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kagura didn’t have to go, you know. she could have just stayed on earth with one family and let her other family go. but she didn’t. she made her choice.

she went.

when you think about kagura’s life, three words should come to mind:

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Hi my lovelies! First of all, thanks for all the good work you guys put up in here. Second, I just finished a week of exams (ugh), so I haven't had much time to read but I'm wondering if there's a way to uptade the dirty talk tag? Or maybe the BDSM one? (Dunno if those have been uptaded recently and if yes, I'm sorry!) All the love. X

dirty talk hasn’t been updated in awhile

Night Shifts by LadyMerlin (1/1 | 2,608 | R)

Stiles having night shifts at the station had spelled the end of their sex-life.

It had been okay, for the most part, because Derek loved Stiles for a lot more than just the (incredible) sex. Still, neither of them would ever turn down the opportunity to do-the-diddly-do when they could.

(Shut up, Stiles. No one says that.)

Dyke Daddy Derek Hale by Spitshine (1/1 | 1,837 | NC17)

“Little slut,” she chuckled, sounding fond. “All right then. Just for you.” She pulled Stiles away from the wall and leaned where they’d just been, unbuttoning her fly and pulling her cock out. It was too dark to really tell the color, but it glittered something like indigo in the low light. Stiles started to kneel down but Der grabbed their waist, spinning them around to face away from the wall and keeping them up. “One thing first, boy. Bend over and tug that little skirt up for me, huh? Show me how bad you want daddy’s cock in your dirty mouth.”

The Birthday Plan by ElStark (1/1 | 1,368 | NC17)

Tumblr ficlet in which Stiles gives Derek nice things for his birthday.

Also, everything leads to my appreciation for Bottom!Derek :’)

Lessons by Inell (1/1 | 4,744 | NC17)

Stiles accepts Derek’s offer to teach him how to play pool.

Sex Toys Sent Me To The ER by Zeath (1/1 | 3,735 | NC17)

Today is just not Stiles’ day. He had to go to the hospital with a little problem, only to find he sat right next to a super hot guy with a dish towel wrapped around his hand. Well, this could be interesting.

A Model of Professionalism by WonderWolf (2/2 | 7,350 | NC17)

Professor Hale is different, and not just because Stiles has a crush on him the size of Texas. Not only is he breathtakingly gorgeous with his sexy stubble and witty (and somewhat flirtatious) banter, but he makes an effort to talk to both the students and Stiles, making sure he is always comfortable.

He’s never modeled nude in one of Hale’s classes before, but he’s never declined a class taught by Professor Hale, no matter how short the notice, and probably never will.

(Or the one where Stiles is a talkative nude model and a bet is made)

Hot Summer in Diagon Alley by LadyDrace (2/2 | 2,321 | NC17)

Derek pays his usual pre-term visit to Stiles’ stationary shop in Diagon Alley, but this year things turn out a little differently than normal.

Oh, what a nice surprise! by skinsharpenedteeth (Gavinscotts) (1/1 | 2,530 | NC17)

Stiles comes home from a long day at work to find Derek has planned a special surprise.

Turn You Inside Out by emissarystilinski (1/1 | 1,855 | NC17)

“If you’re a good boy, I’ll fuck you just like you want, but you have to earn it, Stiles.”

Goodnight, My Number One Crush by strawbry (1/1 | 2,045 | NC17)

“The second he sees Stiles, he freezes. Stiles is spread out naked all over the length of the bed, head flung back and eyes shut, fingers lightly circling the base of his cock. A spike of lust catches Derek in the chest and he slumps softly against the doorframe, hyperaware of everything around him. He hears the jackrabbit beating of Stiles’ heart, the hitching of Stiles’ breath as he massages the head of his cock, god, he smells like sex and Derek can tell that he’s leaking pre-come everywhere.”

Stiles’ car breaks down in the rain and he spends the night in Derek’s guest bed.

One True Dick by eeyore9990 (1/1 | 1,898 | NC17)

Fifth anniversary: for basic bitches that meant some shit like gifts made of wood. Stiles Stilinski was not a basic bitch.

Which was why Derek was pacing back and forth in the middle of a circle of mountain ash, watching Stiles writhe and moan on their mountain ash-encircled bed whilst painting his well-lubed rim with yet another circle of — that’s right — mountain ash.