at his phone as he happily texted to who the other players assumed was his significant other. Lardo was in the passenger seat, yelling out directions to Shitty, who’d come to pick up a few of his old teammates to take the game. Ransom and Holster were in the back, fighting over who would get to wear the only foam finger they’d brought along while Chowder stared out the car window in wonder.­

“Left Shitty! LEFT!”



“Mom, Dad, please stop fighting,” Ransom sighed from the back of the car, gently tugging the foam finger from Holster’s grasps.

“Shut the fuck up I will turn this car around,” Shitty scolded.

The scene showed how comfortable they were with each other, despite the yelling. That is, until Bitty got a tweet.

“@omgcheckplease Jack Zimmerman and Kent Parson caught kissing outside rink. Did you know?”

“…I have no words,” Bitty whispers to the camera, the Zimmerman jersey he had been sporting earlier today no longer on. “How could he do that? Just go out and kiss Parson like it was nothing.” Bitty checks his phone. “Oh great, he’s calling again.” Shaking fingers hover over the accept call, but Bitty shakes his head and ignores it. “I don’t want to deal with this right now.”

The Samwell Hockey team sat outside the hockey rink, scrolling through every social media account they had to catch up on the news before they went in.

“I had no idea,” Shitty muttered, “Jack never told me.”

“There’s apparently a lot he never told us,” Bitty said bitterly, shutting off his Twitter app and staring angrily at the screen.

“I feel like, maybe Bitty felt like he was closest to Jack?” Shitty admits to the camera, “hell, he Skypes Jack more than I do, so maybe he is?” There’s silence for a few moments. “Jack never liked to talk about Parson, maybe this is why.”

Jack is inside his locker room, the rest of his team is giving him space. Some the newer teammates give him the eye, thinking he’s going to help the Aces win now. Jack types in a number, blurred from editing, and presses the speaker to his ear again.

“Hey! It’s Eric! I can’t take your call right now, but just leave me your name and number and I’ll get back to you when I can! See ya!”

“Hey, Bitty, please call me back. I need to talk to you.”

Jack lowers the phone and buries his head in his hands.

“Zimmboni is sad,” Tater says to the cameras reluctantly. “I think he is trying to call significant other. He says he did not kiss Ace player. I believe him.” The Russian looks threateningly at the cameras, “you will tell everyone Zimmboni not kiss Ace player. Zimmboni love his other very much.”

Bitty stared at his phone, watching the missed calls add up as Jack continued to try and call him.

“Hey Bits, you coming?” Chowder asked timidly, waiting on Bitty while the rest of the team went to take their seats before the game started.

“Yeah, don’t worry about me,” Bitty said. “I’ll be there in a moment.”

Chowder hesitated and nodded, patting Bitty on the back shortly before running to catch up with his friends.

“I will end him,” Bitty says simply to the camera.

“C’mon Zims, ya gonna talk to me? Am I that bad of a kisser?” Kent taunted from outside the locker room. Jack was the only one left inside, still trying to call Bitty, shoulders shaking with each dial.

“Fuck off Parson,” a small voice said from down the hallway and Kent looked up to see the tiny blond kid from Samwell.

“Dude, this doesn’t concern you. Chill,” Kent laughed, turning back to the door to taunt Jack. He was not expecting the punch to his face.

“Bless you heart,” Bitty said with false sweetness, rubbing his knuckles, “words just don’t register in your pretty little head do they? I’m going to say it again, get your trashy bleach blond ass out of the way before I cut you.”

Kent paused, evaluating his situation. He was on the ground before this pipsqueak had knocked him out. This pipsqueak wanted him to walk away. It looked like the pipsqueak was going to punch him again.

Bitty nodded with satisfaction as Kent sprinted away down the hallway. The blond knocked on the door.

“It’s me.”

Jack shot up from his seat, running to the door and throwing it open.

“Bittle, I didn’t-“

“Sit down, Jack.”

“Parson came up to me and kissed me. I didn’t- it took me by surprise. I pushed him away as soon as I knew what was going on.” Jack fiddled with his jersey, avoiding facing the camera. “I would never…”

Bitty tucked his head underneath Jack’s, the smaller male sitting on Jack’s lap, the two cuddling against each other after Jack told him everything.

“I’m sorry I thought you cheated on me with Parson,” Bitty whispered, “I shouldn’t have even let that thought enter my mind. You would never cheat on me.”

“It’s…okay,” Jack said, “I should never have put myself in that situation.”

Bitty shook his head, “it’s not your fault. Parson is an asshole.”

Jack snorted and nodded.


Bitty and Jack jolted, but didn’t release each other from their embrace, blinking as Tater barged into the locker room and spotted them.

“Um… I should go,” Bitty announced, stepping away from Jack as Tater stared.

“This is one you call a lot?” Tater asked, pointing at Bitty. Jack looked at Bitty for a moment.

“Yes. This…is my boyfriend. Bitty.”

Tater walked over to Bitty and clasped his hands on the younger man’s shoulders.

“You make Zimmboni very happy. Does he make you happy?”

“Um, yes. He does,” Bitty said, wincing at the force of Tater’s patting.

“It all good now,” Tater asked, “I can tell camera people to leave?”

The camera zooms out as the three men turn towards the camera crew.

“Nah,” Jack said, standing up, “I’m going to set everything straight. Is…that alright Bitty?”

Bitty bright smile was all the answer he needed.

“I’m dating Eric Bittle,” Jack tells the camera. “I’m very happy as is. I never kissed Kent Parson, but I have kissed Eric Bittle. Many times. In many positions.”

“Oh my gosh, Jack!” Bitty’s voice cries from off-camera. The image that fades into the credits is one of Jack Zimmerman smirking at the camera as Bitty comes barreling towards him.

No! No, I– I didn’t do it, this wasn’t my fault I didn’t– I wouldn’t. Please you have to believe me, I didn’t hurt anyone. I’m not bad. I’m not!

I keep getting asks if I accept DD/LG blogs, and I’ve had it up to the skies with this. Please. Read. My. FAQ.

Here, let me copy what is written there:

DDLG Blogs: The concept of DDLG makes me very uncomfortable, and I would prefer if blogs partaking in this “kink” wouldn’t reblog or follow me. Please stop sexualizing children or pretending to be children for your sexual practices. It’s disrespectful to many survivors.

So no. I do not want DD/LG blogs following or reblogging from me. Please stop asking me.

If you are a DD/LG blog and ignore this, and continue to follow and reblog from me, then that just gives me more reasons to block you. I have way too many followers, and activity on this blog to block everyone, but if I notice you, I will block you.

To be clear, I’m not against child regression, or people who act as children to cope or simply to have fun. But if you consider this to be a kink, please get as far away from me as possible.

man like any online community fr tumblr has a lot of flaws and bullshit and drama and what not but i really do love the companionship that happens too

someone got some really cool coli loot? reblog and celebrate with them!

someone hatched cute hatchlings? let’s reblog and boost that post!

someone is sad and wants to look at dragons? boy do we have dragons for ya!

someone drew a gorgeous piece of art? gonna share for everyone to see!

someone want a very specific dragon? let’s come together and help breed it!

people make huge efforts to organize tons of information in spreadsheets and blogs etc so that others have it easier in the future, people are so willing to shower each other in gifts for wish rising, people get excited over each other’s dragons and apparel and accents and familiars and lore and headcanons and i think that’s just really sweet and lovely and easily drowns out the few bad apples that want to spread drama

you go fr tumblr