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The art store had a massive sale the other day and because I have no self control I bought new watercolors that work really well for Alya. They’re so smooth and silky on the paper, it’s great.

Artwork ©: alazic02

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there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

If anyone knows friends who do sound design and may be interested in doing one for a 5min animated film hmu.

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i think im going to make a grilled cheese, watch youtube videos, and then play overwatch or league if my wifi feels up to it lol

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go go go I believe in you

things I learned: I can come up with a concept for this immediately and if I just believe I can whip it out even if I haven’t watched the show in three weeks

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are you doing anything cool for break???

wasn’t really planning anything, but who knows? there’s gonna be the usual superhero stuff but i’m gonna have more time to hang out with my friends than i usually do. 

유행가 (Popular Song)

You slowly enter the practice room, hoping you’re not bothering the members from practice. You first peep your head in to see if they’re doing anything. It turns out you didn’t need to be so cautious entering. The members were running around and chasing each other, jumping on each other’s backs, and spinning in circles on the floor. They barely noticed you entered until Chan stopped and greeted you loudly. A wave of “hi Y/N!!!!” hit you as you walked towards them.

“Why are you here Y/N?” Jeonghan asked.

“Jihoon asked me to pick something up for him.” You said as you held up a plastic bag containing Jihoon’s favorite noodles from that one shop near your apartment.

“He’s in the booth, as usual.” Seungcheol said, pointing behind him over the stairs that lead to the recording studio. You wave the members bye and head up the stairs. You look through the glass door to see Jihoon sitting in the booth writing notes on his lyrics sheet. He didn’t notice you until you tapped on the window. The corners of his mouth twitched as he took off his headphones.

“Hi Y/N.” he greeted simply.

“Here’s your noodles.” You said as you presented the bag to him with both hands and a grin plastered on your face. He took the bag and placed it on the empty spot at the end of the table. He began to take out the contents of the bag before he stopped and looked over at you.



“What are you listening to these days?” Jihoon asked, trying to sound nonchalant.


“What are you listening to these days?” Jihoon asked again.

“I don’t know. Just whatever is on the radio, I guess.”



“Come here.” Jihoon said, setting down his chopsticks. “Go in the booth.” He directed, pointing to the door of the recording booth. You comply and walk in. Through the glass, he gestured for you to put on the headphones. You did as he instructed and waited for his next cue. Jihoon pressed a few buttons on the keyboard in front of him. Before he played the song, he went on the speaker.

“This is for you. Listen well.”

You were confused at first but then Jihoon’s soft voice filled your ears.

-What song are you listening to, who is the singer

Who do you like these days-

You stare at him through the glass as you listen to the lyrics carefully. His voice was smooth and calming against the simple beat.

Jihoon scribbled something on a notepad and held it against the window.

-What do you think?-

A shy smile covered his face as he tried to avoid your eyes. You just kept staring at him as the song played.

When the song finished, you stood there for a minute to think about the lyrics. Jihoon had to knock on the window to get you out of your daze. You took off the headphones and walked out of the booth.

“So…What did you think?” he asked shyly.

“It was nice. I liked it.”

“That’s good…”

The room fell silent and awkward.

“So, is this your way of confessing or something…?” you awkwardly laugh.

“Yeah, I guess.” He responded nervously, rubbing the back of his neck.