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Aria Knew Everything. Part 2.

Hey there everyone so this is the second part of my theory about Aria being forced to be on the A-TEAM. You can check the previous one on my blog where I collected some general clues and hints about her but in this part I’m going to be more determined and to be honest this is not even theory for people to read however this turns out to be place where I analyze clues and hints of this show. Anyways not to talk so much I will start now.

The first thing I wanted to talk about is Aria always waking up first at the exact time when someones missing or something terrible things happen. Hear me out :

1x01. “Pilot”. So we all know that producers already said million times that pilot is one of the most important episode for searching clues and hints but lets be honest no one seemed so shady and secretive in this episode like Aria. Show isn’t started yet and the main 7 minutes until the intro is all about her. Yea! thats true have you ever noticed how the opening of this show is all about Aria. After that flashback from that night when Ali disappeared, it starts with Aria returning back to rosewood from Iceland like they said. Then he goes to drop Mike at school and goes in the bar where she meets Ezra. And then its intro. I mean WTFF? they literally told us this show is about her and she was going to be the main villain all time. But not to mention that I started talking about her waking up first, always, whenever girls get together which happened in Pilot too. They are sleeping, Ali and Spencer are gone outside the barn and Aria wakes up first. Guess why? because she knew something bad was going to happen. She was on the A-TEAM which meant that she knew every detail about what would happen to the girls in future. I always thought that she accepted Mona to join her on the team because of Alison. Because of the first flashback we’ve seen about Aria in the pilot episode when she and Ali see her dad with Meredith. Anyways the main thing here is that she wakes up first from three girls sleeping in the barn and she looks quiet nervous if you look closely.

3x01. “It Happened That Night”. Girls were together and when they got to sleep Aria was the first one to wake up out of three girl. That’s because she knew something bad was going to happen. She knew that one of the girls was going to be in danger because SHES ON THE A TEAM AND SHE KNOWS EVERYTHING. Thats why she told Emily “ don’t drink too much Em you’re already pretty strong” because she knew what was going to happen. Have you noticed how scared she was when she opened her eyes and saw that Emily and Spencer were gone. When she stood there near the window looking outside with that creepy face thinking “I knew, I knew that would happen” and than theres Emily standing on Ali’s grave with shovel in her hands. But what I found a bit strange was that scene few episodes later where Emily remembers everything from that night and we see black hoodie trying to open casket and red coat watching Emily. If you look closer you will see black hair drops out from the hoodie. That was Aria. You can say 100% sure that it was Aria. So this is two main things what could have happened that night. Either Aria took Emily on that grave and then returned back started to act like she knew nothing, or she just knew Mona would do something like that and was worried long time which appeared to be true cause after she wakes up, theres no Emily and Spencer around.

6x01. When girls are sleeping in the dollhouse Aria is still the one who wakes up first and then theres Mona entering the room right minutes after Aria wakes up everyone. Then girls are asking Mona what happened why are they here and things and she don’t answer them but when Aria says “okay Ali, Ali tell us what happened we’re scared” or something like that she answers “yeah I,m scared too” so this was weird and poor because they know each other. THEYR BOTH ON THE A TEAM.


Season 1 - okay so first season was one of the most interesting and suspenseful because this “A” appeared to know everything and bla bla you all know what happened but what I wanted to say was the connection between Mona and Aria was really weird. You know no one bullied Mona so much like Alison. But Alison was gone so who’s left? who wants Mona to get revenge on? Of course Aria. WHO ELSE SHOULD IT BE. I can explain why. Mona and Hanna had strong relationship and the motive of Mona being “A” was mainly because girls took Hanna from her but lets get it straight Emily never had anything to do with Mona. We barely have even seen a scene where Emily and Mona are talking to each other. So lets cut Emily off from the list. Then it’s Spencer who’s really another Mona but you know why Mona didn’t wanted her on THE A TEAM first? because she was scared of her. Really shes now too that girl tried to choke her so why she shouldn’t be? we said that Hanna was her friend so she clearly wasn’t thinking about Hanna helping her to know everyones secret. Thats dumb. And here we are who’s left? It’s Aria. She was always annoyed by Mona. She always rolled her eyes whenever she saw Mona. We’ve seen a flashback in the Pilot Episode and also in the first Halloween episode too which was 2x13, where Alison and Aria are walking and Mona calls them but they ignore her. Aria even says “do you hear Mona?” with really sarcastic tone so there’s one simple reason Mona choose Aria as a first person to join her on the A-TEAM, she just wanted Aria to suffer.

