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The signs as Tokyo ghoul characters

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Aries: Ayato Kirishima

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Taurus: Renji Yomo

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Gemini: Juuzou Suzuya

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Cancer: Touka Kirishima

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Leo: Amon Koutarou

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Virgo: Akira Mado

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Scorpio: Yoshimura

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Libra: Rize Kamishiro

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Sagittarius: Tsukiyama Shuu

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Capricorn: Eto

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Aquarius: Uta

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Pisces: Seidou Takizawa

So yesterday Theresa May lied through her teeth about working for everybody and making a fairer society.


- her new cabinet is more right wing than it has been pretty much since Thatcher 

- she has appointed Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary, an openly racist nightmare with a list as big as his ego of foreign politicians, nations and more who he has insulted, has openly stated colonialism a good thing and continously lies

- and Jeremy Hunt of all people is about the only one to hold his position as Health Secretary. This is the Jeremy Hunt who has screwed over our NHS, is currently hated by and feuding with Junior Doctors (who have been holding strikes for the first time in decades), and is current holder of The Last Leg’s ‘Dick of the Year’ award, which is quite some feat to beat former winners, nightmares Farage and Katie Hopkins (though I think Boris will be a shoo-in for next year).

Actions speak louder than words, and Theresa May’s actions show her words yesterday to be utter bollocks. So that didn’t take long. I’m relieved to see the back of Michael Gove and Nicky Morgan, but that relief is massively outweighed by anger and fear at the new appointments and wth our future might be.

tbh it can also just be hard because so much of Gay Representation is either like slash fanfic written by straight people and stuff on tv shows and stuff thats all white, muscled, hairless, cis, conventionally attractive guys

men who love men are so much more than that

theres so much more diversity to us then just that and it can be disheartening to not see anything like yourself anywhere. it can be hard to tear urself from thinking thats the only way to be a mlm

heres to all the non conventional mlm - the non white guys, fat guys, hairy guys, trans guys, nonbinary guys, not Conventionally Attractive guys, ugly guys, the guys who dont fit the universal idea of “a gay man”. yall are valid and theres so many more like you than you think, u just cant see them <3

saw this again recently, from tonys night: folks, let’s do ourselves a favor and ignore all the trolls and mean people tonite on Tumblr, Twitter, etc.

that’s more relevant than ever to the Hamilton and LMM fandoms, which’re becoming hell fandoms in too many senses of the word. okay?


i think we can tell by now when discussion will be fruitful and when it won’t be.

when there’s vitriolic criticism, where any response is only going to amplify, escalate and help perpetuate the demonization of someone or something deemed to have failed to whatever degree at sj wokeness, don’t respond. it won’t help address those failures. in my experience, it will help make the fandom a hellish, dysfunctional place for everyone: the creators, the new and old fans, those who can be reached, and those inside and out trying to air their grievances

those failures can do real harm. those failures need to be discussed with compassion for those affected, and willingness by the potential/actual offenders to learn and apologize

i think everyone will benefit by learning that not every criticism is an invitation to those discussions

i think you can tell which are which

don’t act out of defensiveness, unexamined guilt, or an us vs. them mentality (and i know that’s not easy). let’s always care about failures and imperfections. let’s care intelligently about and for ourselves (where else is there to begin), and diligently about and for others who are most in need of it. let’s exercise that care in ways most likely to actually improve that which is in need of improving

my response to criticism has been dismissed before purely because of my url, but those who follow me, and hopefully those who read this, will know that i’m not here to avoid those things. i’m here–on tumblr, and alive–to celebrate the good and address the bad. effectively. and i think we can make the tag a place where virtually all the posts actually do those things

I don’t believe in too optimistic.
Lin-Manuel Miranda

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Who do you think would be more obsessed with Pokemon Go, Johnny or Peter?

Millennial Menaces Descend On City, Reports Daily Bugle. Is Spider-Man At Fault? Sources Say Yes!

“How do you have so many!” 

Johnny jumped on his back, arms around his neck, and Peter pretended to rock with the impact, grunting. He grabbed at Johnny’s thigh with his free hand, squeezing, and kept the other on his phone.

“Um, as the single most active person in New York, I have a lot – A LOT – of opportunity,” Peter said, grinning. Johnny’s hair tickled his cheek. “I am, actually, the very best, like no one ever was.”

Johnny groaned.

“To catch them is my real test!” Peter laughed. “To train them is my – oh hey, a Geodude. I’ll name him Ben. Stop squirming, I’ll drop you.”  

“I just want to see your Pokemon!” Johnny said. Peter let him slip from his grasp and only when they had both settled down on the rooftop did he hand over his phone. “You have so many! What the hell.” 

“I swing around the whole city pretty much every day,” Peter said. “I mean, I have to take it a little slower than usual, but – and this is ludicrous – I actually think the city is too busy catching Pokemon to continue its personal crusade against me specifically, so hey. Pokemon!” 

Johnny pouted down at the phone. “You have a Charmander and you didn’t name him after me. Relationship over.”

“Next fire type, I promise,” Peter said, grinning. He made grabby motions. “Okay, I showed you mine, skip the joke and hand over the phone.”

Johnny’s dark blush took a moment to register. The grin that spread over Peter’s face was uncontrollable; he tried in vain to school it.

“Johnny,” he said. “Do you not have it…?”

