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i wish people understood the context in which there were merchants selling animals inside the temple.

when the temple was still standing there were certain times in a jewish persons life where they were required to go there and make a certain sacrifice. if x happened to you, you had to sacrifice a dove, if you did y, you had to go sacrifice a lamb, this was an extremely elaborate tradition of sacrificial requirements. and certain things would be like “if he is too poor to afford to sacrifice a sheep for this he can do 2 doves instead” everything was spelled out and these were just. it was part of being jewish. certain things you did, certain things that happened to you or to your family, you went to the temple and made a sacrifice.

to sacrifice an animal to hashem it had to be perfect, and you had to own it yourself for your sacrifice to count. so rather than having everybody from all over traveling to the temple with like their 3 best oxen in tow to have the kohanim at the temple then say “yes you can sacrifice this one” or “no these all suck go back and get a better ox”. you had some dudes hanging out at the temple selling preapproved sacrificial animals. so that when i come in from 65 miles out of town after five or six days hard journey. i can just purchase one of them (the purchase is important, it means i own the animal) and sacrifice it. and you had money changers hanging out at the same location because if you were from far enough out of town you would literally use different coins back home than in jerusalem.

you cant just put that stuff outside the temple because theres not just endless room in front of the temple on the streets of jerusalem, and if you put it in another location in the city your out of towners arent going to know where it is.

so when yall are like “jesus cleansed the temple of the capitalists” you have to understand what he did was show up and out of nowhere, for no real reason, bust up the system that was allowing people to fulfill their religious obligations as jews even if they didnt live in town. and tbh to frame this as “jesus smiting the evil capitalists” with the history of how antisemitism frames jews and money…is less than great

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Can you update Derek crushing over stiles for a while (I don't know if there's a spesific tag for this😂) love love love your blog💜

the pining derek tag?

Baby, you could be my Robbin’ Hood by gremlins-came-and-got-me (Scared_Beings_in_the_Dark) (1/1 | 5,531 | G)

It starts on a Monday afternoon.

Dark Paradise by Withstarryeyes (1/1 | 5,805 | PG13)

There’s frantic pounding on his front door and Derek growls, getting out of his bed and creeping about, listening to the heartbeat on the porch. He feels himself calm, his fangs and claws retreating, when he picks up that it’s Stiles. It’s always Stiles.
The one where Stiles’ Dad goes missing and he has nowhere to go. Scott’s on vacation, his home is a crime scene, but… Derek might be the one person he can trust.

The Greenberg Incident by milkysterek (1/1 | 1,215 | PG13)

Derek tries to make Stiles jealous. Twas a mistake.

Gorgeous by tabbytabbytabby (1/1 | 1,220 | PG13)

Derek’s reaction to seeing Stiles in his new wardrobe for the FBI Academy

Written in the Stars by Quixoticity (6/6 | 26,560 | R)

Derek Hale is a lucky guy. He’s got a great family, good friends, and a fulfilling job as a tattoo artist.

He’s also one of the twenty-five per cent of the population born with a soul mark.

He likes his life, but he’s waiting for his soul-match. The odds of meeting them aren’t great but hey, Derek’s a lucky guy. He has faith.

He can’t believe how good his luck really is when one day his soul-match wanders right into his studio, all long limbs and copper eyes. There’s just one problem: Stiles is there to get his soul mark covered up. Permanently.

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okay okay what if nico was a popular instagrammer or youtuber or something?? and one night he notices a fuckton of notifications from this user (will). and then they talk? bam inTernEt loVe

as someone who does not have an instagram,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i hope u enjoy whatever this is,,,,,,,,,,,,, ((also i did a youtuber au a while ago so thats right here))

