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Take my Hand and I’ll Light the Way

Can you believe wonderful @mariuspondmercy shares her birthday with that indie author who wrote a couple of unknown books, loved to complain about the monarchy and didn’t give his characters first names?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIA!!! MAY YOU HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER ♥ Starting with a little Marisette ficlet that may have you teeth rotting up to the root ♥

“Maybe it’s not too late to back out now, right? It was a terrible idea, you know it, I know it, let’s just call the whole thing off.”

Courfeyrac gave a vicious tug at Marius’ bowtie, reducing him to silence. He had been trying to fix the damn thing for five minutes now, but to no avail. If Marius was completely honest with himself, his constant squirming and fidgeting was not helping.

“It’s going to be absolutely perfect,” Courfeyrac said confidently. “Real romantic. She’ll love it. You just need to be smooth and dreamy.”

“Experience has made it abundantly clear that it isn’t something I can do, Courf,” Marius protested, his tone somewhere between mild exasperation and utter distress. “I can’t do what you do!”


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Listen, I know this is super fucked up, but I can’t emotionally handle people flirting with me in a nice way. Like… Don’t do that shit unless we’re going to verbally decimate each other. You gotta do this thing in the proper order:

1: sexually charged antagonization
2: regretful making out
3: stubborn avoidance
4: THEN a genuine display of feelings

Don’t try and skip those pertinent steps.

some things to note about this image

  • for once dimple makes an appearence without the god damn stupid fucking security guard thank fucking god 
    • please look at his tiny hands thats fucking adorable….
  • teru, just in general, i dont feel like i need to point out anything really specific here heres just a general gesture toward. teru. its teru
  • there is no fucking way reigens legs are fitting inside that small space im sorry but u can fucking convince me my suspension of disbelief just can go that far 
  • is mob…..standing up
  • also please notice how hes holding his arms……..whats he doing……..
  • tome mezato and tsubomi…..good fucking content………
  • i cant fucking comprehend musashi right now thats the thing thats fucking me up the most about this image is he in the car??? is he standing up perfectly straight like sideways in the car???? theres wind effects on everybody else but not on musashi hes just unaffected by everything in this image???????? HE LOOKS SO OUT OF PLACE MY BRAIN CANT FUCKING COMPREHEND IT
Right Through The Heart

Our party is fighting a vampire spawn in a doorway. Tiefling is aiming to throw a wooden stake through the heart using telekinesis.

Tiefling: Okay, I’ve got +7 on this, so theres no way I can– *rolls a 3* –….Okay Noah (witcher) can I use one of your (4) inspiration die.

Witcher: Yeah sure.

Tiefling: *rolls a 3*… *rolls a 2* uh…. Should we…?

Witcher: Ummmmmm… Y'know what sure.

Tiefling: *rolls a 1* Jesus christ…

Witcher: AGAIN!!

Tiefling: *rolls a 1*

The Party: *loses shit*

DM (me): *about to vomit from laughing*

Our Bitter and Spiteful Wizard: Wanna use my Portend roll now?

So I am totally hype for Samurai Jack: Season 5. I adored this show as a kid, but I wasn’t good enough to draw fanart that I actually liked back then. Decided to try my hand at drawing Jack and practice some lineless coloring, and I may or may not be a little emotional right now about how close this got to what I’ve always wanted to be able to do.

I didn’t come to play it safe
I came to win or lose with you

this took…….far longer than it should have pff


There are as many forms of love as there are moments in time.

SuperCorp Headcanon

I have too many other fics Im working on right now to really write this but:
. Real talk, Kara must feel so alone and isolated right now.
. With all this shit between finding out James is Gaurdian, Winn keeping secrets, and Mon-El’s manipulative behavior she must feel kind of betrayed
. Shes THRILLED for Alex but also really missing the more frequent one on one sister nights
. And theres only so much ice cream you can eat by yourself
. So she reaches out to Lena
. Lena’s basically felt this way her ENTIRE life so shes really good at making Kara feel better
. Then they get “closer”
. Suddenly its Valentines day and Lena does this huge gesture to show Kara how much she cares about her
. But only “in a friend way” because she will actually die if Kara rejects her
. Kara sees right through her
. Shes scared at first, but without realizing it, she fell in love with Lena Luthor, her beautiful best friend
. After a ridiculous amount of potstickers and contemplation Kara decides she just has to lay it all on the line
. So she shows up on Lena’s balcony (in the rain for effect)
. Rambling on about how she feels terrible she didnt get Lena anything for Valentines day until Lena interrupts “so whats my present?!”
. And Kara just sticks a big ass bow on her head with this stupid goofy grin on her face
. “Me, silly”
. Then they kiss on the balcony in the pouring rain and fly off into the sunset to live happily ever after.

