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Dating Diana Prince Would Include...

anon ask : can you do what dating diana prince would be like?? i really liked your malia tate headcannons so much!! 

 [A/N] : aww im glad you liked it!! i just finished doing my chemistry homework and im in a good mood bc i got an A for it sooo here ya gooo!! (this was supposed to be posted tomorrow but im in a good mood) 

how does one obtain a diana prince in their life 

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Originally posted by jyncassian

  • the first time she saw you she nearly fainted mostly because she lived on an island full of women and she never felt this way before?? 
  • the only time she felt like this was with Steve after he died 
  • she thought that she wouldn’t ever feel that way again but then she saw you and wow?? 
  • you didn’t even look that nice in fact you were a mess 
  • you worked at the louvre too 
  • you were carrying stacks of papers 
  • while struggling from dropping them you accidentally knocked down a very expensive vase 
  • diana caught it in time 
  • the vase was covering your face so she lowered it down 
  • and then she saw you apologizing over and over again with a blush on your cheeks 
  • she dropped the vase

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August Burns Red

BTS Taehyung / Words: 6,573 / Warnings: language, smut
@taehyungunicorn requested: Could you do a oneshot where the boys (BTS) have recently moved in next door and Taehyung likes reader. Can you make Tae a fuckboy personality? and one day they go out and Taehyung gets horny watching her eat a popsicle and they go to his place and fuck an he’s super gentle and sweet unlike his bad boy looks?
A/N: here babe, im so sorry this took almost 2 months but I hope you like it! 

You let out a short breath of air and straightened your back after setting down a particularly heavy box - probably containing some random kitchen appliances - and you rested your hands on your hips as you gazed around at your living room. Your life was contained in cardboard boxes that covered the floor and were stacked up on the walls, waiting to be opened and have their contents sorted into your new apartment. The cozy furniture set that your parents had bought as a housewarming gift was the only thing visible, and even the couch and chairs had a few packed items scattered on them for the sake of convenience. In hindsight, you probably should’ve enlisted some more help for the move, but you had been too set on doing absolutely everything by yourself when it came to your new place. You were so unashamedly proud of the fact that you had done the entire lease on your own, and you had high hopes for the new semester and internship ahead of you. You promised to yourself that you’d be unbeatable, and nothing would stand in your way. Not even the ten boxes that were still sitting down two flights of stairs, waiting to be hauled up.

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memey au jared kleinman x reader; headcannons


Written @ Writers Wednesday, special thanks to;

Flower Anon










-Everyone is born with their soulmates favorite meme on their forearm

-Its always like a very specific meme so like if your soulmate saw it they would be like ‘oh shit thats me’

-You, however, were born with a shit ton of memes

-Like, all of them

-Ones from like the MEDIEVAL times of memes yo and also brand new ones and its kind of sick??

-sick as in cool or sick as in gross only you can decide

-you frequently wake up with a new meme on your arm whenever a new one becomes popular

 -sometimes you have to go on to figure out what the fuck is on your body

-every day you look at your arm and cupcakke lyrics are there 

-its hell

-”ms. (Y/N) why is there the words ‘hump me fuck-’”


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Fic Recs!

@queerlyalex​ tagged me to share my favorite fics with under 1K kudos. I have so many tabs open right now it’s obnoxious, but I just have a lot of love for fics okay?

(also tagging: @damnfancyscotch​, @whatthehellisahoechlin​, @petals42​, @notenoughgatorade​,and @tattooedsterek​)

I’m going to attempt to sort these by ship, but other than that they’re in no particular order. Also I’ve recced some of these before but they deserve all the love :)


The Curse of The Green Thong by twice_shy ( @notboldly​)

Mature, 6.5K Words

After finding a thong in the communal washing machine, Stiles makes some hasty assumptions about what his roommate does for a living. (Mistaken-for-a-stripper!AU)

As you will see after reading this list, I am such a fan of ridiculousness, especially when it comes to sterek. This is just a very cute and fun little fic where Stiles makes a lot of assumptions about Derek based on a pair of underwear he finds in their apartment’s washing machine. One of my pick me up fics!

The Principal Thing by fuchs ( @fuchswrites​)

Teen & Up, 4.2K Words

Out of everything wrong with the world, out of everything horrible that has happened to Stiles, out of kanimas and werewolves and sociopathic hunters and batshit insane high school students, Stiles had thought that his eventual and inevitable demise would be slightly more dramatic than this.

OMG. I love Hannah and I love this fic SO MUCH. Stiles is SO dramatic and the pack is so GREAT and everything is amazing and I laugh my way through the entire thing. 

Better Than Deep-Fried Twinkies by  shift ( @shiftsideways )

Explicit, 7.9K Words

There’s a guy sitting cross-legged in the hay, seemingly unconcerned with the cow excrement almost certainly contained within it; Inara’s laid down in front of him, and he’s leaning forward, her huge head cupped tenderly in his hands, his cheek almost touching hers. He looks completely enraptured, staring into her eyes intensely and rubbing her cheeks in slow circles, leaning into her with his whole body like she’s precious and beautiful and everything he ever wanted. It’s weirdly intense, and should really be off-putting, but Inara looks sleepy and calm and happy, and Derek is way too distracted watching the guy’s hands, long-fingered and beautiful, massaging her face tenderly.

In which Stiles hits on Derek’s cow, then hits on Derek. Also in which Stiles’ eyelashes are favorably compared with those of a cow.

COWS OKAY. No but honestly, my biggest kink is anything involving Derek Hale working with animals/dirt/driving a truck and wearing a cowboy hat. FOR REALS. Anyways, I love the way Clara writes, with the perfect mix of humor and just wonderfulness. (look I’m bad at putting feelings into words just go read the thing). 

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Halloween Special- After Party

A/n: So i know halloween was almost a week ago and I dropped that we were doing a halloween special, but with everything that happened we didnt get done and just decided to scrap it. But I kinda grew attached to this super long smut and so I kinda want you to read it… so heres a Choi Seunghyun Vampire AU…

Its Smut…

Your curiosity definitely got the better of you as you walked over to the room on your right. You didnt want to be the person to go snooping around a strangers house, but if there was someone in there you needed to talk to them. As you turned the corner you got yourself ready to introduce yourself you stopped dead in your tracks. 

He was gorgeous. The most beautiful man you had ever seen before and to you, all the boys you left gawking after you at the party didnt matter. The way he looked up to you, slowly pulling the half smoked cigarette out of his mouth made your entire body rise with goosebumps. He looked up to you with dangerous eyes, eyes that made you take a half step back as he stood up and slowly made his way over to you. 

‘It is impolite to intrude on someones home.’ He said standing almost a little too close to you, the smell of cigarettes on his coat and even though you now felt terrified, it was comforting at the same time. 

‘Is this a habit of yours? Walking into homes unannounced?’

‘No, its just… um… My..’

‘Its just. Um, you’re a big girl, use your words.’ He said dangerously, making you stammer even more. 

‘I think I hit a deer a few miles back my car is in a ditch and my phone isn’t working.’ You said quickly, taking a deep breath when you were done since he took a step back. 

You watched as he chuckled, a deep dimple meeting his cheek and making your heart flutter. You were so confused emotionally that all you could do was stand there as he started to walk around you. 

‘You think you hit a deer?’ He tested.

‘I hit some type of animal.’ You said quietly, trying not to look at him as he came to stop right infant of you again. 

‘This.’ He started, hooking a finger under the shoulder of your costume and pulling it down slightly to expose your skin slightly. ‘Is quite a costume.’

You were shocked. He was so forward and if a stranger had ever acted this way towards you, you would have been nose up and scoffing, half way back to your car by now. But there was something about him that just drew you into his touch, and all you wanted was more. He took a small half step forward again and reached to push your hair back, asking one more time what you were here for. 

‘I was going to ask if I could borrow a phone. Try and get my car out of the ditch and get home.’ You said, trying your hardest to keep your eyes form looking down at his stern lips that you were surprised to see turn up in a slight chuckle. 

‘Do you know where you are?’ 

‘Not really. I got lost.’

‘Well I’m sorry to hear that. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but where you are standing right now is a dead zone. Plus I don’t have a phone. But, I do have a car and wouldn’t mind taking you to get your car towed tomorrow. For now you can stay here.’ He said turning his back and walking away to light another cigarette.

‘I couldn’t impose, I’m sorry for bothering  you.’ You said not sure what else to do. 

‘Nonsense. Where else are you going to go? Back to your sinking car in the woods? You’re safer in here than you’d be out there.’ Another smirk met his lips as he turned to watch you rock in your step. ‘Would you like a glass of wine?’ He asked, forcing a smile to try and get you to relax as he already started to make his way to the half bar that was in the corner of the room.

You accepted the wine and things grew awkward. You started to look around, anything to distract your eyes from looking at the gorgeous man in front of you. You rocked in your step, wracking your brain on something to say but there was nothing. And then you remembered the least you should know about this man, if anything, was his name. 

‘Im Y/n, by the way. Whats yours?’ You asked, looking back over to where he stood, topping off the glass he had been drinking when you first walked in. 

‘Seunghyun. Choi Seunghyun.’ He said turning back to you. 

Once again it was awkward. He hadn’t shown you were you could sleep and there was no way he was about to leave you alone in the house. But still, there was nothing to talk about. So you moved to the art work that hung along the dark walls. They were grotesque. blood every where, Demons and other dark creatures.

‘Francisco Goya, a spanish painter. All of these are Spanish art work from the 16th and 17th century. This one in particular, is one of my favorites.’ He said noticing the look on your face as you studied the demon looking man with the corps of what looked like a child hanging between his teeth. 

‘And this one, another favorite, is this one. William Adolphe Bouguereau’s ‘Dante and Virgil in Hell’’

You followed him over and took in the disturbing piece. A man, bent over almost backwards with his neck in the mouth of another man as demons and religious men stood by and watched. You cleared your voice, either this man was a sicko or he just truly appreciated the works no one really ever talked about. 

‘Theres something vaccinating about the idea of a vampire, isn’t there. It makes you think; What happened to make this creature become a reality? Is it a wives tale or did things like this actually happen.’ He said, now standing closely behind him. You wanted him to think of you as someone with a little more brains that he probably took you for, so you nodded. 

‘Could this have just been inspired by Dracula?’ You asked, honestly curious now. 

‘It was painted 50 years before that story. but either way, how did that story have to come about?’ He asked, and when you took to long thinking about it he continued. ‘Theres a tale about a vampire not many people know, a man who used to stalk the city you and I live in 50 years ago, actually lived in this house according to ledgend. Rabid man with no self control and though they tried to always pin him with insanity and murder, he always got away. They say se gained self control over his instincts and can now live among humans, killing only when he needs to, not when he wants to. Ive heard that people who have seen his picture from years ago have seen a man who looks just like him walking around. It makes you think, doesn’t it?’

Though the topic was strange, he was right. You had actually heard that story, in more graphic detail of course, but the man who’s seemed to be living in the city for way to long was a scary story your grandmother used to tell to you. 