  • so nico is technically ‘instafamous’ or w.e like he has about 100k followers and even he doesnt understand it bc originally it had just been bc hazel took pictures of him that looked pretty cool so he made an instagram to keep track of all of the pictures and then started taking some himself that all had the same kind of vibe as the pictures of him and then out of nowhere he had a ton of people liking and commenting on his pictures
  • after like a year hes pretty used to it and he even turns off his notifications bc theyre starting to get annoying but then every so often when he gets bored he’ll go back through and look at some of the comments and messages he gets
    • one of them ends up being some company that offers him money to advertise some of their stuff on his account and they end up sending him a ton of free clothes for him to wear in pictures and w.e
  • so theres one time when he just randomly starts looking through his notifs and almost every picture hes posted has been liked by someone called sunshine.solace and when nico actually looks closer at the likes he can see that its only pictures of him that have been liked??? never anything thats just for the aesthetic, only pictures of nico himself
    • so nico checks out this guys account and its clearly just some random person nobody thats also instafamous but the few pictures that nico can find of sunshine solace himself are some pretty quality pictures of a very attractive guy
    • also will’s profile flat out says in the description that his name is will and hes bisexual but nicos eyes kinda like skipped over the name and went straight for ‘this guy is cute and might date me’ so when nico dms him he just says ‘hey sunshine’ without even thinking???? and then runs to find hazel and screams about what an idiot he is he didnt think this through at all???????????????
  • i dont really want to get into the details of like the online part of the relationship but they meet up irl and date bc they actually live pretty close to each other and they start showing up on each others instas in very subtle ways
    • nico’s pictures always have like super dark vibes to them and wills are always bright and usually have yellow or orange in them somewhere so when will posts a picture of a sunflower field with somewhere wearing all black standing in the middle of the pic its a little unusual for him
    • after theyve been together for a little while nico posts a picture of the hickies on wills neck and will is INCREDIBLY embarrassed even though nobody could possibly know whos neck that was
  • soon enough they start to get less and less subtle with the pictures theyre posting and will ends up flat out posting a picture of nico wearing his giant yellow sweater laying on will’s bed with a huge smile and its the literal opposite of every picture of nico that exists on the internet and bc of that one picture people find out that the two of them are together and then will gets swarmed with constant messages and he gets like a thousand new followers every day its crazy
  • nico keeps up his dark aesthetic insta but the people that follow both him and will realize pretty quick that nico is so much happier than he was letting on that whole time

thank u for the suggestion i hope this is at least a little bit realistic!!!

Got7 As Random Shit I've Said
  • Mark: Do you ever think your life is going nowhere, but then you sit down and sing 2004 Disney songs and feel like you can conquer the world?
  • Jaebum: Honey, you're so trashy you think Escape the Fate is classical music.
  • Jinyoung: I don't have any children but after putting up with you for more than 24 hours, I don't think I want any.
  • Jackson: Look, it's all fun and games until you're 16 shots in and suddenly there's a dick in your mouth.
  • Youngjae: Maybe I'll be one of those people who artificially inseminates cows.
  • Bam Bam: If I was a stripper in my past life, can I get my old job back no questions asked?
  • Yugyeom: I just think I should've been born into royalty because this whole "real life" deal isn't working for me.

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Imagine Bones has like a huge amount of cousins, and they just keep showing up everywhere?? Like, they go to visit his family, and there's like 60 of them, but that's to be expected. But there's like 7 in San Francisco?? Then they dock at Yorktown and there's another 4! And then they run into another ship while they're out exploring... (1/2)

and their head of security is also a cousin! Isolated research station on a nearly uninhabitable planet in the middle of nowhere? 2 of the scientists are his cousins! Planet inhabited only by aliens because humans can breath its atmosphere? Oh look! There’s Greg, he’s adopted!

Imagine Jim, Bones, and Spock getting trapped on some random planet.They have no way to communicate with the ship, no shelter, and a storm is blowing in. Just when Jim and Spock are starting to panic worry, Bones whips his head up. 

“What planet is this??” 

“Does it matter?? We need to find shelter-”

“What planet?”

“Magus III”

“Nice! I got one cousin who, if I’m remembering right. lives by the ‘tallest tree-lookin’ thing on the northern hemisphere’. I also got one who ‘lives near a pile of rocks that looks like a dick’. Her words, not mine. She’s on the southern side. Take your pick.’

They end up finding the cousin who lives by the tall tree. Jim is planning on taking Bones on EVERY away mission from now on. 

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well, maybe you could try and find out what you have in common with him! or maybe sit with him during a lunch period if there's nobody else sitting with him. just being nice to him in general might earn you some friend points!

