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1/ days of hobi

Imagine this

Edgar doing the whip

Lenore doing the whip

HG doing the whip

Charlotte doing the whip

Fyodor doing the whip

Annabel doing the whip

Oscar doing the whip

George doing the whip

Louisa doing the whip

Mary doing the whip

Jane doing the whip

Emily doing the whip

Eddie doing the whip

Ernest doing the whip

Anne doing the whip

Officer Jimmy doing the whip

Officer Jim doing the whip

Guy doing the whip

Krishanti doing the whip

I don’t know why just

The concept of people in the Victorian era doing an intense and sicc whip is very funny to me

So I thought I would share

I dedicate this short fic to my our loft in brooklyn family. Thank you for the never-ending headcanons, both angst and fluff, that are sooo amazing and wonderful and emotional. Also, thank you for encouraging me to write this thing down after I shared the idea in the chat. Hope you all enjoy it! I love each and every one you of so much!! xx <3

The New York Institute was on high alert as the swarm of demons and other creatures from hell caused devastation and despair right outside of the holy walls of the old church. The once-imminent war ultimately broke out a few hours before, and the casualties from both sides were rising as Shadowhunters and Downworlders finally put aside their differences to defend their world from being taken over. The main holding area of the Institute was crowded, with every single race—nephilim, warlocks, seelies, vampires, and werewolves—gearing themselves up as they waited for the next moment to strike. It was a rare sight to see the tension between these diverse group of people to die down, to see each and every one interact and give one another strength and comfort through this dark time. As his eyes scanned around the room, Alec wondered how things would’ve been if all of them had been a united front a lot sooner.

As he continued to scan through all this chaos, his alliance rune was pulling him towards the direction of the other side of the room. His hazel eyes looked around and found a familiar pair—he could recognize those dark brown eyes anywhere—and he let out a sigh of relief. He struggled his way through the crowd as a few swords and armors were bumping onto him, but his eyes never left his as he walked closer and closer. He noticed that Magnus was also walking towards him, and he was also fighting through the people in the way between them. 

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Uuuuhh so I’m watching boku no hero academia and I LOVE IT!!!! Obviously it’s no hxh, but the characters are fun to draw, so here’s a sketch dump. I’m really wanting to do a hxh/bnha crossover now, so maybe?

Sort of a Rant
  • Referring to my Overwatch post of the girl squad wearing Met Gala dresses, I really appreciate all the nice tags/comments said about it!!! But, there's just one thing I want people to understand. I reallyyy don't want to have to bring this up, but I just want clearance on the subject.
  • So, for those tagging about the shippings, correct me if I'm wrong, but, a few of you apparently think it's too heterosexual??...I just thought these shippings were cute : ^))?? And everyone of course is abide to their own opinions about shippings and what not...But, really?
  • A person tagged something about how the characters are all gays and lesbians and I should stop shipping them. Listen, not everyone agrees/thinks that way, so please don't tag that in my post. Also, I should feel free to ship who I want. Does sexuality have to be the subject matter of the post??
  • If it makes you feel any better I use to be a big fan of widowxtracer (which I have made a post of recently), but Tracer has a girlfriend now, which is perfectly fine with me! There's nothing wrong with people still shipping widowxtracer either way. I just don't really base shippings on only their race or sexuality. Then again, that's my opinion.
  • I acknowledge the kind reblogs having to do with the dresses, but please don't put tags that have to do with the sexuality of the characters and what/how I ship. If the tags were meant to be jokes, then I apologize again.
  • Thank you

thinking about how many superheroes there are freak me up like

there’s DC heroes

there’s Marvel heroes

and how there are more heroes and characters in each series

i mean seriously

big and small

men and woman


different origins

freakin superhero universe man

I just think it’s beautiful that not even a University in the deep South wanted Richard Spencer to speak on their campus and he literally had to whine about it to a federal judge until he got his way. Auburn has sent out like 50 emails today alone that pretty much just say ‘Richard Spencer is trash and we don’t associate him with our school’s values.’


Hey everyone I just wanted to bring something up. @mercy-run and @soloshikigami have been having bad time recently and I wanted to spread the word to the best of my abilities! So please if you can send some love/ support their way! They could really use it!

I’m sorry that I’m not able to send in money but I can send as many hugs as possible! (I know it’s not much but it’s all I have T-T). So please stay determined! I believe in both of you! Know that many (and I mean many!) people are rooting for you! So please Stay strong!

(Please ignore my bad handwriting ;-;)


I alway did forget to put some pictures here of that time me (Caesar) and @rjlaurant (Sanji) went to a One piece cosplay meetup at Baratie in Odaiba and it was RLY RLY FUN AND EVERYONE IS AWESOME!

(Also last picture from here and also SUPER THANKS TO @askdoffyandcora ‘S DOFFY FOR THE HORNS)

I wish things weren’t so hopeless and people I knew weren’t getting shot and that I happen to know the ways the military has been forced to find and kill protesters through my cousin. Like it’s all obviously rigged and hopeless but what else can I do? All I can do is hope and pray that everyone I know will be okay.

This is my first follow forever! I just wanted to let you guys know that you’re all super rad and some of my favourite people. I did this last night and early this morning so i’m sorry if I missed anyone but if we talk or I reblog from you a lot just assume you’re supposed to be on here ^-^

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I was looking back over my Book Facts for Ned and a lot of the tags from reblogs

and people are genuinely surprised he was like a human-being, surprised he had character and personality.

How do you manage to write him that way Her?



THAT’S A LOT OF THIIINGS OMG! (and a cool bucket to keep it all in!)


The towel that asks: have you ever wanted to rub Peter Parker’s crotch on your face??
Now you can!

This is basically a fairy princess Avengers wand. A must-have for the Avengers Fairy Princess in your life! (It could be you; I don’t judge)
sparkle flashy lights FOR JUSTICE!!!

And, of course, all the (fake) weaponry you could ask for:
Put out your eye!  AVENGERS STYLE! (SHIELD, Coulson and Nick Fury do not endorse this statement whatsoever. Please address all liability claims to Stark Industries.)

Looook it’s the official Nerf Hawkeye Bow!
40 FEEEET!!!

Plus: coloring books, crayons, a night light, CANDY, a slinky, pencils, sticker badges that LIGHT UP, puzzles, and MUCH MORE!!

1) YOU DON’T HAVE TO FOLLOW ME TO WIN.  However!  If the person who wins is following me, they get an extra bonus prize!  I’m not sure what that’ll be, yet, but it’ll be something super cool!
2) Like and reblog as often and as much as you like.  The winner will be chosen with a random number generator.
3) I will ship anywhere in the world, but if it costs a lot it may take a while.
4) As this is my first giveaway and I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing, I reserve the right to make adjustments to the rules if I run up against something that I wasn’t expecting that makes a mess of things.

GIVEAWAY ENDS APRIL 30th.  (Because that is a work day, winner will likely be contacted on May 1.)  GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE!