there's not all the ships naturally

I want a female sports anime. Everything is the same as male sports anime. A black haired blue eyed protagonist who wants to be the best/is naturally talented. And like in every good sports anime, everyone has to be gay in a subtle way. Subtle from anyone in the anime’s view but way too gay to actually be straight.

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Why is basically every combination of the Bakusquad so damn shippable?!

IT’S THE CHEMISTRY they’re a group of good friends which means that you already know their interpersonal relationsips are Good To Work With and give a great base for a supportive and balanced romantic relationship AND they’re all the same brand of extra and ridiculous which means that they understand each other and can accomodate one another and generally whatever ship you come up with it’s gonna be full of fun and understanding and freedom to be themselves because they all actually like each other as they are and it’s just!!!! So!!!!! Good!!!!!!!!!

I honestly love friendship-based ships so much my friend~

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hey! so I just recently (like, 2 weeks ago) discovered gmm and naturally started shipping rhett and link (because how could you not??) and i've been watching as many gmm episodes as I can, but there's a lot of them, so I was just wondering- what do you think the best gmm episodes are? especially for rhink moments haha :)

hello and welcome friend!! honestly how can you not ship them i mean come the fuck on… and yes i agree, there are so many episodes and i haven’t even seen them all lmao!! but i’ll link you to some of my favorites :)

but honestly some of the best and rhinkiest episodes are when they’re just chatting about pointless shit, that’s when you get the softest hearteyes and cutest touches, so don’t be afraid to check out vids with less views!!

also if you’re into rhink, check out my headcanons and my fic!!

hope that helps :)

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You know, before I watched yoi and this whole mess with otayuri happened, I followed some antis (I was new to tumblr and had no idea what was happening here), and, naturally, absorbed plenty of anti ideas. Since I'm a decent person, I didn't harass anyone, but I was basically an anti. So... people can, in fact, stop being antis, there's no need for everyone to be so pessimistic about this.


In my opinion, most people who absorb anti ideas are probably like you.  Even a fair number of the people who lob around anti-shipper-style complaints about ships or people who ship them (can we stop with the ‘yaoi’ and ‘fujos’ as insults on all sides, please?) aren’t down the anti-shipper hellhole, either.  And most of them probably never will be.

The key thing you said here was ‘since I’m a decent person, I didn’t harass anyone’. 

Anti culture - active, hateful anti-shipping - defines ‘a decent person’ as ‘somebody who denounces all bad content, bad ships, and shuns anyone who supports this content.’ Some anti-shippers may not have the stomach for committing harassment themselves, but they can understand why it must be done. the bad content needs to be denounced at every turn and the bad content creators need to be stopped by any means necessary. A decent person can harass, suicide bait, and actively harm others as long as the harassed party is The Enemy.

The fact you define decency as not harassing people tells me you either see harassing people as so fundamentally contrary to making fandom a safe space for children that you could never justify it, or you were never isolated and drawn in enough to feel the need to justify it. it sounds like the otayuri mess made you realize you weren’t down with their behavior, even if you agreed with their theoretical stance. (honestly, good on you for having a strong line in the sand.)

The people that are trapped in anti-shipping are the ones who have thrown enough of their online presence, social credit, and energy into anti spaces to have a serious stake in it. They might lose all their friends, supporters, and followers if they decide they’re not an anti anymore. They might be afraid of facing the harassment they dished out or supported.  They might low-key fear the realization they’ve wasted months, maybe years, on something that’s doing more harm than good.  These are the people that struggle to get out, or fiercely defend anti-shipping with all their strength: the ones that got in deep.

(here’s an interesting article that’s been going around my dash about this phenomenon, if you’re interested.)

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Are you positive Elias doesn't love Helene? In a romantic way I mean, not in general. Just because when we first meet them in blackcliff, he does think of kissing her and there's always that little connection with them. Also, I just got my Academy hoodie and it's amazing. I'm in love!

I think that relationships, particularly relationships in ones’ late teens and early 20s, are complicated. At least they were for me. So, I get a lot of shit from people who are like PICK A SHIP ALREADY, JERK and what I think, which is hard to sometimes explain, is that I have to let the characters do what is in their nature. My job is to tell their story, and yes, it all comes from my head, but a good storyteller doesn’t have characters do stuff that is against their nature. In that way, a story is always honest. (That doesn’t mean the characters are honest! They can lie to others and themselves all they want. It just means that they have a specific way of thinking, a stamp that is like a fingerprint of their brain, and an author has to apply that stamp to everything that character does.) 