Jeremy: I don’t see him hang out with anyone…and we do need people for the play…but I still don’t know about going up and talking with him out of nowhere…

y'all should know that one of the reasons why seats are empty at sens games is because ottawa is a government town and the phoenix pay system implemented by the government of canada fucked up to the point where some employees haven’t been payed in 18 months and most of us still aren’t entirely sure when/if our next pay check will come in so spending hundreds of dollars on tickets to a hockey game (no matter how much most people love the team) just isn’t a good idea right now

Asshole X Reader X Daryl Dixon

A small idea I had :) hope you like it

You had been rescued by Rick and his people for a what you thought was a couple of months now. They found you basically a pile of bones. The community at the prison was amazing. you had never met people who really cared about eachother so much in the world of the dead. You had made friends with most people except one. Daryl.

He was grumpy, quiet and always snapped at you. You had never done anything to hurt him or make him hate you but for some reason he did. Everytime you tried to help him or talk to him he would just shrug you off.
“I don’t need your help” Or “Just leave me”
You were tired of it all but there was nothing you could do. One thing that really got you was that he was so damn gorgeous and you couldn’t even talk to him.

That morning you were on one of the watch tower. It was gonna be a slow day seeing as some people were on the fence clearing walkers. You started to day dream about actually being with Daryl, going on runs together, waking up next to him, sneaking off together. When a cough behind you scared you half to death. You spun around to see Rick stood there and Daryl to his side. He wasn’t even looking at you.

“Hey” Rick said “Can you swap with Maggie? I might need you to go on a run later.”

You smiled “Yeah sure. Who am I going with?”

He rubbed his stubble “Erm well most people are busy so it may have to be Daryl.” You stomach turned. Runs with him were uncomfortable, silent and awkward.

He scoffed clearly thinking simialr to you.
“Awesome” You said quietly “Okay, I’ll get my shit sorted.” You walked around the men to go to the ladder but you accidentally nudged Daryl. When you got to the bottom of the ladder you heard his voice behind you.

“Hey!” You heard his feet pick up to catch up to you “Whats your problem?”

You spun around and looked at him “You!”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

Your chest started to heave from anger "I’ve tried to so hard to talk to you or help you or do anything to be friends with you but all you do is par me off, snap at me and pretend I don’t exist! I care for you so much and you see me like a giant peice of shit. Fuck you. I’ll see you when I’m ready.” You turned your back on him and stormed a head. You could feel a tear coming to your eye but you brushed it away. This asshole was not going to bother you.

Daryl watched you walk away from him. He hated how he treated you. He didn’t want to upset you or make you hate him. He actually really liked you, the way your messy bob bounced around, the way your curves flowed, when your smile lit up any room you were in, your big beautiful eyes. He even loved that in all this shitty mess you just made it seemed better. He was horrible to you because he thought it was better to push you away then let you in and lose you. He hung his head as he heard you sniff. He couldn’t actually believe he had made you cry.

A hand on his shoulder made him jump. It was Rick.
“Hey man. You need to talk to her.”

“I can’t.”

“Well you sort this or I’m gonna get involved.”

“Allrigh, you aint my dad. I’ll figure something out.” He sighed not knowing what was going to happen or even if he could talk to her.

You stormed into your cell and threw your jacket on the bed. “Ahhhhh!! Why do I have to like him!” You said way louder than you meant to. You didn’t realise Maggie was in her cell next to you.

“Hey” She popped her head around into your cell “Daryl again?” Maggie was one person you could tell anything.

You gave her a half smile. “Yeahhhh. What can I do not to like him?”

She put her arm around your shoulders “Sorry but thats impossible. If he is being as dickish as he is and you still like him you’re fucked.” She laughed and you nudged her.

“Thanks you’re full of helpfull advice.”

“Look just go on this run and try to talk to him.”


She turned to look at you “What did you do?”

You pulled a face “I may have just shouted in his face.”

She sighed exasperated “You don’t help yourself. Just try not to shout at him out thee please. I want you both back alive.”

“Wellll, I suppose so but if he doesn’t come back I had nothing to do with it.” You let out a little chuckle.

Maggie left and you gathered your things together for the run. You left your cell with your stomach turning. For some reason you knew this run was going to be the worst. You can’t scream in some ones face and them not say anything to you after.

