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andreil happy fics! ♥

basically, I’ve spent the previous week going through the AFTG tag (yes, I went through all the 1250 works) on ao3, because I needed more content, official or not. and since it was so freaking hard to find some quality happy content™ (bc apparently y'all like to suffer that much —which, to be fair, I should have expected and I can #relate), I thought I could make it easier for anyone else seeking it and share it here! 🎉

so this is a recommendation list with my favorites ones so far; they’re all from ao3, and if you find any of your works there and want me to remove them from this list, just message me and I’ll remove it. if you have any recommendations for me to add here, message me too! ♥ I haven’t read anything from or tumblr just yet, but I plan on doing that later this week.

they’re not all entirely happy and they’re not that happy either, but then again that’d be hard considering the amount of trauma and tragedy the authors have to work with (thanks nora). but!!! they’re happy enough to make it to this post, so yeah! you’ll probably gonna enjoy them.

right now there are more oneshots, canon-ish, mostly set right after TKM or a few years in the future. I might add an AU and multi-chapter category later, so keep checking for updates! and don’t forget to show appreciation for the authors by leaving comments and kudos! ♥

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Where’s Waldo Liebgott? Episode 1 Part 4

Study these sand tables, maps and reconnaissance photos until you can draw a map of the area by memory. 

Dear Floyd, Give ‘em hell.

AU where bitty is on the lacrosse team and manages to keep the lax bros out of smh’s hair long enough that the boys start to get suspicious

word count: 1603

part 1 here

After what Bitty has been referring to in his own head as “The Incident” (with capital letters and all), things between the lax team and the hockey team are… Better? Naturally, Bitty couldn’t tell his team about what had happened, and in fact hadn’t even been pressured to; the teammates who’d been in the house at the time hadn’t even realized he was gone until he was strolling back through the door. So much for having each other’s backs, Bitty had mumbled to himself as he rolled out his pie crust.

But that had been nearly a month ago, and since then, the hockey team hadn’t been over even once to bang at the door with complaints– not even when the house had hosted a party two weeks ago and their music had been loud enough for the bass to be felt a full block away. It’s unusual behavior, and Bitty would be lying if he ever tried to say he isn’t curious about it. The way he sees it, they’re probably just feeling guilty over the whole kidnapping thing. Which is probably fair, all things considered, and Bitty appreciates their consideration. For the most part.

Despite the hockey team’s apparent peace with the lacrosse team, they do still seem a little spiteful. Either that, or Bitty is projecting his own spite onto them; he’s been sitting at the house’s kitchen table for a full two hours now, picking at a now cold tray of bagel bites as he tries to finish an essay. It’s not due until the next Monday, a fact that has Bitty thanking any and all gods who may exist, because there is no way in hell he can finish it tonight with the loud music blaring from across the street. Bitty keeps finding himself bouncing a leg to the beat and staring blankly at his laptop instead of actually writing, and after the fourth time, he finally sighs and slams the thing shut, sliding it perhaps too roughly into his backpack. He deposits the entire bag safely by the stairs before he heads out.

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I really wish we'd had more Mick/Amaya interaction. Not even in a shippy way, but there was that whole bit when she said about taming Mick's animal side and then we just saw none of that at all. That would have been nice to see, someone working *with* him for once. And actively trying to help him.

I agree wholeheartedly, though it’s also just something they do a lot of on this show: drop storylines and then are like “oh yeah these two people care deeply about each other but we never showed it to you.”

I mean we had such a great story with Ray and Mick developing that dropped off the face of the planet as well? It really confused me? And it was a carryover from last season so it was odd how little they interacted after the cold gun was dismantled, except for stuff with Axel the rat.

Anyhoo, it is a shame that we didn’t get to see more of Mick and Amaya’s friendship developing after she gave him the bottle of booze and he was hallucinating. Maybe he tried to avoid her, knowing he was unwell, and dealing with the hallucination of Len telling him to steer clear of her? That’s obviously conjecture though.

And I do wish that we’d had more insight into the ‘animal side’ of Mick. I got the impression that Amaya, with her closeness and love of animals, her connection to the animal kingdom as a whole, sees having an ‘animal’ side as very different from most people, who mean it in a far more brutish way. Mick himself means it in a self-deprecating way, and I liked the idea that Amaya could change that association for him, make animality something beautiful and powerful instead of something worth derogating.

But yeah, Legends writers, amirite?