‘That man by any chance isn’t you.’ You chuckled, trying to lighten the mood as you looked over your shoulder, his chest inches away from being pressed against your back. In a normal situation you’d be freaked out, but there was something that told you he wouldn’t do anything you told him no towards. Plus, it was halloween and he was probably just trying to scare you. 

‘And what if it was?’ 

You should have ran, just left the house and figured something else out. But even though there was nothing about him that was saying he was just joking, you felt strangely comfortable. Safe, almost. 

‘Well, you wouldn’t hurt me would you?’

‘What would make you so special? A young lady walks willingly into my home unannounced and,’ he touched your shoulder gently, your skin getting goosebumps. ‘is no match for me. What makes you think I wouldn’t take a bite.’ His lips hovered over your neck. 

‘You won’t hurt me.’ You breathed, his lips barley brushing down your neck and to your shoulder where the gently pressed against your skin. 

‘Well, then lets see how well I can control myself.’ He growled against your skin, turning you around and pressing your against the wall. He paused, his eyes growing dark and the veins around his eyes becoming more visible as the darkening seemed to extend past his eyes and onto his actual skin. Your breath hitched and you adverted your eyes looking down to his mouth. Though his eyes looked terrifying his mouth looked so inviting, and you thought you were crazy for wanting nothing more than to kiss him.

Your heart was racing, but not because you were entrapped against a wall with a killed over you, but because your body was reacting to his control Instantly you felt yourself heat up, but if he wanted to play this game, you would play it harder. 

You rose your hips off the wall till you were barley touching him, a sign of go. But still, even though he had the green light you struggled, biting your lip and lightly moaning as his strong arms kept you right where you were. He smiled slightly, the first sight of his canines making you even wetter. 

‘Are you just going to keep me pinned here.’ You breathed, your eyes flicking back down to his mouth, now wanting nothing more than to have them pressed against yours. 

You blamed your crazy behaviors on the night. But you didnt need to. You wanted this, and you wanted this bad. You kept on your struggling, now more because you wanted to wrap your hands around his neck and intertwine your fingers with his hair than for a game, but he still held you down. 

‘Im going to have fun with you.’ He smirked, his strong hands moving down your arms to your wrists where he pulled them up and pinned them over your head. ‘Behave, Kitten’

You bit your lip and nodded, your chest rising and falling quickly in anticipation as he so agonizingly slow brought his lips down to yours. With how slow he was moving you had half a thought he was going to take his time with you, but the moment your lips met yours and both of your bodies lit on fire the kiss became dangerous. You couldn’t help how loud you were breathing as you tried to keep up with his pace. Without even pretending to ask for permission his tongue was in your mouth, swirling and dominating yours. 

You could tell he was enjoying this kiss just as much as you were when his grip began to soften until you were able to slip your hands past his and wrap them tightly around his neck. Just like you had wanted to, your fingers found his hair and you pulled, trying to entrap yourself between him and the wall. You smile and moaned slightly as he listened to you as one of his hands came to wrap gently around your neck and the other hit the wall with a light this right by your ear. 

You started to let your hands roam once he was against your body. They moved down his hard torso and up his back, and back down his hard arms. You started to tug at his collar, wanting to feel his skin now, and he listened. With both hands letting go he let you pull the garment off his body and you took the opportunity of the small space now between you two, to unbutton his shirt as quickly as you could. 

 You were surprised at how easy it was for you to manipulate him. You tested to see if he was listening by pushing gently against his now bare chest and when he slightly backed off you took the opportunity to push him until he was falling back on the couch. When he looked up at you with a devilish smirk you could tell he was enjoying himself. That though things hadn’t gotten to far yet it was still the most fun he had in a while. 

You didnt let your thoughts slow you down, though. Your left leg quickly swung over his lap and your hands onto the open shirt as you started to pull it off of his body. He chuckled when you tossed it over your head and his hands found your waist, bringing you closer. You teased him for half a second before picking the kiss back up, your hips also taking no time in grinding yourself against his lap. 

The moment his bulge could be felt through his slacks you smiled and used your nose to press his jaw up so his head was resting against the back of the couch. You let your lips run down his neck like he had to you before and you smiled as you obviously hit a spot that made his hands tighten around your waist. Although no matter how hard you sucked and nipped at his neck nothing showed up, but you knew he was enjoying it. Deep growls and airy moans left his lips every time you went back to his sweet spot, his hands tightening as they guided your hips over him. 

When you finally returned your lips to his, his arms wrapped around your waist and supported you back as he sat up to press your body as close to his as he could get it. You smiled again, wedging your hands between the two of you and in one swift movement undid his belt. 

This seemed to be the switched that lit his fire. The moment you had pulled the belt from its loops and hooked it around his neck, pulling him harder against you it was time for him to stop pretending you were the boss. In a blink of an eye he had you on your back, his body hovering over you as he examined your outfit. This was going to be fun. 

Your eyes locked on his member and you bit your lip, taking an extra second to look at it and your eyes only pulling away when his hands began to roam all over your body, obviously getting very impatient on not being able to figure out how to get you out of the costume. 

You chuckled as he breathed hard, shaking your head when he looked at you for help. 

‘Fuck it.’ He growled and his two large hands moved up to the collar of your outfit and pulled, ripping it until it was laying open, completely exposing the black bra and part of the black thong you had been wearing. 

He reconnected your lips and let you sit up slightly so you could pull the spandex body suit off of your arms. He pushed you back down and deep into the couch when it was off of your shoulders, but only with his kisses, his body had yet to touch yours. You whimpered slightly when he pulled away, sitting up all the way and letting his hands run over your bare body for the first time. You could see something darken before his hands started to pull at your bottom half until it was being pulled completely off of your body. 

You watched him closely as his hands found your body once again after discarding the torn black mess now. They moved firmly over your sides, thighs and stomach before his hands pushed themselves up to your bra. His eyes met yours for a second as he squeezed your chest hard and the moment you let out a slight whimper he smirked before ripping the bra down the center. 

‘That was uncalled for.’ You said sitting up slightly so it could fall off your shoulders. 

‘Maybe.’ He said dangerously before pulling you all the way up harshly. 

You didnt know what his intentions were, pulling you up like that but you decided to take the next step, maneuvering your body so your bare body was sliding down his lap and onto the floor in front of him. He watched you with intense eyes, every little movement you made was clocked by him and it almost seemed like he knew exactly what it was your next movement was going to be.

Kneeling in front of him he sighed as your hands pushed up his thighs till your fingers met the buttons of his pants. You looked to him and bit your lip when he rose his eyebrow at you, waiting for you to continue. 

You tried not to react too much as you pulled the pants and boxers down, completely undressing him.  You didnt want him to see you sweat in anyway, you needed to hold your ground. When he was fully naked he watched you carefully and when you started to stand to once again straddle his lap he caught your wrist, eyes getting even darker. 

‘Hands on the table, Kitten.’ He growled, starting to slide himself off of the couch. 

You bit your lip and did what he said, sinking back down to your knees and turning so your back was facing him to put your hands on the edge of the table. You looked over your shoulder to him, eyes flicking up and down his body as he stroked himself, slowly circling you. 

You were dripping. He wasn’t even touching you and your body ached for him so much that every time he passed your back side you’d let out a light whimper. In a swift motion he dipped to one knee and took your chin in his hand, forcing you to look at him.

‘Are you going to do as I say?’ He said slowly, making you nod. ‘Are you scared?’

You shook your head and bit your lip as he made your cheek touch the cool glass of  the table top. You thighs were practically shaking at this point and you couldn’t help but moan as his hands strongly started to grab and rub against your back side. He squeezed and spread you apart quietly. So quietly that you didnt even notice his lips come right beside your ears to speak gently.

‘You have the most beautiful pussy.’ He whispered making you jump, his fingers stroking you slowly once. ‘So wet too. How would you like me to take care of this?’ He added, slipping the tip of his middle and pointer finger just enough into you to tease you and make you moan breathlessly. 

‘Use your words.’ He whispered, now lowering his body to touch yours completely and making your skin shiver.

‘Please fuck me, fuck me good god!’ You breathed needy as he was knuckle deep and still pressing his fingers into you. 

‘Good Kitten.’

You bit your lip and shut your eyes at the feeling of his fingers slowly pulling out of you. But you were soon forced all the way down to the glass as one hand pressed hard against your head and the other pulled your thighs further apart. You were so ready for him that it seemed like forever that he waited to make contact. 

When his tip finally found your entrance you whimpered, watching your breath fog the glass slightly. He grumbled something you couldn’t catch and then with instantly he pushed into you. You whimpered and gasped, your back arching and your head coming off of the glass slightly. He pushed your head back down and held his hands there, telling you to stay put. 

Its not that you were scared of him, but you were scared to disobey. You didnt know what he would do, but you knew he would do something that you weren’t sure you would want to find out. So as he pushed into you three times roughly you didnt dare to even make so much as a noise. 

He pushed past your walls rapidly after those first few pumps of stretching you out, his hand that was pressing into your head now moving to tangle itself into your hair. You felt his chest rise off of your back leaving goosebumps from the cold air that hit your semi sweaty back. You couldn’t hold back and more, the moment he rounded his hips into yours hitting not only you sensitive spot but also the end to your channel you moaned so loud, your fingers gripping to the edge of the table for some support.  

Your grip was released and another moan came from you as he used your hair as a lever to pull you up off of the table, your back arching so you were pressed against his chest now. One hand came to wrap around your front, his fingers gripping tightly to the top of your thigh that you knew would leave marks for the next day. Every pump now he was hitting your cervix, making you try to stand as tall as possible. His grip on you didnt loosen and you couldn’t get away, leaving you to deal with the over waring pleasure that was now shooting through your body. 

Yours nails now dug into his skin as you tried to brace your body, the over powering sensation causing your thighs to shake again. You tried to bed for him to let up on you, you didnt want to cum yet since you knew he wasn’t anywhere close. You tapped his arm breathless ‘please’ leaving your lips, but only made him pound harder up into you. 

A loud shaky scream left your throat as your body came undone around him, the feeling of his lips on your neck being the thing that set you over the edge. His pumping then slowed as a chuckle caused his chest to shake. 

‘What a good Kitten, and I didnt even have to work very hard. But its my turn now, you’re not getting off that easy.’

You whimpered as he rotated the two of you, now forcing your body to press against the hardwood floor, your ass high in the air as he resumed his pace. 

‘Lets see how many times you can cum before I do.’ He teased, his hands now roaming your body. 

You whimpered again as one had gripped onto a nipple and the other found your clit. There was no time to even catch your breath before he was stimulating your body now in more ways than one. You could already feel it building in your body and he one again didnt even have to try that hard. You were a shaking, moaning mess under him and he loved every moment of it. Such a strong soul just crumbling beneath him. 

‘Cum for me kitten, i know you have to.’ He whispered, his own voice now not as over powering as it had been due to his new found need to hold on longer. 

You nodded against the floor, tears welling as almost on command your body started to shake again. Another loud groan came from your lips as you reached up to his hand that was teasing your nipple, your hand wrapping around his wrist. You came again, and this time it seemed that all the energy you had had been drained from your body. Seunghyun seemed to be able to tell and with almost a sweet tone to his voice he kissed your shoulder and then moved his lips to your ear to speak. 