As you walked down to the gates where Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Carol stood you took deep breaths, trying to calm yourself down. You reached them and everyone was smiing but Daryl. ‘Oh fuck me’ you thought.

Carol smiled at you “Becareful and try not to kill eachother.”

Daryl half smiled but you didn’t “I can’t promise anything” you said as you climbed in the passenger door.

In the car you drove dow the road in dead silence. He stared ahead while you stared out the window. A good 10 minutes had passed and you decided to say something. The whole day could not keep going like this.

“Hey look I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to shout at you.”

He waited for a minute or 2 “No, it’s my fault. You were right.”

“No, I was just angry. I’ve only ever wanted to be a friend.”

“I’m sorry, I’m an asshole. I just don’t like making friends then losing them.” He wanted to tell you how much he cared for you, that he spent every night thinking about you. But you were just letting him in as a friend, theres no way he was going to screw this up now.

After a while the conversation was actually going nicely. You talked about your familys and laughed about things that happened with the others. Eventually you came across a house out in the middle of nowhere. By this time it was starting to get dark so you would need a place to sleep for the night. You both stood next to the car looking at the old half ripped down house.

“I bet you 2 smokes that theres a walker hidden in there.” You said with your hands on your hips.

He shook his head “You’re on, theres nothing out here for miles. All we’re gonna find is spiders and empty shelves.” He stook his hand out.

You shook his hand and smiled. On that you both took out your knives and walked forward up the steps. They creaked and crunched under your feet. You were really surprised you didn’t fall through them. The door just hung on it hinges. You went through first before Daryl could protest. The whole place was a shambles. Bits of wood and house parts just lay around. Everything was covered in dust and insects. You hated it because insects just made your skin crawl.

After checking the very limited rooms you both looked at eachother but unlike you he had a huge grin on his face.
“Looks like I win.”

You sighed “I supposed you do.” Just as you were about to hand over the cigarettes you noticed a cupboard door just behind his legs slowly swing open. You grabbed hold of his arm and threw him to the side.

“Woah.. What you…” The low groans of a walker cut him off.

The walkers body slumped slowly out of the cuboard but it was too weak to even crawl towards you. For the first time ever you could see the undead starving to death. If that made sense. You walked over to it and crouched down with your knife in hand.

“Looks like this one starved to death almost twice. Poor thing.” and on that you stabbed it in the head. You stood up to look at Daryl “Right, so we’re staying here tonight then?”

“Yeah I guess so. I don’t think we need to keep watch as I think we’re the first people here since this shit started.”

You both started to look around for stuff to sleep on. It was quite a futile search but in the end you had a blanket to lie on which wasn’t so bad.

You sat both sat on the floor leaning against one of the walls.

“You know I thought today was gona go so much worse.” You said as you inhaled the one of the smokes you had won.

“Yeah me too. I thought you wouldn’t even speak to me after how I’ve treated you.”

You shrugged “Ahh well, lifes to short to hold a grudge. Especially these days.”

You both decided to get comfy on the floor as much as you could but the little house was so cold it was nearly impossible. You lay there trying not to shiver for a good 5 minutes. Eventually you rolled over to face him. You shuffled a little closer to get some body heat from him. He didn’t seem to be shivering. Your hand accidentally brushed over his.

“Oh I’m sorry.” You said quietly “I’m just really cold.” In actual fact you were so close to the man you had a crush on your heart was in your ears. Even though it was so cold you knew you had rosey cheeks from this.

He shuffled even closer to you and put his arm over you “Is this a bit warmer?”

You snuggled yourself into him more “Thats amazing thank you.”

You lifted your head slightly so not to suffocate your self. You didn’t actually realise you were centimeters away from his face until you felt his breath on your lips. At this point there was no way he couldn’t hear how loud and fast your heart was beating. What if he was just doing this to keep you warm. He couldn’t like you. Scared you opened your eyes slightly to see what his expression was like. But he was looking at your lips. This was probably the only chance you were going to get and even if he did turn you down it coudn’t be any worse than it used to be.

Without thinking any more you gently pressed your lips against his. Just to test his reaction. Nothing happened.

You moved your head back embarrased and sat up “Oh god. I’m sorry. I knew you wouldn’t like me. Shit. Sorry.”