  • Aries: "Mono No Aware" (the awareness of the transience of all things and the gentle sadness and wistfulness at their passing; enjoying the sadness of the inevitable cycle of life)
  • Taurus: "Hiraeth" (a homesickness for a place you can never return to, a place which mayve never was; the nostalia, the yearning, the grief of the lost places of your past)
  • Gemini: "Mamihlapinatapai" (the wordless, yet meaningful look shared by two people who desire to initiate something, but are both reluctant to start)
  • Cancer: "Saudade" (a deep, nostalgic, and melancholic longing for something or someone, often accompanied with denial that what one longs for will never come back)
  • Leo: "Habseligkeiten" (few small belongings one finds special, whose values evolve from personal meanings and from the happiness and sentiment of having these certain objects)
  • Virgo: "Ya'Aburnee" (the declaration of hope that a person or loved one will outlive you as to spare yourself the pain of living life without that person)
  • Libra: "Kyoka Suigetsu" (something that is visible but cannot be touched; the subtle and profound beauty of poems that cannot be described in words)
  • Scorpio: "Kintsukuroi" (art of fixing broken pottery with gold or silver lacquer and understand that breakage is a part of the objects history, making it more beautiful with its imperfection)
  • Sagittarius: "Verschlimmbessern" (to accidentally make something worse by a well-meaning but misguided attempt to make it better; creating a bigger problem from a small one)
  • Capricorn: "Sehnsucht" (a high degree of intense, recurring, and often painful desire for something, particulary if there's no hope of attaining the specific desire)
  • Aquarius: "Sisu" (the extraordinary determination in the face of extreme adversity; of the ability to keep fighting after most people would have quit, and to fight with the will to win)
  • Pisces: "Goya" (a momentary suspension of disbelief that occurs when fantasy is so realistic that it temporarily becomes reality, usually associated with a story very well told)
We’ll come back, and we’ll bring Hell with us.

Request:  ok so I’m pretty weird but could you do an imagine where Bucky and reader are dating and hydra capture her Bucky and Steve and to torture Bucky they tie him up and make him watch Steve fuck you (he has a mind control serum or something) and then you enjoy it because your senses are heightened and then right after you and Steve orgasm they let Bucky go and you collapse crying and you just hold each other because you’re both like broken emotionally sorry its so detailed I basically wrote a pic lol


A/N: I took out the enjoyed it part, because I believe it would hurt Bucky more to watch this, knowing theres nothing he can do to help you.

Originally posted by natpekis

Bucky and I have been together for about one year now, life is good. I love him more than anything, he loves me just as much. Steve usually forbids us from going on missions together, Bucky and I are very passionate about each other, and that transfers over to missions. Bucky would drop everything, mission included, put several other people in danger, JUST to save me. Steve learned that the hard way, so he forbade us from going on missions together.

However, this time we had to work together, as it’s just me, Buck, and Steve. It’s dangerous enough, we’re all needed this time.

To send the Winter Soldier and his girlfriend to a Hydra base, together, may not have been the smartest idea, I realize this now as I am captured and taken from my friend, and my boyfriend, they’ve sedated me so I can’t move, can’t talk, but I’m still awake. I can see everything. I can see Bucky drop everything, and sprint towards me. I can see the panic in his eyes. Then it disappears. A bomb goes off to my right, dropping the building in front of me, blocking Bucky from my view.

‘Fuck…this is it. This is how I’m gonna die.’ I can’t help but wonder if Steve and Bucky will be okay. I hope so…the drugs pull me under, and my vision fades to black.


When I come to, I’m tied to a bed by my hands and legs and my clothes are missing off my body. When I go on missions, I wear a g-string, as to avoid uncomfortable wedgies, and no bra. So, you can imagine my predicament.

“What the fuck..” tugging on the restraints, I find I am securely locked in place.

“(Y/N), (Y/N) are you okay??” I look to my right, seeing Bucky and Steve sitting on the ground, with their hands tied above their heads, still fully clothed.

I know my nakedness in front of Steve should embarrass me, but it doesn’t. My fear overpowers any feelings of humiliation or embarrassment I may feel.

“Fuck, (Y/N) say something, anything.”

“I-I’m okay, Bucky. W-Why am I naked?” He gulps, tugging on the restraints one more time, they’re so strong that even his metal arm can’t bust through it.

“I-I don’t know. They just told me that ‘this is gonna be a lot of fun.’”

Steve comes to at this moment, coughing.

“W-What, where are we? Buck?” I can’t help but wonder why, or how, they managed to get caught. Bucky probably risking everything, and Hydra probably expected him to do it, and was prepared for it.

When Steve realizes I’m basically naked, his face turns red and he turns his head. Still trying to reserve some dignity for me….whatever left I may have, at least. Before anyone of us can say anymore, an intercom comes on, a man’s voice speaking.

“Ah, welcome home Winter Soldier. We have a wonderful surprise for you today!” Bucky growls, pulling on the restraints again. Knowing this has something to do with me, and there’s not a damn thing he can do about it.

“You see, we know that you don’t work for us anymore, in fact, we’re not going to do anything to you. As soon as this is over, we’ll let you all go. You’ll just have to deal with all the emotional trauma with what comes with what you’re about to witness.” The door snaps open, almost like it took a button in a main office to open it.

Someone walks in, dressed in all black and combat gear. I feel even more exposed.

He walks over to Steve, and for some reason I’m even more scared.

He takes out a big ass needle, and shoves it into his neck.


“STEVE!” Bucky and I yell at the same time. Steve groans, and passes out. I don’t know if it’s from the pain, or the stuff in the syringe.

“Oh my God, Bucky, Bucky is he okay?!” Hot, fat tears drip down the side of my face.

Bucky is looking over at him, breathing heavy.

“Fuck, I don’t know (Y/N).” The voice comes back over the intercom.

“The fun will commence when Captain Rogers regains consciousness.” It cuts out again.

Now all we can do it wait, wait in fear and confusion.

