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jemma autism checklist

[fitz post here]

someone: jemma’s not autistic 

me: *pulls receipts* 

okay here we go! here is a very detailed post explaining why jem is totes autistic 

to sum, she shows a lot of traits of atypical autism (which is more often how autism manifests in girls) and displays a lot of traits necessary for a diagnosis. she is awkward and blunt in her social interaction (needing to be reminded at times how to act “appropriately”), has a deep passion for her specific interests, is literal minded, stims, was probably hyperlexic, has trouble lying and improvising language, and shows signs of alexithymia

(big thank you to @unlessimwrongwhichyouknowimnot for helping with this, as well as the anons who sent in suggestions!) 

this and more under the cut! lots of gifs ahead, image descriptions added for accessibility 

allistics feel free to interact with this! 

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other people must have said this - but imo Hamilton's "a strange cure" statement refers not to his love for Laurens, but his love for betsey. (hymen is the goddess of marriage so - marital love). Meaning, Laurens wanted Ham to marry quickly & get over his infatuation w/ her! (Too much gushing about beautiful "black eyes") But Hamilton's response means the same - reassuring John there's enough of his love to go around. Of course this does cast Laurens in a more jealous light...

I’ve never thought about it that way.  That’s an interesting interpretation, and it’s plausible.  However, I’m still inclined to read it as Laurens pushing Hamilton to get married.  From the surviving Hamilton-Laurens letters, we know that Hamilton downplayed his affection for Elizabeth Schuyler when writing to Laurens (likely so as to not make Laurens think his affections were waning).  Here is Hamilton’s first mention of Eliza in a letter to Laurens (June 30, 1780):

Have you not heard that I am on the point of becoming a benedict? I confess my sins. I am guilty. Next fall completes my doom. I give up my liberty to Miss Schuyler. She is a good hearted girl who I am sure will never play the termagant; though not a genius she has good sense enough to be agreeable, and though not a beauty, she has fine black eyes—is rather handsome and has every other requisite of the exterior to make a lover happy. And believe me, I am lover in earnest, though I do not speak of the perfections of my Mistress in the enthusiasm of Chivalry.

As you can see, Hamilton doesn’t seem overly excited about marrying Eliza.  But we have to consider the context.  Laurens at this time was a POW, and this was the first time he heard of Hamilton’s engagement.  Laurens was already feeling depressed (and potentially suicidal) because of his imprisonment, and now he just learned that his lover is to be married.  From all other accounts, we can tell that Hamilton was practically head-over-heels for Eliza, so we can tell that Hamilton was tempering his sentiments here.

This is the next letter we have from Laurens, but we cannot be certain that it was his immediate response to the June 30th letter.  He did not mention Eliza whatsoever in this letter.

A few letters later, Hamilton mentions Eliza again (with the phrasing you described in your ask; September 16, 1780):

In spite of Schuylers black eyes, I have still a part for the public and another for you; so your impatience to have me married is misplaced; a strange cure by the way, as if after matrimony I was to be less devoted than I am now. Let me tell you, that I intend to restore the empire of Hymen and that Cupid is to be his prime Minister. I wish you were at liberty to transgress the bounds of Pensylvania. I would invite you after the fall to Albany to be witness to the final consummation. My Mistress is a good girl, and already loves you because I have told her you are a clever fellow and my friend; but mind, she loves you a l’americaine not a la françoise.

