there's not all the ships naturally

I want a female sports anime. Everything is the same as male sports anime. A black haired blue eyed protagonist who wants to be the best/is naturally talented. And like in every good sports anime, everyone has to be gay in a subtle way. Subtle from anyone in the anime’s view but way too gay to actually be straight.

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hey! so I just recently (like, 2 weeks ago) discovered gmm and naturally started shipping rhett and link (because how could you not??) and i've been watching as many gmm episodes as I can, but there's a lot of them, so I was just wondering- what do you think the best gmm episodes are? especially for rhink moments haha :)

hello and welcome friend!! honestly how can you not ship them i mean come the fuck on… and yes i agree, there are so many episodes and i haven’t even seen them all lmao!! but i’ll link you to some of my favorites :)

but honestly some of the best and rhinkiest episodes are when they’re just chatting about pointless shit, that’s when you get the softest hearteyes and cutest touches, so don’t be afraid to check out vids with less views!!

also if you’re into rhink, check out my headcanons and my fic!!

hope that helps :)

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Are you positive Elias doesn't love Helene? In a romantic way I mean, not in general. Just because when we first meet them in blackcliff, he does think of kissing her and there's always that little connection with them. Also, I just got my Academy hoodie and it's amazing. I'm in love!

I think that relationships, particularly relationships in ones’ late teens and early 20s, are complicated. At least they were for me. So, I get a lot of shit from people who are like PICK A SHIP ALREADY, JERK and what I think, which is hard to sometimes explain, is that I have to let the characters do what is in their nature. My job is to tell their story, and yes, it all comes from my head, but a good storyteller doesn’t have characters do stuff that is against their nature. In that way, a story is always honest. (That doesn’t mean the characters are honest! They can lie to others and themselves all they want. It just means that they have a specific way of thinking, a stamp that is like a fingerprint of their brain, and an author has to apply that stamp to everything that character does.) 

Helene and Elias have a very long and complicated history. There is a great deal of love there. And I think when you’ve loved someone for that long, the line between friendship and romantic love can get pretty fuzzy. Sometimes you might think “No, this person is JUST a friend.” And sometimes something happens that makes you change your mind. It might be something they say or do, it might be as simple as chemistry. And it can change week over week. It’s not like you pick an emotion and stick with it forever and it never gets any more complicated than that. Love, in particular, can be really, really confusing. 

Whatever the case is, your question is a great one. And the answer is–Elias hasn’t told me yet. Because Elias doesn’t yet know. Like me when I was in my late teens and early 20s, his emotions aren’t always crystal clear to him. Mostly, he’s at the point where Helene is a friend to him–and one whom he can never really be close to again, as much as it kills him. His position, and hers, don’t allow it. But what does the forbidden nature of their friendship do to them? What happens if they do become friends or allies again? What happens if they are in contact with each other? After all they have been through, what does that mean for them? Their feelings? Their chemistry? That is what Elias is still discovering. 

So tl;dr–While I have a very clear idea of what is probably going to happen re: the romantic relationships in the book, Elias, Laia and Helene could still surprise me. Much like how life–and the people in it–can still surprise you. 

HANG ON. Did Yvonne and Toby’s “wedding” count as one of the two weddings this season? And Ezria is definitely the other wedding, so does that mean Haleb isn’t getting married? Mind blown. I never expected Yvonne and Toby to get “married”. Maybe this doesn’t count? But all articles from online entertainment sources are calling it a “wedding” despite its unique/odd nature. So confused!

