there's part 3! lol

so i’m listening to the bible

cus some ppl who never read the bible use it as proof but don’t know what’s in it 

This is what i found out so far that was interesting:

-The first part where God creates shit is literally evolution but realy realy fast.
like i’m paraphrasing here but it says:
“ so god made fish and other creatures in the water and birds in the sky, and than he told the fish to walk on land and it did. and from that cows and live stock were created and so on on”
basically evolution

- God put Adam to sleep and stole his rib

- a woman is called a woMAN cus she came from man

- Eve’s punishment for eating the apple was labor pain and she was now Adams slave, While Adams was that his crops would be shitty. (so fair brah)

- Adam lived to be 930 and so did everyone else apparently

- one of Adams grand kids had 2 wives
- The ark was 137 m long 41 m wide and 13 m tall

- Noah was 600 when the flood happend 

- The dove brought back an olive leaf not branch (Ur fanart is wrong churches)

- literally everything else so far is (no joke) the narrator goin “and than he had this son and than he had this son and than he had this son and then he died, but than his son had this son etc..

Like if u want more i guess 
i have no idea wut i’m doin anymore

pls correct me if you think i got something wrong

grace-of-hearts replied to your photo:YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma SMACK! The kids…

Yurio’s face in the first panel is great. He wants to know what to do to fix this but he’s never handled friendships well initially himself. And he’s notably younger than Yuuri and Victor, so he probably feels a little out of his depth here.

whoo I caught a reply! :’D

NOP Yurio’s never handled friendships well minus Beka, but tbh they’re ALL out of their depth. People where scared of Yurio, Victor didn’t particularly care to befriend others (who mostly approached him for superficial reasons anyway), and Yuuri was ignored or bullied as a kid (outside of Yuuko).

Should also note that the three of them have VERY different attitudes approaching parenthood too. For Yuuri, the idea of a family (if not necessarily specifically kids) and being surrounded by loved ones is comforting, and not something he’d ever thought he could have until recently. In the haze of uncertainty that is life and a career after his retirement, he sees it as one of the only clear and tangible goals that he can accomplish, and share with his mates too.

Yurio is forever bitter about absence the of his parents from his own childhood, and has always specifically dreamed of having kids so that he could give them what he didn’t have. He’d never trade his grandfather for parents, but it’s also an experience he’s always craved, even if he’s on the parenting side. In addition, while the others are in no rush, Yurio wants kids earlier rather than later because he desperately wants his grandfather to be a part of that family vision, and he knows realistically that he doesn’t have that much time left. If he were alone, heck if it were just him and his mate Yurio’d think it irresponsible and wait until he has the confidence and experience to support them all, but given the much more extensive support system of their poly relationship and Victor and Yuuri’s seniority, he feels it could really work even with him being so young.

Victor probably hasn’t thought nearly as deeply about parenthood as he should have, but he likes surprising even himself and is used to making spontaneous decisions. While having kids is definitely something even he wouldn’t do on just a whim, when the other two bring it up, he decides more or less on the spot that it’s a wonderful idea and something he really wants too. Any additional form of love he can have with Yuuri, he’ll embrace with his whole life.

paul coming back would literally ruin this season so it better not be true

Pretend this isn’t a shitty concept sketch and look at what may or may not be the main Antagonist of Jojo Part 5 ½ ……………………the <SPOILER>, Wolfgang and his stahhhhifudfnjks im sorry  i cant    looks llikea talking penis…why’s he wanna kill Jordan?? what’s with that HAIR?? why does he have a cane?? it even his?? his abnormally protrudent chin?? His suspenders & tie…yknow if u invert the colrs it almost looks like….no…it cant be….cane thief weiner stand havin creep…find out once I decide to make the damn comic/part already sdhnrewouinjkdfs

His, Hers, Yours / Kojuro x MC x Masamune [2/3]

Kisses with Meaning Prompts

Thank you to @thedaydreamingotaku, @nijigendiaries and two sweet Anons for your prompts. I normally put the requests here but this time it got too long. Here are links to their requests: [Link 1][Link 2][Link 3][Link 4]

  • Kojuro + Masamune + Finger Tip (Praise/Admiration) + Palm of the Hand (Begging/Entreaty) + Bridge of the Nose (Treasuring)

[Part 1]

“What’s this, little one?” you ask one evening after she goes missing, “Is it for me?” You have to crouch down on hind legs to be at eye level with her, so as to not scare her with your panic, which had surged just a moment before, like an old friend, uninvited and foul. A killer mistake, because you almost go drowning in green so deep, it gives her father a run for his money.

She nods, a tiny little bob, and hands you a chain of knotted-together dandelion flowers, perfectly linked like a coronet. It stops you for a moment, and something inside goes welling up. “Don’t mind if I do then.” You place it gently on your head, and give her an obsequious bow. “Do I look pretty?”

The little scamp, so sweet, so stubby, bobs her head up and down more furiously, and you can’t help it: you sweep her into your arms and plant smooches all over her face, forgetting for a second the dim shouts of the castle around you, and she, so small, so cute, giggles into your neck.

“You scared me, young lady.” She buries her head deeper into the crook at your shoulder, arms tightening. “Shall we go find your father?” A shy bob.

It doesn’t take long, and when she spies him she goes leaping out of your arms so quickly you almost drop her. Her little feet scamper across until she collides into his legs, and the One-Eyed Dragon, who is not overly demonstrative, but can not help himself, much in the same way you can not help yourself, picks her up and pulls her close, eyes dropping, making sure she’s real and safe.

For a second it’s just the three of you, and you’re lost gazing at them, something hot and heavy clenching tight in your gut, before Masamune levels a viridescent look at you across his daughter’s shoulder and nods. It speaks words, and you smile back.

Then Kojuro and Shigezane come hurtling down the corridor and it’s another moment before nerves are calmed and searches are called off. And for the rest of the evening, you wear it for her, because every time she spots you, she runs over and buries her face in her father’s back, in his legs, in the crook of his neck, blushing all the while and dazzling you all into peals of laughter.

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