“B-Bucky, do you know what that was?”
“No, (Y/N).” We wait in silence for another hour before he stirs. He brings his head up, and his face is hard and unforgiving. This isn’t Steve. The door opens again, another man coming in and walking over to Steve. My heart rate is off the chart, I can’t contain the terror anymore, tears continue pouring out of my face.

‘Is Steve gonna kill me? Are they gonna make my boyfriends best friend kill me?’ No, why would that be the case when I’m almost completely naked. Oh no…Oh no please don’t tell me they’re going to make him do what I think he’s going to do.

Steve walks over to me, standing at the foot of the bed.

“Now, the fun can begin.” The man, who was obviously the voice over the intercom speaks, before leaving.

“S-Steve?” I whimper, he’s staring at me with hard, predatory eyes. I don’t know who this is, but Steve is not in control right now.

Bucky tugs on the chains once more.

“STEVE! Steve, please. Please don’t do this.” Bucky seems to remember what’s going on. He seems desperate to get his attention.

‘What’s about to happen to me?’

“STOP! STOP THIS! I’LL COME BACK TO HYDRA! I’LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! JUST PLEASE DON’T HURT HER!” Bucky is on the verge of tears, and I’ve never seen him so heartbroken. It makes me believe my chances for survival are slim. Bucky never loses his composure.

“We don’t want you anymore, Soldier. We just want to watch you suffer.” There’s that voice again.

Steve comes up to me, pulling out a pocket knife from his utility belt. I can almost feel my heart beating out of my chest, my eyes are hurting from focusing so hard. The only thing running through my mind is, he’s going to slice through my skin. He’s going to stab me, this is going to be a slow, torturous death. Was Bucky forced to do this?

However, the pain, that pain at least, doesn’t come. He slices through my G-string. The only piece of clothing protecting myself from being bared to the whole room.

“Oh God no, please Steve! Please don’t do this! I know you’re in there, don’t want to do this…” Sobbing, I tug on the restraints one last time, obviously to no avail.
Bucky shouts, trying to get his attention elsewhere but me. It doesn’t work. Steve unzips the fly on his stealth suit, before pulling out his already stiff cock. I turn my head, I don’t want to see what’s about to happen. I look at Bucky, I’m about to be raped…by his best friend, while my boyfriend watches. This torture is meant for him…but I know Steve will hate himself for the rest of his life when he comes back. I just turn off all emotion. I’m not going to give these fuckers the satisfaction of watching me cry. They don’t deserve it.

“Don’t worry, Bucky….it’ll all be okay.” That’s all I can get out, before Steve shoves himself into me. My body wasn’t ready. My mind might have been, but it doesn’t mean it helped with any pain. I bite my lip, drawing blood. Squeezing my eyes shut, I don’t want Bucky to see me like this.

Steve isn’t as long as Bucky, but he’s just as thick. He beings a rough, fast, unforgiving pace. My body begins to adjust. I still don’t enjoy it, but at least it doesn’t hurt anymore.

After 15 minutes, Steve finishes. He pulls out, tucks himself back into his suit and goes to sit back next to Bucky. Bucky can’t even look at him. He’s staring at me, a few stray tears had fallen from his eyes, and down his cheeks.

Steve falls back into unconsciousness.

“I-I’m so sorry, (Y/N).” He chokes on his own saliva. His heartache hurts me more than anything Hydra could ever do to me.

“Don’t be sorry, Bucky. It’s not your fault.” I force a smile at him. Bucky hangs his head, his body shaking with sobs.


Another two hours pass, and I’m starting to think the torture is not over.

My fears are thankfully not realized, as the restraints holding Bucky and Steve snap loose, releasing them. I sob, thankful that this nightmare is almost over, hopefully.

Bucky runs to me, yanking my hands loose from the restraints.

I fall limp into his arms, crying. He hold me, letting me cry into his shoulder.

He helps me dress, back into my catsuit.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). I’m so sorry…” I sniffle a little more, wiping my eyes.

“I don’t blame you, Bucky. I love you, forever. But your best friend could use some help too…” Bucky holds no ill will towards Steve, he goes over to him and helps him up, as he’s still unconscious.

The doors open again, and we are released. I know what you must be thinking, why would Hydra let three of the Avengers go like that, when we are so weak? It would be so easy to kill us.

Well, nothing would be more victorious to them, then to watch us do the walk of shame. They won.

This time.


After we get to the tower, we’re all taken to the med bay, Steve will be fine. A full blown rape kit is done on me, to determine if I’ll have any injuries. I have vaginal tearing, and am given an antibiotic to prevent infection.

Bucky holds me, he’s never left my side the whole time since we’ve been back, and I can’t see him letting my out of his sight for quite some time.

Steve eventually comes to.

“W-What? Where am I?” He sits up quick, but the medic comes and rests her hand on his shoulder.

“Lay back, Mr. Rogers. Your brain went through a lot of mental trauma, you need nothing more than to rest.” He turns to look at his surroundings, realizing he’s in the tower, he relaxes a bit. Once he makes eye contact with us, his memories must have came back.

“N-No…no, (Y/N) Please tell me I didn’t…” I shake my head.

“Don’t Steve, please don’t do this to yourself.”

“B-Buck..” His eyes well up with unshed tears. Bucky lets me go and stands up to walk towards Steve, bringing him into a brotherly embrace.