That first line is certainly open to interpretation – Hamilton does not make it clear whom Laurens thought he would be less devoted to after getting married.  However, I think Hamilton’s previous letters suggest that the line is about Hamilton’s devotion to Laurens.  The past letters from Hamilton did not make Hamilton appear to be a lover that was completely infatuated with the new object of his affections.  Rather, Hamilton played off his marriage to Eliza as something more of a necessity.  Again, I believe Hamilton was, in reality, quite excited to be marrying Eliza, but he downplayed his emotions when writing to Laurens so as to spare him any feelings of rejection or jealousy.  Additionally, Laurens likely would have only heard about Eliza through Hamilton’s writings.  Harrison and Meade did visit Laurens during his time as a POW, so it’s possible that they could have told him about Hamilton and Eliza, but they visited him in late October 1780 (recall that Hamilton first wrote of Eliza in June 1780).  Based on Hamilton’s approach in writing Laurens, I think he was reassuring Laurens that he would continue to love him, even after he was married.  I would guess that Laurens pushed Hamilton to get married so as to “cure” themselves of the less socially accepted parts of their relationship, and here Hamilton was saying that not even marriage could “cure” him of his love for Laurens.  I do fully admit that Laurens appeared quite jealous after Hamilton’s marriage (he never once mentioned Eliza in his surviving letters), but I’m guessing that the jealousy may have arisen after the marriage (which, ironically, Laurens pushed for himself).  @svollga also made a good post about Hamilton’s line of “Cupid is to be his prime Minister” relating to extramarital affairs, and I think that could help support my interpretation.  Will we ever know with 100% certainty what Hamilton meant?  Maybe not, but we can keep speculating.

Break Down, pt. 1 (M)

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Warning: D/s, rough sex, barebacking, male x male, STRAIGHT UP FILTH TBVFH (I am so sorry)

Length: 3794

Part Two

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Rejected (part 3/?)



“Dan Howell wanted me to ask you to meet him in the coffee room downstairs”

I honestly felt sick, the request completely shocking me. I faintly nodded to the assistant before standing and leaving the studio. As I stood in the elevator I tried to think of what he could want to say… Would he make fun of me, or could he possibly want to be friends once again? You desperately hoped for the later.

To door to the coffee room was open and you took a moment to observe Dan before going in. He was leant back on the bench, eyes down at his feet and his arms crossed.
It was unbelievable how much he had change in the few last years. His hair was now much shorter, his fringe having more volume than before. His body had broadened and as if it were possible, he seemed to have grown taller. He was incredibly handsome.

I took a long, deep breath before entering the room. Dan uncrossed his arms as he looked up at me.

“Y/n..” Dan breathed, shocked you were there even though he was the one who asked you to come.


“uh, would you like a coffee or-“

“No, I’m fine thank-you. What is it you wanted to discuss?” You interrupted Dan, wanting to get to the point.

“Well uh… It’s not really a discussion.. I just wanted to apologise for all those years ago” Dan spoke nervously as he played with the hair at the back of his neck.

“It was two years ago, theres no need to apologise Dan. I was stupid and should have kept my mouth shut anyway, so it’s my fault” There’s no words that could describe how embarrassed you felt as you remembered telling him.

“No, it wasn’t you at all… I was defiantly the stupid one in the whole situation” when saying the last part Dan’s eyes feel to the floor as they filled with what looked like regret.
“I really fucked up there” Dan continued, followed by a nervous chuckle.

“You didn’t fuck up, you didn’t like me back and so you made that known” You replied.

“That’s the thing… I did like you back, fuck, I liked you a LOT. But I ruined everything, I freaked out because I never expected you to like me. You told me in front of my friends and being the stupid and immature person I was, I became embarrassed and neglected you… I tried to call and text you but you never answered”

You couldn’t breath… He was embarrassed to like you back? Your entire life changed that day all because Dan was embarrassed. You had lost your only friend, the only person who ever supported and cared for you.

“You liked me back? And of course I didn’t answer the phone, I was far too embarrassed! The only friend I had made me feel like a fool!” You were a mixture of sad and aggravated as you did all you could to hold back tears.

“I’m so, so sorry y/n… I was a dick” Dan spoke lowly as he kept his eyes glued to the floor, he himself affraid he was going to tear up.

You took a deep breath, remaining silent for a moment as you calmed down.

“It’s okay Dan” You replied softly. Both your heads shot up towards the door as there was a soft knock.

