there's so much evil in their eyes

i love how simple and totally uncomplicated and absolutely non headache inducing bts music videos are like in the blood sweat and tears japanese version namjoon is just a fallen rebel angel who tries to make jungkook also see the truth by forcing him to drink absinthe but jungkook cant really handle the truth initially so he throws it up but when it finally kicks in he rejects yoongi who is trying to keep jungkook safe and away from the truth which he also does to jimin when a version of jimin bites the (forbidden) apple and sees the truth and runs away to try to find the version of himself who hasnt bitten the apple and is just sitting there contemplating if he should when he is in a place that while absolutely dull and uneventful is also safe and comfortable but when he does find that version of himself yoongi manages to cover his face and he never gets to let that version of him know the truth and he ends up juxtaposed with hoseok who is the “boy” who meets “evil” and he struggles to reach out to the heavens while yoongi covers jin’s eyes as well from the vision of “the fall of the rebel angels” but when he gets into a fight with taehyung who is a representation of both lucifer and icarus and taehyung wins the moral high ground that he has taken against the rest of them ends up crumbling and he falls and breaks the same way that they did 

how simple and uncomplicated and totally not headache inducing 


#one of the first things simon said when he changed was that he was repulsive #and nothing more than a monster #and in this moment he realizes he too was injected with demon blood #and wonders if they think that makes him evil too #if he’s really the monster he first thought he was

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Teaching the Ravagers to play Monopoly would include: Blood. So much blood. There's a broken nose here, scratch marks there... Yondu's got a black eye but he doesn't care because he just bought everything Kraglin had and is feeling mighty fine about himself... And you're there, huddled up in a corner, horrified by what you've done, the evil you have unleashed upon this ship...





Self Esteem - Theo Raeken

Theo was always the cocky and proud type. His face was always graced with a mischevious and cocky smirk that could drive anyone over the edge. You were the lucky one. He chose you over any girl he wanted. And he never failed to make you feel loved, and beautiful.

It took you a while to notice, but slowly, it seemed that Theo’s self esteem and self confidence was dropping and his insecurites were bubbling to the brink. You finally decided to act upon it once the rest of the pack began to notice.

“Hey Y/N, have you noticed Theo has been a little, I dunno, off lately?” Liam asked you as you walked towards the lunch table.
“Yeah as much as I dislike him and ignore him as much as possible its hard to ignore. I cant even pick up his chemosignals and i can tell hes upset.” Stiles said as we approached the table.
“Yeah i sorta have ill ask.” I said as we sat. I sat next to Theo, one of his legs on either side of the seat, I copied his actions and sat with my back pressed against his chest. I looked up at him and smiled. He rested his head on my shoulder and sent me a small smile. I looked into his eyes, his usual happy-go-lucky blue eyes seems sad and dull. Very unlike Theo.


Theo and I walked hand in hand towards my front porch. I unlocked the door and lead him up to my room to do our usual routine; homework with snacks and then binge watching netflix until we fall asleep. The whole time, Theo was off. He was quiet and he wasnt handsy or flirty.

“T?” I asked and gingerly put my hand on his shoulder. He turned to me, his eyes glassy.
“Why me?” He asked shakily.
“Oh Theo.” I said and pulled him into my arms. Sobs racked his body and his tears staining my skin. Once he calmed down I pulled him to arms length.
“Why you?”
“Why me? I nearly killed all your friends, I nearly killed you. I was evil. There are so many guys you could have, Like Scott. He’s a true alpha. I was a mistake.” he said, avoiding eye contact.
“Youre not evil Theo, That wasnt you. I know it wasnt. Youve changed and I love you, so much. I dont want Scott. I want you. Youre all Ive wanted and more. Dont think of yourself as anything less than amazing.” I said and he smiled.
“God I love you.” He said and i leant in and pressed my lips to his, warm yet chapped ones.
“Back at ya Raeken.”


Theres my first imagine! I think its pretty goooood although its pretty short. im not taking requests yet so just hang out until i let you know. xx matilda