“It’s okay, punk. We’ll get through this.” Steve rests his head in his hands.

“H-How can you forgive me?” Bucky runs his hand through his hair.

“B-Because I was forced to do this to women they interrogated too…only..they didn’t get to survive. I don’t have any room to be upset.” I’m shocked to hear his confession.

He had to rape women when he was the Winter Soldier? I don’t know why I’m shocked, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Steve and I don’t say anything, we just let it go.

We’re down, but we will get back up. And we’ll bring hell with us.

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showering w/ ksj

- blushy blushy seokjin trying to keep his cool and not stare at your body when the both of you are trying to wash one another

- shaping your hair all in a pile on your head with the shampoo and laughing at how cute you look “it looks like theres a turd on your head” “it looks like there’s one on yours too”

- massaging the soap onto your body and leaving the more intimate parts to you, avoiding staring at your body the entire time

- lots of forehead kisses throughout the entirety of you helping him rub soap onto his back and rub shampoo into his scalp “why do you keep kissing me” “do you not like it? should i stop” “no…but…”

- spending time after showering to put lotion on your back and do your hair before dressing himself

Lets talk about Keemstar’s shit of a video against Jacksepticeye.

Let me break down every point this in that video and explain to you why Keemstar is so terribly wrong. 

1. Jack starting the video to defend himself instead of Felix? Bruh. Jack was only defending himself at first because the over dramatic people called him a Nazi sympathizer when taking sides with Felix. He’s plainly explaining that he isn’t a Nazi, and he doesn’t agree with the “jokes” Felix had said in his videos. Hes very entitled to come out and defend himself for false claims cause people are too narrow minded to think as to why Felix’s friends would support him. 

2. Jack says Felix’s Nazi jokes are bad, but Keemstar wants to pull up ONE tweet Jack said about Nazi’s. Ok, look here Keemshit, it was 1 tweet, and it was no where near the severity of Felix’s jokes. I mean, IMO, Felix’s first tweet was stupid and not funny anyways, but it made sense how Jack replied to it. Is it a Nazi joke? Kinda, but it wasn’t anti-Semitic in any way and it didn’t offend anyone. Plus Jack never makes anti-Semitic jokes(or any jokes against a group of people), and for this to be the BIGGEST evidence to make your claim, then you truly lost that point. NEXT. 

3. Keemstar repeating how much Felix paved the way to Jack’s Youtube success. Yes Felix gave Jack a shout out, yes it helped his channel grow, but in no means should Jack worship and kiss the feet of Felix if and when Felix does something wrong. Jack’s channel is mainly successful because of the work and effort Jack put into it. His personality attracted people and his involvement and love with his fans made them stay. Just because a few people gave his channel some light does not mean if those people fucked up in any way that Jack has to have their back 100%. Jack has his own opinions and his own views, he has a right to disagree with a friend of his for fucks sake. 

4. Keemstar losing his shit because Jack sided with Maker and Disney. …Did you not listen to what Jack said in the video? Any company has a RIGHT to drop whoever they want. They are legal to do that. Felix made some very very bad jokes and they didn’t want to support that type of humor. I mean, fuck dude, Pewdiepie is no where Disney/Maker friendly in the first place. Whoop de doo. Now Felix can sign with another company or create his own. Jack was only stating that Maker/Disney are not technically wrong for dropping Felix. What they should of done was talk it out, and the point Jack was making is that yes they are not wrong for dropping Felix, but they are wrong in HOW they dropped him. Big difference. The only reason why Felix was dropped from Maker was because WSJ went to them first and instilled fear of bad image onto them. If you actually thought about what Jack was saying, you’d know he doesn’t agree with how Maker dropped Felix. Do you even think critically Keemstar?

5. Keemstar calling Jack selfish for being upset that Scare Pewdiepie was canceled. oooooooh man you’re just piling on more shit dude. How in the world is that being selfish? He and Felix put in so much work into that season, and it is NOT selfish that hes upset about all of it being wasted time on his end. I mean, fuckin hell dude, don’t you know on Jack’s end of it? He had to record multiple videos in advance and travel over to the site of the recording, and make sure videos went up on time. I don’t see how him expressing his disappointment is selfish when he was a big part in that season. He took a lot a time and effort on it, and for it to do to waste must suck. (I mean, who knows what other opportunities he could of done in that time frame?)

6. Jack a backstabber? Now, here’s how I view the video Jack made. To me, it was well thought out and made. What he said made sense and still showed support to Felix even though he doesn’t agree on Felix’s comedy. I have no idea why Jack would feel how hes naive and or how he sees it differently because people said some things. I just really don’t understand why it is so important to people why Jack has to kiss Felix’s ass and give him a band-aid every time theres a controversy. Just like Jack explained in his video, it is still okay to disagree with a friend and still support them so long as they know their faults. I honestly don’t see where Jack went wrong in his video. People who can’t critically think about the situation just want to jump on and defend whomever without knowing whats truly going on. 

