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The villagers were all staring at him expressionlessly. Coldly. The village head threw the bright red fabric at his feet. Her cruel expression was shrouded in darkness.

“Leave!” she barked. “Leave and let the wolves be done with you.”

some of the reasons why i lov seijou
  • third year dynamics
  • iwaizumi hajime
  • kyoutani can’t throw away a certain box of chicken “because it’s too cute" 
  • kindaichi’s massive crush on iwaizumi
  • shinji watari receiver of my heart libero of my soul 
  • iwaizumi hajime’s arms
  • ok but honestly oikawa tooru is one of the most well rounded and deep characters i have ever seen 
  • creampuff head yahaba shigeru 
  • third year dynamics again
  • entire team dynamic really
  • "if you miss this serve you’re buying us ramen" 
  • iwaizumi hajime wanting desperately to be just 1cm taller 
  • gay icon oikawa 
  • matsukawa’ eyebrows 
  • hanamaki’s distinct lack of eyebrows 
  • good senpai iwaizumi hajime 
  • even better senpai oikawa tooru cause he’s not always an asshole he’s captain for a reason and he only says "its britney bitch” with good reason
  • kyoutani’s emo eyeliner
  • training camp truth or dare at 3am cause that totally happens 
  • matsukawa-kunimi senpai dynamic
  • my daddy iwaizumi hajime 
  • hanamaki/iwaizumi/kyoutani arm wrestling competitions 
  • watari-yahaba best friends dynamic
  • Where Is My Seijou OVA
Munday Tag-Thing

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Nicknames:… Em… “You there”? XD For the purpose of this blog, Arthur, Artie, Iggy, etc. all work. :)
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn…(but…this isn’t like a science or anything…XD)
Height: 169 cm or 5'6"/5'7"
Orientation: Uh… I dunno. Asexual, at least?
Ethnicity: English, but I am a dual citizen of the U.K. and the States. I don’t really consider myself American
Favorite Fruit: Raspberry as well! or… do lemons count?
Favorite Season: Depends on where? In the U.K., Pretty much anything or whenever it rains (controversial, I know), but in the U.S., Autumn, hands down.
Favorite Book: Howl’s Moving Castle series, Black Butler Volume 14, I also really love the Skulduggery Pleasant series?
Favorite Flower: ROSES
Favorite Scent: Rose? Chocolate? Chicken tikka? English Breakfast tea? A fry up? Surprise, I am actual England, everyone.
Favorite Color: Red, black, or blue. ^w^
Favorite Animal: CROWS! My number two are foxes.
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate:… This is a silly question and I don’t want to become more of a stereotype so I will leave this up for interpretation. My #2 is hot chocolate, though.
Average Sleep Hours: 8-10 hours. I don’t really know how considering I have about 2 hours of schoolwork in addition to 3-5 hours of work every day. But it is all ruined now from the STUPIDITY THAT IS BLOODY FUCKING DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME DAMMIT
Cat or dog person?: I’ve only ever had a dog and I walk dogs every day, but I catsit constantly and I also love cats. It depends on the cat or dog?
Favorite fictional character: U-uh… okay I don’t want to spam anyone so em… yeah… When you grow up with cinema and books and video games as your caregivers, you kinda… go a bit mental with the characters you adore…
Number of blankets you sleep with: One duvet plus one blanket currently. Depends on the weather here? It is so sporadic! 
Ideal trip: Back to my homeland or to Paris, Corsica, em, anywhere in France really?, or somewhere in Japan… or Italy, or Spain… or anywhere. I have never really gone on a “trip”, those are expensive. XD
Blog Created: Some time in 2016? But I really only started posting in 2017 I think.

I am so sorry that this is less than 20 people! Just know that the ones I chose I already sort of talked to so I’m the least scared to say anything to >.@ask-aph-franceypants @ask-aph-francis @ask-aph-ameridork @beauty-grace-united-states @ask-the-german-commander @bethofawesome @kaninneko @nikkilaurinaitis @hetaliafandomhubepsilon (Am I allowed to ask you? XD) 

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I’m afraid I’ve seen very few anime so this won’t be particularly interesting but here we go!