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where would you recommend to get wigs for cheap? thanks!

oh yeah! arda is nice, has the fastest shipping, good color/style range, not CRAZY expensive, but i get that 30-45 dollars for a wig can still be a lot, if youre more ok with spending like 10-15, but taking a bit of a risk, you CAN try to use amazon/ebay. for example, i got my Wadanora wig from amazon, BUT! if you buy from amazon, 9 times out of 10, you HAVE to style them. its a necessity,  they usually need a trim, lots of styling in the bangs, possible deshining, some brushing, or fluffing. they’re cheaper, but you need more work to make them look nice. the OTHER issue is cheap wigs are riiiiisky. sometimes, you’ll get a great deal, and it’s perfect! other times….damn. i mean DAMN. ive bought wigs that the cap was so small, it couldn’t fit a 5 year old, or that was so coarse and shiny it looked like garbage, and its very common to get very thin wigs with lots of shedding. so you might end up spending 30 anyway because you need to get a new wig. also you never really know what you’re going to get? like the colors are usually very very off, and the style and length are always crazy. its imperative that you check the ratings on the product/seller when buying on amazon/ebay. if theres no rating…don’t do it. 

so like arda:

-more expensive (30-50$)

-higher quality 

-you know what you’re going to get

-accountability and trusted seller

-ships fast 

amazon ebay:

-much cheaper (8-30$)

-requires heavily styling most times, usually thin and not very natural looking

-extremely unpredictable with color/quality/and style

-the wig may even come unwearable, requiring you to get a new wig, and there’s not a lot you can do about it for returns 

-can ship fast, can also take upwards of months. ive waited 2 days or 2 months 

all of these are heavily styled amazon wigs ranging from 10-25 dollars! 


its finally happened!!! i now offer EVERY SINGLE HERO in candle form on my etsy shop! my candles are handmade, hand designed, and full of love, thought and effort. every single overwatch character is represented (at the time of writing!!) - including orisa and even doomfist!

theyre natural soy wax candles that burn cleanly, evenly, and smell strong but not overwhelmingly so. the scents available are a real variety, so theres something for everyone for sure. 

they cost $12 (excluding shipping), and burn for approx. 25 hours. (you can wipe the tins clean and use them after too!)

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Stereotypical fan types I've run into, sorted by their BTS bias
  • Yoongi: Fans that have reached a maturing age but are thirsty as hell. 8/10 have acquired a Daddy kink, and their favore AU is mafia, whereas Yoongi is the mafia leader that has a raging sexual personality.
  • Hoseok: They ship the hell out of JiHope. Generally calm and collected or absolutely expressive and animated with no inbetween. These fans typically do have darker parts to their personality they pretend don't exist
  • Seokjin: Both the most loving and the scariest fans you'll meet. As a majority, the Seokjin stans that I meet appear to be loving in nature and only want the best of others whilst they look after themselves.
  • Namjoon: Probably my favorite fan. The ones I've personally met have a decent head on their shoulders and have a somewhat open mind. By all means, there's going to be at least one person the exact opposite, but this is the pattern I see. They enjoy the idea of rough sex but blush at any compliments.
  • Jimin: Extremely careful in how they represent themselves. Once comfortable they'll open up about their personal lives and offer some stories, but these fans really only show what others want to see from them and they are intent on keeping it that way. Really lovely and fun to talk to.
  • Taehyung: Tbh they're angst hoes and want their suffering served to them on a silver platter. They will gladly stay up all night to read/write about their favorite pairing having a fallout, only to regret it and demand fluff fic the next morning. TaeKook is popular, and they'll defend it with everything they have.
  • Jungkook: Pretty terrible at replying to text messages, even if they like you. They try to be expressive with their feelings often but sometimes it doesn't work out, so they do have their quiet phases. Extremely dependent, but they try to act as if they're independent.