‘Hold on Kitten, You’re being so good.’ 

You laid there eyes closed taking in how good he felt in you even after two powerful orgasms. How even though your body was definitely saying no more, it was also saying please keep going. 

His voice was repeating himself over and over as he drew nearer to his own orgasm, soft ‘hold on’s’ and ‘so good’s’ left his lips and soon he was letting out his own, deep husky moan and you could feel him releasing inside of you. To your surprise the feeling of him doing that made you let out almost a half orgasm, your own body deciding to cum with his as it twitched a few times. You hummed at the feeling of him pulling out of you. 

A small smile met your tired face as he rolled you gently onto your back. You lifted your arms and accepted his body weight as he laid on you between your legs, his lips brushing kisses against your stomach. 

As he kissed your skin you watched as he paused, already trying to contain himself as he tried to not let his instincts take over him. Even though you knew this. You knew that he wasn’t trying to hurt you, you couldn’t help but as if he was hungry. 

‘That obvious?’ he asked, his lips still against your skin. 

You bit your lip and nodded, grabbiing onto the table to help you sit up and propping your tired body on your elbows once up. He looked at you ad you released your lip, slowly bringing your thigh open to show off the soft skin on your inner thigh. He looked at you and then looked at your leg and rose an eyebrow.

‘Have a snack.’


God willing, this is the only public post I will need to make about this situation with the fairy tale program that dare not speak its name. Almost assuredly, in private, certain individuals (y'all know who you are) will receive the brunt of any potential frustration in the next few days. Regardless, I wanted to say a few things about fandom. And this show. And stories. And blankets. 

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anonymous asked:

It's interesting to see so many people put actors on such a pedestal. Especially in regards to The 100 or any YA oriented show. Eliza has been a blessing with fans & the response with Clexa & yet people aren't satisfied but there's only so much she can do. Frankenfingers is still young & new to the game that I think fans expect so much from her. I feel like she's going to end up like Sarah Michelle Gellar who didn't really embrace her role as Buffy or that fandom until later in life. 1/2

Alycia obviously is wanting to get past her role as Lexa & start her career which more power to her but she has an established fan base with that character. Eliza too. And I hope they have a long & fruitful career but a lot of people are going to remember them 4 that because it meant a lot to the fans. SMG now has gone to cons & continuously talks about Buffy on Twitter/interviews but back then she wanted far away from it. I think as Alycia gets older she’ll realize just how big her role and Eliza’s role/characters were in a lot of ways for a lot of people. I just see people expecting so much of ADC but I always think of SMG or the fact that ADC is super young. This comes from her saying it’s weird for her with dealing with crying fans & other things. ET gets it but ADC doesn’t really get it as much as Eliza. At least, IMO. I hope they have big careers, I do but I feel like in the long run they may always have a bigger impact because of Clarke/Lexa. Sorry for the randomness 

I’m putting my answer under the cut because I unintentionally went off lol.

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anonymous asked:

My favorite dildo is this big blue thing with suction cup and balls, the material was so pretty at first - clear, sky blue. But the color has started to fade in areas and last month I noticed these couple black spots but I didn't really think much of it. I keep my toys in a black duffel bag/ Well now there's a few more black spots. Whats going on, is it because of the bag? Can I keep using it? I really like how soft it is and its nice and thick.


Without knowing which exact one you have, I don’t know what the material is. “Clear, sky blue” combined with the fact that the color is fading and you have black spots (which are mildew or mold spots) indicates it’s either jelly, PVC or TPR. The former two have the potential for being toxic and containing phthalates (which can fuck up your reproductive hormones and cause cancer, among other things). All of them, even if they’re not toxic, are porous and chemically unstable. Porous sex toys are more problematic than most people realize; they make a nice home for bacteria, mold, mildew and even the chemicals you use to clean them. You’re putting these stowaways inside your body every time you use it and it’s potentially making you sick. If not now, it certainly will soon.

Companies can absolutely make sex toys out of unsafe materials and never warn you, because the industry is unregulated. Shady sex toy retailers can sell toys without listing the material, leaving you further in the dark. There are plenty of manufacturers you can trust, and plenty of retailers you can trust. For a list of manufacturers to trust, as well as a break down of which sex toy materials are safe and which are unsafe, visit my Toxic Toys Page. If you want a list of the places I recommend for shopping, go here.

I don’t want you to feel scared about all sex toys, but I do need to impress upon you the importance of ceasing use of your current dildo immediately. There are many safe, and affordable, pure silicone dildos out there. The place I recommend most are SheVibe and buying direct from Tantus - both places constantly have sales (and for Tantus I have a coupon code that’ll take off 15%, code is LILLY) so keep an eye out here and on Twitter to catch the sales. If the suction cup is what you like, I’ve got a list of silicone suction cup dildos. If you want further recommendations for a replacement, just let me know!

Burned to Ashes

Day 6: Incinerate

My last entry for angst week, then I’ll readily update Beyond the Field ~

“Congratulations Mr. Dragneel and Miss Heartfilia, you are now the proud renters of one of my apartments!” The landlord announce, obviously being proud of renting out yet another apartment.

“You make it sounds like we bought a mansion or something…” Lucy muttered under her breath, taking the key from the enthusiastic man.

“I always get excited when another apartment of mine is rented, I am a businessman after all.” He straightened up his tie, looking at the young couple. “A major rule of mine though is no pets, and I repeat. No pets.”

“We don’t like animals anyway.” Natsu lied, wanting to leave this guy so he could have Lucy all to himself in their new apartment.

“Very well, another thing. Remember that you have neighbors. So when you two are having some ‘fun time’ remember to be considerate-”

“We don’t do that!” It was Lucy who spoke this time. The man in front of her looked indifferent while her boyfriend rolled his eyes, knowing she was lying.

They totally did that sort of stuff.

“Right.” The landlord spoke, not believing the blonde for a second. “If believe thats all. So, I shall be going. Enjoy your apartment!” He walked away not sparing another glance to the teens. Natsu looked to his petite girlfriend, giving her an amused look.

“You don’t like people to knowing about our nightly adventures-”

“S-Shut up!” Lucy’s face was now the color of Natsu’s hair. “I-Its not t-that…” He chuckled at her shyness, wrapping an arm around her slender shoulders.

“I know, I’m just messing around Luce.” He kissed her temple trying to ease her nerves. “Lets get our stuff inside and enjoy the night together.” He slipped his hand down her arm and intertwined their fingers together. Lucy smiled his suggestion.

“That sounds wonderful, Natsu.”


Lucy couldn’t sleep, not being use to the change of scenery just yet. She had been in her old apartment for five years. But after three years of dating Natsu, Lucy deemed her small apartment to small for them since Natsu insisted on staying with her rather than his own home. Since she had to pay her own way for her apartment, the only one she could afford was only spacious enough for one person to live.

“Luce?” Lucy was brought out of her thoughts when she heard her boyfriend’s concerned voice and his muscular arm tightening around her tiny waist. “You okay?”

Lucy smiled and turned in his arms to see his voice matched his expression. “Yeah I’m fine, just not use to sleeping somewhere else.” He pulled her closer until their naked chests touched.

“Well you better get use to it. We’re gonna be here for a long time.” He gave her a suggestive smile, making the blonde laugh a little. “Mostly in this bed though.” He snuggled his face in the crook of her neck, giving it a light nibble.

“With your raging hormones, you’re going to end up getting me pregnant in this place.”

“We’re gonna have kids together someday anyway, why not start now?”

“Natsu!” She gripped his pick locks tightly as he began to suck on her pulse point. “Y-You know what I-”

“Yeah I know you wanna be married before we have kids.” He pulled back, male pride filling him as he seen the darkened skin on her neck. “And thats gonna happen whenever I can afford the perfect ring for you.”

“Nothing to exquisite Natsu, just a simple ring will make me happy.” She leaned forward, connecting their lips together. She pulled apart, just enough to where she could speak. “As long as you’re the one who gives it to me.”

He smirked, turning her over so she lied on her back. He straddled her hips, lips centimeters from hers. “I can assure you that I will be the one to marry you, Lucy.” He smashed his lips back on hers, ready to continue their frenzied activity.


“Natsu!” Lucy shouted through their apartment, when she heard her boyfriends grunt from the next room she walked over seeing him sitting on the couch playing the latest video game he purchased. “Why is their blue fur all over your clothes?” She seen him stiffen, making her raise an eyebrow.

“No reason.”

“There is a reason Natsu.”

“Uh…” She stood in front of him, arms crossing at her chest waiting for an explanation. After seeing his girlfriends searing stare, he knew he couldn’t keep it from her. He sighed in defeat. “Fine. Theres been this cat hanging around the firehouse lately, hes really cool! He has blue fur Luce!” Seeing how his girlfriend still wasn’t pleased, he decided to keep on going with his story. “He was really skinny, so I doubt hes been eating. So I, uh kind of brought him back here a few times and fed him leftovers…”

“Natsu you idiot!” She scolded. “Once you feed a cat, they won’t leave you alone!”

“I know that now!” He said trying to reason with the angered blonde. “He follows me home everyday now.”

“Wheres it at right now?”

“…The kitchen most likely.”

“MY KITCHEN?!” She shouted angrily. She stormed to the kitchen, her boyfriend hot in pursuit. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a cat with blue fur sleeping on the counter next to the coffee pot. Her eye twitched out of anger turning over to Natsu. He felt her gaze and nervously turned to look back, being met with a switch slap to the back of the head.

“You idiot!”

“You already called me that!”

“Do you know we could get kicked out for that thing?!”

“Well duh.” He remarked, walking over to the now yawning animal. “But look at him Lucy! He has blue fur! How many animals do you know with blue fur?”

Lucy sighed. “Natsu I know what you’re trying to do. And the answer is no.”

“But Lucy!”

“No.” She firmly stated. Her serious face started to falter though when her boyfriend’s eyes grew big, lips forming into a pout. It didn’t help the now awake feline rubbing its face against Natsu’s, looking at the blonde with wide eyes. “Natsu…”

“I’ll take of him Luce, promise! The landlord won’t find out ‘bout him either!” Lucy’s mind went a thousand directions. She didn’t really want a pet, she had a hard time cleaning up after Natsu in the first place. “It’s either that or he sleeps out in the streets where he could very well get hit by a car and-”

“Alright fine you can keep it!” She said in defeat, not feeling like arguing with him about the matter. “But you better make sure it doesn’t make a mess.”

“You’re the best Lucy!” He ran over to her, picking her up and swinging her around in a circle to show his excitement. “It’s a boy by the way, not an it.”

“I don’t care what he is.” Natsu unwrapped his arms around her waist. “I’m going to do laundry now that I figured out the blue hair crisis.” Natsu flinched at the vicious stomping his girlfriend did.

He figured out that Lucy wasn’t a cat person.