Thoughts on the Signs

Aries : Usually cool and random but also an over achiever / Don’t like doing new things if they aren’t good at them right off the bat

Taurus : Honestly they all need to calm down but they will stick up for others in a heart beat

Gemini : Stop screaming

Cancer : So nice when you meet them but can become rather annoying but it’s funny

Leo : Will either compliment you a lot or expect them a lot 

Virgo : Great listeners / normally a walking ball of anxiety 

Libra : childish most of the time and if they aren’t exactly childish they try to be a rebellious teenager ALWAYS SHARING CRAPPY MEMES

Scorpio : Great friends until you say one thing that upsets them and they turn into literal satan

Sagittarius : smart and easily amused

Capricorn : Either loves hugs or hates them and will encourage you to do your own thing

Aquarius : seems saltier than the dead sea most of the time

Pisces : Control yourself pLeAsE


here it is, my piano arrangement of “mcqueen and sally” from the cars ost!! painstakingly written out by yours truly

Gonna clean up tomorrow  (∗• ω • )

This is by far the best quality Cherick I’ve drawn. Originally it goes well with this song, but I’m open to suggestions :D

And don’t even ask me why….. i don’t know, it just happened

Alright we all know that Hunk can cook but like…..listen…..imagine……Lance being able to cook

  • Lance’s mama raised her boy rIGHT she aint gonna expect no future wifey that’ll cook for him no she taught Lance how to cook like nobody’s business
  • Lance is one of the older ones of several siblings, and there’s no way his parents could be home to cook every day and night for them. Conclusion?? Lance often ended up cooking for his siblings
  • Lance is a Good Son™️ he would totally cook up a plate of some amazing food for his mom when she comes home from a long day of work bc he’s a total mama’s boy and a low key sweetie
  • Do you know how good Cuban food is??? So. So good. Let Lance cook for the team 2kForever
  • “Wait, Lance, you can cook?” “Duh I can cook” “Then why do you always leave the cooking to Hunk?” “I dont want to step on his toes dude, I let him do what he loves” “That’s….nice of you….” “Plus cooking is a lot of work” “There it is”
  • Hunk coming to Lance whenever he needs help in the kitchen
  • Did you wake up at one am?? No prob, Lance is probably awake, he’ll make you a late night snack. He’s less defiant when he’s tired
  • Imagine my son in a nice fitting apron. Did you imagine it?? Good
  • Now imagine his aproned self giving a spoonful of whatever he’s cooking to Keith to try and Keith just heart eye emoji-ing
  • Finally, imagine baby Lance holding a big bowl, learning how to chop and mix and season right by his mother’s side

I rest my case


fun art idea: revise animation frames that particularly piss you off

rant time: i dont know why steven universe makes the characters’ heads so damn big these days. the pilot and early su had far different proportions going on compared to the newest episodes. yes, obviously here its a perspective thing and understandably a difficult thing to get right from certain angles but even a kid could tell that theres no way their bodies could support those massive heads. now im not perfect either and perspective is hard for pretty much everyone, but hey i tried

this isnt even an inbetween; it goes on longer than just a few milliseconds and the pearls are the main focus. i can forgive something thats only for a millisecond and isnt the first thing for the viewer to have their eyes on (after all, animation is MEANT to be broken at times), but this one reeeeally couldve been drawn better

theyre literally just nonstop with the content right now like, do they think we’ll wear ourselves out before the actual episodes air cause if so, jokes on them, my excitement levels will actually transcend all boundaries of normal space and time during this season so theres no way i can wear myself out


how am i going to sleep now that theres an even slight possibility of ka//llura being romantic like i didnt look at it that way but as apart of the lgbt community its hard not to be scared when a boy and girl can look @ each other once and still end up getting fucking married. not to mention allura looks very much like an adult which keith is not and i am so uncomfortable right now.