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hi J. how do you browse the finnpoe tag/enjoy finnpoe content on tumblr safely w/o running into reylos. Like i love finnpoe but reylo disgusts the hell out of me so i cant go into the tag (cuz every other finnpoe post is reylo related). I can only really enjoy finnrey since thats the only other big finn ship.

you know what i do???? i suffer. 

nah but really: first of all i follow @fuckyeah-stormpilot which is the best finnpoe blog out there period. 

and i dont ever go into the finnpoe/stormpilot tag on tumblr on here. not only cause of reylos but also because most stormpilot fans are antiblack freaks who dehumanize finn every chance they get. 

as for ao3 theres some way you can blacklist tags (including reylo) but my computer is fucked sooooo my eyes have developed past normal human capabilities and they just naturally blur out/block out all reylo content AND all content created by antiblack finnpoe “fans” so really i only see 1 fic a month or so ksjfdlkj loool

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Okay, I don't mean anything bad by asking this (I'm actually just curious haha) but how is it possible to ship declan and Kavinsky?? They never had a scene together if I remember right; please explain!

yeah no i understand at first i was just like ‘well i’ll ship anything so it’s a good crack pairing’ but dancefleur has a habit of ruining my life wrt trc so let me try to organize some of our flailing asks into something mildly coherent [i’m not sure if the coherent part worked but anyway]

  • declan wants to be this pristine perfect politician so naturally kavinskys beneath him. maybe k messes with him one time like he normally does to people or maybe bc of ronan but he just loves declans reaction or something. 
  • maybe declan acts all condescending and dismissive but theres something alive in his eyes bc theres something so goddamn tempting about kavinsky. 
  • so k keeps fucking with him for that reaction thats not unlike ronans reaction toward him. maybe his chase for declan wont be like his chase for ronan, wanting to relate with someone. maybe he just wants declan to unravel. dirty up that pristine mask he puts on. 
  • for kavinsky it would definitely be both about just fucking up declan’s polished exterior [idk kind of how he tries to fuck with gansey] & then also using declan as a kind of surrogate for ronan since thats obviously going nowhere. 
  • and all that fucking with declan ends up with actually actually fucking declan. maybe in a hot angry hate sex way. or in a desperate need way. maybe both. why fucking not.
  • & honestly declan is probably just hella bored & needs some danger in his life even tho he knows it’s a bad idea. also maybe he knows k is a dreamer & it reminds him of ronan. ugh lynch family feels 
  • they’re the most fucked over characters honestly [by fandom at large and the narrative].
  • like honestly people HATE declan and i’m just sitting here like if my family pushed me aside like that constantly i’d probably be a bit of a bitch too. and kavinsky has done a LOT of fucked up shit that i am in no way defending but like he’s a fucking kid and he obviously has issues and he’s suicidal and idk i could even see like undiagnosed bipolar or something similar and he’s never had any help and sorry i have a lot of kavinsky feels
  • declan and kavinsky have no one really. (except maybe the dream pack but like i really don’t think k is that close w/ the dream pack except for proko [more like lackeys than friends] and proko is a dream so i mean that’s like having someone but also not. 
  • they’re both so messed up inside, but outside declan is the most polished and put together lie while kavinsky is this wild and numb ruin. so maybe it does start that way because they’re both so bored and broken and lonely. for kavinsky its all about corrupting declan’s image and using him as an obsessive replacement to ronan. and declan is just so tired of all the perfect facade bullshit and uses k as an outlet for all his frustrations and for something exciting and dangerous and yet another secret to keep.
  • and ALSO i really like comparisons between niall and kavinsky like obviously niall had a lot more chill but i think there are two paths you can go down as a dreamer and niall and k kind of went down the ‘i’m a god on a power trip’ one while ronan is keeping himself grounded. so maybe we can throw declan’s daddy issues into the mix here too [there’s always room for more daddy issues]  
  • they wont even talk really. just booty calls. they wouldnt even need like a warning. either of them could just show up at each others doorstep then leave after. plain and simple. so time passes. declan does those fancy internships and goes from girlfriend to girlfriend. KAVINSKY DOESNT FUCKING DIE. they go though all the bullshit in life and the only constant is them. kavinsky wont even know when he started seeing declan and not ronan, or when it became something happy not just fun. 
  • declan wont even know when he started driving hours back to henrietta for kavinsky and not because he just wanted to vent. they wont even know when it became love. they wont even say it out loud. because really they don’t make any sense together but somehow they do. because they are both bored and broken and lonely. but with each other, a little less so
  • and ending on a less serious note, my new like tagline for this pairing is that when they’re fucking it’s like ‘i’ll stop yelling ronan’s name if you stop first’