“Uh, sorry to interrupt.. Y/n, they need you back in the studio” One of the assistants informed you before walking off again with papers held tightly in her arms.

“Well I have to go… Goodbye Dan” You said before turning on your heels and beginning to leave.

“Y/n?” Dan called once more, you stopped in your tracks and turned your head so you could see him looking hopefully at you.

“Could I take you to dinner or coffee?”

“Sorry Dan, I could never be with someone who was embarrassed of me” You answered.

“Y/n please… thats not what I meant” Dan was too late as you had walked out and into the elevator.

However he made a promise to himself in that moment that he would make it up to you and find a way to make you his.


So this is definitely overdoing it haha but I’ve always loved Psychology (my frustrated major tbh) and last episode made me extremely interested in how Noriko’s and Katsuhira’s condition compare to the real deal. 

I went looking into both, Congenital insensitivity to pain (inability to feel physical pain) and Alexithymia (inability to feel emotional pain), because people with congenital insensitivity to pain are able to feel emotions just fine. 

And Alexithymia is so spot-on that it blew my mind. Granted, I’m not expecting them to outright say they have this condition, but I wanted to share the info just in case someone else is also interested in Psychology! :D

Alexithymia is a personality construct characterized by the sub-clinical inability to identify and describe emotions in the self: Problems identifying, describing, and working with one’s own feelings.

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He Fucking Knows

(also a timeline theory… sort of.. only in regards to a few episodes)

TL;DR: Chat’s interactions with Marinette in The Evillustrator seem rather suspicious to me unless he’s doing them aware that she is Ladybug. The same thing goes for his, though brief, interactions with her in The Gamer, as well how he says the catchphrase she and her dad say. Given this, I think there’s a possibility that Adrien already knows and that The Evillustrator takes place way later than we think; not too long before The Gamer and not too long after the episode that we’ll hopefully get soon if my theory is correct, the one where he finds out.

So I’m on board with everyone saying Adrien either already knows, or is right on the brink of figuring it out. Though I more so believe  he already knows and we just don’t have the episode where he finds out. There are two episodes specifically that push me to believe this. The Gamer, which is the episode everyone else believes he knows in, and The Evillustrator. Since The Evillustrator aired earlier, I’m going to discuss my reasoning for thinking he knows in it first. (I haven’t seen anyone bring up thinking he may know in it, so if it has been done, my apologies!)

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do you think that tentoo is just a cheap clone of the Doctor?

Why hello there nonny!

The short answer to your question is–well, considering that you wrote to a blog called “Rose and the Doctor: Defenders of the Altverse,” which is pretty openly a blog all about celebrating the adventures of Rose and Tentoo, I’m guessing you already know what the short answer is, you smart thing, you. ;)

But if you’re looking for a longer answer, I’ve got one of those, too!

Observations of Competitive Reproduction

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(*Ratings and warnings posted in the tags. Also a convenient excuse to fill @onelifenet‘s June prompt!) <3

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One of the many marvelous things about a Time Lord brain is that it’s capable of processing at least a thousand thoughts in any given moment. Equations and potentialities and exabytes of knowledge and millions of memories preserved in pristine eidetic detail all weave themselves together in a complicated sequence that would fry even the most powerful supercomputers, a glorious symphony that would make Mozart weep with envy. This is how the great world of Gallifrey dominated the universe for ten million years, presiding over Sontarans and Ice Warriors and Autons, traveling between dimensions and parallel realities, taming the ravages of time and space. This is how the Doctor has survived as long as he has.

But Donna says, “Why don’t you ask her yourself?” and each and every one of those thousand thoughts competing for attention in the Doctor’s very impressive brain grinds to a loud and messy stop.

Donna looks over his shoulder.

He turns around to see what it is.

There, at the end of the street, standing in the lamplit dark amidst wreckage and debris—there she is. Blonde hair and a leather jacket and a gun half as tall as she is, and suddenly there’s room in his head for only one thing.