Helene and Elias have a very long and complicated history. There is a great deal of love there. And I think when you’ve loved someone for that long, the line between friendship and romantic love can get pretty fuzzy. Sometimes you might think “No, this person is JUST a friend.” And sometimes something happens that makes you change your mind. It might be something they say or do, it might be as simple as chemistry. And it can change week over week. It’s not like you pick an emotion and stick with it forever and it never gets any more complicated than that. Love, in particular, can be really, really confusing. 

Whatever the case is, your question is a great one. And the answer is–Elias hasn’t told me yet. Because Elias doesn’t yet know. Like me when I was in my late teens and early 20s, his emotions aren’t always crystal clear to him. Mostly, he’s at the point where Helene is a friend to him–and one whom he can never really be close to again, as much as it kills him. His position, and hers, don’t allow it. But what does the forbidden nature of their friendship do to them? What happens if they do become friends or allies again? What happens if they are in contact with each other? After all they have been through, what does that mean for them? Their feelings? Their chemistry? That is what Elias is still discovering. 

So tl;dr–While I have a very clear idea of what is probably going to happen re: the romantic relationships in the book, Elias, Laia and Helene could still surprise me. Much like how life–and the people in it–can still surprise you. 

HANG ON. Did Yvonne and Toby’s “wedding” count as one of the two weddings this season? And Ezria is definitely the other wedding, so does that mean Haleb isn’t getting married? Mind blown. I never expected Yvonne and Toby to get “married”. Maybe this doesn’t count? But all articles from online entertainment sources are calling it a “wedding” despite its unique/odd nature. So confused!

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Jk is a mess lol whether he's got platonic or romantic feelings for jm he is in too deep to learn self control. Like really there's no way to know the nature of their relationship but jm matters a great deal to him. The way he follows him & tries to stay with him all the time speaks volume. The fact that he cant be subtle when it comes to jm makes me wanna laugh. I hope they remain close forever coz what we see of their rs is beautiful.

YES THOUGH!! like, you can not ship jikook all you want, i don’t really care. but y’all can’t deny that jk has some STRONG feelings for jm, and he’s in too deep to stop them. whether they are platonic or romantic is up to debate, but they’re there. like, he just acts so smitten with jimin all the time, and tries his best to make jimin feel good. and he smiles and giggles so much when he’s around jimin and just seems so genuinely happy. I also hope they remain close forever bc they seem to really appreciate the other a lot. ah, i get so emotional thinking of the simplest of jikook things. 

(gifcred to jeonsjungkook)

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where would you recommend to get wigs for cheap? thanks!

oh yeah! arda is nice, has the fastest shipping, good color/style range, not CRAZY expensive, but i get that 30-45 dollars for a wig can still be a lot, if youre more ok with spending like 10-15, but taking a bit of a risk, you CAN try to use amazon/ebay. for example, i got my Wadanora wig from amazon, BUT! if you buy from amazon, 9 times out of 10, you HAVE to style them. its a necessity,  they usually need a trim, lots of styling in the bangs, possible deshining, some brushing, or fluffing. they’re cheaper, but you need more work to make them look nice. the OTHER issue is cheap wigs are riiiiisky. sometimes, you’ll get a great deal, and it’s perfect! other times….damn. i mean DAMN. ive bought wigs that the cap was so small, it couldn’t fit a 5 year old, or that was so coarse and shiny it looked like garbage, and its very common to get very thin wigs with lots of shedding. so you might end up spending 30 anyway because you need to get a new wig. also you never really know what you’re going to get? like the colors are usually very very off, and the style and length are always crazy. its imperative that you check the ratings on the product/seller when buying on amazon/ebay. if theres no rating…don’t do it. 

so like arda:

-more expensive (30-50$)

-higher quality 

-you know what you’re going to get

-accountability and trusted seller

-ships fast 

amazon ebay:

-much cheaper (8-30$)

-requires heavily styling most times, usually thin and not very natural looking

-extremely unpredictable with color/quality/and style

-the wig may even come unwearable, requiring you to get a new wig, and there’s not a lot you can do about it for returns 

-can ship fast, can also take upwards of months. ive waited 2 days or 2 months 

all of these are heavily styled amazon wigs ranging from 10-25 dollars! 