He sat up next to you and brushed some hair off your shoulder “Shut up. Of course I like you. I just don’t want to have you then lose you.”

Luckily in the dark he couldn’t really see you frowning. Daryl have feelings? and for you? This had to be a joke. You turned to face him “You like me?”

“Are you kidding of course I like you. Look at you.”

You smiled for a second.

“Oh fuck this” He whispered. Then out of no where he grabbed your face and pushed his lips against yours hard. Your stomach flipped over and over as you both fell into a passionate kiss. After a while you both lay back smiling. You knew sex was off the cards that night. It was too gross and too cold. You lay there looking at eachother till you both drifted off to sleep.

You woke the next morning to no Daryl. You sat up insantly, pulled your boots on and ran to the door. There was no way he could have left you. You started to panick when you couldn’t see him. A twig snapping noise made you turn to the side with your gun raised.

“Wow! Its only our second day together, don’t shoot me yet!” He said smiling. He had a dead deer draped over his shoulders.

“You asshole, I thought you left.” You lowered your gun.

“The cars still here stupid.”

You helped him get the deer into the boot of the car. The group would be happy he found something. Just as you were about to get in the car and head home you quickly ran back in the house. You came back out with your lighter that had ran out the night before.

“What use is that?” He said as you got in the drivers seat.

You shrugged “Well, its from the night we got together. I want to keep it.” You started up the car and sped off back on the road to home. Daryl hated your driving which you found so funny.

When you got back to the gates you could see Rick, Carol, Glenn, Maggie, Carl and Hershal waiting. Way more people than usual, like they were waiting for good news. You smiled to yourself as you drove in and the gates closed behind you.

“I have an idea, follow my lead.” You whispered and winked to him. He just shook his head at you knowing exactly what was going off.

You got out the car at the same time and you slammed your door. “And also! Next time hows about just shoot me! Saves me from suffering another second with you!” You screamed at Daryl.

“I would happily!” He screamed back. Everyone looked so disheartened that we were still argueing. Daryl walked round the front of the car and stood infront of you trying his hardest not to smile.

“One more thing!” You shouted.

“Please spare me!” He shouted back.

On that you grabbed his jacket and pulled him towards you kissing him real hard. You pulled back and smiled “I fucking love you asshole.”

“I love you too asshole.”

You both looked at everyone laughing, they all started laughing back at you.

“You got us.” Carol shook her head.

“Sorry guys, you just looked to expectant of good news I had to play it up a little. But I need to go to a warm clean bed now.” You turned but winked at Daryl as you left.

He knew exactly what you wanted. He threw the car keys at Rick “Deer in the back, I’ve got some unfinshed business.” He said as he ran after you.

Maggie smiled looking at you both “Fucking finally.” She said to everyone else.

  • Sebastian: *appears out nowhere*
  • Alec: I don't trust him.
  • Everybody: He seems like a good guy.
  • Alec: *having flashbacks to when Clary showed up*
  • Alec: ...
  • Everybody: ...
  • Alec: Fine, do what you want, but there's not going to be a wedding this time! *glances at Magnus* At least none, that I'm going to stop, okay? THIS TIME I'M GOING TO GO THROUGH WITH IT! *storms off*
  • Everybody: ... ?

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Is your animation school good? I mean, obviously it is because your animation is excellent, but I'm not sure how much of that is your hard work and talent and how much it is the school's teaching. Would you recommend it for an aspiring animator?

haha im glad my animation looks good to you!

to be honest, what im learning in this school, i could learn elsewhere.
animation is closer to science than illustration is, because whether something is well or badly animated is rarely up for debate, and its easy to find ressources to acquire the knowledge necessary to start animating. 