We all know this happened post episode (Major Crimes Hindsight - 2, contains spoilers)
  • Andy and Sharon at her condo, on the couch, snuggled up together, having takeaway for dinner since Rusty is out with Gus and they're too tired to cook something because of the toll the case is taking on them.
  • Andy : You know, It was not so surprising that Tao reacted the way he did today.
  • Sharon : Hmm ...
  • Andy : Mark had it coming. He was out to piss of everyone purposefully. Telling us we aren't going our investigation well .. Huh !
  • Sharon : Hmm ...
  • Andy : *starts getting a bit nervous and decides to change the topic* have you thought about what you're going to do with the job offer ?
  • Sharon : Not yet ..
  • Andy : Ok ... *really starts to wonder what's wrong* you know Rusty will be safe. We'll all keep a look out for him. He won't get into any issues.
  • Sharon : I know ..
  • Andy : Sharonnn... What happened ? You're not talking to me.. Did I do anything wrong ? It wasn't even me who lost their temper today!
  • Sharon : *tries to stop from giggling on seeing him pout* Nothing Andy, what makes you think so.
  • Andy : I'm talking on and on and you haven't said a word... Is it .. Is it something Mark said ?
  • Sharon : Maybe ..
  • Andy : Sharonnn look at me.
  • *Sharon looks up at him trying to keep a stern face*
  • Sharon : I was wondering ... About your juggling skills.
  • *Andy looks confused*
  • Sharon : You know having so many girlfriends, juggling them .. How did he put it ?? Aah! Yes .. Having your hands full ..
  • Andy : *pales out on realising what she's talking about* Sharon .. That .. That .. You know that me is gone right ? I'm not .. I'm not .. It's ...
  • Sharon : *starts laughing unable to hold it any longer* I know Andy. I know that was the old you. Won't say I wasn't pissed off the moment he mentioned it but I know you're not the same guy anymore.
  • Andy : *breathes out* You are really evil you know ? You had me pretty scared there. I really thought you were angry and maybe .. A bit jealous *winks*
  • Sharon : Jealous ? Who ? Me ? Andy the last thing I am is jealous. I don't need to be jealous of any of your old girlfriends, I'm much better *winks*
  • Andy : That you are.
  • Sharon : and ... You are here, now, with me. You are now mine so I don't think there's a reason to be jealous.
  • Andy : *Grins widely* yours huh ? I didn't know you'd bought copyrights over me.
  • Sharon : *slaps him on the arm* you know what I mean.
  • Andy : *making heart eyes* I do but Sharon .. Seriously. I'm not that guy anymore. That person doesn't exist. I'm here. With you. Yours.
  • Sharon : *Smiles* Now let's watch football. I need to take my mind of the case.
  • Andy : You know you can watch every match live, if you take that job! But if you need to take your mind of the case, I can think of something better or we could just watch the game.
  • Sharon : Better huh? Wonder what that would be.
  • Andy : Let me show you. *Leans down to kiss her*

Unexpected - Michael Fluff
(Requested…so this is based in a request i got, u hope you guys enjoy xx)

Standing on the tiled floor, i let the sobs come from my mouth and the tears roll down my cheeks. I was done, so done. He had gone too far with his games and teasing, tonight had been the last straw causing me to now be in my position of trying to calm my nerves. I hated all things scary, anything that moved in the dark and he knew fine i did. Id been harmfully picked on by the other boys about my sleeping with the light on and having to bunk up with one of them whenever i stayed, and now he had used my biggest fear to get to me. Yet i knew deep down that i wasn’t crying because he scared me, i was crying because i was hopelessly in love with him, the boy who spent every moment i was around trying to hurt me.

“Ohh whats wrong is the little chicken scared of the movie…” It would if course be him, entering the room with his intentions to dig the knife deeper.

“Leave me alone..” My voice shook as i spoke, completely unable to look at him for what he had done and how he made me feel.

“Are, are you crying..” He was hesitant, almost like he was going to do as i asked for once. But all i could feel deep down was an anxiousness that his concern was all a game and it caused me to snap.

“Why cant you just stop?! Yes i’m crying, because you used my biggest fear to hurt me, again and again, well guess what well done you have topped yourself…why do you have to do this…why cant you just stop…what did i ever do..” Slumping into the floor i gave up as my knees became weak and i no longer had energy. Letting myself cry with a mixture if pity and heart ache, i prayed that he would leave me be.
I wasn’t sure if what next happened was real or if fell into something of a dream but one thing was for sure he was on his knees in front of me cupping my face and kissing me.

I wanted to push him away and slap him for what he had done, but i couldn’t and i wouldn’t. My heart warmed a little bit as we made out sweetly, my hands fisting against his shirt keeping him close and he played with my hair in his. He was fast becoming addictive, the taste of his lips what i had craved for so long and they were nothing short of what i had imagined.

“Wow.” We pulled away breathless, his thumbs wiping away my damp tears as he smiled weakly at me.

“Im so sorry, i am Y/N. I’ve been an asshole, the thing is i really I’ve, i’ve fallen in love with you…you just are so amazing and you scared me with the way you made me feel, so i was horrible to you because i didn’t know how else to deal with it. I was wrong i was so…” I cut him off this time with my own lips, pulling him back to be and somehow forgiving him in my own way. I could feel the broken pieces of my heart mending together.

“I wasn’t crying because of what you did, i was crying because I’m in love with you and you…i thought you hated me…” I was cut off this time by his lips once more intoxicating me, giving me the butterflies in my stomach and flushed cheeks, a feeling that i loved.

“I could never hate you..” Giggling as we sloppily kissed i knew his games were over and some may have called me naive but i was okay with being in love with him. I could now get to see the boy that everyone else got, there was no evil in him just confusion, and the fact that i was cause to it give me chills. Knowing that i caused him to fall for me so much it scared him made me smile, theres no better feeling than being in love but there is definitely no better feeling than knowing somebody is in love with you.

“Is this going to be our thing?” I giggled lightly pulling back to look at him.

“Are we a thing?” His eyes were wide and glazed.

“Clean slate, what do you say?” I whispered, leaning my forehead against his.