Stereotypical fan types I've run into, sorted by their BTS bias
  • Yoongi: Fans that have reached a maturing age but are thirsty as hell. 8/10 have acquired a Daddy kink, and their favore AU is mafia, whereas Yoongi is the mafia leader that has a raging sexual personality.
  • Hoseok: They ship the hell out of JiHope. Generally calm and collected or absolutely expressive and animated with no inbetween. These fans typically do have darker parts to their personality they pretend don't exist
  • Seokjin: Both the most loving and the scariest fans you'll meet. As a majority, the Seokjin stans that I meet appear to be loving in nature and only want the best of others whilst they look after themselves.
  • Namjoon: Probably my favorite fan. The ones I've personally met have a decent head on their shoulders and have a somewhat open mind. By all means, there's going to be at least one person the exact opposite, but this is the pattern I see. They enjoy the idea of rough sex but blush at any compliments.
  • Jimin: Extremely careful in how they represent themselves. Once comfortable they'll open up about their personal lives and offer some stories, but these fans really only show what others want to see from them and they are intent on keeping it that way. Really lovely and fun to talk to.
  • Taehyung: Tbh they're angst hoes and want their suffering served to them on a silver platter. They will gladly stay up all night to read/write about their favorite pairing having a fallout, only to regret it and demand fluff fic the next morning. TaeKook is popular, and they'll defend it with everything they have.
  • Jungkook: Pretty terrible at replying to text messages, even if they like you. They try to be expressive with their feelings often but sometimes it doesn't work out, so they do have their quiet phases. Extremely dependent, but they try to act as if they're independent.

its finally happened!!! i now offer EVERY SINGLE HERO in candle form on my etsy shop! my candles are handmade, hand designed, and full of love, thought and effort. every single overwatch character is represented (at the time of writing!!) - including orisa and even doomfist!

theyre natural soy wax candles that burn cleanly, evenly, and smell strong but not overwhelmingly so. the scents available are a real variety, so theres something for everyone for sure. 

they cost $12 (excluding shipping), and burn for approx. 25 hours. (you can wipe the tins clean and use them after too!)

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check out my etsy shop here - and please reblog to spread the word! i hope to see lots n lots of orders from you guys soon. dont forget that discount!

a list of scents is under the cut!

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in case ppl here are “salty” for klance and say that the creators “hate “ it  & so  “you should too” (and all this kind of bullshit) i just want to inform you that if they had to hate something that would be the ppl who ship it .They dont hate the ship but the people who are freaking annoying and making a fuss over anything.klance has a huge varienty of fans so its completly natural to have more beef but if the creators hated so much klance  they wouldn’t make any mentions ,seriously they are not that smad smh its a kid show and its not that deep lmao 

aNYWAYS the point is that in every fandom and every ship theres some annoying shippers yall didnt born yesterday you know this shit now get over it and let us enjoy the show ,peace out

Larry Stylinson thoughts.

So I’m basically pretty new to the whole 1D gig and the Larry Stylinson ship. I only really started to listen to them as artists when they released their solo work, all of which I’ve enjoyed immensely. So naturally, I dove into the history of these boys and it was quite eye opening…

…but I have to say that the one thing that really confuses me is how on Earth a “ship” could ruin such a solid friendship. This doesn’t make a lick of sense to me because I’ve been in bandom for many many many years. I’ve seen it all. My biggest examples of this are going to be Peterick and Frerard. Now, these are two ships within bands who have dealt with just as much fan bullshit as Larry and yet Peterick are still best friends and Frerard are still extremely close as well. So doesn’t it seem a little suspicious that Larry’s friendship was “ruined” by shipping? Now, I’m not saying I believe that fans ought to harass the members of any band with their shipping. I don’t personally believe there’s anything wrong with shipping two people as long as you’re doing so quietly and not taking to social media and blowing up their Twitters and Instagram with it. Nor do I believe that interviewers need to ask the band members about it. I just don’t understand why this would ruin a friendship especially since queer is not an insult. It just seems shady to me (and a bit insidious) that fans are being blamed for something that ought not to be taken as an insult to begin with. Oh and what about Joshler! Again, a very popular ship with TØP fans and yet they remain the best of friends. 

