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agent washington throughout the seasons
everyone suffers at least one bad betrayal in their lifetime. 
it’s what unites us. the trick is not to let it destroy your 
trust in others when that happens. don’t let them take that from you.

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tumblr learn some graphic design basics, guide the eye to the most important part don’t confuse the eye with

      LOOK I’M BIG

      I should be getting all the attention. But…

      #Look at me #Im also important #Dont forget about me #Do you see     

“How much bored are you, Elodie” “why, bored enough to write about all the rarepairs of les miserables, including most I don’t ship at all, in three sentences or less (or more), starting right now, apparently”

PART I (N°12 to 17)

N°12 - Enjolras/Éponine

“it’s not that I don’t like him,” said Éponine, glancing vaguely at Enjolras, who was reading in a corner and ignoring them completely. “It’s just that I don’t trust pretty boys like that. Barely looks human, your friend.”

“Well,” started Courfeyrac, ready to concede the fact, and then stopped and frowned. “Wait. Does that mean you don’t think Marius and I are pretty?”

Éponine stared at him, and then decided that since she was to be a proper lady now, she ought to delicately stay silent on the matter, while Cosette hided a laugh in her embroidery. 

N°13 - Enjolras/Combeferre 

“I brought you some soup, orders from Joly,” said Enjolras, a gentle but firm hand on Combeferre’s shoulder to stop him from trying to get up again. 

Combeferre, surprised, forgot to struggle, squinting at him instead: “Did you make it?” 

“No,” Enjolras snorted. “Madame Fran, your neighbor, offered to make some for you. She also said I should tell you she’s very happy you found a nice man like me, and she won’t report anything to the police, you can trust her, ‘cause her Raymond is just like us, and she’s not one to judge.”

“Ah,” said Combeferre, cheeks darkening slightly. “How nice of her?”

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‘Enough’ is a strange word, because

i can build myself back up and say,

‘cute skirt’, ‘nice legs’ and feel not

like I am nothing more than the ugly

sum of my parts – like the only thing

left from the price tag people put on me

was a square of adhesive on my body

But there is a boy, bright eyed and dark

Knees against mine and I am more afraid

of being treated well than treated badly

How would I know where I stand, 

when the other shoe never drops?

my aesthetic is the skywalker siblings realizing how important han solo is to both of them and luke is freaking out because he’s worried will leia hate him now? and he can never look han in the eye ever again but leia just gently reassures him because theres nothing wrong about not being straight and han walking in on this saying “come on, theres enough of me to go around” and everyone mutually agrees that he’s right and both skywalkers get boy and a happy ending and no one dies the end

my thoughts about Lady Layton:
  1. She’s adorable and I love her.
  2. Yay a female protagonist!
  3. But where’s Flora?
  4. Where’s Alfendi?
  5. Where’s Desmond?
  6. Where’s Luke?
  7. Is Catoleil the Professor’s biological daughter?  If so who’s her mother?
  8. If she’s adopted goodness the Professor adopts so many children it’s adorable and I love him.
  9. Can we please see the Professor?  I want to see him.
  10. I’m excited and nervous.
  11. I hope Catoleil at least MENTIONS her brother and sister.  I really want her to talk about them extensively and give us more information so we’re not hanging here asking questions.
  12. Catoleil and Alfendi both have names that I love but that aren’t actual names to my knowledge.  (I know Catoleil’s translation isn’t confirmed but I’m going with it until told otherwise.)
~ Intro Time ~

My name is Nin also known by Ninola and I’m gonna be your local resident cryptid for game. 

I’m 22 and being from the UK I live in GMT, my pronouns are they/them and I’m in my 3rd and Final year of Game Design so I’m eternally suffering tbh.

 You can contact me on skype, discord or twitter, though I ask you dm/pm/send a message if you want them. I like to think of myself as friendly enough and I do like to talk to people esp in terms of potential oc interactions and things so if thats something you’d wanna discuss hmu.

In terms of games I’ve been in theres:

-Doubt Academy 2: Rei Mikami
-Doubt Academy 3: Akira Saeki
-Doubt Academy 4: Miko Hanasaki/Tsumiko Kurokami 
-SoD: Rei Mikami (Again..)
-SoD2: Shigure Fujiwara/Hatori Shibasaki

I’d like to ask you tag/be mindful of:

- Dental Trauma : Descriptions/Images/talk of damage to teeth. This is a really big one for me of anything on the list so it’d be appreciated. 

- Unsanitary topics : This falls under the topic of jokes for the topic too, this is a kinda broad topic so if you’re unsure of something please ask me I’ll be happy to clarify?  

Emetophobia : This one is only on a OOC level. In game is all chill tho having a tag/heads up for that anyways would be nice.

Similarly, if I ever reblog anything that I forget to tag/you would like tagged or anything like that, please let me know and I’ll be happy to fix the issue! I have some memory issues so 

With that out of the way, this is my girl Vulture, she’s SHSL Support which means she mains Support/Healer Roles in e-sports. 


An idea: In the no mercy run, you take in the soul of every single monster you kill, which gives you your LV. The souls of the monsters merge together the more and more of them there are, and becomes the source of your power. 

Gradually, if there’s enough souls compacted into one ‘container’ the souls’ merged form becomes visible to other monsters. (monsters, because they’re more sensitive to things relating to souls and magic)

So this is what Sans would see in the final hallway. An abomination made of those he knew. 