Then there’s an episode where Mona calls her “Big A”. So please tell me if producers told us with their stupid mouth that everything in this show was a clue, what did they wanted to say with Mona calling Aria “BIG A” . I mean “BIG A”.

Why Mona choose Aria as a killer in her speech when she was talking in code at Hanna. “MISS ARIA YOU’RE KILLER NOT EZRAS WIFE. Why Mona always chooses Aria as a helper in weird situations? Because Aria really is her helper.

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And that 3x13 halloween episode where Aria woke up in a box with Garetts dead body. I already said that in a previous theory that maybe Aria spoke too much or done something she should not have. That was a revenge on her. And I think it was Mona who did it. Not Wilden. Because if Mona didn’t have anything to do with that why she picked that “queen of hearts” card in radley in the ending of one of the episodes. Either she did it herself or she was the one who told Wilden to do it. And we don’t know for sure if it was Melissa in that train. We did not see her face and Mona told million lies before so personally I never trust her.

Remember that episode where Mona got out from radley sanitarium and everyone at school started to bully her again? If you look at that episode again theres a moment where Mona stands outside the school on the stairs and Aria goes in the building but when she sees Mona she stops and look her with that “you need an oscar for this performance you are fuckin actress liar mona” face. That was weird too. If she had nothing with Mona in the past whats the point of looking her with evil face when half of rosewood have already did the same. D U M B.

Lets not forget that every sign and every group message (mostly) was read by Aria. For e.x in the first season when girls are sitting in the park and the wind brings paper to them with Alison’s picture and the line “ding dong the bitch is dead”, Aria is the first one to see it, to take it, and to push it away. And I don’t wanna put all of them here but theres a lot trust me. Also, we’ve seen plenty of moments where Aria is texting someone but we don’t know who. For e.x 2x25 “unmasked”. At the prom Aria is texting someone looking around but we don’t see who is it. Some people think she was texting Ezra but why was she so surprised then when she saw him? Yep. Its weird.

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Season 3 - when Mona is in radley and Aria enters the room to see her and she starts to talk so weird I even thought they were talking in a code and it will not be so surprising if it turns out to be so. Anyways it seemed interesting too, and you know what? At the end of this scene Aria said this words “look I know you don’t like me and trust me the feeling is mutual but if you re doing this Mona …” It seemed like a tired confession. Like she was so fed up with this game that she started to use this situation ( mona in hospital, no A messages) she literally told Mona she was ready to leave her. And what happens few episodes later? She wakes up in a box with someones dead body. Well played mona👏🏼👏🏼

Season 5 - like one of the most fuckin shady scene we have ever seen when Aria and Mona are sitting next to each other in the cinema and Aria whispers something so terrible to Mona that she stands up and goes in a washroom to cry. It seemed like Aria told Mona something from the past and we all know Mona is upset about what she’s done and that she feels horrible about everything she did to the girls. Like we say, they will never tell us. I mean the producers will never tell us.

Season 4 - Aria calls Mona and tells her to get in the car and she seems terribly nervous confused and sweat. Then she tells Mona what? “IF I CAN SEE YOU, SO CAN A” what was that about? Still their relationship and connection to each other seems really wrong and I will say it again because it is.

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It can be a little dumb but still wanna say whenever Mona enters Arias room or her house Aria gets really angry defensive and annoyed by Monas behavior and she kind of have this “i already had lot you in my life” face. I dont know she really hates Mona. Thats the truth. So at the end you can say for sure that theres no way this show ends and Aria ends up being innocent sweet girl because it will be so disappointing for everyone. So lets not forget that show is still not finished and theres hope for every clue explained Hope you guys liked it and and if this theory gets many like and repost I think I will make third part and that will be end. Because free time always works short for me and I will be glad if you enjoy reading it.