there's so much beauty in the rain

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I'm probably gonna kill myself. I don't know what else to do.

don’t kill yourself now, tomorrow, tonight, or in anytime because you are worth living with thousands of reasons to be happy, i feel bad for you in what you’ve been through but trust me these thoughts are going to fade away sooner, i love you, people around you loves you and they do appreciate you no matter what. please stay strong because there are plenty reasons to live and i’ll just list you as many as i can okay?

  • you have forever to be dead
  • for that comforting feeling when a cat finally allows you to pick them up and sticks by your side
  • life can be beautiful
  • everything will balance out
  • new music
  • books you can’t put down
  • theres still so much to discover
  • you are needed
  • sleep food
  • a hot cup of tea
  • how awesome it feels when class gets cancelled
  • kittens
  • hearing a song that has been stuck in your head all day
  • the smell of cookies in the oven
  • when your parents are proud of you
  • when your favourite song comes on the radio
  • there are beautiful places to see
  • bucket lists to complete
  • rules to break
  • art to see & create
  • to fade your scars
  • to find something you believe in
  • to help someone
  • falling asleep to rain
  • smiling at strangers
  • 7 billion people you haven’t met yet
Love square eye contact moments

The Ladrien “oh my god this is my true love in front of me i stare so hard im lovestruck even though theres an akuma trying to kill me” moment in the Mime

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The Umbrella Scene aka the greatest rain romantic scene in the history of rain scenes because holy shit the way they stare at each other if this isn’t true love then I don’t know what is

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The Ladynoir “we’re a team, right?” “unstoppable.” scene that is way too much for my heart and god the slow motion is way too much

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Very unfortunately we don’t have a beautiful eye contact moment in Marichat but we do have this 

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So there you have it eye contact moments in our beloved love square!

A Special Day

Genre: fluff- smut


Request: Can you please write an imagine with Chris Evans? Something between fluff/smut?

Authors note: this is my first time doing a short story. Hope you guys enjoy it. WARNING: there’s a sex scene. Lol
June 13th

It’s 3 am when you hear a voice singing happy birthday. You can’t help but smile as soon as you recognize the voice. “ happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Tânia, happy birthday to you.” Chris’s voice is pure bliss to your ears. Still tired, you open your left eye. You see Chris smiling while holding a cupcake with a candle on it.

“ made a wish baby.” He says.

“ what can I possibly wish for since I already have you ?”
Chris smirks to your reply.

“ happy birthday to you too Chris ” Chris shakes his head,

“ this day is all about you”

After a few seconds you decide on a wish and blow the candle. you were surrounded by complete darkness. Shortly after you feel the weight of the bed shift, soon you are surrounded by strong arms. You can feel Chris breath by your left ear.

“ what did you wish for?” Chris whispers into your ear. “ if I tell you it won’t happen.”

“ come on Tânia, you believe in that stuff?”

“Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. Maybe I just don’t feel like telling you” you say while smirking at you.

Chris opens the light while adjusting it so it’s not too bright. Just a soft slow, an intimate shade. Chris soft hands turns you onto your back and climbs on top of you.

“ tell me.” Chris says while getting a few inches close to your face.

“ or else what?” You say giggling.

“ or else I’ll tickle you” Chris gives you kisses between each words.

Your eyes widen. Before you can react Chris tickles you. You can’t help but laugh your head off, practically laughing like a little kid. Chris suddenly stops. A little concerned, you ask him what’s wrong.

“ nothing, it’s just that you’re so beautiful”

“ you’re too cheesy for me Chris” you say while giggling.

“ I’m serious, you’re beautiful” he says seriously but smirks “ and quite sexy, I definitely love your ass”
you roll your eyes at his last remark. Chris is now inches from your face. “ so perfect” he whispers before cupping your face in his hands and kissing your lips. It was sweet and soft but soon turns into a ruff and lustful kiss. You can feel Chris get hard. He starts to gently grind on you. A soft moan escapes his lips. He kisses your lips again and then your cheeks, jaw, neck and finally starts to suck on your right Nipple through your white tank top. He takes your tank top off in a swift motion. He goes back to sucking your nipple. He gently squeezes the other. Before you know it Chris starts to kiss your stomach and then your thighs. He takes off your shorts, and smiles when he sees that you’re not wearing any underwear. He starts to kiss your womanhood, you can’t help but slip out a gentle moan. As he senses that you are close, he start suck and lick faster. He caresses your thighs while doing so. You can feel your walls close in as you lift your hips off the bed. You release a moan as your body releases all the tension. Your body soon starts to shake as soon as you realize Chris isn’t stopping. You’re surrounded by so much pleasure you’re not in control of your body anymore. You start to get loud, begging Chris to stop. You can feel him smile. He slows down his pace as he licks and sucks you dry. You couldn’t believe how intense your orgasm was. Chris slowly kisses your stomach while taking off his boxers. He kisses each of your nipples and finally your lips. He caresses every part of your body that isn’t touched and soon he grabs your legs and lift them up to you chest. He slowly start to slide himself into you, he moans into your lips. Chris slowly thrust in and out of you, taking his time to feel your walls opening and closing. He moans into your lips again. He thrusts faster. Your breathing becomes quicker and shorter. He picks up the speed. You can tell that he’s close. You can see through the dim light that his mouth is formed into an “O”. A moan escapes his lips every few seconds. He releases inside you while hungrily kissing your lips. He slowly pulls out, you can feel his body tremble. He plops next to you and holds you close. He plays with your hair while leaving soft pecks on your shoulder. As you’re about to drift off you hear Chris’s voice say “ I love you.”