He stares. He blinks. He breathes.

She smiles.

He runs.

If a single other thought does manage to amble through his mind, it’s something along the lines of how wonderful it feels to run to something instead of from it, just this once.

Unfortunately, as marvelous as a Time Lord brain is, it is, at the end of the day, still a brain. That means it’s still prone to all the same flaws and foibles as any other brain in any other sentient creature; it falls victim to all the same oversights, overloads, and fuckups. Even if it happens far less frequently for Time Lords than it does for other advanced creatures, every once in a while, a small thing is bound to slip through the noise unnoticed. Like, oh, say, the date of a companion’s birthday, or whether the Andallan Worker Revolution starts in 45k.2 or 45k.2.2, or the fact that books are made of trees, or whether there’s a Dalek waiting in the shadows to shoot you when you’re just a little busy running towards the love of your lives.

At least, that’s what he thinks when he wakes up later, half-human and part Donna and all-naked and his veins hotly pumping with adrenaline and fear and elation all at once.

(Well, that, and he wonders why the TARDIS is on fire.)

[read more]

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Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die. Come watch TV.

One thing I’ve noticed in the reread of Homestuck I’m doing is that Light players, among all their other dysfunctions, have been characterized as being obsessed with “meaning.” Rose has a minor meltdown over the appearance of Rosesprite, due to her representing a meaningless intrusion into what Rose perceives as a neat, orderly arc to be traced through her Seer powers. Meenah mentions offhand that Aranea could never just do a thing, she had to make everyone aware of the significance of the thing. 

Vriska is kind of the odd duck among the heroes of Light. Whereas Aranea and Rose merely place great importance on “meaning,” Vriska seems reliant on it. Her manifestation of the “meaning-obsession” takes the form of her fixation on the concept of relevance. She talks about clawing her way back to relevance, uses it as a cudgel to assert dominance over others, and overall seems to treat it as an end unto itself. She simply must be relevant at all costs. And while one could write this off as just her being a glory-hound, it remains a very peculiar and borderline meta way of expressing herself. I would be inclined to write it off as one of Hussie’s little in-jokes, except for this:

“(VRISKA): It’s terrifying 8eing dead, and having to live through memories forever, and dealing with the fact that nothing really means anything. ”

I think this is a good starting point for thinking about thinking what lies at the root of Vriska’s character, because this is her as she is when she is utterly alone and without defenses. While other characters, notably Karkat, have expressed discomfort with the dreambubbles and the existence they prolong - an eternity of weirdly uncomfortable encounters with other versions of your friends and yourself who might not even have fucked up so much as just succeeded wrong - Vriska is outright frightened by them. She goes far beyond even Rose’s reaction to unwelcome, meaningless phenomenon. Vriska fears a lack of meaning more than anything else in the world. And this meaninglessness is tied to reliving her own memories, recollections of her life.

I think one could make the case that everything Vriska does in the comic, all the identities she cycles through and all the bullshit she engineers for the purpose of self-aggrandizing “relevance,” is an attempt on her part to wrest some kind of meaning from her life. To stave off a feeling of pointlessness that terrifies her. To take it a step further, possibly into the realm of fanfiction, I think shes afraid that theres no reason for her to be alive. And of course the reason for this, like almost everything else in Vriska’s character, comes back to Spidermom.

“I’ve 8asically 8een playing this role as a slave in the food chain my whole life. It is what she selected me to do. ”

Thats how she describes her relationship with her guardian, the only time in the comic she doesn’t evade with vague comments about not really missing the life she left behind. Consider what an existence that must’ve been - going out to collect sacrifices every night, just so she could earn the opportunity to do it again the next. Survival for survival’s own sake. How pointless must that have felt, with no promise of escape? How do you justify such an existence to yourself? No wonder she adopted the persona of her ancestor just to get by. When the villainous Marquise identity fails to hold up after she kills Tavros, she starts justifying her existence through the lens of protecting reality. After her search for the juju peters out following Aranea’s departure, she adopts Meenah’s nihilism as a method of coping. She deals with the fear of meaninglessness by taking an attitude that its okay because nothing matters, lets go on the horse-a-whirl! 