Not to mention, in all the Larry videos I’ve watched whenever they were asked about it there was never a straight up denial. In my experience, when there are rumors about someone being gay and they’re in fact straight, they’ll usually answer something along the lines of “no, it’s not like that” and then follow it up with something to the affect of “I’m straight” or “I’m not gay.” So why wouldn’t Larry have just said straight up when the rumors started that they weren’t gay or that they were straight? It seems like they could have saved themselves a lot of trouble just by being straight forward rather than shady and vague. I know I know…Louis tweeted (I think?) something about how he was “in fact straight” but I do find it funny he only ever says that in print. 

And no, I don’t believe for a second that 1D’s management or PR teams don’t media train them or control every aspect of their lives because they do. Even outside of boybands, this happens. Colton Haynes is a perfect example of that. He was told for years he couldn’t come out as gay because it would ruin his career and his team even went so far as to set him up with “stunts” to maintain his heterosexual appearance. This is something he’s outright admitted since coming out so why is it so far-fetched for people to believe that the same couldn’t happen for Larry? And lately, Harry has stated very clearly that he doesn’t want to label his sexuality which means there is a very big possibility he’s queer. Generally, straight people will flat out tell you they are straight. They don’t beat around the bush and deflect. 

Yes, I know…they’re not longer under Modest! but they are still heavily associated with the likes of Simon Cowell (who we know is a fucking douchebag) and companies like Epic (who wouldn’t allow Lauren Jauregui to come out as bi) so I feel like that’s a weak argument. Yes, it is 2017 but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to come out and especially not in Hollywood.

Do I think Larry is “real” right now? No. Do I think it was at some point (circa 2011-2013)? Yes. Do I think they were heavily influenced to change their behavior with each other by management? Yes. Do I think that caused a rift between them? Absolutely. There was such a huge shift in their dynamic which left it suspicious as hell to me. 

Also, the boys having slept with women or Louis having a child is not a testament of sexuality. There are these wonderful sexualities called bisexual and pansexual. Just saying. Granted, I do think Freddie’s existence was genuinely an accident on Louis’ part and conceived from a one-night stand. Honestly, Freddie is a whole other thought process I might talk about later. 

Generally speaking, I have discovered that those who try the hardest to deny something have the most to hide. 

Feel free to discuss this with me but only if you want to be nice and civil about it. If you’re an asshole then I’ll simply ignore you. 

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Even though they say Elena won't have a love interest I'm pretty sure one of the writers is a secret Eleteo shipper becuase there's just So. Many. Moments. between them and it feels like they're almost implying hidden feelings, but maybe that's just me and my shipper agenda :P

I don’t think that it’s your shipper agenda at all. Truthfully, I think that anyone who still denies the special connection between Elena and Mateo at this point, has a shipper agenda of their own. Which is totally fine, this is fandom for a fictional world that’s fun to create our own scenarios for. Ship Elena with Charoca if you want! Whatever floats your boat!😜

Now I’m NOT saying that Elena and Mateo’s canon relationship is romantic in nature and I’m NOT saying that they are dating behind the scenes— canonically speaking. (Yeah I write fanfiction that states otherwise, but I’m quite aware it’s not canon, thank you very much) I’m saying that there is serious evidence in canon of a special, deep bond between the two of them, and that I think that it’s going somewhere within the parameters of the canon story.

I know that there is at least one director who, according to their posts and the things they’ve publicly “liked”, is #teammateo and is more open to “liking” eleteo posts on both Twitter and Instagram. But I don’t think this is the kind of thing that a secret shipper could “sneak” into the episodes. So many people touch and critique and change these episodes before they are even animated that these special moments between Elena and Mateo are not arbitrary— if they didn’t have a purpose for the overall story and the endgame, they wouldn’t exist.

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Senpai? (Senpai because your my favourite account of all time) What got you into Levi X Erwin?

It was so long ago now, like 4-5 years? I naturally gravitated towards it as my first ship of SNK. I’m a sucker for their relationship dynamic. Erwin’s this man who’s decided he can’t think of anything but his goals lest someone get in the way or get hurt when he dies which he knows he will and then there’s Levi. He’s strong and capable and they both know the risk, whether Levi likes it or not, he is prepared to be there and see his goals to the end with him and through that they build this relationship on trust and dedication to one another and that’s some good shit.

Also the size difference is choice.