There are consequences in your actions, and what Felix did got him what he deserved. Should it have been handled differently? Yes. But he still doesn’t need to be praised and rewarded when he does something wrong. This is Felix’s punishment, and he  learned from it. Its a real eye opener for him. Jack doesn’t need to do anything but be a friend, and a true friend tells you when you are wrong. From how I see it, the way Jack thinks is that he sees the problem from all sides, and explaining Maker was thinking from a business point. Jack is a critical thinker who points out things that needed to be understood in the situation.  Does he think Maker is right for dropping them? Ethically, no, business wise, yes. It doesn’t mean hes out there taking the side of the money giver to keep him in the safe zone. 

People really need to think, and i mean really think about all sides of this situation. To point fingers and blatantly take sides doesn’t make you a better fan. 

7. Final thoughts from Keemstar (finally I’m done watching this shit of a video) Clearly dude, nothing you said in this video had any meaning to it. You’re making false claims without any critical thought behind them. You watched the video and made no effort to think how it is on Jack’s end. Making this video was disrespectful and selfish. You say its not for attention or views, but it truly is. If you really wanted to “shine light on the issue media has over Youtube” you’d make a video about WSJ, not Jacksepticeye. You are creating more drama and misconceptions so young naive Pewdiepie fans can go out and attack Jack. You did no good making this video. You have no part between Jack and Felix. This isn’t news, this is your biased opinion to kiss Felix’s ass in hopes for him to buddy you. (which is hilarious cause theres no way you’d make friends with any of them) Seriously, you should be the one deleting this video, not Jack. 

I honestly can’t stand how people can just mindlessly go after Jack over this. His video made perfect sense. He doesn’t need to go into full detail when the main view everyone has on this situation has been made in multiple videos already. The only reason why he made that video is because some dumbasses started labeling him as a Nazi sympathizer, and he had to clear that up. 

Even though I don’t like being a active part of the fandom, I really wanted to write this up because I care and it royally pisses me off how people dealt with this. It pisses me off even more that the waste of time Keemshit had to make that video that helped NOTHING at all. I couldn’t stand seeing it, because Jack is a good hearted person and a good friend. The public view from his video twisted his words and made him seem like the bad guy. 

I mean, at the end of the day, Jack and Felix’s friendship is none of our business and we don’t need to be in the middle of it. Felix knows where Jack stands in all of this and Jack doesn’t need to prove his friendship to anyone except Felix. And like I said, the only reason why the video was made was to  clear the false accusations that Jack’s a Nazi sympathizer and put his thought on the issue because it effected him too. 



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i had this dream last night and i have to tell you!! so basically in the dream dnp had just uploaded a gaming video and everyone was watching it ofc. all of the sudden in the video one of them makes a joke about the two being married and there's a moment of silence where phil was about to cut(?) that part but dan stops him and goes "nah mate, i bet they already knew" and suddenly i notice that they were both wearing rings¿? (+)

(+) ALSO after the video they posted a picture of their wedding on instagram lmfao what the actual fuck i woke up sweating

dreams like this are 10x more hhhhhhHHhhHh because of how oddly realistic they are like that’s 100% something dnp would do


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Genre: Fluff, Mermaid AU

Summary: When you decided to help your dad on his fishing boat for the day you never thought you’d end up catching something other than a fish in your net, but when you found yourself looking into the deep brown eyes of a mermaid you don’t know what to think anymore.

A/N: I’ve been thinking about mermaid!Taehyung lately and it led to this quick drabble I wrote up while I was bored. I really got into it though and I was thinking about making it into multiple parts…I hope you guys enjoy! I’m so mad its another Tae fic tho…….

Today you were helping your dad on his fishing boat because he had injured himself the previous day while working. Usually you didn’t like to help because you didn’t like the smell of fish and you thought it was just a lot of hard labor for nothing but if your dad needed help you weren’t going to say no. 

So here you were, dressed in the messiest clothes you owned with large fishing boots and rubber gloves tying the outfit together, sitting on the boat as it was rocked wildly by waves, praying you wouldn’t get sick. You love your dad but you really hoped you wouldn’t have to do this again. 

“[Y/N]!” Your dad called from below deck where he was working. “Go check the nets and see if we caught anything.”  

You make a quick sound of acknowledgement before getting up from your seat and walking unsteadlily over to where you knew the fishing nets were. It was hard with your hands in the thick gloves but you grabbed hold of the lever that would bring up the net and rolled it until the large bundle of fish was visible. Surprisingly something else was visible as well and you stared with wide eyes into the dark brown eyes of a person who also seemed to be caught in the net.

“Ah, Hello! Are you going to help me, I’m a little stuck.” The boy said a wiggled a little to emphasize his predicament. 

How did this man get stuck in your fishing net? What kind of person is swimming out here in the middle of nowhere? With no other boat in site? Where did he come from? These thoughts ran through your mind as you looked him over, trying to looked beyond all the wrigling fish to find the rest of him. Thats when you saw the tail. It was a shiny orange-yellow color that looked kind of gold when the light hit it. It was the most beautiful color you’ve ever seen on a fish but with the size of the tail you weren’t sure it was actually a fish. 

You looked from the tail to the man stuck in the net a couple times before it finally hit you. “Y-Y-Y-You’re!” Out of shock you let go of the lever and the man along with the fish plummeted back into the sea. For a second you just stood there and blinked before quickly rolling the lever again to bring it back up.

When the boy came back up again he greeted you with a pout. “Hey! Hitting the water like that hurts!” 