HOWEVER. before going to animation school, i had never taken any art lesson and let it be known that in 3 months of animation school, i had improved more than i had in 14 years of self-taught drawing.

sure, i wasnt a terrible artist before i went to animation school, but i wasnt very good either. theres nothing wrong with teaching yourself art but with guidance you will be much, much faster at learning and improving.
schools are nowhere near necessary, but god are they powerful.

i personally love my school and would recommend it to any aspiring animator whos the chill kind. do note that different schools fit some personalities better than others. in the end, if its a good animation school, youll learn stuff everyone learns in the other schools, except in a different way.

schools arent magical either. they provide a good working environment, people to guide you, different mediums to express yourself, models, but these things dont mean shit if you dont work hard.

tl;dr: schools arent mandatory but theyre good for you and will turn your potential into actual, tangible goodness (provided that you work hard for it)

au where eskild signs himself and isak up to this baking contest and its stupid bc isak cant bake??? but he cant get out of it now. but a day before the contest eskild gets really sick and isaks like “um does this mean we dont have to go tomorrow” and eskilds like “no, u have to, u need to win” bc the winner gets all these kitchen stuff ,and isaks like “but i cant go alone??” and eskilds like “ask someone then, jonasmaybe?” and isak just snorts but then remembers a guy he met at a party and they exchanged numbers then but never talked after the party but he did mention that he loved to bake so. isak texts him asking if he wants to show off his talent in front of ppl and even texts back a thumbs up emoji and isak tells him about the contest. but theres one little thing eskild forgot to mention,and what isak and even have to find out only when they arrive. “its so nice to have a young couple take part in this, i feel like young ppl nowadays dont care about baking” and isaks fake smile freezes on his face and sees even furrow his eyebrows but then his forehead smooths out and he smiles at the person, “baking is like, my favourite thing to do. couldnt really say the same about my boyfriend though” and puts an arm around isaks shoulders laughing along w the person and isak joins with a painful fake laugh and when theyre behind their stove and counter, putting on their aprons, isaks just repeating, “im going to kill eskild” and evens like “isak, its okay. we dont have to do anything, its about baking” except… theres a person with a camera that comes up to them a few times and asks for a cheek kiss to capture (does it w every other couple) and while evens lips and cheeks are very soft, its getting annoying. especially when in the break theres a kissing contest, the most passionate one wins some new kitchen supply and, “dude, ive been searching for that for months!” and no. isaks not doing it. even can probably find it somewhere else. but then even is waving to the ppl, telling them theyre in and while theyre walking over to them, isak is panicking and he’s whisper shouting at even but even doesnt seem to be paying attention to him andthen theyre there and even is suddenly taking isaks face in his hands and theyre kissing and evens tongue is slipping into isaks mouth and alright, isak likes it, its a pretty great kiss and his shoulders did relax so. and he forgets its a show until even is pulling back and ppl are whistling and his cheeks are burning but evens just grinning really wide and its, beautiful. they win that. and isak finds the rest of the baking part really, different, bc now everytime evens arm touches his or evens leaning over him to check if he’s doing smth right, isak feels his heart speed up and licks his bottom lip on purpose when evens looking and he notices evens eyes following his tongue and forgets what he was going to say and isak loves it. theres a moment when isaks tastes smth and its on the corner of his lips and even kisses it off out of nowhere and jst says, “they were looking” and isak doesnt question it. they dont win the contest but theyre in the top 5 so isak thinks its a pretty good place, considering it was mostly even doing everything alone and almost not finishing in time.and when theyre out of the building isak awkwardly says, “well that was fun” and even smirks, “we should do that more often” and isaks like “baking?” and evens like “i mean that was cool but i meant the kissing part” and isak laughs nervously and before thinking twice about it he says “youd have to take me out on a date first” and even raises an eyebrow and nods, and a day later even does take him out and there is more kissing, more than baking this time, and isak loves that bc while even is really good at baking, he’s even better at kissing and after more days with evens kisses, isak thinks his lips are just as sweet as all the cakes even bakes for him

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I've always felt strangely dissatisfied - like there's something /more/ to Christianity than what I was taught, like I was only getting out-of-context or misinterpreted fragments of a bigger picture. Like there was nowhere else to go after you'd walked down the church pews and "been saved." I'm not sure that bumper stickers and Jesus-themed fish mints are the real deal. Where do I start learning, as someone who's not a theologian?

What’s up anon; thanks for dropping in. I don’t think it’s wrong of you to feel dissatisfied with Jesus fish bumper sticker culture, and I certainly think there are entire worlds to Christianity beyond intellectually affirming to the sacrificial death and resurrection of Christ. Dissatisfaction can actually be a good thing; it can be that pricking thorn in our side that keeps up from becoming complacent with a mediocre spiritual life. 