“My flying speed doesn’t register,” Johnny muttered, scowling when Peter burst out laughing. “It’s not funny! I haven’t done this much walking in forever!”

“Poor baby,” Peter said, still snickering. 

“And it was glitching, it kept kicking me off, and – I deleted it, okay,” Johnny huffed. 

Peter, still laughing so hard he almost couldn’t breathe, touched his fingers to Johnny’s face and pressed their mouths together. Johnny relented against him grudgingly. “I can’t believe I’m saying this to the guy who was in the thirtieth century last weekend: you need to join the future.” 

“Yeah, yeah,” Johnny mumbled. “I’ll download it again and I’m going to be so much better at it than you…”

“Pull up in your car full of cheerleaders, why don’t you?” Peter said, smiling against his mouth.

For the two people amongst my followers who even care: “Going Home” is officially on hiatus. 

I know it’s a bit silly to say that after having last updated it almost a year ago, but things didn’t turn out like I had planned. I figured that once I was out of full time schooling where I was working 65+ hours a week on classwork/homework/studying, I would be able to get back into writing it. Seeing as how it’s been over 3 months since graduation, however, I don’t think I’m any closer to continuing it then I was half a year ago. I can’t really pull some bullshit excuse out of my ass that’s good enough for you. I’ve been shitty about my writing for this fandom, and it’s all 100% my fault. At this point, I don’t even know if I’ll pursue writing anymore, whether for this fandom or for my own personal interest. It’s just not working out, and I can only apologize for that. So sorry for being a shit author, guys. I don’t even deserve to share that title with some of the incredible people of this fandom and others who put so much time and energy and self into their works.

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Also ur so quick to defend your shitty actions and even shittier character but never do anything to fix either of those in the long term. Making excuses is the easy way out, just shows how much of a coward u are. Anyway start taking responsibility for ur own actions instead of blaming it on mental disorders (theres plenty of other ppl w many more problems than u and theyre 1000000x better ppl than u are). Also if u rly only ate lettuce and veggies u wouldnt be as huge as u are now. Reality check

this literally………doesnt even make sense i think your first message didnt send lad

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I discovered your blog via BTD and I want to get more into your ocs. How should I go about learning about your ocs? I'm kinda confused but intrigued @_@

Awww thanks for the interest anon! X3c My characs are kinda…everywhere haha (cos i have this…tendency to throw them into many different AUs for fun |D). My main ones are the Hedone Highers:

who in normal verse are a bunch of highschoolers at an all male boarding school (the headmaster is Rire). I draw them a lot on my DA and there’s a few random bits of info interspersed in their tumblr tag. The main secondary (lol oxymoron) AU i’m developing with them is Battle Priest, which unlike the normal verse might actually get a webcomic idk we’ll see lol.

Another reoccurring character is Eid (kid with the mask).

His original form is that of a shadow monster but lately i’ve been using this human form more. He’s even more of an AU hopper since i keep throwing him into random stuff with friends so not much is really set with him XD The main things are that he’s mute, almost constantly starts off homeless, and he’s always romantically paired with @justonepurpose​ charac Mu (girl in the cat ear hoodie).

Of course is there’s anything specific you wanna know feel free to ask me! :)

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im crying u have the literal body of my dreams omg what kind of exercise routine do u follow or are u like vegan or vegetarian?

no no no please don’t see my body as that.. theres no such thing as a dream body..literally. The pictures online show my body as more “idealistic” than it is for real. our bodies change we are all different shapes and sizes and thats a beauty of being us. I have always been around this size but I have gained a lot of weight more recently because i am a women now ! however, i am a vegan and before i went vegan 2 years ago i was vegetarian for many years! Please dont compare yourself to others, it fuels so much negativity. you are beautiful as you
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Title: The Thing With Feathers
Authors: @archangelunmei and @shachaai
Rating: Overall M
Summary:  Madeline Williams never expected to be attending a boarding school on a whole different continent just because her magic is a little more… difficult than the norm. She never expected to make friends that would last a lifetime. She never expected to find someone to love. And she never, ever expected to be caught up in events that would reach far beyond the walls of the school.

Chapter Summary: Madeline arrives at the school and manages to make it through her first (very long, very tiring) day, meeting far too many people along the way.
Word Count: 15,308 (PHEW!)
Rating (this chapter): PG
Characters (in this chapter): Fem!Canada, Fem!France, Fem!England, Ukraine, Fem!Russia, Belarus, Fem!Portugal, Fem!America, Fem!Germany, Fem!North Italy, Fem!South Italy, mentions of others
Pairings (in this chapter): Nothing yet, though allusions to Fem!Denmark/Fem!Norway
Warnings (for this chapter): None

Notes: GUYS. So some of you might know that @shachaai and I have been working on co-writing a fic for about two years now. THIS IS IT. This is also barely 1/5 of the total that we have written, and not even CLOSE to all of it. Eventual pairings are in the AO3 tags, but there’ll be a lot of others along the way.

Hopefully y’all like it, we’ve been working really hard and I (at least) am really proud of how this is coming out. Thanks so much to @losthitsu and @crystenkari for beta-ing. You guys are the best.

u ever like?? really wanna cry???

like not “im so sad im about to cry” more like “theres so many emotions in me right now and crying would be a good experience because i want to get them out”

 except you just cant cry

and i think thats the worst thing of all because like

i dont cry everyday but i sure wish i did because it would be much better than this