“You’re a mermaid!” You blurted, not able to control your thoughts any longer. 

“Yes I am, nice to meet you, but can you please let me go? I’ll get in trouble if anyone else knows I’m talking to a human.” He was surprisingly calm about the situation, almost as if he had been caught before, which would surprise you considering you had never heard about any fisherman catching a mermaid and your dad often talked about strange things that happened to fellow fishermen. 

“Hello?” The mermaid spoke up again, catching your attention and bringing you out of your thoughts. He looked at you expectantly as he tugged at the net that held his body. “Could you get me out of this please?” 

You blinked a few times before nodding and reaching for the other lever that would bring the net right above the deck on the boat. When it moved you pressed a button and the net opened, releasing all the fish and the mermaid as well, making a loud, wet sound. 

“[Y/N] what was that sound? Was it something big? Did we get lucky?” Your father called up and for a moment you were at a loss of what to say as you stared at the mermaid who wiggled on the ground among dozens of fish who did the same. His tail practically glowed as the sun’s rays hit it and you swear it was the most magical looking thing you had ever seen. 

You came back to your senses quickly as you heard your father call your name once more and you definitely didn’t want him to come up to see this so you called back, “Everything is fine! I just slipped on some water when the fish got up here theres no need to worry!” 

“You have those boots on so you won’t slip! Be careful!” He called back but didn’t seem to want to come up on deck to check on you. 

Relieved, you looked back to the man surrounded by fish who was now smiling at you with his head propped up in his hands. “What do I do with you?”

“You could throw me over the side of the ship,” He started with his eyes looking away in thought before they darted back to you, and he looked directly into yours giving you a slightly uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach like you knew he was going to say something that would cause you grief. “Or you could kiss me?” 

“Kiss-!” You practically screeched before remembering your father who wasn’t too far away. “You want me to what?” 

The mischevious look on his handsome face turned into a pout as he looked up at you. “Oh come on its just a little kiss! If you do this for me I’ll…I- I’ll grant you a wish!” 

“Mermaids don’t grant wishes.” 

“How would you know that we don’t? This is your first time meeting one!”

“Why do you want a kiss so badly? Why would you think I would kiss you?” 

“Because you caught me in your stupid fish thing and now I’m here on your deck so you have to take responsibility!”

“That doesn’t make sense, you’re the one who swam into my net!”

“Your net shouldn’t have been in my way then!” He yelled back, brown eyes taking on an angry look that to you looked a little ridiculous with his wet blond hair hanging down to his nose. 

“Well you-!” You started to yell but your father’s voice quickly stopped you. 

“[Y/N] who are you yelling at like that up there? Is there another boat around causing trouble?” He questioned and for a moment you stopped breathing because it sounded like he was right by the stairs to the upper deck. What would you do if he came up here and saw this? What would happen to the mermaid? 

“A-Ah no everything is fine Dad! Just talking to myself!” You shouted back as you bent down and grabbed onto the mermaid’s hands. You decided that just throwing him back into the water would end this whole thing and you could go back to fishing. 

But he obviously had other things on his mind as he started to whine when he noticed you pulling him over to the side of the boat. “Wait, no! Please just help me out!” 

He wiggled and flapped his tail around wildly, making it harder for you to pull him and making enough noise you were sure your dad would notice the noise and come up right away. 

Aggravated, you leaned in closer to grab onto his forearms to stpo his wiggling. “Stop making so much noise, my dad-” and thats when you felt it, in the middle of your sentence the mermaid had leaned in and pressed his lips to yours. The taste of the sea was striking and very salty, making you cringe as you jumped back, away from the attacking lips. 

As you pulled back and let go of him you noticied something shining behind him that got brighter by the second and soon it was so bright you had to look away. When you looked back you found that the beautiful golden orange tail was no more and was instead replaced by the tanned legs of a human. Realizing that this meant he was completely naked you looked away again. 

The mermaid laughed joyfully as he looked up at you. “Finally! Thank you so much!” 

You looked down at him with a scowl. “Thank you? You stole that kiss! I should just throw you b-”

“What on earth is going on up here?” Your father’s voice shouted as he reached the top of the stairs and turned only to see your predicament. You could only imagine what was going through his mind as he took in the sight of you, his daughter standing next to a naked man who was surrounded by fish. It was on odd situation but you were kind of glad it wasn’t what he would have seen before the kiss. Or how it weird it would have been if he walked in on you kissing a mermaid. 

“Uh, dad we seem to have caught a man in our fishing net.” You explained as naturally as you could, hoping you didn’t come off as odd or suspicious, even if this situation was just that. 

The naked man next to you piped up with a smile as he waved at your dad. “Hello, nice to meet you I’m Taehyung.” 

You watched as your dad’s grip on the bucket he was carrying slacked until it had slipped completely from his hands, falling ontot he deck and spilling its contents all over. He was shocked and speechless and you didn’t blame him. 