I had a similar experience in my faith life; a sort of down period that lasted for a few years in college. I was restless and bored; it felt like Christianity, which was supposed to be the most earth-shattering higher calling anyone could give themselves over to, was just an indistinct, vaguely Hellenistic moral code. What helped me was finding traditions within the Christian church that asked me to be more present, conscious, and in my body; I became a member of the Episcopalian church and started thinking about what piety really meant and what it was worth. I also started to research integral theology and the ways pre-Christian and Christian religious practices were blended in Western Europe during early contact with the spreading church. However, these traditions might not be of any interest or use to you. I simply bring them up to say that it might benefit you to explore the shape of Christian life outside of whatever tradition you were raised in; go visit a Pentecostal or Catholic or Methodist church. Sometimes experiencing God from a new angle is the most powerful learning we can do. Also, do not underestimate spiritual disciplines! Anything from daily Bible reading, commitment to prayer time, fasting, labyrinth walking, self-denial, self-love can really bring you close to God when offered up as worship.

However, if you want book recs, I got em! I always find faith memoirs particucarly engrossing and encouraging; I love My Bright Abyss by Christian Wiman especially, and Pastrix by Nadia Bolz-Weber. Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz is a classic, too. Ellen Davis’ Getting Involved with God will reinvigorate your relation to the Old Testament, and Mike Morrel and Richard Rohr’s Divine Dance with do the same for the Trinity. Lastly, if you’re looking for new ways to pray and meditate on the scriptures and really want to have some intense God encounters, check out O’Brien’s Draw Me Into Your Friendship; it’s an accessible introduction to the Ignatian exercises.


For having six people living in the same room…. the Matsus have a surprisingly….. clean room. I have two people in my room and it ain’t nowhere near clean. Where do they put their stuff? I know they have it. Is it all shoved in boxes? Heck their parents room is dirtier than theirs aND THERES SIX BOYS LIVING IN IT. BACHELOR APARTMENTS USUALLY ARENT VERY CLEAN. IM SO CONFUSED??? Have they just learned the skills of keeping things super tidy living in such a small space?? Where do their things go? How do they–NEETs–have it in them to clean up after themselves when they’re too fucking lazy to even change the kerosene out???? Heh??????????????

I loved the finale yet I have problems with few things:

• Elena’s ugly ass wig. nina, elena, katherine, amara, tatiana has been through alot to deserve that shit
• it hasnt even been 24 hrs since stefan’s marriage and the writers already chose to treat caroline’ feelings like shit. if damon and elena can grow old and die just to get reunited with their family then caroline can wait for stefan to grow old and die aswell. it was all so rushed just bc caroline can be with klaus cmon. HE LITERALLY SAID HE’LL WAIT FOR HER. if klaus can wait so can the writers
• introducing kai for no fucking reason. Seriously what was the point of him coming back? i love kai but all he did was introduce katherine and then got sent back to the prison world
• If stefan and damon can get their redemption and peace so could Kai all the writers had to do was try
• We were being Katherine-baited for past 2 episodes and all she does is get stabbed and dies and gets stabbed again until she dies …. ok. way to go to introduce a tvd alum that is everyones favourite
• matt donovan is still alive for some reason
• Jeremy Gilbert showing out of nowhere with no information provided on where he was for the past 2 and half seasons • THERE WAS NO LOVE BETWEEN ELENA AND DAMON. Damon literally ruined 2 seasons whining about elena and then when elena shows up theres no love or warmth or emotion on his face. I was expecting tears, kisses anything to prove they loved each other but they had complete stone faces

Things im happy about:

• BONNIE FUCKING BENNETT DID NOT DIE AND IS HAPPY AND DOES NOT WANT TO DIE AND ACTUALLY WANT TO LIVE its bout time (even tho it took her 8 seasons and 16 episodes)




1. It started out as a fist bump and Hak was all ~i’ll wait for u~ then Yona was like “no this needs to be a kiss”

2. Yona initiated it because of course she fucking did Hak was never going to

3. she broke him. he just stood there staring off into space and she was like “WELL. BYE.” and only says “..wait” after she already left.

4. Then he starting spinning around in circles repeating “THIS IS WEIRD” and imitates the fucking squirrel? WHY? WHY MAKE SQUIRREL NOISES? oh my god Hak.