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Adam and Daisy's physicality definitely plays a role in their characters' development and relationship. He's tall and muscular and she's petite (compared to him) and willowy. Sexual dimorphism definitely is A Thing for Reylo because they fit a classic masculine/feminine ideal which is erotic by nature. It also is apart of their individual fighting styles. Both Kylo and Rey are brutal fighters; they never hold back. He relies more on his strength, and she's all about her speed and agility.

^Presenting without commentary (to add to the discussion).

i feel the same about being worried shinoa/yuu will be a thing?

like, and not because im a mikayuu shipper, ill actually be quite fine if they dont end up together either because their bond in general will always be super strong anyway.

and i love shinoa but i really despise forced hetero romance hah and honestly the small shinoa/yuu hints and the mINISCULE mitsuba/yuu ones (like wtf why even add those??) are just HORRIBLY FORCED and u cant deny that. i mean cmon shinoa wasnt?? interested in yuu really at all imo from what i could see and then guren just like outta the heckin’ blue says “or did u really end up falling in love w/ him” and oh !!! suddenly feelings!! i just? uh…no? what? ????? why their friendship was so good why

yuu and mikas love for eachother (family or not O: !) is reasonable and not forced because, well, we all know why. it feels natural because they were like family at one point (still are but for a while they didnt see eachother and ye). the rest of the romantic/love plots thrown in dont…but u know, theres gotta be some hetero romance in everything right, so why not just force the main girl we have who is a total badass and strong character on her own to be the main charas love interest?

thats my MAIN problem with shinoa/yuu, and why i cant ship it.

i love owari no seraph but dang i hope they dont focus on that. even just a little.

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im gonna admit. i USED to ship reylo. hear me out! i don't anymore! i left the theatre loving the idea of innocent rey with a looming man but the more i thought about it, the more i realised how abusive it was. i realised that the interrogation scene was defs a mind rape and it was so abusive and non-consensual and rey HATES kylo but at least i can admit that i used to ship something that i now realise is disgusting.

thanks for sharing, anon!

i actually love hearing stories like this because it makes a really strong statement about what society tries to convince us is romantic vs what we find when we think critically about said “romance.” the media has marketed different types of abuse as romantic for SO LONG that a straight up antagonistic hero/villain dynamic between a 19 year old girl and a 30 year old man is automatically seen as romantic by some people.

and here’s the part where i sound mildly hypocritical given my absolute hatred of this ship - no one coming out of the movie immediately shipping these two is to blame for that. there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this initial feeling because that’s the exact type of “romance” young girls (and boys) have been sold for decades now.

the problem is, where you were willing/able to take a step back and think about their situation as a whole and consider the wants and needs of BOTH characters, a lot of people who continue to ship this ship refuse to even acknowledge the abusive nature of it, let alone the fact that the interrogation scene was a straight up r*pe parallel and literally everything that happened between the two of them happened against rey’s will. 

ignoring all of that is contributing to the romanticization and normalization of abuse and that’s a big problem.

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Aw thank you! I'm 5'4 my hair is dark brown but I had it dyed back to its natural color so there's blond tips all over lol Im in Slytherin on Pottermore if that helps I get straight A's but I tend not to hang out with the other 'smart' people (as the stereotype says bc really they arent that smart they just study a lot) I chill with guys a lot but there are 2 girls that I hang out with that im close to really I hate most people because they just annoy me lmao as you might have been able to tell

Okay-dokay. I ship you with Draco. You two may have fights with each other. Draco thinks you study too much, you think he at times act like a dick and so on. But in the end of the day one of you would come crawling back with an apology. Unfortunately sometimes your fights happen in the common room of Slytherin and the other students get free ‘movies’

All the 3rd years in the Slytherin were watching you and Draco’s fight, as if it was a movie. They were curled up in the couch with blankets covering from their toes to their noses.