Who would have expected to catch a man in their fishing net? Or a mermaid? 

the arya wanders around the world forever endgame theories bother me enormously lol. this is a character who always felt uncertain of her place in the world; from the very beginning, chapter one. she felt unloved and like an outsider who didnt belong. so if arya decides at the end “hey you know what?? my childish feelings and insecurities from when i was 9??? yeah those were totally correct and im gonna leave bc i still dont belong here bye.” is such a bad endgame. its so bad. theres literally no character growth to be found in this theory.

also arya is, in large part, defined by her pack. like what she wants more than anything is to be surrounded by those she loves and to care for them in return. “and her brothers and sisters were with herthey would never leave her”… why would she leave them? after the red wedding when arya’s lost the last of her family and thinks of herself as no one thats when she could’ve dropped off the face of the earth. arya as no one could leave and thats one reason why she joins the faceless men. “arya’s place was winterfell…only winterfell was gone.” with a hole in her heart and no where else to turn. but when she reclaims her identity and reunites with her family she won’t have any reason to abandon either. arya has been running from who she is for five books. because she was uncertain, grieving, and scared. her story can’t end with her doing the same damn thing.

Friends who become coworkers suck

Today sucked. I got to work as normal at 10 normally my manger or senior coworker opens and all the setup is done, bread cooked, cookies cooked, an prep on food started. On sundays openers go in at eight and open at nine. Thats a whole hour of uninterrupted work time, an even after we open on sundays we don’t get more then five customers till after 11. Somehow though when my friend had to open today I get in at ten an almost nothing is done and they’ve barely started counting the money for the day meaning they waited till I got there to even open. The only thing done was the line was filled. That means they wasted 3 hours of work on their phone. When I check the oven area all of the bread is in the proofing oven obviously all placed at the same time. Thats 12-14 pans of bread that need to go in the oven at once. Our oven only holds 6 pans… Bread is suppose to be placeed in proofer oven for 72 mins with bread pans placed in every 20-30 so there is a time gap. Then while im trying to save our bread thier like so put this many of this cookie on a pan an this many of this one an so on. An before I checked on the bread I was seeing what we had in stock what needed to be prepared an how much was needed of everything. We had 8 of about 15 things that needed to be prepared before 3. So I said to them we don’t need all 6 pans of cookies because only two of them aren’t full we only need 3 pans a dozen an a half of each. They pretty much refused to listen an made more cookies then could fit in the trays an forced them in said trays which causes cookies to break an any cookie that breaks has to be put in the waste area because we no longer even have an employee discount much less a meal an we aren’t allowed to eat a perfectly good cookie but have to instead throw away a cookie only because its broke. Then when I started prep they sprayed the dishes not washed. Then after an hour of busting my ass to try an catch up before lunch rush our first customer comes in. Only its not a customer but someone they’re giving free food to this is something I don’t know intill after this. Right behind the man my friend jumps on, which should have given me a heads up cause they always drag their feet, is a woman and her daughter/niece/teenager who I grab because the sooner the customer is handled the sooner prep can be done. Unfortunately the woman gets 4 footlong sandwiches. As i start to cut her fourth one my friend is handing that first man his sandwich. I assumed he paid and went back to my customer and started thier last sandwich just as I place the last piece of meat on it the door dings. I look up to great another customer just to see both my friend an that man halfway down the parking lot. I get over it because I have a job to do an go to ask the woman what kind of cheese I should put on her fourth sandwich she interrupts me an says she would like another one the sameway. I do so smilingly grab the first 2 out of the toaster an place the second two in the toaster then immediately start the fifth footlong. As soon as I fold the bread open the bell rings a man comes in behind him is a family of six. I finish her order fast got her rung up then went to the man who precedes to have me cut him bread then change his mind as to what kind he wants 3 times i finally get it in the toaster then jump to the family of six who want 10 sandwiches 4 6" the rest footlongs, the bell rings one more time its a crowd of 10-12 people amongst them two of my regulars who came directly after the family. The toaster goes off after I get 3 footlongs cut while greating a crowd, I jump to it the man is now on his phone talking to someone I practically had to demand his attention mean while another group has come in an my line is now out the door with at the very least is 25 customers in line. When i finally get mister phonecall out I bust ass an get on through the order of ten starting my regulars a the two customers behind them. All this an runing to an from the cooler, registrar, an sink in between. When i finally get to the last group of customers a group of seven old ladies only are left in line when my friend comes trailing behind two more customers. My friend mozies thier way into the back an then drags thier feet only to jump on the people im working with an tries to shoo me to the register. I hand off the ham and proceed to fill the rest of the meat and get the next orders form the men and then one more group comes in. Its handled fast if sloppily on my coworkers part after we get them all taken care of we clean up the front an go in the back. I wash my hands and start prep because were out of things on the line and have no stock anymore. My coworker grabs the sprayer then thier cell rings an proceeds to walk off an have a conversation for ten minutes. I was mad so I started working harder on the prep when they lent against the table an straight up smelt of weed. Theres a whole conversation here between us when they pretty much ask me why im mad that they had only been gone a few minutes. I almost fucking cried then told told them that they had actually left for 48 minutes right when lunch began. They got pissed, i then said i just want to get this shit done so i can leave at 3 then they were like im not because i cant do anything right im just a fuck up. Then im like dude. We are at work that means we work not just pay attention to my phone all day. Bottom line somehow they got to leave early after skipping an jagginoff. Im so 😖.

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WHAT INDEED????!!! D: (honestly, I don’t know yet)

Let’s find out.