5. He asks if he’s dead and has to be assured he is not. also that everyone is just witnessing this extreme complete turmoil and kinda bored about it.

6. I was so joking in my tags that Hak was really upset Yona wasn’t more dramatic about giving away the hairpin because he would have been. but. no that’s canon now. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOING ALL THIS SHIT CASUALLY. WHERE IS THE DRAMA.”

7. “YOU DUMMY” jesus christ. He “baka-d” her. wow Hak.




they’re both such fucking loser babies. jesus. i love them.

Most reviews and reactions ive seen for sense8 have praised kala/kalagang so im happy but few has issues which i dont get.

‘kala was selfish’ -

Like I always thought she was the most giving, kindest member, like maybe if you do not or don’t want to understand the indian culture you dont know that breaking off your marriage isnt so easy, theres the fear of being cut out of your family and being alone. Lika what is she going to say 'im in love with a german man ive never actually met’ Shes having a internal struggle.

'Kalagang sex scene came out of nowher there was no build up’ -

Uh what?! their relationship has been built up since 1x02, theres been build up in the sense8 world for over a year, they both wanted each other especially wolfgang since 1x02, he however waited for kala to make the move because thats the kind of precious cupcake he is.

Like there were few others on other characters like Lito, Capheus which i also dont get but eh rant over.

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"There's plenty of room for the both of us" Tyler x reader would be delightful :-) x

Pre-relationship fluff yo

- You’re hanging out with Tyler in his room when you both get really sleepy out of nowhere
- You try telling him your going to go take a nap on his couch (it doesn’t make sense for you to leave since you two were planning on having dinner together)
- “There’s plenty of room for the both of us.” Tyler offers, patting the bed beside him
- “You sure?” You ask hesitantly
- T: “As long as your comfortable with it.”
- And that’s how you guys end up falling asleep together

- You guys start off not facing eachother and on the furthest edges of the bed
- and at some point during your naps you turned to face each other and some how started cuddling
- So when you wake up you’re like “oh hey, your face is way closer to mine than it’s ever been.” and you try not to freak out about it


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au where even has a younger brother/sister and said sibling is best friends with Isak who gets flustered and can't look even in the eye whenever even picks on them jokingly

listen i think about an au like this every week… first isak thinks he gets all shy and blushy bc even is older (even if only by 2 years ) and he doesnt want to embarrass himself in front of a Cool Guy but then one day isak is at their place, playing fifa while even’s sibling gets ready to go out, and even just joins him on the couch and theyre playing together and their arms always touch as they try to control their characters and even also tries to push isak off the couch and isak just puts his leg over even’s lap so he doesnt fall or if he does even falls with him, and then it just. stays there.. and isak is too focused on winning the game (bc of his previous statement “im the MASTER at fifa!”) so he barely acknowledges his body relaxing against even’s and even’s elbow rests on isak’s thigh so he cant pull his leg back..and then even’s sibling walks in the room like “yo isak if youre done flirting w my brother, i think we can go” and isak freezes and he feels evens body stiffen too and they just awkwardly put the controls on the table and isak frees his leg and stands up without looking at even and mumbles a “good game” and even laughs and its all too loud suddenly in the silence between them and so isak lifts his head and even is smirking “if you consider yourself loosing good then, yeah, good game” and isak gets all defensive like “i did not loose! i was nowhere near losing!” but theres a smile in his voice and even just nods ,still grinning like “alright, we gotta have another game soon and we’ll see” and then both their smiles freeze on their faces bc even hasnt really invited isak over to just, play fifa?? and theyre just staring at each other and then evens sibling calls out for isak and isaks body jerks and then he’s looking at even with a nervous smile, “next time then” and he leaves the room with a racing heart :’)

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*falls out of nowhere into a huge spot if roses destroying them then sits up* " I'm so sorry!!!! I'll pay you back!!!.... Does my dream have money...?"

“Pfftt.. Theres no need to act so paniced.~ It’s not like im going to throw you in a jail cell for just destroying a couple of roses, ohoh.~”

“Also, Sorry to say but this kingdom you’ve stumbled apon is not part of you’re dream, but more like my dream~” 

“Also i do not know about you’re dreamland but as for here we do not realy have an currency for the moment.~”