You yelled at you blond haired boyfriend, while pushing your hands into his chest to get him further away from you.


He angrily yelled back stepping closer to you. You had been going back and forth like this for 20 minutes straight.

To be honest you think it was a stupid thing to fight about. Apparently Draco had seen you with Crabbe and Goyle, and Draco had apparently ‘seen’ Goyle look at your boobs for long. Of course you knew that wasn’t true. You, Crabbe and Goyle had just been doing your homework like any other student would. But to be fair, you had been wearing a low cut shirt, but why would it matter if he looked? Draco was friends with him, why couldn’t he just talk with him? Why did you have to take the blame?

You stepped back from Draco and looked down, feeling your eyes get watery. Trying to contain the tears, you chocked out

-“You are so stupid! You know that?!”.

You looked at Draco with now with tears running slowly down your face. Draco’s face melted into a face of hurt seeing you crying. It was very rare you cried, but when you did, Draco knew you were sad – very sad –

Slowly he raised his arm to let you into a hug, but you refused. You shoke his hand of your shoulder and took another step back.

-“If you really think I, EVER, would cheat or ANYTHING I don’t freaking know, what is the point of being in a relationship”

you cried out looking at your boyfriend who had an expression on his face you’ve never seen before. His eyes were turning red along with the tip of his nose. His brows that had been laying straight down when he was yelling, were now raised a bit above the normal. Not being able to look you into your eyes he looked down ashamed.

Draco opened his mouth to say something, but noting came out. Not even a sound. He tried to catch your eyes, but by the time he tried you had already made your mind.

-“I’m going”

Angrily you said it and dried your eyes with the back of your hand. You stormed out of the common room. Where you were going didn’t you know, but you couldn’t stand being there.

By: Co-writer Moony

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Would you be willing to talk about why you like Nepeta? I just don't hear much in terms of character analysis or anything about her like I see a lot for more prominent characters and am curious about your thoughts. Er, just cause I said "character analysis" don't feel like this has to be super deep or anything, I'm just curious on your thoughts in general on a character that seems under appreciated.


I like her personally because I have such an attachment to the innocent “did nothing wrong” characters in almost every media thing I watch, ever since Steins;Gate and Mayuri happened ;_;

my boyfriend makes a joke about i have a room full of “Mayuri” characters who need to be taken away from their canon like child services and come join my nice happy safe little tea party in my happy little room

and Nepeta I would consider one of those lol a bunch of innocent little cinnamon rolls too pure for this world

But then also theres like amazing canon stuff about Nepeta that can be expanded into like tons of headcanons if you sit and think about her for more than a second 

like shes great at acting and writing (all seasoned roleplayers naturally develop those gifts lol) shes caring and not a jealous or vengeful bone in her body as weve seen only a sort of longing and no hatefulness on her part because she loved Karkat and he didnt reciprocate, and yet remained wonderful friends with Terezi like Karkat crushing on TZ had no repurcussions on their friendship, and she must have known about the ship because theres no she of all people wouldnt

and yet she stands up in the face of death probably knowing she has no chance of living against a person who killed someone as strong as equius because shes also infinitely loyal to fault and driven by her passions

Like yes she’s a bit passive as a character and maybe isnt super comfortable in the spotlight and maybe doesnt know how to react when stuff gets super heavy and dramatic and full of death, unlike other characters, but I’ve never thought that made her boring, if anything it made her more personal, not everyone is an extrovert afterall and i can relate personally to the not knowing how to react appropriately in dramatic or tense situations, i prefer to make things lighthearted and jokey, even when it might be a bit inappropriate for the atmosphere and then i bite my tongue as soon as its out my mouth like d’oh

