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Hey Writers!

You! Yea you! Out there! You know why you can’t write that amazing thing that someone else wrote? Because they wrote it! But you, YOU, can write something equally as amazing! And it’ll be amazing because it came from you! We need to stop comparing our work to others! Everyone’s words are unique, which is why you always look at something and ‘God, I wish I could’ve written something like this’ and then feel bad about yourself and your writing. 

That thing you read? Sure, it’s amazing, but just because you wrote something doesn’t mean it’s not amazing. You’re amazing too!

A sign from your friendly neighborhood fic writer,

Someone who does this shit all the time.

I was doodling between classes and I particularly liked this sketch so I attempted (and failed) to colour it in Photoshop.

I was just offered that 6-months internship I interviewed for a few weeks ago! Which means that I have a little under a month to quit my current job, finish at least one of my papers for uni, and move to a different city.

my least favorite thing about tgd is how zeke will support mylene through anything and is such an avid supporter of her music and career but then mylene completely disses zeke’s and the get down bros’ music, calls it garbage, drags it through the mud and thinks she’s so above it that she just can’t even support her boyfriend’s passionfor a hot second

This is very random, but I love the fact that no Utapri character tells Natsuki that the things he cooks are horrible. They know it’s important to him, and that he’d be hurt if he knew. Syo only warns others when he’s not looking, and even though everyone knows he’s not good at it, they ask him to help with the food in the Christmas episode, since he loves it so much.

They probably won’t say a thing (actually, kinda encourage it) to make him practice more, so that one day he can get better. I will forever appreciate.