1. favorite anime? Genuinely can’t choose. Probably a three-way tie between Yuri!!! On Ice, Your Lie in April and Ouran High School Host Club.

2. your worst anime? Haven’t watched much, so there isn’t anything I fervently hate. However, I have watched some really hyped anime that I found incredibly underwhelming (like Free! please don’t hurt me). I currently harbor a lot of resentment towards Fairy Tail because it’s gotten plain awful, but I dropped the anime a long time ago.

3. do you read the manga that goes along with the anime you watch? Normally no. I’ve only ever read the Attack on Titan and Fairy Tail manga.

4. most favorite genre? Don’t have one, but probably comedy.

5. least favorite genres? Idk, probably yaoi and yuri. Usually dislike shoujo tho.

6. favorite character? I don’t have an all-time favorite (Yuuri Katsuki from yoi and (pre-Alvarez) Gray Fullbuster from FT come to mind though)

7. least favorite character? Ju.via Lock.ser like holy fuck just looking at her makes me upset

8. qualities you like in a character? Skeptic and sarcastic characters make a show more enjoyable for me, but I just need them to be three-dimensional (i.e. be flawed). I want to be able to look at a character and if not relate then at least understand why they act the way they do. I love it when there’s more to a character than meets the eye. 

9. short or long anime? You could say I lean towards long purely because that means more content, but if it’s too long it could potentially become so awful that it ruins the whole show for me, so I guess it depends.

10. anime or manga? Anime. I appreciate the music and color and being able to draw at the same time as I watch it.

11. how do you choose the anime you watch? I’m fairly new, so generally anime that I see hyped everywhere and/or irl friends of mine/people online praise.

12. skip or listen to intros/outros? Mostly listen. 

13. how do you cope if your friends or family don’t like you watching anime? I just… really don’t care? They don’t really either, and if they didn’t like me watching I just wouldn’t bring it up.

14. do you stop an anime midway if you don’t like it? If I can tell that it’s not for me/good, I’ll stop watching. If I’m just indifferent to it, I’ll likely stop and then try to come back to it later just to finish it.

I can’t think of anyone who I’d like to tag that hasn’t been already, so just do it if you’d like :)

anime tag meme

I was tagged by @royal-flames-of-empathy.  Thank you!!

1. favorite anime?

soul eater. I first watched in third grade, and i’ll always love it (even if its been a while since ive seen it). I also love gurren lagann nearly equally as much, same with princess jellyfish and gangsta.

2. your worst anime?

idk, there was this one anime i watched when i was really little that i hated way back when, it was called somethng like “my z hime otome”, but i dont think theres anything i can say i really wouldn’t put up with

3. do you read the manga that goes along with the anime you watch?

It really depends. if theres not very much to read, ill consider it. I watched the first ep of gangsta then read the series because there was only 6 volumes out. but  usually i dont like reading manga online, if i like the series enough ill try to collect the physical manga (currently im collecting gangsta, haikyuu, bnha, and merman in my tub. I’m planning on collecting jojo, soul eater, and princess jellyfish.)

4. most favorite genres?

I don’t have one, i’ll watch anything. My favorites tend to be shounen and action, though.

5. least favorite genres?

Again, i’ll pretty much watch anything. I’ll hold off incest and some harem anime definitely, but in when it comes to broad genres idc.

6. favorite character?

umm idk i dont feel very strongly about any characters, sure there are a few that i love, but not strong enough to say i have any “favorites”. I like eruka frog, kuranosuke koibuchi, sugawara koushi, but all in all theyre all replaceable.

7. least favorite character?

ummmm maybe shiemi from ane. It’s been a really long time since ive watched/read it, but all i remember of her is being really pathetic. she was so boring because all she was was ~cutsie school girl~  when she had a lot of potential to be an interesting character. 

8. qualities you like in a character?

Idk theres no pattern in the characters i like, sometimes its the protag, others its a background character with 2 lines

9. short or long anime?