“Im gonna make it up to you, i swear to god…” I heard nothing but regret in his voice but i didn’t want him to feel bad anymore, he didn’t have to.

“Shhh, its okay…just promise me this is real.” I whispered, as held me close to him, his lips pecking against mine.

“I promise you.” With sincere words i closed my eyes with relief and happiness, i now had what i had always dreamed of and i wouldn’t let go for the world.

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omg i looked at your sherlock tag and how could u support john and mary when mary is obviously the villain? shes getting in between john and sherlock. it makes no sense. im really disgusted. why dont u open ur eyes and see how much john and sherlock love each other, theres no way that john would love an evil woman like mary. plus i saw some sherlock and molly, which would NEVER HAPPEN bc molly is just so weak tbh.


*rubs hands together*

Okay. I’m going to address your ask portion by portion. If you’re the nonny, please read on and do not ignore what I have posted, as that would be disrespectful.

  1. I support Mary and John because 1) it is canonical, in both BBC and ACD versions, and 2) because I want to. Nothing you say, no matter how much meta you link me or how much my inbox overflows, will change my opinion on that ship. If everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, why can’t this apply to ships? Plus, I really like Mary’s character, and I don’t see her as getting in the way of Sherlock and John. In many ways, Mary is similar to both Sherlock and John (very intelligent, logical, addicted to a dangerous lifestyle, etc). Plus, if Sherlock- Sherlock, the only consulting detective, Sherlock, notorious for not caring about many people- trusts her (as seen in TSoT during Watson domestic, and again in his Mind Palace during TAB- Mary is portrayed as helpful and intelligent, and this is from Sherlock’s perspective) then I’m fairly sure we’re safe for now. I’m not saying she’s a perfect angel (oh hell no, she is not perfect), and I’m definitely not saying that she’s going to stay on Sherlock’s good side in S4, but as of now, I love Mary’s character, lines, and interactions with both of the leads. (and I freaking love Amanda Abbington too!)
  2. I’m sorry that you’re disgusted by my choice of ships. I don’t see how it bothers you. I am a happy multishipper who ships things like Johnlock, Warstan, and Sherlolly at the same time. In my personal headcanon (which extends to my tumblr), Warstan and Sherlolly are real and I’m sorry that that bothers you. I don’t deny the possibility of Johnlock canonically happening in the show, but again, personal headcanons, my friend. If you hate my blog that much, unfollow me/stop looking at my blog. It’s really not that hard, rather than sending hate mail to me, trying to change my opinion.
  3. I can see that John and Sherlock love each other- no doubt about it. But I interpret this love as one of the strongest cases of platonic love I’ve ever seen. (Please don’t tell me that I’m being heteronormative, because as a biromantic demisexual, I know otherwise.) That’s my interpretation of the show, and as there is not statement or canon that clearly states that Sherlock and John are in love, it’s open ended and, as a result, open to interpretation. You clearly see it as Sherlock and John being in love. I see it as a brotherly relationship. The difference between you and I, Nonny, is that I respect other people’s ships and interpretations. You don’t.
  4. I don’t need to “open my eyes”. You shouldn’t be forcing others to see through your lens. Here’s a better analogy- have you ever tried on someone’s glasses that aren’t near to your prescription? It’s really blurry and makes your head hurt, right? Then sometimes they don’t look great on you. Well, same thing here. You, Nonny, are forcing me to wear glasses that don’t fit me. I’d rather wear my own prescription of Warstan, Johnlock, AND Sherlolly than being forced to wear a Johnlock-only pair of glasses. I’d prefer my own prescription and opinion back, thank you very much.
  5. John does love Mary. It’s why he dated her, married her, is even the father of her child. Again, we don’t if that relationship will stay this same in S4, but I personally think it’s safe to assume that John does love Mary, in some form or shape. I still don’t see how Mary is evil- her job as an assassin may have horrible, for sure, but it was a job, and real life people are paid by the CIA and other international government branches to do the same thing.
  6. Addressing the Sherlolly- I don’t understand how you could just assume that Sherlolly would never happen? You never know. I’ve personally interpreted most of the Sherlock/Molly interactions to be affectionate, like the “you matter the most” scenes, “i need you”, kisses on the cheek, and, most importantly to me, that part in ASiB when Sherlock apologizes to Molly at the Christmas party, because how many times have we seen Sherlock apologize to someone he’s wronged? Not many, that’s for sure.
  7. Molly is not weak. That’s the only part I didn’t get, from this ask, because Molly is definitely not weak. Not on the inside, at least. I have no clue how you got that assumption- as Sherlock would say, “you see, but you do not observe.” How Molly’s character is weak is something I cannot fathom- I personally think she is so interesting and layered- anything but weak. (The only character in Sherlock that I see as weak would be Kitty Riley.) Feel free to come off anon and tell me how that’s possible.

In conclusion, please don’t tell me what ships to ship, or what relationships I should have on my blog or not. I’m really sorry it’s disgusted you- again, it’s a simple as hitting that unfollow button or just not looking at my blog anymore. Nonny, feel free to message me if, for some reason, you want to continue this debate. 

Anyone else- *opens arms wide* - fight me.

<3 -Maia