there's probably a bunch out there already

NHLers who have spoken out against the violence in Charlottesville

Because everything sucks, and it’s good to know that at least a few of them have cleared this incredibly low bar.  This may not be everyone who tweeted about this, and I didn’t check other social media at all, so please tell me if you know of anyone else!

Detroit Red Wings: condemned use of their logo by fascists/neo-Nazis

Paul Bissonnette: retweeted Red Wings statement
Brian Boyle: retweeted a video about Sir Nicholas Winton with the caption “On the same night that racists are carrying torches in Charlottesville I see this tweet. Choose well what kind of human you’re going to be”
JT Brown: quote-tweeted the Red Wings statement, statement from Bill Clinton
Max Domi: quote-tweeted the Sir Nicholas Winton video (but he’s also supported Trump in the past, so take this with at least one grain of salt)
Andrew Ference: [”This is what “making America great again” looks like?” with link to video], retweeted [As #Charlottsville churns with hate & racism, I am grateful for (Canadian flag emoji) inclusion. But make no mistake: the same hate festers here and must end.]
Blake Geoffrion: retweeted Sir Nicholas Winston video
Brooks Laich: [ I hope for a world where diversity is not hated, not merely accepted - but celebrated! That must be our future! #prayforCharlottesville]
Mike Modano: retweeted Red Wings statement
Matt Stajan: retweeted video about Sir Nicholas Winton
Aaron Ward: retweeted [I signed up to fight Nazis 73 years ago and I’ll do it again if I have to. Hatred, bigotry, & fascism should have no place in this country.]  

Jakob Chychrun: hasn’t posted publicly, but has liked a bunch of good stuff
Matt Dumba: retweeted [I signed up to fight Nazis 73 years ago and I’ll do it again if I have to. Hatred, bigotry, & fascism should have no place in this country.]   
Ben Scrivens: probably already your unproblematic fave as he should be, but retweeted a bunch of really good stuff including an article about dealing with Canada’s right wing extremism

wellthengameover  asked:

So I had a thought about water which you've probably already thought of and IDK where I'm going with it, but: In ACD version of Reichenbach "The Final Problem" they fall off a waterfall. Obviously Mofftisson changed it a bunch BUT I would say that water is an element of "The Final Problem" which they left out of TRF ... which may mean nothing ... there's the picture of the waterfall at the beginning but I'm not sure that counts as "water" or par with what's in "The Final Problem".

I’m sorry it took me forever to answer this… Water is very sneaky in the show; is there in ways you don’t notice until well, you’re drowning in it. Is the reason is taking me so long to write this water meta series (that, RL and the fact that I lack literary skills). A meta someone wrote (and I’ve been looking for these last months) stated that the 5 pips game is still on, just on a bigger scale now, and the fall was just one pip. Mary is the second pip and we still haven’t seen the other 3 (S4 and S5). 

It really is important to notice how TPTB chose to have a ‘waterless’ fall; I don’t know the canon in depth (I’ve done a couple of readings), but they did show John surrounded by a heavy rain in TRF. 

One has to acknowledge the massive symbolism water has as a subconcious force, how it has been linked to the moments Sherlock and John are dealing with “feelings” (the pool, the Battersea scene, John unable to say the things he meant to say in Ella’s office…) Is obvious how water communicates to the viewer the depth of the dilemma the main characters are going through. Alas I’m not well versed to write such an analysis,  but to find the unique symbolism Moffat and Gatiss are providing to water. That’s the second level of subtext, there’s the link I found with moriarty and the small villains.

thoughts/theories on the important video

  • a lot of people are like “what if its pinof7!” but like….. how.. ….? (what i mean is that that requires audience participation aka tweets) (also i think its such an ingrained tradition for them that idk what would cause them to make it 3(?) months early)
  • some people are saying it could be about the thing with glozell and about consent but 1) if it was, i dont think he would have been so uncomfortable in the live show (he’dve probably been like “youlll find out thursday:))) its an importabnt topic youtube needs to talk about)” and stuff like that) and 2) theres some pretty compelling evidence that this video was the one the was made before vidcon (i think idk)
  • a lot of people have already ruled out tour stuff for a bunch of reasons
  • its not about merch
  • it still could be about like moving out or something sad like that (if you have theories about that or evidence ruling that out pls tell me)
  • it could honestly totally be a joke like it could just be dan admitting hes a meme or it could be a rick roll or a DanAndPhilCRAFTS video i really dont see why not (and like the thing during the liveshow could’ve been planned)
  • some people are saying stuff like “i hope its them announcing theyre getting a dog!!!” and tbh that made me smile a lOt but i really do think whatever the video is its either a joke or its something really heavy
  • vegas video? maybe. i hope.
  • maybe theyre gonna talk about the video that shall not be named????
  • i thought “yknow if were thinking it might be a coming out video (of phan) then why couldnt it be dan/phil telling us he has a girlfriend. shouldnt we entertain that option just as much out of respect of dan and phil and their sexualities and privacy?” but then i was like “why does it have both of them though????” so its still a possibility but not very probable sorry
  • i honeslty dont think its them leavng youtube or anything like that bc like, the book, the tour, and i just have this gut feeling just trust me
  • please message me w more theories and ill consider them and maybe add them to this and maybe rule them out