As a brief tangent - her mutable sense of self is especially alarming when viewed through the context of her brief incarnation as Tavrisprite. Because, bear in mind that Tavros has so little hatred in his soul that he cant even bring himself to be mean to her while he's gloating. And yet, Tavrisprite somehow produces this outburst:


“Fuck my name, its nothing" 

Between Vriska’s manifold issues and Tavros’ willingness to just submit to adversity instead of resisting, they create something that cannot exist because it has nothing but hatred for itself. 

Back to the main point - I think this reading of Vriska as being driven by fears of not having any reason to be alive goes a long, long way to explain a lot of her attitudes. Her cavalier attitude towards her own well being, her cheerful acknowledgement that she’s deserved everything she’s ever had done to her, her vicious hatred of her ghost. Most interesting, however, is the particularly bizarre dickering over what to do with the corpses after the retcon.

“VRISKA: I don’t want to 8e the ar8iter of Eridan’s value as a person 8ecause of the mistakes he’s made! 
VRISKA: Or Feferi’s or Nepeta’s or Sollux’s or ANY8ODY’S! ”

Vriska honestly comes off as being devious here, but she apparently, legitimately has no ulterior motives for not prototyping the other corpses. Unless we assume that there was some extremely long con in play - which is honestly not how Vriska rolls at all; thats more Terezis wheelhouse - we have to assume that she left them unprototyped for the exact reason she says. She doesn’t want to play arbiter of the relative value of Eridan’s life versus Nepeta and Feferi. Because if Eridan doesn’t deserve to be alive, what does that say about her? Of course she hates her ghost so much - aside from laying bare all the deeply-guarded weakness inside her, (Vriska) is conclusive proof that by all objective measures she should really, really not be alive right now. And to top it all off, (Vriska) has given up on justifying herself to be… happy. Which of course represents nothing but rank selfishness in Vriska’s eyes.

People talk about whether or not Vriska will be “redeemed,” but I’ve sort of stopped thinking in terms like that. There doesn’t seem to be much there to redeem; she’s just broken. She can’t be happy until she settles down, but she can’t settle down until she’s proven that her continued existence has meaning. Her memories are full of mistakes and violence and thousands of dead children and so she’s constantly in search of some monster to slay if only to justify the price of her life. If she can’t do something huge and grandiose to once and for all cement herself as the best forever, maybe she should have just taken a half-gainer into her lusus’ mandibles. How do you redeem someone like that? Hell, how do you punish someone like that? 

More than anything, I think her story will involve someone having to stop her from hurting herself in a very existentially terminal fashion. Because bear in mind she’s about to face off with Lord English, and the plans of Serkets are required by universal law to never work. If she can’t beat him, which she can’t, the opportunity to make all the memories and fear and regret go away forever is right there in front of her. All she has to do is stand still and embrace oblivion. Homestuck is 50% callbacks by volume, and I would be unsurprised to see a callback to this:

“TAVRISPRITE: Whoever the fuck you are???????? 

God deliver us from Serkets and their drama.

Fantastic Vriska analysis submitted by the wonderful @intocleanness

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I've seen a lot of people discussing how the Captive Prince fetishizes male/male relationships, doesn't have good female characters, and there's glossed over abuse. I was planning on reading it from your praise but idk now.

oh, please. i consider captive prince my favourite series of all time; you must know i have higher standards than that.

i don’t know who you heard this from, but they’re either misinformed or seeing problems where there are none. i’m not going to say captive prince doesn’t have its share of flaws, but in my mind none of them are worth skipping the series for unless you are really uncomfortable with some of the heavy content, which i’ll get to later.

