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Have some unfinished doodles of some punk kids, looks like today I have nothing better to offer m(._.)m

Someone in the AC tag: Ugh, another Assassin’s Creed game. They all went to shit after 3-4-whatever, nothing can redeem this franchise, why would anyone be interested in it anymore. I’d rather play any other game.

Me, clutching all the asscreed games to my chest:


Took the boys out for some photos, its the first warm afternoon in weeks and its nice to feel a little sunshine. Their three older brothers have gone off to new homes but these two are still looking! Egg, and his brother Dawson are for sale at $50 each, with more are hatching out all the time now as we amble on into spring. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me! There’s nothing I love more then sending my boys off home. …Too many crows in one room does tend to inspire a lot of mess.

the rest of yall: he killed innocent black ppl and he said he didnt care he believes in white supremacy theres photos around of him with a confederate flag like jesus christ the confederates owned black ppl as slaves lmao.

so like when will the ppl who fetishize him and fangirl over him/idolize him/call him a cinnamon roll uwu uwu like….stop? he’s an ugly racist murderer he doesn’t give a shit that he killed them. 

Scrolling through the evangelion tag on any given day:
-4,000 gif sets of the 3.33 piano scene
-a variety of porn of Asuka and/or Rei, generally depicted looking literally 12 years old
- someone’s random #deep theory about nothing
-maybe some cool art, possibly an alright text post, potentially an interesting idea about something actually plausible
- A Cruel Angel’s Thesis

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The reason you’ve all been tagged is because no lie is because you make me happy. I’m really sorry to bug but its the truth.

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I will shame the fuck out of any ships or kinks that support abuse of any kind and there's nothing you can do to stop me

Don’t you realize that ships/kinks that are considered “abusive” say absolutely nothing bad about the people that read and write them? These things are not harmful! If they upset you, you don’t have to read them. That’s why there’s blacklisting, that’s why we have a tagging system on fics. So that you’re not forced to read things that make you uncomfortable. 

Some people find it interesting to read! That does not make them a bad person, and it does not mean they support abusive relationships in real life. 

These are works of fiction. Saying someone supports abuse in real life because they read it is exactly the same as saying someone wants to be a serial killer because they read murder mysteries or horror novels. No one in real life says this, of course, because that’s a ludicrous assumption. But when it comes to fanfiction and fandom, people like you get all up in arms unnecessarily.  

We are not what we read. 

I have been in a real-life abusive relationship myself. There are some fics that hit too close to home in a way that I don’t want to read them. And that’s fine. The writer tags their fic, and I can see right away that this is not the fic for me. And so I exit out of it, no harm done. Then there are other fics that portray the same kinds of things in a different way that I might decide I like. Because sometimes you want to read about the things that have hurt you, because sometimes it helps you deal with your own pain. 

It is not up to you what other people chose to read. This whole “I don’t like it, so no one can have it” mentality that people have is so fucking harmful. This is the exact same mentality that people who are against gay marriage use. Do you really want to be in the same ballpark as them? As my wonderful friend @themalfoymanner said in an accurate comparison: “Don’t like ice cream? Don’t fucking eat it! Don’t shut down every ice cream parlor in a misguided fit of rage.” 

Sounds like a pretty childish way to act, right? Well, this is what people who have this mentality sound like. 

And honestly, if you’re so proud of shaming people and you feel like you are entitled to pass judgement on people for their reading choices, why are you hiding behind Anon? My bet is because you know there’s fault in your argument. 

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I'm really not trying to harsh on Piper/the fandom (both of which I LOVE), but why did people get so hyped up about that dark!piper au you did? Don't get me wrong, it was fantastic, but it felt almost like people were saying "oh wow that's fucked up, can you imagine if somebody we LIKED got put through all that trauma and snapped?". I know you'll say that it's just an interesting au with Piper being the dark one, and that we're not neglecting Percy. But there's almost dead silence when it comes

Pt. 2: To dark, post Tartarus Percy. I see the tags saying #oh my heart and #NOT MY QUEEN and stuff, but absolutely nothing on the stuff that Percy did and went through. Again, I love Piper and the headcanons and I know you’ll respond with criticism to this, but I don’t know. I just feel like all I get is static when I search for anybody willing to talk about anything besides Piper, Nico, or Reyna post-BoO.

I mean I can’t speak for everyone individually, but the idea of dark!piper is interesting to me because for so long she was almost ashamed of being Aphrodite’s daughter and she tried to distance herself from what she thought that meant, but in BoO we kind of got to see her settle into her parentage and understand that her mother’s legacy isn’t makeup and perfume and seduction. Love goes so much deeper than that. It is raw emotion and connection and sacrifice. And we kind of see her understand that when her and Annabeth end up in the temple of her brothers. Now, with dark!piper we have the chance to see her in her most powerful form yet. Her being able to channel all that power that she got from her mother could be so huge for her. 

As far as the dark!percy goes, I agree. There isn’t all that much talk about him and all I could really say as far as that goes is because Percy has always been this light character in a dark world. His humor and loyalty and love for those around him make him this beacon among the sadness and death that can come with the demigod life so a lot of the time dark!percy just seems so far from who he actually is as a person. Especially because of his loyalty and connections to Annabeth and his mom it’s hard to see him going completely dark if he still has them to help anchor himself. Also, I know that for me I’m very bitter about the lack of post Tartarus Annabeth and Percy in BoO so when I think about it I just get annoyed lol. 


updated commissions post! it’d be really cool to get some interest :)

  • all prices are starting, and may go up with complexity/extra characters (or down if you want just a sketch!) if something you want isn’t covered here, please ask!
  • payment through paypal!
  • can do pixel art or simple animations! examples are here x x x
  • please feel free to look through my art tag here, and let me know if theres a specific style you’re interested in! my style varies a lot so if you want to reference a particular post feel free :)
  • sketch pages, comics, etc are all up for discussion
  • blood, nudity, light nsfw and minor gore (possibly) are fine but nothing excessive, and no mecha or anthros
  • you can contact me here on tumblr or at

reblogs would also be appreciated, thanks!! please let me know if you have any questions :)


I was tagged by the lovely @phantomhive-hakushaku to answer:

Which anime characters am I most like?

Well, from this you can say I am an oblivious, short-tempered tiny person. I’m not the immediately friendly type, I only trust a small number of people, but I’m really passionate about the things I do/like. Oh, and I love eating! ^^

I’ll tag: @masterciell, @lawlietisawesome, @trashbastian, @streets-of-ikebukuro, and @hyakyuyas. (Only if you want to or haven’t done it already. Also, it’s not necessary to make an edit, I just had a little extra time on my hands xD)