She has a wonderfully creative mind if her art and shipping and roleplaying is any indication

also shes strong as fuck, she canonically goes on hunts for the huge fauna on her planet, with her bare hands no less, and she sometimes carries around her own twice as big as her guardian lusus when it gets too tired on a hunt

like shes just overall a really wonderful character to me, characters dont have to be dark and brooding and have tragedy upon tragedy happen to them to make them interesting, and just because we dont see her talk to people other than Equius or Terezi a lot doesnt mean she never had anything to say in the first place (insert cat got your tongue introvert joke here)

which is when tragedy constantly strikes her in canon it makes me sad and feels just as unnecessary as stepping on a happy little sunflower minding its own business, since we don’t see what she’s like from soemthing like that. She’s just one of those characters that doesn’t grow in sadness, she grows in happiness! Put her in a happy situation and you see what she’s all about and what her character is like, that’s what she always felt like to me anyway

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You don't ship Stydia romantically, fine but saying that they can't stand each other is so funny. They are friends, and yall have to accept that. All their moments spent together mean nothing? She doesn't act annoyed, it was the first time she was alone with him since he "saved" her. It's Normal that there's an awkward tension, that night was so intense. Anyway

listen buddy the friendship they have didn’t start or evolve naturally (also confirmed by holland and jeff i think) so while there may be a sort of friendship between them, i don’t have to support it, especially since stiles used to be a dick to her (and not only), the same way i don’t really support the friendship between scott and stiles. 

“She doesn’t act annoyed, it was the first time she was alone with him since he “saved” her.”

well she wasn’t awkward with jordan, was she? are you hinting stydia may be more than what it is because of the “awkward tension”? are you implying stiles played a crucial role in saving her? why are you here and what are you trying to tell me?

i didn’t say they can’t stand each other, i’ve only said that lydia looks annoyed which is what she looks like to me. 

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is there a specific reason that so many people ship sabriel? I feel like Gabriel is barely even in supernatural for so many people to ship it even though he's great and I'm fine with the ship. I guess I'm just surprised there's not a lot of people that ship him with lucifer since he's in his mind all the time even though he's bad

Lucifer definitely has more airtime. 13 episodes to Gabriel’s 6 but SPN has shown time and time again that the amount of episodes plays nothing to the love the fans have for the characters. You’ll have to bare with my explanation because as this is my otp, i’m obviously wearing Sabriel colored glasses and this is totally only one persons opinion which other Sab shippers may totally not agree with.  

Relationship wise, the appeal, at least for me anyway is the nature of the relationship between S&G vs. S&L. Lucifer needed Sam so he could bring about the destruction of the world through his ring match with Michael and used a very impressive mental manipulation to do it, while Gabriel messed with Sam (and Dean) to try to either teach them lessons or to try and push them to get the big fight over with between Luci and Michael. Lucifer had a dark purpose to be with Sam, while Gabriel’s purpose was because of Lucifer’s plan.

So they both did some unsavory shit regardless of the outcome. That goes without a doubt, but Gabriel showed remorse and came to “save the day” in Hammer of the Gods. Without Gabriel’s help, Kali would be dead, the boys wouldn’t have left the hotel and Sam and Dean likely wouldn’t have found out how to trap Lucifer in the cage. It would have been game over for everything without him.

That’s also another reason I feel Sam and Gabriel mesh. Sam is constantly seeking redemption for the past. Who would be more likely to forgive Gabriel for HIS past, than someone seeking his own forgiveness. From running away from their families, to doing some horrible things the two of them just, fit to me. Both damaged, both filled with guilt, but when all is said and done both doing the right thing.

Lucifer is cute though right? :sex tiger growling: I don’t hate Lucifer, hell I don’t hate any SPN character or the ships that come from this fandom, I just think that when I see Sam happy with someone other than Jess, it’s with Gabriel.