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Okay, I don't mean anything bad by asking this (I'm actually just curious haha) but how is it possible to ship declan and Kavinsky?? They never had a scene together if I remember right; please explain!

yeah no i understand at first i was just like ‘well i’ll ship anything so it’s a good crack pairing’ but dancefleur has a habit of ruining my life wrt trc so let me try to organize some of our flailing asks into something mildly coherent [i’m not sure if the coherent part worked but anyway]

  • declan wants to be this pristine perfect politician so naturally kavinskys beneath him. maybe k messes with him one time like he normally does to people or maybe bc of ronan but he just loves declans reaction or something. 
  • maybe declan acts all condescending and dismissive but theres something alive in his eyes bc theres something so goddamn tempting about kavinsky. 
  • so k keeps fucking with him for that reaction thats not unlike ronans reaction toward him. maybe his chase for declan wont be like his chase for ronan, wanting to relate with someone. maybe he just wants declan to unravel. dirty up that pristine mask he puts on. 
  • for kavinsky it would definitely be both about just fucking up declan’s polished exterior [idk kind of how he tries to fuck with gansey] & then also using declan as a kind of surrogate for ronan since thats obviously going nowhere. 
  • and all that fucking with declan ends up with actually actually fucking declan. maybe in a hot angry hate sex way. or in a desperate need way. maybe both. why fucking not.
  • & honestly declan is probably just hella bored & needs some danger in his life even tho he knows it’s a bad idea. also maybe he knows k is a dreamer & it reminds him of ronan. ugh lynch family feels 
  • they’re the most fucked over characters honestly [by fandom at large and the narrative].
  • like honestly people HATE declan and i’m just sitting here like if my family pushed me aside like that constantly i’d probably be a bit of a bitch too. and kavinsky has done a LOT of fucked up shit that i am in no way defending but like he’s a fucking kid and he obviously has issues and he’s suicidal and idk i could even see like undiagnosed bipolar or something similar and he’s never had any help and sorry i have a lot of kavinsky feels
  • declan and kavinsky have no one really. (except maybe the dream pack but like i really don’t think k is that close w/ the dream pack except for proko [more like lackeys than friends] and proko is a dream so i mean that’s like having someone but also not. 
  • they’re both so messed up inside, but outside declan is the most polished and put together lie while kavinsky is this wild and numb ruin. so maybe it does start that way because they’re both so bored and broken and lonely. for kavinsky its all about corrupting declan’s image and using him as an obsessive replacement to ronan. and declan is just so tired of all the perfect facade bullshit and uses k as an outlet for all his frustrations and for something exciting and dangerous and yet another secret to keep.
  • and ALSO i really like comparisons between niall and kavinsky like obviously niall had a lot more chill but i think there are two paths you can go down as a dreamer and niall and k kind of went down the ‘i’m a god on a power trip’ one while ronan is keeping himself grounded. so maybe we can throw declan’s daddy issues into the mix here too [there’s always room for more daddy issues]  
  • they wont even talk really. just booty calls. they wouldnt even need like a warning. either of them could just show up at each others doorstep then leave after. plain and simple. so time passes. declan does those fancy internships and goes from girlfriend to girlfriend. KAVINSKY DOESNT FUCKING DIE. they go though all the bullshit in life and the only constant is them. kavinsky wont even know when he started seeing declan and not ronan, or when it became something happy not just fun. 
  • declan wont even know when he started driving hours back to henrietta for kavinsky and not because he just wanted to vent. they wont even know when it became love. they wont even say it out loud. because really they don’t make any sense together but somehow they do. because they are both bored and broken and lonely. but with each other, a little less so
  • and ending on a less serious note, my new like tagline for this pairing is that when they’re fucking it’s like ‘i’ll stop yelling ronan’s name if you stop first’
Nevermind - Chapter 2 - musicalmarauder - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
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Falling in love with your best friend comes so naturally. Trying not to love them when that love is unrequited is not quite as easy. And sometimes you need a friend to get you through it all.

///I finally wrote chapter two.

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Ey! I really enjoyed your Healing Arrow fic (cute as all get-out), but I was wondering if you could help me. I'm having trouble getting on board the Healing Arrow ship as a whole. I've seen the head canons by other people but it all just seems a bit too forced. I understand that 210% of fictional ships are forced, but I am usually able see something natural about it(Gency for example: Florence Nightingale effect). If there's no help for unreasonable shipping woes then maybe it just isn't for me.