A few hours later you wake you feeling great, But a little confused about last night. Did Chris really say that he loved you or were you dreaming? The smell of pancakes and bacon fills up your nose, and distract you from your thoughts. After stretching you finally sit up and see hundreds of rose petals on the bed and floor. Chris walks in with a tray filled with pancakes, eggs, bacon with two glasses of orange juice.

“ good morning love” he says his voice is raspy.

“ good morning handsome”
you can’t help but smile from ear to ear. He leans onto the bed and kisses you. Chris carefully slides onto the bed and puts the tray close to both of you so you can share

“ Chris, this is too much! It’s your birthday too!” You say while feeling a little guilty.

“ Tânia, don’t. This is your day, I want this to be all about you. Okay?”
You know theres no use to arguing with him. You nod and kiss his cheek.

“ what’s the plan for today.” You ask.

“ I was thinking, staying inside since its raining outside. Maybe have a Disney marathon?”

“ oh my God, yes!” You couldn’t help but feel excited. It was nice to be away from the crowd.

You start with Peter Pan, beauty and the beast, and Cinderella. By the time the movies were finished it was supper time. You order some pizza. Before Chris can pop up another movie you bring him his gift. You hand him a huge roll of paper. You can’t help but smile when you see his reaction while he unrolls it. You worked hard on drawing a portrait of you guys.

“ it’s beautiful. Thank you babe.” He kisses you and picks you up and leads you to the bed. Before you know it, you and Chris had made love again.


You decide to take a bath and Chris joins you.

You feel your body relax onto Chris. The water gently caressing both of your bodies. “ you’re too good to me, Chris” you say while feeling gratitude.

“ that’s because you deserve it babe” he whispers.

“ you know what I wished for this morning?”

“ I knew you’d end up telling me” Chris says with a huge grin on his face. You turn around slowly to face him.

“ wished for you to have the best birthday possible”

Chris smiles down and then smiles at you, his smile gets bigger as he looks at your face.

“ babe, this was the best birthday ever, as long as I’m with you, that’s all that matters.”

“You’re so cheesy” you say while giggling.

You turn around again and lean on Chris.

“ It might be but it’s true.” Chris says with a serious tone.

You get out of the bathtub and take a towel to dry you off and grab one for Chris. You get into your pyjamas and Chris follows your footsteps. It was 12 by the time you got into bed. Chris hold you close. “ I love you” he whispers into your ear. This time you weren’t half asleep. This time you knew it was real. “ I love you too Chris”

You can feel his smile onto your shoulder. Before finally falling asleep.


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The year is 2024. The movie premier of Home sold twice as many tickets as expected. A dedicated team of hackers has removed all unlawfully reposted Home fanart. Julie decides to reveal the unreleased art of Derek from the end of Ch14. Fans rejoice

I literally choked on the apple I was eating.

P.S. (I’m crying can’t believe you remember the unreleased ch14 Derek art)

Zodiac Lyrics: "Kill the Lights" by the Birthday Massacre
  • This story's missing a wishing well, No mirror to show and tell, No kiss that can break the spell: Pisces
  • I'm falling asleep, Every prince is a fantasy, The witch is inside of me, Her poison will wash away the memory: Cancer
  • We kill the lights and put on a show, It's all a lie, But you'd never know: Libra
  • The star will shine, And then it will fall, And you will forget it all: Capricorn
  • And after midnight we're all the same, No glass shoe to bring us fame: Taurus
  • Nobody to take the blame, We're falling apart: Scorpio
  • Every story's a waiting game, A flower for every name: Leo
  • Their colors are paling, In the falling rain: Virgo
  • Now you know, It's so much better to pretend, There's something waiting for you here: Gemini
  • Every letter that you wrote, Has found its way to me, my dear, You can make believe that what you say, Is what I want to hear: Aries
  • I'll keep dancing through this, Beautiful delusional career, Faking every tear: Sagittarius
  • Looking like a compromise suicide, Keeping all my dreams alive: Aquarius
For the people who think they're alone. If one person sees it pls share to make a difference. One saved life is the inspiration to all hurt lifes.

