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Part of a project for my digital imaging class !!! We were supposed to scan things that we would then be able to edit together to create a story. I’m using my sylvari, Rowedah, as the subject. I’m not finished, and it doesn’t look very much like Rowedah, but I really like how she’s turning out in this frame !!!

the thing i love about wishverse!buffy is that she’s literally buffy except she doesn’t have the scooby gang and joyce doesn’t support her??? and that’s just so very similar to who faith is in s3?? they’re still different of course, bc they Are different people, but they don’t have anyone, they hate their parents, so it’s all about the fight because what else is there?? so i just really love the idea of willow reaching into that universe again and somehow wishverse!buffy ending up in the main timeline circa s7 and faith is So Shook bc it’s Buffy, it’s her buffy, but it isn’t???? and she just has this intense need to help her bc 1. she’s faith lehane and she helps young girls, that’s her Thing and 2. buffy was there for her when she was a fuck up, she owes her that, so faith and wishverse!buffy just kind of become a team and they travel from hellmouth to hellmouth kicking demon ass and getting into a lot of fights along the way bc they’re both So Difficult but it works for them bc they get each other and they’re not alone anymore and that’s all that matters tbh

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I just wanted to let you know that Chalo and Priya and Teddy and you all actually help my depression and anxiety. I have a legitimate prescription from my therapist to look at your blog more. I always get really excited when I see something you've posted.

I wasn’t prepared for this, and it’s touching my heart more than I know how to say.

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Hi! I'm here to say...That there's something about BTS that feels so special. I don't know why but i constantly belive in their relationships. I do know that a lot of things exaggerated on TV and we don't know about them so much. They are actually not an a innocents boys and have their own flaws. But when i look on them together i just cant help but love them.(1)

Maybe it’s because together they’ve been go through so much thing and i personally believe that it can make people closer (even if not THAT close). And actually in past two years they became somewhat more open or it’s better to say more peaceful, like they’re get rid of their past problems and insecurities and anger.(2) 

I know that there can be a lot of reasons for thath but i sure that all the members and ARMY’s support take a role in it. It’s more like they not just work together (i know that they’re live together but i hope you get that i want to say xDD). And exactly i’m not tell that because i just love them. It’s THAT feeling that make me LOVE them SO much.(3)

I do love other groups too but that special feeling it’s only with BTS for some reason. Well, actually, i was about to ask you’re opinion on their relationship but it’s turn out to be a huge confession to them (◕‿‿◕。) (4)

Hey, anon! Your love for them is so cute. :) I wish they could read what you wrote, it’d definitely warm up their hearts. 

As to what I think. Like I’ve said before I think they’re close too, even if sometimes in different ways that they show. They certainly grew closer as time went by ‘cause it’s obvious with some of them how they had to act differently when they weren’t so (like Jimin and Taehyung actually fighting in the beginning during predebut, Yoongi and Jungkook being so awkward together, etc). Nowadays they all seem to respect each other quite nicely, and that shows. So I do think they’re close, but… This is the only thing that bothers me about what you said: “there’s something about BTS that feels so special”, as if they were the only group that is that close. I don’t know you or how long you’ve been into Kpop, but there’s so many groups with such strong bonds as well. Sometimes even stronger, if you take in consideration what they had to go through… Like. Bangtan is definitely close but while their path had some troubles, some other groups had such harder times. I don’t know if you know much about them but take 2NE1 as an example. The four girls went through so much, YG himself bullied them constanly talking about their looks, they were judged by netizens even when doing nothing, they went through scandals that could’ve definitely make them hate each other - but they fought hard together and kept promoting until they were separated in such an unfair way that all kpop fans were shook. Even when 2014 happened to Bom, the day after they weren’t allowed to cancel and had a performance without her… They were publicly forced to perform without their friend and it shows how unhappy they are with it during the performance. All girls wore a piece of clothing from Bom’s stage costume that night and CL added different lyrics referring to her as well. I mean?? And to this day they’re close, they keep on supporting each other even after they were forced to disband. Shinee guys hated each other during debut lol but nowadays are one of the closest groups ever, they’re constantly seem together even during off days. Shinhwa members have chosen to stick together over money more than once! Heck, JYJ were so close that they stood up against the biggest entertainment company in their country. So yeah. I love Bangtan and will strongly defend them if necessary but don’t think they’re the only ones that can show such great bonds. You’re definitely allowed to like only them, it’s obviously ok to not stan other groups or not know much about them - you choose how you consume it. You’re being biased because you love them and that’s fine. But to say they’re the only one that feels special… That’s kinda mean. I’m sure you didn’t intend it that way, though. But I’d feel bad if I didn’t say anything about it. I’m rambling a lot today and I blame the universe since Sun and Mercury are currently in Gemini. lol

you know the one thing that really gets me is when the music manager guy is pretending to be an evil scientist to get paul to help them or something(???)

and ringo doesnt believe him so he just straight up rips this dudes clothes off

like ringo man what were the odds that this guy would be wearing a suit under his shirt ….how could he has possibly known thats what was under there anyway like…does ringo go around randomly tearing peoples close off in wild hope of finding out their secret identity?? there was no clues that that guy was a fake

When your bara bro kills your bara dad…

Kyle: Well Stan is my super best friend so there’s lots of things I like about him. But if I have to pick one thing it would probably be…he’s always there for me I guess, I mean Kenny can be supportive. And Cartman is……Cartman. So Stan is my one friend I can usually rely on.

Kyle: Kenny is… well I worry about him sometimes. But what’s great about him is that even when really shitty stuff happens to him he almost always bounces back. He has a terrible home life, but always puts on a smile for us. Which in my book is really awesome. Maybe not so much for him but there isn’t much I can do about it.

There are a lot of things I feel about Cartman. I think he’s a fat, short, asshole who doesn’t know how to mind his own business. He’s always ruining shit and getting in the way of of everything. If something bad happens it’s usually because of something this dumbass did. But I figure you weirdos won’t leave me alone until I say something positive about him..So I guess he has nice hair. Are you happy now?


Jenkins in S3E5 - “And the Tears of a Clown”


taekook fic (two-shot!!!)

Title: don’t let your love go to waste
Length: 18+k words (lmao what how did that happen)
Pairing: taekook!!
Summary: taehyung and jungkook meet on omegle. (college!au + some life after college)




006. Most Angelic Picture(s). That Makes You Feel The Most. (by Zoe)

Part 2/2