“So, if you didn’t want Happy… why did you get a dog too?” Natsu questioned, very amused by Lucy’s actions. She huffed a breath, scratching the top of the dogs head.

“Well, we’ve had Happy in secret for about four months now and with us working so much I thought the little guy could use some company.”

“Since when did you care about Happy?”

Lucy rolled her eyes. “It shouldn’t be ‘when did I start caring about Happy’ it should be ‘Lucy I’m so glad you warmed up to Happy.’” As if to emphasize her point, she started to rub the now chucky feline’s stomach. “Plus, Plue and Happy get along quite well. Isn’t that a good thing?”

“I guess.” Natsu’s eyes narrowed at his blue cat whose head was sleeping on the blonde’s large chest. “I think you got comfortable because he lays on your boobs all the time.” Natsu said, somewhat jealous. “Whenever I want to lay on your chest you get pissed but when the animals do its okay? Not fair Luce, not fair.”

“You’re such a baby sometimes.”

“Yeah, your baby.”

Lucy couldn’t help but agree with him.


“I can’t believe you!” Lucy shouted, tears of frustration running down her cheeks. “How could you miss it?!”

“It’s not like I wanted to miss it!” He screamed back, just as angry as she was. “I had a double shift at the firehouse, I don’t know what else you want to hear from me Lucy!”

“Don’t give me that bullshit! Your dads the chief, he knew how important tonight was to me! He would’ve let you off for it if you just asked.”

“Do you not know how close my pops is to retiring and me becoming chief?! I need all the experience I can get!”

“You have everyday of the rest of your life to work Natsu, I wanted you there whenever I gave my speech to keep the public library open! I really wanted you there…” Her tears were now rushing from her eyes to the point she couldn’t see straight. Natsu sighed.

“Look Lucy, I know you wanted me there. It just didn’t work out and I’m sorry.” He pulled out his phone and checked the time. “I have to go back to the station now.” She looked up, an incredulous look on her face.

“You’re going back there right now? After a fight?”

Natsu blinked. “Well yeah?”


“Why wouldn’t I? We’ve been fighting a lot lately, maybe because of all the time we’re spending together.”

“…We live in the same house Natsu.”

“Lucy you know thats not what I meant. We all need our space, and right now you need some alone time. I’ll be back in the morning.”

“So, you’re just going to leave me when I’m like this…?” Natsu ran a hand through his hair at her stubborness.

“Lucy, get some sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Natsu, don’t leave me alone tonight…” He heard what she said, but chose to ignore it and walked out the door. Thinking giving her some space would be the best medicine for her.


The sound of the fire alarms rang throughout the building. Dozens of men jumped up and put on their protective suits. Natsu was no exception. Once his gear was on, he jumped in the fire truck that was ready to take off.

Speeding down the street, he thought about his fight with Lucy. Was it a mistake to leave her when she asked him not too? When they usually got into a fight, Lucy told him just to give her space and he thought this time was no exception. She told him not to leave this time though, and he did anyway. He put his hand in his pocket, fiddling with the box that contained a ring.
The perfect ring to propose to Lucy with.
That was the real reason he worked that double shift and missed her speech. He felt bad about missing it, he truly did but Lucy wanted to marry him as soon as possible. So for the past few weeks he pulled double shifts until he was able to afford the ring of Lucy’s dreams.

And he was going to propose to her tomorrow night.

He had it all planned out. They would go out to Lucy’s favorite restaurant and take a walk in the park. Natsu would have a little area set up with a perfect view of the stars in the sky. He would say some cheesy thing like how she was more beautiful than any star in the sky and go with the flow from there.

He just couldn’t wait to have Lucy’s last name change to Dragneel.

He was so lost in his thoughts of his future wife, he failed to notice the destination they arrived at. When he looked at the familiar apartment complex his heart dropped.

It was his and Lucy’s apartment complex.

He jumped out of the vehicle, about to run to the burning building when a strong hand stopped him in his tracks.

“What the hell Igneel?! Lucy’s in there!” The older male looked down to his adoptive son.

“I am very aware of that Natsu. I have a rescue team in there, you are to stay out here and help water down the fire. You can’t let your feelings for Lucy get in the way of others safety.”

“Others safety?! What the hell are you talking about-” The crackling of the fire got louder, as well as a sound of creaking boards. Natsu felt numb as he watched the building crumble to the ground instantly.

“LUCY!” Natsu pushed past his grief struck superior and made his way to the rubble. He noticed most parts were on fire, he gritted his teeth at the thought that he would have to wait until it was out to look for his girlfriend. Half an hour of waiting anxiously and running around the burning rubble to sign of Lucy, the fire was out.

Natsu acted immediately. Climbing on the soot filled pile and pushing away the debris, but still no sign of his blonde haired lover. He seen as his allies rescued others from the rubble, but not his Lucy.

“Hey, we found a body over here!” Natsu’s heart sank. Out of curiosity he ran over to where his friend had shouted.

His heart almost stopped.

It was Lucy. Her skin was covered in ash, as well as her hair. He noticed that she was on top of their animals.

Their now dead animals.

He didn’t see them struggling to get free of her grip like animals usually did during this situation. He couldn’t breathe. He didn’t know what to do. He barely felt the hand on his shoulder and the “I’m so sorry” his comrade offered him. Natsu couldn’t look at his now dead girlfriend, or the now dead animals they’ve been raising in secret for the past year they’ve lived at the complex. He stepped off the pile and started walking away from the scene. He glanced when they carried the girl on a stretcher, the two animals still in her clutch. He seen something else clasped in her hand. He didn’t waste any time in going over and seeing what it was.

When he looked at it, Natsu wished he could’ve died right there and now.

It was a pregnancy test. On the screen was a little plus, indicating that she was pregnant.

Lucy was pregnant.

Is that why she was so upset tonight? Or why she’s been so hormonal for the past few weeks? He just stared at the little test in his hands. Still not believing it. He started to shake, tears starting to run from his eyes. His mind repeating her last words.

“Natsu, don’t leave me alone tonight…”

He finally dropped down to his knees, his cries heard by everyone. He didn’t care though. He had lost everything he held dear to him all in one night.

His home.

His pets.

His other half.

…And his child.

veronicaranoutofideas  asked:

I'm studying for a diploma in games development and our student internship program is coming up. There's a chance that I might get an interview with EA and my lecturers warned us that it might be rough. Any tips on how to nail that interview? It's most probably for a QA position or asst. Production Manager. :\

A lot of interviewing is how you carry yourself, and your general attitude.

The people who conduct the majority of the interviews are most likely the ones who will end up being your bosses (not your peers, unless you have an interview segment with a lot of people at once - those are likely to be your peers), and will be the ones who make the final call as to whether you get hired or not. If you want to nail any interview, you’ll need to do a couple of major things.

First, here are some things you want to prepare beforehand:

  1. Do your research on the position. What sort of job is it? What are the duties involved? Think about what each of the job requirements is. Think about what each of the qualities they list for an ideal candidate. How does your past experience, class, and project work prepare you for each of those? 
  2. Do research on the company too! What are their big movers and shakers? What makes them their money? How are they doing financially? If you know what the studio makes, play their games. Be prepared to talk about them, what you liked, and what you didn’t like. Be prepared to defend your answers, too. Think about it from their perspective. Study up on the company as well as the products. How are they doing financially? What are the company’s main foci? Try to answer the question “Why do you want to work for Company X, instead of any other company?” “I need a job, any job will do” is not a good answer.
  3. Tailor your resume to the position. For each item on the resume, try to answer the question “What did I do here that has helped or trained me do the job that I want?” You want whoever reads it to have as few reasons as possible to put it down and pick up the next one from the stack. Recruiters will go through hundreds of resumes at a time, so you want yours to pass the 4pm Friday test. If the recruiter is tired and wants to go home for the weekend, will your resume still be enough to turn his or her head?
  4. Don’t try to pad or fluff your resume with things you aren’t ready or comfortable talking about. If you aren’t comfortable answering in-depth questions about things you have listed on there, it will show. Remember, all the interviewers have to go on is what’s on your resume, so they’ll naturally be basing their questions on that. Anything that’s on that resume is fair game, so be ready to answer questions about it.
  5. Practice. Sit down, and actually practice talking out loud about the things on your resume. They most likely won’t be needling questions, but practice stuff like “Tell me about _______” where _____ is an element on your resume. Also, be prepared to answer the “What is your greatest strength?” and “What is your greatest weakness?” questions. They’re very common for a reason. Be prepared for them, think up answers, and practice.
  6. Practice OUT LOUD. Don’t just think or write answers down, actually say them out loud. Get used to the sound of your own voice, because you should be the one doing the majority of the talking at the interview. You want to be as comfortable as possible when talking about yourself, because you being comfortable makes them feel comfortable, and comfort is a very good thing - it means that they will be ok working with you. Being awkward is contagious. Practice out loud, preferably with friends or family to simulate an interview.
  7. Every interview ends with them asking if you have any questions for them. Prepare some questions for them! What’s the ship date? Are they in production right now? How many people are on the team? How many people would you be working with? Don’t ask questions just about getting the job (How many positions are open? How soon will you have an answer?), but ask questions about what you would want to know if they give you the job (who will I be working with? What sort of schedule is it?), and things that you would want to know if they offered you the job (What is the best thing about working here? What is the worst thing about working here?).

Here are some suggestions for the interview itself:

  1. Be memorable. Do something to stand out in a good way. Maybe you’re the one that gets along with them, or finds some common ground in a game you play, or are just so super passionate about games that you can’t help but keep talking about their intricacies and details and how cool they are. Maybe you’re super organized and can keep track of lots of things at once. Remember, being passionate about playing games isn’t enough. You need to be passionate about making games. They aren’t looking for a gaming buddy, they are looking for someone to help them get the next game to ship.
  2. Keep talking. A lot part of working on a big team is how well you communicate. Try to answer their questions in as complete a way as you can, by volunteering the useful information about yourself. Silence is bad. Extended silence is even more worse. Prepare for this by practicing.
  3. For technical interviews (which may or may not apply), use the white board or any scratch paper they give you. Draw diagrams. Talk out what you’re thinking about, so that the interviewers know how your mind is working as you solve these problems. They want to know how you think, and what your process is. Give them as much information as you can, because they can’t read your mind.
  4. Try to tailor the interview to remove any doubts as to why they shouldn’t hire you. You need to be able to properly convey your opinions and your wants diplomatically, as well as show that you do you research, you know your stuff, and that you will be a valuable contributor to the team.

For QA and production in specific, you’ll want to practice differently.

Here are some of the things that they are likely to ask at a QA interview:

  • What does QA mean to you?
  • How good are you at writing reports?
  • Can you give me an example of being detail-oriented?
  • How would you QA an orange?

That last question might seem kind of weird, but it’s one of the questions a friend of mine got asked at an interview. Think about the qualities of an orange, and what might cause someone not to accept it. The size, the shape, the color. The firmness, the smell, the taste. Is it fresh? Is it old? Is it moldy? What QA is looking for is quantifiable results that can be written in reports and sent to others such that they know exactly what is wrong, and what to look for. That is what their ideal candidate can identify and communicate. QA is about finding issues, writing reports, and making sure that the people who read the report have enough information to reproduce, isolate, and fix the problem. You need to be able to demonstrate critical thinking and communicate exactly what’s wrong in a clear, concise manner to other people.