People believe they’re alone but in reality they are full of people that love them, they’re just blind cause of society. I want to be clear in something there’s no REASON TO THINK ABOUT SUICIDE OR SELF HARM. There will be times that you will feel unworth it ,that you’re alone in this big world, there will be people that tells you this hurtful things etc. But the only truth is that nothing of it is true why? Because YOU’re worth it, YOU’RE not alone in this pathetic world, YOU’RE just perfect in your own way. If you think of suiciding you’re being so selfish because you’re not thinking about your parents that LOVES you so much that will give there lifes for you, you’re causing so much pain to them beacuse it’s not natural to a parent see there child dead and less that way, you will kill them of sadness of sorrow . Im not telling you that it will always be color of pink theres going to pain but happiness too. Its has to be a little of rain to see the beauty of the rainbow. YOU’RE SO STRONG THAT YOU DON’T OF. Its worth the fighting its worth fighting for your happiness. DONT TAKE PERMANENT SOLUTIONS FOR TEMPORARY PROBLEMS. If you need to talk to someone i will be here for you to listen.

- keep strong for yourself and for your happiness.
With love Ashley

There's So Much Beauty In a Storm

Series: Fairy Tail
Main pairing: Nalu
Genre: Romance
Setting: stormy weather means fluffy weather!
Rating: T
Type: one-shot

A/N: It’s raining at my house right now, and watching the storm gave me a surge of inspiration. So I naturally decided to write nalu fluff.

Lucy watched the hail fall into the grass from the sliding glass door. It looked the same as the crickets that she would try and catch during the summertime out in the garden when she was younger; they would pop out of the grass for a moment, only to slip through her fingers and disappear again.

She seemed to shrink in the doorway she stood in, wrapping her blanket tighter around her shoulders as a shield. She looked up just in time to see a bolt of lightning rip open the sky, flinching as thunder followed, roaring triumphantly as it dumped another bout of hail onto the world below. Not a minute passed before another bolt of lightning crashed through the clouds, illuminating the space around her.

It seemed someone was determined to break the sky tonight.

She gently placed one hand on the glass in front of her, and let her forehead fall forward to rest next to her fingers. Closing her eyes, she could feel the hail hit the glass like rocks, and she listened to the wind and rain howl against the house. It seemed angry there was something standing in its way, and it fought to tear the brick and mortar from its foundation.

Another round of lightning – this time even closer. Thunder followed a second later, like a gunshot ringing through the night. Lucy jumped, stumbling back and away from the doorway. She’d never been scared of the weather, but she’d never experienced a storm like this before, either. She pulled her blanket even tighter, tucking it under her arms as she made her way to the kitchen, putting water in her tea kettle and setting it on the stove.

She heard the front door open and turned quickly towards the sound, nearly falling off the stool she had just ascended to grab her favorite box of tea from the back of the cupboard. Lucy yelped as she juggled the box, her blanket, and her feet, and panicked as she felt gravity pull her towards the ground.

But instead of the floor she was expecting, she was received by two strong arms. Holding her bridal style, they pulled her towards a warm chest, and pink hair nuzzled her cheek as she felt a pair of lips place a small kiss on her neck. She laughed – in both humor and relief – and wrapped her arms around the broad shoulders that supported her.

“Welcome home, Natsu.”

The man pulled her closer, pressing his forehead to hers and smiling down at her.

“Hiya, Luce.”

She laughed again and pushed him away half-heartedly, complaining about how wet he was from the rain outside. He responded by shaking his hair out and rubbing his cheek against her own, transferring some of the water to her.

Lucy squealed, kicking her legs and flailing as Natsu struggled to keep ahold of her. He only laughed, carrying her to the couch and dropping her there. She smiled and pulled him down on top of her, wrapping her blanket around the both of them. Sliding her hands up his chest and to his cheeks, she tilted her head up to meet his lips with her own. He pulled her closer, deepening their kiss and wrapping his arm around her neck, running his fingers through her hair. She let out a sound of satisfaction, and she felt him smile against her lips. She pulled the blanket over their heads as another bolt of lightning tore through the clouds.

Not even the sky breaking open could separate them now.


Day 95: (describe the weather)

‘London’ and 'rain' ; two words often heard in the same sentence. The weather may be grey and perhaps there’s hundreds of Londoners complaining about the weather as I type, but as I walked through the park I thought about how all these lovely little flowers looked so beautiful covered in droplets and how much they must be enjoying these spring showers. Yes, I had to wear a raincoat & wellies, but I can’t deny I love listening to the rain as it hits the ground or the smell after the rain is gone.