there's not much tumblr love for her

She’s the girl you find when you’re way too young. And you really love her–you do, but you’re scared, so you screw things up. Because theres too much living to do. Only to find out later she’s the one, and she’s gone.

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Hey idk but ao-noimagines might be stealing idea's and scenarios from you.. Idk I've seen two headcaons lists that you already did with the exact same plot before him/her. It's the sending nude one and getting a boner in class one.. Idk if that's even considered stealing, but I don't see any request (Which she usually shows). (Look her/him up)

Nah, I love their blog, I’ve been following them for like a month now, there posts are awesome!! I don’t think it’s stealing, just similarities between our blogs, but theres a lot of aoex blogs that are similar to ours. I actually decided to create this blog because I loved aonoscenarios blog so much. 

When I first started tumblr I had no idea how to work it and I didn’t know how to get people to notice me. I’m also huge teen wolf trash and was going down TW posts and I used to love reading ‘dating isaac lahey would include’ and ‘dating scott mccall would include’, so then I thought that people would love aoex ones! So with that your bitch wrote ‘dating rin okumura’ and this blog was reborn!!

However, thanks for looking out for me, but don’t worry! All is fine!

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Hard To Love

No one really needs Viagra
If you go to the oyster bar
Get that zinc in your pencil
You will find life can be hard

The kitchen has Cream of Tartar
Its used for cakes and such
Just eat some of that powder
She’ll thank you very much

Theres this stuff called chocolate
Its more than a sweet tooth star
If you eat some before bed
You can give her youre Hershey bar