Here are some questions that may show up at a junior producer type interview:

  • Tell me about a project you worked on
  • How did you decide which features went in and which didn’t?
  • Did the project go according to plan?
  • How did you deal with the problems that came up on the project?
  • Did you ever have issues within the team?
  • How did you mitigate those issues?
  • Did you end up cutting any features for your project?
  • Why did you choose those to cut?

Production is mostly about keeping the developers on schedule and enabling them to do their work by removing any road blocks in the way. This can be anything from scheduling meetings to iron out incongruences, ordering lunch for people who are working on mission-critical bugs, checking on a programmer that was blocked from completing a task because of an art issue, tracking the bug reports from QA to make sure they are being done on time, getting estimates from developers for their tasks, and so on and so forth. They spend their time keeping everyone working, and it’s an incredibly important job, even if it is just ordering and distributing lunch for the team. You need to have excellent multi-tasking skills and the ability to keep people on track and productive (optimally without seeming like a nag). You need to be passionate about shipping the game, not just making the game. The game must come out and the producer is the one that needs to be constantly driving the project towards that finish line.

Whew, ok. I hope that helps. A lot of these interview preparation pointers apply to other jobs besides QA and Production, so if you’re looking to interview in general, you might want to see how they apply to your particular field. If any of you need help with your resume, you can try contacting me privately and I can try to give you some suggestions. Good luck on the interviews and the preparation!

Working Late Shifts
  • Phone: *rings*
  • Clerk: Hello, this is Better Books. How can I help you today?
  • Phone: *static* Greetings, madame. *static* I interest you *static* product *static*
  • Clerk: Hello? I can't make out what you're saying.
  • Phone: *static*
  • Clerk: *hangs up*
  • Manager: Who called?
  • Clerk: I don't know. The line was staticky.
  • Manager: Whatever, I need you to work closing shift tonight.
  • Clerk: Isn't Jen closing tonight?
  • Manager: She can't, she got caught in a pile-up.
  • Clerk: Oh gosh, is she okay?
  • Manager: She's fine but her car is wrecked.
  • Clerk: That sucks, but I don't know if I can work closing tonight.
  • Manager: Okay, then you're fired.
  • Clerk: What!?
  • Manager: I'm going to give this to you straight, you're not a reliable employee. You've missed a ton work, you leave early without warning, and you exceeded your no-call, no-show limit. Anyone else would've fired you by now, but I'm a nice guy, so I'm giving you a choice: either you close tonight, or you lose your job.
  • Clerk: Fine, I'll close.
  • Manager: Good.
  • Clerk: *under breath* asshole.
  • *hours later*
  • Clerk: Fuck, this is so boring. Why does a book store still even exist in 2016?
  • *door jingles*
  • Creepy Guy: *walks in* Evening!
  • Clerk: Hello. Is there anything I can help you with?
  • Creepy Guy: Just browsing, dear.
  • Clerk: Okay. I'm here if you need anything.
  • Phone: *rings*
  • Clerk: Hello, this is Better Books. How can I help you tonight?
  • Phone: Now this thing decides to work! Sorry for the issues we had earlier this afternoon, madame.
  • Clerk: Hmm?
  • Phone: You sound like a much more charming young woman without all of the interference, if I say so myself. Oh, is that not work appropriate! Sorry! You can't tell with all of these new workplace regulations these days. Hahahaha!
  • Clerk: Sir, do you need something?
  • Phone: Yes, I need just a brief moment of your time. You see, I'm selling quite the product and I believe that a wonderful young lady such as yourself would have a lot to benefit from it.
  • Clerk: Sorry, we're not interested.
  • Phone: Wait just one mome-
  • Clerk: *hangs up*
  • Creepy Guy: *leans over store counter* Hey.
  • Clerk: Oh! Sorry, I didn't notice you. Is there anything I can help you with?
  • Creepy Guy: *smiles* No, I'm still just browsing.
  • Clerk: Okay.
  • Creepy Guy: What are you doing after work?
  • Clerk: Uhh, going home.
  • Creepy Guy: Need a ride?
  • Clerk: No, I walk. Are you interested in buying any books today?
  • Creepy Guy: Maybe. I just like to talk to my fellow readers. Not many people around your age read these days. Sad how your generation is. You like to read, don't you?
  • Clerk: Not really.
  • Creepy Guy: *frowns* You work at a book store and you don't like to read? That's weird.
  • Clerk: I mean, I do like to read! Just not often. I'm very busy, nowadays. *sweats nervously*
  • Creepy Guy: That's good.
  • Clerk: We're closing soon.
  • Creepy Guy: I know. *walks to the back of the store*
  • Clerk: *dials brother on cellphone once creepy guy is out of sight*
  • Clerk: Hey, I need you to pick me up tonight. There's a creeper at the store and-
  • Salesman: THANK GOODNESS! You've called back, madame. I thought I had missed out on a sale, but thankfully my master salesmanship has pulled through agai-
  • Clerk: *hangs up*
  • Creepy Guy: On your cellphone during work hours? Kids these days. I have it in me to tell your manager about this.
  • Clerk: Sorry, sir!
  • Creepy Guy: Hehe, I'm just messing with you. Who were you calling?
  • Clerk: No one. Just checking the time.
  • Creepy Guy: There's a clock right there. Can't you read a clockface?
  • Clerk: I just wanted to make sure the time was accurate.
  • Creepy Guy: A good old analog clock has always been accurate to me. You got a boyfriend?
  • Clerk: Sir, that's not an appropriate question to ask.
  • Creepy Guy: And it's not appropriate for you to be on your cellphone while you're working. I think you already voided the whole appropriateness thing, girl. *smiles*
  • Clerk: We're closing, you might want to leave.
  • Creepy Guy: Really? Judging by the clock up there, there's another five minutes until closing. I think I'll stick around until then. *walks to the back of the store*
  • *cellphone rings*
  • Clerk: Please don't be a salesman!
  • Bro: Salesman? What?
  • Clerk: Thank god! *ducks below the counter* Listen, I need you to get here now. There's this creeper in the store who keeps asking me questions and I have to close tonight. He's not leaving until I do. I don't want to be stuck outside in the dark with him. Please come.
  • Bro: Whoa, sis. Sounds like a bad situation. Nothing that my product can't solve, though.
  • Clerk: Oh my fucking god!
  • Salesman: No need for strong language, madame. Sorry for the cruel joke, but you wouldn't have let me get a good word in otherwise. I-
  • Clerk: *hangs up*
  • Creepy Guy: What're you doing down there?
  • Clerk: Oh, I was just cleaning.
  • Creepy Guy: Cleaning, huh? Sounded like you were talking about me.
  • Clerk: ...
  • Creepy Guy: Do you think I'm going to do something bad to you when you leave the store? You need big bro to scare me off.
  • Clerk: ...
  • Creepy Guy: You kids today are fucking shitheads. *spits at clerk*
  • Creepy Guy: *leaves store*
  • Clerk: Fucking Christ!
  • Clerk: *closes store*
  • Clerk: *walks out into the empty night*
  • Salesman: *skitters out of sight*
  • Clerk: *looks around* There's no one around. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
  • Clerk: *begins walk home down isolated woodland path*
  • Owl: *hoots*
  • Clerk: *jumps* FUCK! I'm getting scared by nothing.
  • Car: *lights flicker on down the path*
  • Clerk: Uhh.
  • Car: *revs engine*
  • Clerk: *tries to run away*
  • Car: *careens into clerk at full speed*
  • Creepy Guy: *gets out of car* I wasn't going to do anything until you called me a creeper, you little bitch.
  • Creepy Guy: *ties up clerk and drops clerk in car's trunk*
  • Salesman: Monsieur!
  • Creepy Guy: Who the fuck is there?
  • Salesman: *skitters out of the woods*
  • Creepy Guy: What the fuck are you wearing? Is that a Cousin It costume?
  • Salesman: It's not costume, monsieur. This is how I really look. Oh, pardon my rudeness. *takes off its top hat with a spindly arm and bows*
  • Salesman: I've been trying to get in contact with your wife all day. You see, I'm but a simple salesman. I know you're on your way home, but I'd like you to hear me out first. The product I'm selling would be most benefic-
  • Creepy Guy: *shoots salesman* I don't have time for this shit.
  • Salesman: *falls over dead*
  • Creepy Guy: *locks trunk and gets into car*
  • Salesman: *in the passenger seat* Well, that was very rude of you!
  • Creepy Guy: What the fuck!? *shoots at salesman*
  • Salesman: *dodges* I assure you, monsieur, I won't fall for the same trick again!
  • Creepy Guy: What the fuck are you!?
  • Salesman: I am but a humble salesman! *grabs creeper by the head and smashes it against the dashboard until he's a bloody pulp*
  • Salesman: Sorry about that, Monsieur, but I had to let off some steam. Being shot makes me ever so angry. Monsieur? Monsieur? Oh, you're dead aren't you! Jiminy, I've done it again. Well, I can still turn this into a sale.
  • Salesman: *snaps creepy guy's finger and signs a contract with it* Alright. There we go! Signed, Mr. Creeper. Thank you for lending me your blood, monsieur. Now that the contract's signed, you should be getting your product in no less than a week. Shipping fees apply. If you have any other questions, do feel free to call me. Oh, and sorry about your trigger finger. Haha, just some gallows humor from me! *leaves car and skitters off into the woods*
  • Clerk: *wakes up* Fuck, I'm tied up! Fuck! HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME! IS ANYONE THERE!? PLEASE HELP!
Tragic Clues in PLL: Could they Mean More? + Montgomery family

In regards to this blog post on the movie Rebecca :

It hit me reading this line: When a new inquest is held into Rebecca’s death, things look dim for Maxim until Rebecca’s London doctor testifies to the authorities that she was dying of cancer and was contemplating suicide.

Ok im finally going to make a note about this . The cancer clues in PLL. There are a couple, I never thoguht they meant much but now im starting to wonder in terms of all the tragic clues that are in pll. Here what I found:

  • Suicide: So we all know the suicide associations related to marion cavanaugh and ian. What do they have in common? both suicides are suspicious especially marion cavanaugh , theres no way she comitted suicide. ian i honestly dont think he shot himself.
  • Cancer: There’s a couple cancer clues in PLL that were strange. Maya once joked about nair in shampoo bottles, thats a relation to cancer. We veronica’ secret about her breast cancer scare and that she didnt tell anyone but alex about getting a lump removed. The infamous dream hanna had about her mom’s hair falling out:

And last the infamous wig wearing going on in PLL, all in relation to cancer. of course , the obivous , to look like someone else. Could these clues be hinting at a bigger picture here?