(someone take this tablet away from me)

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You don't like AceSabo or SaboLu?

Omg no no no, ofc I like AceSabo and Sabolu. Where did you get the idea that I don’t like them from anon? O.O Any ships among ASL is definitely on my list whether it be Sabolu, Acelu, or Acesabo.

If, by any chance, you’re referring to the post I reblogged about “a notp not being canon but everyone insisting it is” then theres a misunderstanding, orz I might’ve not been clear enough in the tags. What I meant was that one of my notps (which consists of Sabo and another character who is not Ace or Luffy) has been claimed to be “canon” by a lot of people in the One Piece fandom. I was just annoyed since Oda himself never even implied anything about them ending up together. Don’t get me wrong, I love both of the characters but I really can’t see them as anything more than friends. orz orz orz

Writers and Readers:

Okay so I noticed that a few (a lot tbh) writers and readers have this issue with trying to tag someone, but their url not popping up OR it doesn’t link and notify them. As a writer and reader, this is annoying and frustrating. So here’s what you (reader) can do!

  1. Go into settings and click on your main or side blog
  2. Scroll down until you find “Privacy
  3. Make sure you have the first two switched on, like so:

But why?

  • I’ve always had the first switch on, so I truthfully can’t tell you that it will affect the tagging system. If you’re really adamant about keeping it off, then turn it off. But if you’re still not getting tagged/not showing up, then turn it on.
  • This one is a MUST. Having this turned off is basically making you nonexistent. Your url/blog will not show up in any kind of search, either from tumblr or google or whatever engine you use. If you keep it off, your url will not show up at all in the search/tagging system. Keep it on.
  • I had my blog flagged for NSFW because I would have the occasional nsfw post. For some reason (I haven’t figured out why yet) if you have this switched on, you won’t pop up in the search/tagging system. If you’re a hardcore adult-orientated blog, then it’s your choice if you want to keep your blog flagged, or be tagged in a fic.

If you (writer) still can’t tag the reader, then it might be because of:

  1. Main or side blog is protected by a password
  2. Blog is blocked (Person A cannot tag Person B because Person B blocked Person A)
  3. Tumblr is being a sack of burning shit more likely than the two above

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sorry if I forgot anyone, its 4.12am ok

Kel wasn’t feeling well enough to work work so I said she should doodle some Avengers Academy stuff for the cons coming up.

APPARENTLY she decided to draw ALL OF THEM (except for Zemo who, and I quote, ‘can eat a giant dick’). A few of them aren’t in game yet but there was a photo of cosplayers at the launch party she found that included a Bucky (!!!) so we’re going with that as an ‘official’ design :) :)

now I have to color this thing in time to order prints of it T___T

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yes but with those few fansites, yall arent even uploading their photos! and when you do, you upload them like 10 years later??? it has nothing to do with not being online, i check every ones tags to reblog their photos on to my blog because unlike yall i treat every member equally. stop acting like theres no photos, did you not see what i said initially? THERE ARE PHOTOS. YOU GUYS ARE JUST NOT UPLOADING THEM or doing a decent job to find them! ‘we do not play favoritism’ my ass.

I will try my best to be polite here but honestly i’m finding it hard to do when you’re being very rude and inconsiderate. First of all, in case it’s not clear enough:

  1. We are a fanblog.
  2. We are not being paid to keep the blog active.
  3. It’s not our obligation to post anything at all.
  4. We are using our own free time
  5. We could close the blog even right now if we wanted to.

Also i’d like to ask you, do you check the fansites’ twitters and their tag on our blog everyday to see if everything has been posted, every single photo? If you do, you’ll have noticed that at most, we post the photos ONE DAY late, NOT 10 YEARS, because we do have a life we have to live and are not free 100% of the time. Since we actually have a moderator assigned with each Seventeen member, i check the fansites’ twitters and tags on our blog, and see if our moderators have posted everything, not everyday because 13 members is a lot, but every week at least, yes i have a life and i’m a human being so i also need to sleep *shocking truth*. Don’t talk to me about favoritism when one of the members with least fansites happens to be one of my favorite, but yeah i can’t make photos of him magically appear.

Do you know how hard it is to maintain a blog dedicated to 13 membered group? Posting previews on the blog real time they are being released by the fansites (without even being able to appreciate them ourselves), posting fantaken photos (+ HQ link) and fancams with all the correct credits & tags for easy access, we gather information, translate tweets/info, look for streaming links (even when we can’t watch it ourselves, we still do so that others who may be able to watch have access to it), look for english subbed videos, try to reply every question others may have about Seventeen, etc. Yes it’s hard work. No i’m not complaining, as that’s what i’ve decided to do on my free time, i enjoy seeing Seventeen receive love from everyone and if i can help with that, i will continue to do so.

If you don’t like our blog, you can just unfollow us and never click on it again. You’re free to make your own blog if you think you can do a better job than us, you can post all the fantaken photos yourself, no one is making you reblog from us. Thank you.

  • me: *browsing through thorin/bilbo tag on a03*
  • me: oh this one sounds good! and it has a lot of bookmarks and kudos! holy crap I can't wait to read thi -
  • tags: "female!Bilbo"
  • me: *throws laptop through the window*