Aww, thank you for asking!  I’m actually honored to be asked such a question!  I’m sure everyone else has their reasons for shipping Healing Arrow, but this is my reason (and I don’t care if it’s not following the known, canon universe 100%):

We all know Hanzo and Genji have some serious tension.  We also know that Mercy saved Genji.

What I like to believe is that Genji and Mercy kept in contact after all these years.  And through their letters back and forth to one another, Mercy would play the psychiatrist.  She’d encourage him to share his feelings with her.  Get him to talk.

It’s through these talks that she starts to learn about Hanzo.  She has absolutely no interest in Hanzo whatsoever.  It’s more, she needs to know everything about him so she can help reunite the brothers in a peaceful manner.

Only, as she starts to learn more and more about Hanzo, she starts to realize that he’s actually a really complex character.  In a letter to Genji, she asks if he can arrange a meeting between her and Hanzo.  When Genji asks why, Mercy explains that she has to get Hanzo’s side of the story.  Understanding this, he figures out a way to get them to meet up.  That way is Overwatch.

With Hanzo now a member of Overwatch, Mercy has ample time to get to know him.  Although she’s not a psychiatrist, she tries to get Hanzo to open up to her.  Since they’re low on staff due to the whole ‘shut down’ and ‘wanted criminals’ thing, he eventually caves.  Though he’s extremely vague and gives her little to work with.

After some long months of pieces snippets of information together, she finally thinks she has a grand way to reunite the brothers.  However, she’s also fearful of what will come of them should she be wrong.

Hanzo, after spending many months working alongside her, notices her change in behavior.  The way she avoids looking at him.  The look of guilt that she wears on her face.

When he approaches her, she just confesses everything.  Tells him she can’t stand seeing family apart.  Shares her backstory–how she lost everyone she ever loved and doesn’t want to see Genji and Hanzo suffer the same fate.

And, in that moment of weakness, Hanzo reaches out to her.  He doesn’t just touch her flesh, her skin.  He goes deeper and touches her heart.

It’s this embrace that makes her realize that she’d been reading Hanzo all wrong.  He wasn’t the man she painted him out to be.  He too was just as broken and lonely as she.

It’s from this moment on that they actually start talking.  Speaking the truth.  Sharing deeper, personal thoughts.  Start going on dates.  Falling in love.

And while all this is happening, a certain cyborg ninja is smiling down upon those two souls while high-fiving Zenyatta.  

To achieve selflessness, Genji sought to find a companion for his brother. Genji wants nothing more for his brother than to be at peace.  To be happy.  To not be alone.

And this is my cheesy, horrible, awful story behind why I ship Healing Arrow.  I just think that Genji was truly behind it all to some degree.  And when Hanzo and Mercy discovered they had a lot in common, well it all just fell into place.

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Adam and Daisy's physicality definitely plays a role in their characters' development and relationship. He's tall and muscular and she's petite (compared to him) and willowy. Sexual dimorphism definitely is A Thing for Reylo because they fit a classic masculine/feminine ideal which is erotic by nature. It also is apart of their individual fighting styles. Both Kylo and Rey are brutal fighters; they never hold back. He relies more on his strength, and she's all about her speed and agility.

^Presenting without commentary (to add to the discussion).

i feel the same about being worried shinoa/yuu will be a thing?

like, and not because im a mikayuu shipper, ill actually be quite fine if they dont end up together either because their bond in general will always be super strong anyway.

and i love shinoa but i really despise forced hetero romance hah and honestly the small shinoa/yuu hints and the mINISCULE mitsuba/yuu ones (like wtf why even add those??) are just HORRIBLY FORCED and u cant deny that. i mean cmon shinoa wasnt?? interested in yuu really at all imo from what i could see and then guren just like outta the heckin’ blue says “or did u really end up falling in love w/ him” and oh !!! suddenly feelings!! i just? uh…no? what? ????? why their friendship was so good why

yuu and mikas love for eachother (family or not O: !) is reasonable and not forced because, well, we all know why. it feels natural because they were like family at one point (still are but for a while they didnt see eachother and ye). the rest of the romantic/love plots thrown in dont…but u know, theres gotta be some hetero romance in everything right, so why not just force the main girl we have who is a total badass and strong character on her own to be the main charas love interest?

thats my MAIN problem with shinoa/yuu, and why i cant ship it.

i love owari no seraph but dang i hope they dont focus on that. even just a little.