Let’s look at all the other tragic clues in PLL:

Loss of Hearing: So many have noticed the jokes hanna’s made toward jenna, but thats not the first clue hanna gives us. In the christmas epsiode, hanna shares her ability of sign language. We see her signing with little claire who is deaf. Hanna claims she learned this at fat camp “what hanna knows is what hanna means” lol Now remember this scene, the mean girls here, the little ali replica is being a real bitch to poor claire who is deaf, the little ali replica says “ its not like she can hear us anyways” Do the writers throw these scenes in here for fun or do they have more meaning? I think they do.

UPDATE EDIT: someone on tumblr pointed out in the video pllheada​ of the little boy in 5x25 has a hearing aid , what appears to be a hearing aid. As i pointed out in this old post about tragic clues and clues on loss of hearing, this could be another clue to add to that!

  • Loss of Eye Sight: we all know the blindest person on the show is  jenna thats another story, but anyways the point is the jenna thing could have more story to it . But we also see other clues about seeing and the eyes and loss of sight. Mrs grunwald sees through a glass darkly , meaning we cant take her word 100% she has insight, not full truth. Theres also clues with aria not seeing things clearly. The NAT club the all seeing eye. EYES  are huge clue in PLL. Could there be more to this than what we alredy know?
  • Burned: Now alot of clues on being burned , gives us insight to whats going on in PLL. We know black veil and the side of the face burned. Tobys house , the lodge fire, all burned. Poor cyrus all burned up. Spencer in the sauna room all steamed up by -A (funny how aria just so happens to be the one to get spencer out of there just in time hmmm), caleb almost fried up. There’s something with heat and hot going on in PLL. Let’s look at the clues with aria and the burn references with her that seem to have more deeper meaning mentally, perhaps even physically:

aria “Lieing to my parents was one thing, but lieing to my friends is really hard, its not my friends that i dont trust ….its the other people..I’ve been burned before” could there be something more to being burned with aria? is it mentally burned or physical? this isnt the first time aria has expressed or been associated with the element of fire and heat. is there a contrast with cold and hot in pll? i think so.

Has anyone noticed how byron is always bringing up the past as if he screwed it up in the past? lol jsut saying everytime he’s bring up something about the past, dont think its a coincidence. So in this scene, byron says “ when we first moved into this house, we didnt have money for a furnace, it was winter, but we bundled you up in sweaters, you looked like this big ball of yarn rolling from room to room.We never used the fireplace, i was scared if we’d turn our backs you’d get burned. My one job on this job was to make sure you didnt get hurt. I havent done a very good job”

so again, in relation to aria, being burned is mentioned again, and the contrast between cold and hot. Look at this scene the fireplace going. The elements are big clues. Could this convo been about something more? byron seems to always bring up the past, he seems like a screw up in the montgomery family. Is there just the one meredith secret between him and aria or is there more to it or more secrets? i personally think there is definitely more to this family in general.

Note: why do you think byron likes to talk about the past and how ella “wore the pants” made a small place seem big, basically she took care of everybody all the time. They went from poor living in a college dump on east 6th an unexpected pregnant ella, byron felt bad he couldnt get them something better. But he talks about while they were still in college, they talked about moving to europe, but then aria happened, then mike, and a mortgage. So what changed? was it really because of the ella getting pregnant which doesnt seem like aria was planned. Then he goes onto say, iceland does not count, you were taking care of 2 teenagers and 1 nutty professor.  Questions are, why did they talk about moving to europe and what part of europe exactly? what if they did move there but had to move back for some reason? Remember this line from ella from 3x10 “ there were so many things your father and i didnt know about each other when we got married…(aria takes arm off ella and makes a face)” so something is off with byron and ella’s relationship, what happened in their past, an what are these things? byron has mental illness on his side of the family , who knows how far this extends to & how it has affected their relationship, what else did ella not know about byron vice versa?

*Something i noticed , remember when aria confronted ella about what byron did with the transcript and how he wants aria to go to boarding school. Something hit me when aria said “ what was the plan mom, were you gunna hall me off kicking and screaming in the middle of the night?” this reminds me of the bethany drawing :

just something to think about

! this picture does look like someone is being halled off kicking and screaming in the middle of the night. Also in that clip, aria’s tone was very different, she starts talking about being

exiled to syberia (doesn’t this sound a secluded place, like iceland? which is why i ask why iceland of alll places, what was iceland really about?)

then she goes onto say

“ i’ve couldve done something about it, i still could, what do you think would happen if the dean found out he was having an affair with one of his grad students? where do you think they’d send him?”

  now she says this after ranting about being punished by byron and being exiled to syberia. The choice of words here is telling , in connection to what we know about the montgomerys, coincidence?

ok question:

where would they send him? if we are talking about meredith, she was of age , byron wouldn’t be sent no where but home and fired from his job perhaps , but he wouldnt go to jail if thats what aria is trying to say. meredith was of age, unless it was more like an affair with an underage grad student?

ali was pretending to be older, it wouldnt be unlikely

, and many have suggested some relationship might have happened with ali and byron. im curious if anyone else understood this scene, you think aria was talking about meredith? where would byron be sent to exactly? as far as i know, he wouldnt be thrown in jail for the affair with meredith since she was of age right? he would be fired if anything but , the way aria is talking, is as if he would be sent somewhere bad for that affair. what do you think? you know when aria gets hyped and starts raising her voice, her mind seems to go somewhere else, the choice of words she uses are interesting. misplaced feelings ,anger?

Let me know what you guys think of these tragic clues and added on details in this post could they all be alluding to something more big? more underneath the surface?

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Make it Official

Hey guys. Sorry for not writing. I have been really busy. I want to write more often. I am trying because I have so many ideas. I also want to do a multi chapter story. Without further ado I hope you enjoy this one.

Lucas walked into the apartment he shared with the love of his life. He had just come back from work and couldn’t wait to see her. His back was to her as he hung up his coat.
“Hey baby, how was your da-” He stopped mid sentence when he turned around and saw his fiancè with tears running down her cheeks.
“Hey whats the matter?” He asked concerned.
“Me and Maya got into an argument and I don’t know if she’s gonna be my maid of honour or even come to the wedding.” Riley said as she sobbed. Lucas took her into his arms as she cried.
“What happened?” He asked.
“I don’t know. The day started out great. We went to go see my wedding dress. They had made all the alterations so I went to try it on. God it was perfect. It all felt real when I put it on. This whole wedding has seemed like a dream but when I saw myself in that dress I saw our wedding and us getting married. Anyways me and Maya went out for lunch and she told me she was pregnant. I was so happy for her, I mean she got what she has always wanted.” Riley said as Lucas ran his fingers through her hair comforting her.
“This sounds like a great day.” Lucas said.
“She then told me she wants to announce it on our wedding day and I said no. She got angry and called me selfish then walked out.” She told Lucas.
“Oh boy.” Lucas said.
“I am happy for her. It’s just me and her have always done everything together. I mean we shared family, experiences, we even shared you at one point. I just always thought my wedding day was something that we would experience separately. I want my wedding day to be about me and the man I love. I want to celebrate our love and how far we’ve come. I mean there was so many people who believed we wouldn’t make it. We have been through and overcome so much to get here. I don’t want it to be our wedding day and her baby announcement you know.” Riley said.
“I understand and you’re right. It is our day not hers. It’s okay for you to be selfish.” Lucas told her.
“Our wedding is the first day of the rest of our lives. I want it to stay that way. When we got engaged we didn’t announce it until after Maya’s wedding so we didn’t take over their special day. I don’t understand why she won’t do the same for me. Now I just feel guilty for not letting her. I don’t know if I can get married without her next to me. You know what i’ll just call her and tell her to do what she wants.” Riley cried as she reached for her cell phone which was taken by Lucas
“No it’s not about what she wants.” He said.
“I just don’t know what to do!” She cried.
“Hey look why don’t I run you a relaxing bath and sort out dinner. Just forget about it for the rest of the night. I will even give you one of my special massages.” He whispered suggestively kissing her neck to make her smile and it worked. She giggled at the feeling.
“I would really love that baby.” She said as she pecked his lips.
“Okay go get undressed while I get the bath ready.” He said.
“I love you Lucas.” She told him.
“I love you too Riles.” He replied. She walked to the bedroom to get ready for her bath.
Lucas left the apartment to pick up dinner but he made a stop before. He stood outside Maya and Josh’s apartment. He knocked on the door and Josh answered.
“Hey is Maya home?” Lucas asked.
“Yeah. Come in.” Josh said.
“What do you want huckleberry?” Maya asked.
“I want you to know that what you asked of Riley was completely out of line.” He said.
“What’s out of line about wanting to share good news?” She asked.
“Theres a time and place. Our wedding day is not it.” Lucas said.
“Why are you guys being so selfish?” Maya said.
“Because it’s our day not yours. You had your day and Riley was nothing but selfless. She never told you this but we actually got engaged before your wedding day but Riley didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to take away from your big day.” Lucas told Maya.
“What?” Maya said confused.
“And I had come back to find her so upset at the fact she argued with you. She feels guilty for being selfish for once in her life on her day.” Lucas said.
“I’m sorry.” Maya said.
“You should be. Look Maya seeing her like that kills me. I will do anything to make her happy and will come after anyone who hurts her. Even her best friend. I love her more than anything and will always protect her. I really don’t want to have to protect her from you.” He said and Maya and Josh smiled.
“You are going to be a great husband.” Maya said.
“Yeah. Never lose that.” Josh added.
“I won’t. I better go. See you guys.” Lucas said as he made his way out.
“Bye huckleberry.” Maya said.
“Oh congrats by the way.” Lucas said smiling.
“Thanks dude.” Josh said and Lucas left.
Lucas walked in again to see his fiance laughing at the TV. He was glad she was smiling.
“Hey babe I got dinner.” Lucas said as he put her favourite pizza on the table.
“You got me Al’s pizza?! Thats all the way across town.” She said excitedly.
“You had a rough day.” He said.
“This makes it better. You make it better.” She said.
“You know what else makes it better?” He asked.
“You shirtless?” She quipped.
“Well that and dessert.” He said grabbing a bag of goodies he bought for her.
“Lucas…” She said but he cut her off.
“I got cookie dough ice cream, red gummy bears and chocolate cake. I also thought we could rewatch the Notebook.” He said putting the items away.
“You always complain that we have watched it too many times.” She said.
“Yeah but it makes you smile so its worth it.” He said.
“Lucas thank you.” She said.
“Anytime.” He said and she kissed him before digging in.
“I went to talk to Maya. She needed to be told that its our day and I will not have her upsetting you.” He said.
“Lucas you didn’t have to do that. I can’t wait till we get married.” Riley said.
“Me either.” He said as he held her hand.
Halfway through the movie Riley pulls Lucas in for a kiss.
“What was that for?” He asked.
“I love you so much.” She said.
“I love you too.” He replied.
“I can’t believe you are all mine for the rest of my life.” She said.
“Well once I become your husband you’ll have to believe it.” He said.
“Well I already consider you my husband. All we need to do now is make it official.” She said as she kissed him again. They were interrupted by Rileys phone.
“Maya sent me a text.” Riley said.
“What’s it say?” Lucas asked.
“She says she is sorry and she won’t say anything until after the wedding.” Riley said while replying that it was okay and that Maya’s maid of honour dress was ready tomorrow.
“So everything okay now?” Lucas asked.
“Yeah. Everythings perfect.” Riley said.
“Great.” Lucas said.
“I think I might cash in on that massage you promised.” Riley said while kissing Lucas’ neck.
“Here or the bedroom?” He asked.
“Bedroom.” She whispered as he picked her up to take her to their bedroom while she giggled knowing that her life was as perfect as it possibly could be.