[Part 1]

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Okay so I still have HIGH hopes that oswald will be in KH3 SOMEHOW. My points are basically this:

1. In Japan he’s HUGE. So many people love him over there and he’s got a much bigger following there mainstream than he does here.

2. Nomura said in an interview that Oswald was one of his favorite characters and that right there should be proof enough.

3. Oswald has been in a video game before, so Disney in general would probably be more willing to put him in another video game considering the first thing they put him in after getting his rights back was into a video game. If Warren can add Oswald into a video game, as he is a fan of Oswald too and now we know that Nomura is an Oswald fan too, it makes sense to add him.

And lastly, there’s SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS they could do with his character in KH3, even this late into the games. For one we still don’t know a lot about Mickey’s overall backstory, Oswald very easily could play a part in that and that’s the part of Mickey’s past that we learn more about; he could be a replica of Mickey, his nobody, his lost brother, the list goes ON.

So yes I know people are still worried after that one cameo (a cameo that I honestly am grateful for cause hey, it’s SOMETHING at least), and the worry that Disney hasn’t tried to do anything with him since EM, well, KH3 could be the place to do just that.

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I wonder which part of Scrooge Donald represents, if the kids are his smarts, guts, etc? There's one official promo arts with snapshots of each of the five respectively making up Scrooge's silhouette, after all.

If each of the kids is meant to represent an aspect of Scrooge’s character, what if Donald is meant to represent Scrooge’s ability to care for others and put their needs before his own

Donald loves his family more than anything, and gives up a lot for them. It’s an important aspect of his character in the comics AND a topic of dispute with his uncle often. 

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you may never see cupid but his arrow is sent gliding on ancient winds through leaves planting seeds blooming under showers in all seasons love isn't something you choose or question it happens when it shouldn't it unearths those parts of your heart you didn't know could feel anymore it's one more reason to take another breath it's not only yours now it's theirs too and there's no sweeter smell than a winter bloom or sweeter taste than the blood in your mouth after the arrow finds its mark

write all my future poems for me ❤

The Trager Triplets

You heard noises coming back from Tigs dorm. You just had a fight and now hes fucking some croweater.
You barged in not even knocking to find Happy pounding in to a blond croweater.
“Fuck, Y/N learn to knock”. Happy grunted.
“Sorry I thought it was Tig, where is he by the way”? You said a little embarrassed .
“He’s in my room, thats why I’m in here”. He went back to ramming the blond.
“Sorry”. You whispered as you closed the door.
You saw Happys door open and peeked in. Seeing a sad Tig cuddling up to a pillow with one of your shirts as the cover. He had tears running down his cheeks.
You slowly opened the door trying not to wake him. You tipped toed to the bed and crawled behind him and spooned him.
He jumped.“Hey”.
“Hey Tiggy”. You wrapped your arm around him.
“I’m sorry for yelling at you”. He said turning over to look you in the eye.
“I’m sorry for running my mouth to people”.
“You were just happy to tell everyone, just wish I was the first person you told”.
“Tig, I just told my mom and she’s the one that told everyone”.
“I heard it from a croweater, how did she know”. He questioned.
“I don’t  know, I think my mom is just mad that its with you”. “She was just trying to start stuff”.
“I’m sorry, its great news”. He said kissing you
“Your going to be a daddy again”. You smiled
“I can’t wait”.
“Theres something that i didnt tell my  mom”.
“What, that your having more than one baby”? He laughed.
You had a serious face, his eyes were big and the smile dropped from his face.
“Your kidding right”?
“Alex, we are having twins”. “Theres two babies”.
He got off the bed and started pacing.“Two,Two”. “How is that possible”?
“Babe, anyone can have more than one baby at a time”. “You didnt do anything different”.
“Are you mad”? You said saddly
“NO, God No”. “I’m just shooked”. “Two little Tragers running around WOW”.
“I know you said that you didnt want anymore, now theres two”.
“That was before we got together, after I meet you that part of me left and is never coming back”. He cupped your face
“So your ok with two, what if I told you three”.
“I would die, Happy would have to bury me in our front yard so I could be close to you”. He laughed.
“Well mister Trager, you better get Happy away from his croweater then”. You pulled out your sonogram of three babies.
“You see here, here and here”? “Those are our babies”. You said pointing to the little alien shaped figures.
“Holy shit, I made three babies”? “What”? He fell on the bed.
“Tig, you ok”. “Breath baby”. You laughed
“I’m ok, we have a lot to do”. “So much stuff they need”. “How are we going pay for all this”?
“Tig, we will manage”. “If we are together we can get threw anything life throws at us”. You kissed him.
“I’m so glad your calm, cause I’m freaking out”.
“I had some time and I know that their going to have great parents”. You smiled with your head on his shoulder.
“Yeah they are”. “A beautiful , carring mother and a very crazy dad that can teach them to survive in this big world”. He kissed your forehead.
“I love you Alex”.
“I love you more Y/N”.

8 Months Later
Tig and I had three beautiful babies. Two handsome little boys like their father and one gorgeous little girl like me. Baby A was named Riane Mackenzie Trager. Baby B was named Caden Kozik Trager. Baby C was named Diesel Alexander Trager. Diesel was our youngest and he had some trouble at the beginging but he pulled threw with his family by his side. Love my crazy little family.