there's nothing interesting in these tags

Scrolling through the evangelion tag on any given day:
-4,000 gif sets of the 3.33 piano scene
-a variety of porn of Asuka and/or Rei, generally depicted looking literally 12 years old
- someone’s random #deep theory about nothing
-maybe some cool art, possibly an alright text post, potentially an interesting idea about something actually plausible
- A Cruel Angel’s Thesis

the rest of yall: he killed innocent black ppl and he said he didnt care he believes in white supremacy theres photos around of him with a confederate flag like jesus christ the confederates owned black ppl as slaves lmao.

so like when will the ppl who fetishize him and fangirl over him/idolize him/call him a cinnamon roll uwu uwu like….stop? he’s an ugly racist murderer he doesn’t give a shit that he killed them. 

No Offence But

As of yet, there is nothing in Star Wars to imply that Poe Dameron has an interest in women.