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I realized my Tumblr has been a little inactive, so here’s a preview of something I’m working on for the 25th anniversary. Early work in progress! I’m really excited to complete this!


that time eric forgot what his tattoo says~

when you ship the thing that basically ships itself 

guinan: where’d everybody go?
picard: well, i hope they’re all safely back on the enterprise by now. 
guinan: but you’re still here.
picard: you were hurt. i had to make sure you were all right. 
guinan: and so you stayed for that?
picard: i didn’t want anything to happen to you. you’re far too important to me.
guinan: you know an awful lot about me. 
picard: well…believe me, in the future, the tables will be turned. 
guinan: do we become friends?
picard: oh…it goes far beyond friendship. 

guinan: [to ro laren] you know, a very long time ago, i got into some serious trouble too, and i mean serious. and i’d probably still be there if i hadn’t trusted one man. [before escorting ro laren to picard’s ready room]
[in ready room]
ensign ro has some things she’d like to talk to you about.
picard: ensign ro has been confined to her quarters.
guinan: well she can go back to her quarters when she’s done.
picard: guinan, i don’t know why you are involved in this but –
guinan: she’s my friend.
[picard and guinan share a pointed, intense look before she departs, leaving picard and ensign ro alone]
picard: please, sit down. guinan is very selective about whom she calls a friend.

geordi: as a woman, what’s the first thing you look at [in men]?
guinan: his head.
geordi: his mind, of course.
guinan: no, his head. i’m attracted to bald men.
geordi: seriously?
guinan: seriously.
geordi: why?
guinan: maybe because a bald man was kind to me once, when i was hurting. took care of me.

guinan: [to riker, brooding in what’s become HIS ready room, with the assumption that picard’s a casualty of war against the borg] did [picard] ever tell you why we’re so close?
riker: no.
guinan: oh…then let me just say that…our relationship is beyond friendship, beyond family. and i will let him go. and you must do the same. there can only be one captain.
riker: it’s not that simple. this was his crew. he wrote the book on this ship.
guinan: if the borg know everything he knows, it’s time to throw that book away. you must let him go, riker. it’s the only way to beat him. the only way to save him.

So, last time I listened to an EXO song was, I think, when Growl came out … maybe. Basically, last time I listened Kris was still in the group (better judge on how long ago that was). I’m binge watching videos on youtube because I’m in an EXO-ish mood. I just listened to “Call Me Baby” and “Love Me Right.”
And. OMG. It feels so weird not hearing Kris, Luhan and Tao, especially in the Chinese versions. IDK if I’ve said this before or not, but I like the Chinese versions more so you can imagine hearing those for the first time minus 3 singers (two of which were my favs). They still sound good, but it’s just weird to me to hear only 9 people when I’m still so use to 12 even though I know 3 have been gone for a while.

anonymous asked:

Your blog has convinced me to go watch RvB! I've heard that the early seasons are way different than the newer ones, so should I start at season 1?

Oh gosh, *absolutely* start with season one! It can be a bit of a chore since there are 13 seasons, but really, each season is only about the length of a movie, ranging anywhere to just over an hour, to over 2 ½ hours long (season 13 was a bear, gosh)

But as much as there is a noticeable tonal shift starting with season 6, it is definitely worth it to start from the beginning, if just to experience how the humor and characters and overall writing of the show evolve over the years! Plus there is a certain degree of continuity with the overall story concerning the Freelancers – and also quite a few things they sorta ret-conned to make the story work after the fact, hhaha

((There are also a couple of short, in-between mini seasons that are worth watching and add some substance to the story and especially the Freelancer arc; Out of Mind takes place between Seasons 4 and 5, and Recovery One takes place after Season 5, and is basically the kicking off point for Season 6 - Reconstruction))

But yes! A lot of the reasons the later seasons work so well is that anyone who’s watched from the beginning knows how far these characters have come, even if it starts a little slow. I got back into this show after years of not being caught up, and I can’t believe what I’d missed. I’m glad my over-obsessive spamming actually did some good for a change LMAO. 

bruh I’m watching SM’s NCT conference vid….

And I wasn’t gonna do it, cuz I have a rule about new groups and just can’t unsee the shadiness of SM, but I’ll probably be following NCT’s activities (along with the other related stuff…)

for science. (and I don’t mean that in the meme kinda way…)

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10 Characters Meme

Rules: Name 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms, then tag 10 different people.

I was tagged by @eli-heichou (And thank you for that, because I was halfway through Koujaku’s bad ending in DMMd Re:Connect and I could nOT HANDLE IT). This was kinda difficult, since I tend to like way too many fandoms. Yet it was fun, so thank you Sensei!

In no particular order:

1: Eren Jaeger - Attack on Titan
2: Minato Arisato/Makoto Yuki - Persona 3
3: Nice - Hamatora the Animation
4: Allen Walker - D. Gray Man
5: Gilbert Nightray - Pandora Hearts
6: Toto Sakigami - Deadman Wonderland
7: Kaneki Ken - Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:Re
8: Akashi Seijuro - Kuroko no Basket
9: Akise Aru - Mirai Nikki/Future Diary
10: Hajime Hinata - Dangan Ronpa 2

The main issue I have is that I tend to have issues picking favorites and I tend to love almost all characters, pfft.

And I won’t tag anyone, my bad.

I don’t have a car anymore because the motor is blown and the head is cracked and I’m so dirt poor and in debt that I’m just going to hide in my room and drink tea and continually re-watch 101 Dalmatians