so i bought this bad boy like a week ago and i thought i might take y'all through my experience of reading this and my favourite parts

strap yourself in for a disorganized ride where all your otps are canon as fuck, ashton ruins my heart, and everything is dumb and endearing

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  I went from being a “kid” with zero expectations held above me to an “adult”, at the age of only sixteen, in which I was suddenly supposed to know exactly what I was going to do with my life. I don’t know.. Maybe I want to do education. Well at least thats what I’ve been saying for the past I-don’t-know-how-many years of my life. That’s what teachers and family expect. Mandi the Teacher. Now as I gather more responsibilities, and further find what I’m good at, not good at, I learn that I am on a dead end path and that choice is not what my forte is. I simply do not have what it takes to teache ornery little rugrats or deal with that funky teenage stage of middle school for the rest of MY life. However, I’m supposed to know what I want to do, what I want to be, and that occupation has always been my net when those questions are thrown at me. Am I allowed to change that?
  It sounds silly. I mean, OF COURSE you can change your life choice, silly girl! Right? The thing is, we are never told that. We are never shown that the most famous people tried other jobs and paths before the big one they were known for. We fail to see the darkness that lay behind them, the failures, the slippery slopes, the struggles, the pain, the pressure, the stress. As young adults surrounded by successful parents and siblings and teachers, we aren’t enlightened that “Hey! You’re probably going to fail once or twice or sixty times!”. No one wants to be brutal. No one wants to ‘set us up for failure’ or make us 'think its good to not have goals’. Its damaging to the youth, to believe we, at sixteen, seventeen, or eighteen, should just know who we are and what we want to be.
  In Siddhartha, there was a message that really hit me. Siddhartha has a purpose in life. He is on a journey, he knows where the end is, and he finds the paths to get there. What I took from that theme, perhaps in my own way, was the point that when he was on a path that he knew was a dead end, he found a new one! He didn’t care that he left his family to join the Samanas and ended up not staying with them. That is important to me, to be okay with changing paths to get to where I end up deciding to go. It seems almost looked down upon, to not entirely know the journey. Does anyone ever, really know? I feel it is rare, and purely luck to guess a right, clear path on a first try.
  We like to make it seem easy. We like to make life seem like a math problem. “If you do this and this, you will get here.” Point A to point B to point C. Thats not life! Life is not point A to point B, its point A to getting stuck behind a coaltruck cruising at 15 miles per hour on your WAY to point B, only to show up a half hour late to find out they had filled the job opening you’ve been waiting three long weeks for, which then changes your point C which was SUPPOSED to be a stable life in that beautiful yellow house on the corner of Ashbrook Street but now that point C is diminished by the failure of achieving point B, sending you back to point A, which you locked your keys in the house so you’ll have to break into the back window hoping the nosy, overdramatic neighbors aren’t home because once they call the cops you might as well forget entirely about point A and just go find yourself a lawyer.
  But why don’t we ever talk about THAT? The story of Van Gough is told, but that still only applies to those with direction. Even still, only a small percentage of those with direction have a good shot of getting there on the first try.
  Forgive me, but “do your best and you will succeed! Shoot for the stars, land among the moon!” just never seem to be good enough. Sure, they have beautiful, happy, inspiring messages to them that should in fact be taught, but they are so irrelevant to an angry mother or boss standing over you wondering why you can’t carry the weight of work, school, home life, personal issues, and jolly fun without stumbling over one or the other. Sure, mom, I shot for the full ride to Stanford but I decided to spend my Friday nights with friends rather than studying, so here I am in college debt at the local university. Does that count as the 'moon’? Yes, boss, I tried my best, but my best is not enough to get me the promotion because Jill over there has had years worth of private lessons in her million dollar house because she was an only child with two heart surgeons for parents and I’ve lived in a reduced-lunch home and everything I know is what I’ve taught myself.
I write this on my seventeenth birthday, after a summer of working 4 to 8 hours every day selling chicken to ungrateful, better-than-everyone customers at a mall that sometimes smells like a musty pool house. I write this as my boss expects me to quit band to put more time into that chicken palace, I write as my band director remains persistent on me trying to get lessons because theres still hope I eventually get into music school should I even care to audition. I write this as my sister continues to be successful with her newly-owned business degree that she has known she has wanted since the start of high school, and she worked for since day one. I write this as my mom doesn’t understand why I’m questioning my journey to become a teacher, while my father tells me to do what I’m best at, while my more distant family tells me to find a job that makes good money. I write this as I watch people my OWN age stress over what they want in life while my friends ranging from 21 to 24 still have no idea where exactly they want to go. I write this as I have finally understood the madness the media and the school systems have imposed on society, forcing us from as early as fourteen to just know what to do with our lives. We are denied of every other right, you know, because we’re too young. We’re 'too young’ to know our sexuality, to young to know that we don’t want kids later on in life, too young to know whether or not we want a tattoo because those are PERMANENT decisions we are making with a TEMPORARY mindset, yet we are somehow or another supposed to PICK A LIFE CAREER and know the way to get there by the time we shake hands with the principle in front our parents and our whole class’s parents, receiving our degree of twelve years of nonsense. I for one am not perfect, I am not a superhero, I am not a decisive child. I am a human, I am one to enjoy exploring the depths of others, of life, of myself. I, at the age of seventeen, do not know what I am best at, I do not know where my path is headed, and my epiphany after reading Siddhartha is that all of that uncertainty is okay. The path to the destination does not have concrete walls along the side. They are simply dirt paths lined with weeds. They are paths that intersect and crisscross and circle and merge and part and thin out and widen up. They are paths that walk parallel to others, paths with bumps and holes and obstacles and dead ends and thats okay, because the next path over is a stones throw or two and we all have plenty of time. My epiphany was that I, at seventeen, don’t have to have a job lined up. I don’t have to know for sure what I’m going to do with my life because I can 110% guarantee that there will be a tempting turnoff before I reach there, or perhaps my path with merge with another, perhaps my path will lead me to no where, or perhaps it is overgrown with weeds. It doesn’t matter, because I have time, and I have no reason to rush myself onto a dead end path.

FinalBout 2
When we first talked about going to FInalBout, we first decided we had to make it there this year, At All Costs. 

Well, it did cost me most everything, and i literally couldnt be happier that i made it happen. It was such a scramble to get all three of us ready, oh my god lol!  I was having suspension, engine, and wiring issues, and the stress really got to me. Matts car had no strut towers and he had to put together a brand new motor from the block upwards and paint in a week and a half. Sooo much fiberglass repair, we didn’t spray matts bumper until 4am somewhere outside minniapolis!  All said and done, he started it up, backed it out of the driveway, and we literally left on the 30+ hour drive that moment. So scary! hahaha The morning we were supposed to leave, my car car was still wet enough to finger fuck, and has just broken everything, so i guess there was nothing left to break, because once we left from lethbridge i had zero issues with the car. Ryan being the only one who was really prepared, he organized a truck and trailer, had little to do but repaint and assemble his new look without all the vinyl, and funny enough hes the one who broke down in some small ass town named FreePort, though i’m not sure what state we were in. 

*Looong driiiveeeeee FULL of adventures for another day…*

We made it there, and first thing derek from Breaking runs over to give us a big ol american high five for making the trip. I was still trying to pick my jaw up off of the floor from the quick look at the track we got rolling up into the parking lot. All we’ve ever really had is shitty oval tracks and some badass streeting spots, so even from the parking lot preview, we were bouncing levels of excited to get out there. We unloaded ryans trailor and slowly pulled into the pits. Illia from Proceed ( the nicest dudes, seriously) gave us the best spot in the house, right at the entrance to the track and sandwiched between Proceed and Risky Devil. We set up our shop and went around, FULLY FUCKING PUMPED, we met all the guys we watch do cool stuff so many times before.

One thing i want to say here is how Unbelievably nice Americans are. Back up in Canada all id really heard about Americans is that they are kinda dicks. 


Seriously so backwards, all i heard from Canada before finalbout was straight sarcasm whining, talking so much trash about “the car show drift event.” It was actually the final straw that tipped me over the edge to make it happen no matter fucking what. Everyone was saying dumb shit, and i was just like you know what, im going to fucking go and experience it first hand, see it with my own eyes, and end all this opinionated back and forth bullshizz.

Well i went and it blew my brains out. Ive never gottent hat many high fives before. Ive never thrown down next to a stranger whos driving i for some reason fully trust and just met a few hours ago. I never could have even dreampt this event up. I just remember being like Okay Guys! Lets just take a grip lap first to feel the track out….lol nope! Ryan initiated first corner, i diddnt miss a beat following him with a hard flick, and i could hear Matt wasnt far behind me hahaha. (that cars sounds so insane when its right behind you, i always knew how close he was). We linked the entire first lap no problem, and i remember just jumping up and down in my car like oh my god that was unbelievable! i reallllly wanted to highfive someone, but i was alone so i just danced to myself instead, until we were all the sudden back at the starting line getting flagged through for another lap. What sweet heaven did i fall into?

See back home, we street drift, hard. None of us like it, (ok i love it) but we have no track anywhere near us which sucks huge balls. Even the one event we have is 5+ hours north and it just a parking lot. So for us, even though we’ve been driving side by side for 11 years, was a huge step!

So we got a few laps in before we had to change tires and wait for the tire guy to swap em over, so we drank a million gatoraids to stay cool, and chatted with people who was all really genuine and excited about us and our cars, but mostly confused by the KA-T r32 haha. So many people were shocked to just see an r32, let alone a four door, but wait what the fuck…is that a KA? hahahaha got soo many people good. Its the same reaction everytime, pretty priceless.

All the sudden it was time to lay down our competition runs, we had only gotten 6 practice laps, as matt broke a ruca, and me and ryan helped him change it. It all happened really fast, like we had just gotten there, done a couple laps, and then BOOM, theres animal style laying down a sick ass run and we were up a couple teams behind. None of us really got nervous or anything in line up, i was mostly busy remeniscing on the climb to the top of the hill where we got to drive between all the teams lining the outisdes of the track, high fiving you as you drove between them, We put down our runs and just kinda felt like, ok we did our thing,  but i wonder if animal style or faction is going to win, and then all the sudden out of NOWHERE,
uhh okay? So we freaked out a bit and went back into our cars.
three way high five for good luck and we went for a couple more laps.
I gotta tell ya, i really didnt think we would make top three, and i really didnt care if we did. From the moment we arrived on the parking lot for the first time, i was on cloud nine and it didnt matter if we did one lap, all crashed into eachother and sucked, i would have been just so glad to have made the trip and just been there!  