captive prince has one of the best-written, well-rounded queer couples i’ve seen in modern gay lit to date. it is in no way fetishized. perhaps the accusation of m/m fetishization comes from the nature of one of the societies the story takes place in: the kingdom of vere is incredibly decadent and incredibly casual about sex, but incredibly superstitious about children conceived out of wedlock. to avoid the inevitable complications, men and women who don’t have a wife or a husband respectively to have sex with have same-sex affairs. it’s just a cultural thing for them, and other cultures in the series do not share this worldview.

this brings me to your second point about the lack of strong female characters. i beg to differ. there is definitely a shortage of female characters in the series, but there are a few, and they are strong characters; not only that, but their absence is explained. the first book takes place in a king’s court managed by a sexist, who has one female courtier who is stated within the narrative to have been hired as a Token Female, and who is disloyal to him. the rest of the story is set on the road, travelling with an all-male army. there are female characters with power. there are female character with strong ethical codes. there are female warriors who join the roving army for their own sakes. there are female characters who are manipulative. there are female characters who are independant. the series was written by a female author. while the absence of women is noticeable, it is narratively justified and pretty seamless – it hardly matters, and the women who do show up and are relevant are all different and well-written and all make sense in the context of the world.

finally, the glossed-over abuse.

i… i have no idea who came up with the idea that captive prince takes abuse lightly.

characters are abused. they are emotionally abused, they are physically abused, they are sexually abused, they are tortured. however, none of it is explicit in the way the characters’ reactions to the abuse are. characters who are abused display the effects of their abuse. given that, again, the greater portion of the characters are male, this is impressive for a work of modern literature. the abuse in the series is in no way glossed over, it’s just… not explicitly described. we learn, or we intuit what happens to the characters without having to slog through lengthy descriptions of people being raped and flogged. it is subtle, and because of that, it is more impactful, not less. not everyone in the book who had terrible things happen to them is saved, but a good number are, and it’s extremely satisfying when they are. captive prince is one of the most tasteful portrayals of a disgusting, horrible subject i have ever seen.

that being said, it does need a content warning for rape, pedophilia, incest, torture, and abuse. though these things are, again, handled well, i can see how the experiences of the characters and their feelings in response to what they’ve been through could be a bit too relatable for some people. there’s also a lot of sex, but it’s not like Explicit Porn Sex so much as a part of the characters and atmosphere. i don’t watch porn or read explicit fanfiction because it makes me uncomfortable, but captive prince didn’t make me uncomfortable, just more invested in the characters and the world.

again, i don’t know who you heard this from, but i should hope i am someone with better judgement than that. if you want, i can prattle off a bunch of worse queer lit (with regards to these complaints, as well as in terms of structure and characterization) that i’ve read if you’d like me to.

i’m not saying you have to read or enjoy captive prince if you don’t want to. what media you consume is entirely up to you. however, i’d like to insist that you not avoid reading what is, to me, the best-written book series i’ve read just because you’re concerned about stuff that really isn’t an issue because people want to complain without trying to really think about it too hard.

if you read it and don’t like it, that’s fine too – no skin off my back. just put aside the time to form your own opinion if you can. i still stand that captive prince is worth the read.

some cool things abt captive prince so nobody gets spooked by the serious stuff:

- phenomenal use of language
- like seriously it’s so great
- it can be serious but also hilarious
- every relevant character is dimensional
- political intrigue
- romance is relevant to the plot but it is not the plot
- despicable antagonist you really genuinely cheer for the defeat of
- nothing is contrived
- immersive third-person narration that lets you really get into the head of the main protagonist without annoying you with first-person
- the books are all good
- the books somehow manage to get better with every book
- you wouldn’t think it possible but they do
- they get even fucking better upon a reread like i’m not even kidding
- strong chemistry between romantic leads
- you want the protagonists to win
- the main protagonist is a bisexual man of colour
- hate to love relationship
- relationships among supporting cast members that don’t take away focus from the plot but are also well-written
- fantastic worldbuilding like a++++ worldbuilding
- character development all over the fuckin place
- damen
- laurent
- jokaste
- nicaise
- laurent
- erasmus
- jord
- the vaskians
- laurent
- the entire series basically
- extremely extremely extremely cathartic emotional payoff
- fluff AND pain
- 1000/10 all time fave book series award from me, eilidh smallnico