Short. I cant care about an anime for that long. I dropped watching haikyuu, ane, and i bunch of others cuz i couldnt keep up. Unless im really really into it for a long enough time to marathon it. a few weeks ago was my mid-winter break and i spent my week marathoning jojo, and since i had that time (and i LOVE it) i could focus and really enjoy it. 

10. anime or manga?

Manga is always better, but anime is more accessible 

11. how do you choose the anime you watch?

i will watch whatevers popular recently, but tend to be bored by whatevers trendy on tumblr. i favor more stupid, colorful and with ridiculous plotlines. and i enjoy less poplar anime more sometimes because i dont have to constantly see discourse and drama about it (which will usually ruin a show for me). 

12. skip or listen to intros/outros?

NEVER skip and intro (unless i really hate it, which has maybe only happened once) and usually always skip outros.

13. how do you cope if your friends or family don’t like you watching anime?

just watch it?? if it makes me happy im just gonna do it, its not harming anyone

14. do you stop an anime midway if you don’t like it?


I dont think ill tag anyone, thanks tho!!

I’m sure people don’t mean anything, but you start putting that in tags of posts about animals thinking they’re people or kids being nice to each other and sooner or later, I can scroll through trending posts and see some gifset of a white youtuber and someone saying, “he’s just so good and pure.” And historically, you don’t really see “pure” ascribed to people outside of the contexts of a) strict religious morality and b) genocide. 

big bang content warning

just a warning for anyone reading big bang fics the larry fic all the place you’ve got can be super super triggering (emotional manipulation/abuse/gaslighting) and also isn’t actually endgame louis and harry PLEASE BE CAREFUL READING THIS it’s very well written but also it kind of fucked me up and i’m usually pretty hard to affect so if anything to do with emotional manipulation and abuse/religion/demons/demonic possession anything like that is a trigger for you please please be careful because the tags don’t really match the actual content of the story.


Practically all of my stuff! (minus the wii u which is downstairs at the mo but just know its the windwaker one.) I honestly have too many things for a room of my size and yet  I could have more if I didn’t share it *sigh* though I still need something for the gap on the wall, like a nice poster or something. But yeah if you have any questions on any of the stuff I’ve got don’t be afraid to ask, oh and some close up pics of the book case are here (14/08/15)

And now for the Gray and Lyon BroTP Week!

This week will be dedicated to the platonic friendship between Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia.

To participate, you can submit your work to fairytailbrotps or post it! You can create anything you’d like, graphics, fanart, fanfiction, etc. It’s all really up to you~

Please be sure to tag anything for the Gray and Lyon BroTP Week with #graylyonbrotpweek so that I reblog all of the lovely work you create! All works will be reblogged to fairytailbrotps.

A few reminders before we get to the prompts…

  • Please remember to try and focus on Gray and Lyon's platonic relationship versus their romantic one. I’d really love for platonic relationships to get more recognition!
  • You can interpret the prompts any way you’d like. You also do not need to follow the prompts, they are simply there to help inspire you if you need it
  • Anything submitted or posted should be your own work. Please don’t take credit for something someone else has done!

Now for the prompts and dates!

~February 15-21~

  1. Ice
  2. Strip
  3. Fight
  4. Ur
  5. Brothers
  6. Boy’s Love
  7. Laughter

I hope you all enjoy this week and I hope it will be a success! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. My askbox is always open!

help if you can!

yo guys, im in a bit of a sticky situation because i really am in need of a new binder. my current one is causing me a lot of pain to wear now, and barely does anything to bind. its been really putting me down and worsening my already fairly bad dysphoria.

if you could spare any money at all, i would be really grateful. theres a paypal donate button on my sidebar, and if you donate over $10 ill gladly sketch or maybe even colour you a picture, of whatever you like! check out examples at /tagged/my-art.

even if you cant donate, reblogging to boost would be largely appreciated! thank you so much, everyone.


🌟 Hey everyone! I’m Eeth (they/them), I’m 17, genderfluid, and I love space a lot! 🌟