So when they came back and announced we were in the top three, i just lost it.  Pretty much by myself, in my car, but a few holy shits were exhanged between us three no doubt. Now i know the competition is the smallest part of the weekend. I know that it shouldnt really matter, and that driving with everyone was obviously the highlight. I know this, sure. But all my life my brother ryan (Ryan and I are actual brothers, incase you didnt know) talked on and on about how all he ever wanted in life was to win a trophy drifting. Not for the fame, or to really win, but i think it comes from a place where you just want to see it on the wall of your garage and feel really proud of yourself for what youve built, earned, and accomplished through the hobby. Its symbolic eternal self validation for everytime you second the car, the hobby, the finances, everything.

 So when we went out and did our thing one more time, and we somehow got FUCKING SECOND PLACE, maybe i shouldnt have cried, But i sure did! Somewhere between spraying champaigne, doing a burnout, and hugging my car in the pits, i definitely had a moment of proud/happiness/drifting tears.
You see, mine and my brothers entire life dream had just happened, no, was still happening! And as i sprayed Risky Devil full of champaigne, lit a cigar and drank my big ol’ bottle,  ive honestly, and i really mean this, have never ever ever been happier. I dont think second place would have meant quite as much to any other team there. I called my mom, the whole bit, i wont ever forget it and it changed my perspective on life completely. It made a whole lifetimes worth of people downing your car, telling you your hobby is silly and a waste of money, parents dissaproving of new mods instead of being stoked, all that bullshit, it made it all so fucking worth it. I doubt anyone of those people has loved anything as much as i love drifting, and my passion brought me to my dreams front step! You cant say anything bad about that! One minute imdriving to work in my skyline, the next im driving on the track ive dreampt of since i was 16, riding walls next to teams ive idolized since they’re creation, and earned myself a great personal success! Second place may as well have been first place with 300 virgins, cause i dont know how to tell you how ecstatic we all were.

Not to mention that was the morning of day one! ahahahah
There was still an unexplainable weekend full of smoke breathing, door tapping, gas pedal flooring, clutch kicking intermediate course, to be had! That place really is Never Never Land and we stayed there for the rest of the day.

It didnt feel like a competition, more like when youre at the local skatepark with a few close friends, and youre just cheering eachother on.  
“dude that 360 flip down the 6 set was too clean!*highfive* ”
turned into
“dude this tire mark on my door didnt even do any damage. sugoi!  *highfive* ”

but then the skatepark would be full of all your favourite skaters, from the pros to the homies! And by the end of the day, the pros became your homies, and then you almost won the big game of skate. Or something.

Totally rad cars, radder dudes, and even radder that i got to spend all the best moments of my life so far, with two of my best friends who were equally having the best times of their lives so far. I feel a tighter bond between us three, especially when it comes to the driving. USA International Speedway was exactly what i needed to step up my driving game.

And so we slept under the concession during a huge lightning storm that flooded our tent, vacuumed out my car that has no windows, and drove the 30+ hours home. Ive said it before and i’ll say it again, drifting is sweet! Lets enjoy the spirit of drifting together!

So a huge thank you goes out to Proceed, for being amazing hosts, the other teams for being really friendly, genuine, and stoked to just have a good time with us even if youd never met us before or even heard of us. all the folks who came up to offer congrats or ask questions or compliments, you guys really wowed us this weekend, we were blown away by the community! 
Most of all i wanna thank my two best friends in the whole entire world, i love you dudes so much and couldnt not have ever made this all happen without you. Matter o fact i wouldnt have wanted to do it with anyone else, or alone. Im blessed enough to have amazing mates who push me to make my dreams come true, and help me do it. They share their time, parts, tools, food, and money, and now i get to share back with a few unforgettable memories. Cheers boys! Ryans now back in school on the island in BC, me and matt are moving houses this weekend, and lifes back to normal, but im so proud of everyone who made it out there to drive finalbout. Our story is hardly unique,we didnt spend the most, we didnt drive the farthest, spectators flew from around the world, every single team was pushing hard to make the event with the car working and looking how they wanted, and im proud of you all for doing it.

Long Live FinalBout!!
May you spark the spirit of one thousand stylish drifts!

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okay so about the "you shouldnt be afraid to approach me" thing, i still kind of am because youre like, super popular and junk..! you really are a head of the class, type of things, that its like "Woah theyre so spectacular i could never compensate or bring much to the field compared to them" so you just kind of admire from a distance, type thing. heheh.. 'BI

Ok I’m gonna get real down to earth on this post so I’m putting the entire thing under a read more and I’m also going to insert a…



Also my blog text is really small so if you press CRTL and the + key you can zoom in to read it better and press CRTL and the - key to zoom back out.

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Wedding Series: The Night Before
  • A S H T O N: You loved your bridesmaids to death, after all, they were your best friends. But after a night of drinking, they got super loud and quite obnoxious, so you had to sneak out the door to your hotel suite for a minute of silence. You knew Ashton's room was somewhere in the hotel, but the boys and your girls refused to give each other the room numbers. You pull out your phone and shoot him a text anyways. can you meet me outside? I wanna see you. Ashton immediately replies. of course. see you in a minute. :) x You go to the lobby and out to the back where the pool glowed in the dark. Soon, the door opened behind you, and you felt your heart flutter when Ashton strode out, looking anxiously around for you. You rushed into his arms and felt them tighten around you as he pressed multiple kisses to the crown of your head. "Are you okay?" He asks in concern, holding you at arms length to examine your face. "Yeah, I'm fine," You chuckle. "My friends can just get.. annoying." He leads you to one of the deck chairs before sitting down. He pulls you under his shoulder before speaking. "Have you met my band?" He jokes. You laugh quietly before sighing and leaning into his embrace. Ashton looks down at you before tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. "You're not getting cold feet, are you?" He asks hesitantly. "No?" You reply, reaching up to trace his hairline. "Are you?" Ashton shakes his head. "Of course not." "Good," You smile. "Because you're not getting away from me." You wrap your arms around his waist and tickle his sides just as the pool doors slam open and a couple of your friends march out. You and Ashton immediately separate like you'd been caught by strict parents. "Excuse me, who gave you permission to see each other?" Your best friend demands, grabbing your hand and pulling you away from Ashton. You stutter for a response, trying to hide your laughter. Ashton pouts as you continue to be dragged back inside as you look back at him. "See you tomorrow, my love!" You call dramatically right before the door shuts.
  • L U K E: You're the last one awake at your batchelorette party as all your girlfriends sleep heavily around you, passed out from the few drinks they had. You're about to dose off yourself when you hear a soft knock on your back door. You sit up and eye the shadow of a person, quite terrified, until you saw the tall quiff and baby giraffe like legs. You step over your sleeping friends and open the door quietly. "Luke?" You whisper, stepping outside and shutting the door. He smiles sheepishly at you. "Hi," He mumbles. "What are you doing here? Where are the boys?" You question. "They're back at Michael's," He sighs heavily. "Mikey's idea of a bachelor party is so bad. Like, I came home and there are pictures of boobs everywhere. Oh my god. And he locked me in his room with fucking porn on the flat screen and said it was gonna be "my last good wank". So i just kinda… left… without them knowing." You can't help but chuckle, thinking back to the large bowl of dick shaped chewy candy your friends got you. "How'd you get out?" You ask him. "I went through his bedroom window." Luke admitted. "My prince in shining armor," You joke, reaching up to pinch his cheek. Luke grumbles and swats your hand away. "But I wouldn't have really cared, if that's what you're worried about. God knows what you do on tour when I'm not there." Luke's cheeks flush pink as he grabs your hand. "But I don't wanna watch that shit anymore. I just- I like us better… you know? I'd much rather have you than watch a screen and jack off." You can't help but giggle as his cheeks continue to redden. "Well, all the girls are asleep down stairs…" You inform him suggestively. "and-" "and your bedroom is upstairs," Luke interrupts. "And thats where we're going now." You two stumble upstairs, trying to contain your giggles. "What about the boys?" You ask him as you two fall onto your bed in a mess of limbs. Luke breaks away and rolls his eyes. "They can fuck themselves to Michael's big screen porn."
  • C A L U M: You knew Ashton was a good enough friend to keep you updated on your husband-to-be the night before your wedding. At first all was good, until you suddenly got the frantic message that Calum had disappeared during their movie marathon, and was now nowhere to be found. He wasn't answering the boys' calls, so Ashton suggested you try to reach him. You quickly dialed up his number and waited anxiously for him to pick up. "Hello?" He finally answered, releasing a sigh of relief from you. "Hey, where are you, babe? The boys said you disappeared on them." You ask him. The nerve wracking fear that he no longer wanted to get married was rattling your brain as you held your breath waiting for his response. "I just.. needed some fresh air and some time to think." He informed you. His voice still didn't sound positive, and you seriously felt like he was backing out. "Are you okay? You're not… you aren't backing out, are you?" You question hesitantly. "No, no of course not," He replies instantly. "It's just… I guess I'm worried you know? I'm worried that we'll be happily married and suddenly you'll meet someone and realized you settled for me when you could do so much better. And I'm just afraid you won't be happy with me." You frown, wishing you were in front of him so you could grip his face and shake some sense into him. "You don't think I think about that too? I mean, you go around the world, there's definitely going to be more pretty or more interesting girls than me, I know that. But the thing is, marriage is about trusting one another and being happy with each other. I wouldn't have said yes if I didn't truly believe I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, Calum." Calum sighs, and you can hear his smile through the tinny phone speaker. "You always know the right thing to say, don't you?" You smile, now reassured he was going to be okay. "One of the many perks of marrying me, I suppose." "One of the many, many, many perks," He repeats with a large grin. "Thanks baby. See you at the alter tomorrow night."
  • M I C H A E L: "fucking shit- how do people even do this in movies?" You grumble to yourself as you scour the ground for another pebble. It was nearly impossible due to the fact it was almost the middle of the night, and you were outside in the dark. Finally, you found one and aimed it at Michael's bedroom window. The pebble successfully hit the glass, and you prayed your fiancé heard it. You listened as the window slid open, but your hopeful grin fell when a head- that definitely wasn't Michael's- popped out. "(y/n)?" Calum called out once he spotted you. "You aren't supposed to be here." You looked up pleadingly at the dark haired boy. "I know, I know. I just really want to see-" Your sentence is interrupted as the back door flings open and Michael dashes towards you, nearly knocking you off your feet when he embraces you. "…Michael." You finish, smiling into the fabric of his t-shirt. "Michael!" Luke exclaims. "Get your ass back in here!" "No!" He calls back, his voice muffled by your hair. "This has been the longest night of my life," He whispers to you. "I just wanna be with you and get married already so no one can separate us ever again." You can't help but twist his shirt in your fist as you smile. "Aw, that's so cute, baby," You coo. "I can't wait either. But you know what they say- distance makes the heart grow fonder?" You could hear Ashton groan from inside. "It's only 24 hours you fucking children!" You chuckle to yourself, reaching up to press a short but sweet kiss to Michael's lips. "Less than 24 hours until we're forever and ever, babe. I'll meet you at the alter."