a word on shaw and personality disorders

Originally posted by missgroves

ive seen a lot about shaws personality disorder (awkwardly described in-show as an axis II personality disorder/sociopathy, but ill get into that later) and a lot of the posts ive seen show a very poor understanding of how pds work. as someone with many personality disorders, including symptoms in line with shaws, im making this post hoping to spread some better info.

i admit, this got pretty damn long. but i think its important for every poi fan to read (whether or not you have a personality disorder yourself). also, PLEASE read this if you write a lot of shaw fic. im so tired of cringing my way through fanfic where shaw has the emotional range of a plank of wood. anyway, enough intro.

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oh my fucking chuck god.

i think the only thing that can describe my emotional state right now is *seethes with pleasure*


I was just looking at the promo pics for 11x20 (YOU KNOW WHERE CHUCK COMES BACK) and I noticed that the town is called Hope Springs, Idaho, which isnt actually a place. But when I read “Hope Springs”, I immediately finished it as the phrase “Hope Springs Eternal,” which I remembered probably from some humanities class but I didn’t actually know what it was from.

*seethes again* guys, Robbie Thompson is an evil genius

“Hope Springs Eternal” comes from Alexander Pope’s “An Essay on Man.” And just. I’m just gonna directly copy-paste wikipedia’s description of the essay:

An Essay on Man is a poem published by Alexander Pope in 1733-1734.[1][2][3] It is an effort to rationalize or rather “vindicate the ways of God to man” (l.16), a variation of John Milton’s claim in the opening lines of Paradise Lost, that he will “justify the ways of God to men” (1.26). It is concerned with the natural order God has decreed for man. Because man cannot know God’s purposes, he cannot complain about his position in the Great Chain of Being (ll.33-34) and must accept that “Whatever IS, is RIGHT” (l.292), a theme that was satirized by Voltaire in Candide (1759).[4] More than any other work, it popularized optimistic philosophy throughout England and the rest of Europe.

So BASICALLY, there was this famous idea that God’s world was PERFECT~ and it was our task to figure out how to live in it, but knowing it was PERFECT~ meant that you could assume even if super shitty things were happening that they were the best they could be (and that was all elaborated on in the Great Chain of Being idea, which ranked literally everything in creation from God through the angels through humans to the tiniest organism, and was like, ‘everything has its place and relationship to everything else AND YOU STAY FUCKING THERE UNTIL YOU DIE’), and that sort of outlook was what Voltaire mocked to the point of absurdity in Candide with this character who goes through all these seriously horrific situations but is just like “¯\_(ツ)_/¯ this is the best of all possible worlds!” But that philosophy allowed those in power to stay in power and encouraged those disadvantaged to feel like there wasn’t anything they could do about their circumstances or their destiny, etc, and all of that was kind of overthrown in the Enlightenment and JUST


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(Sterek) I was just day dreaming about how cute it would be if person a was asexual but didn't know it (thought it was just him, etc.). Person b asks out person a, person a panics and blurts out OKAY I LIKE YOU BUT I DONT LIKE YOUR JUNK/ ONLY CUDDLING IS A THING FOR ME and person b just shrugs and says "yeah that's fine, great really- I'm asexual" and promptly blows persons a's mind and helps him figure out his sexuality and then there's snuggles and forehead kisses (^_^)

Oh my god this prompt is sooo cute! Thanks for it!

(Warning for sex-repulsed people, there is one scene where Stiles attempts to masturbate to feel “normal” before giving up. It’s only very vaguely described, though.)

(4/10 prompts for my 1k followers ficathon. Sorry it’s taking me so long!)

They’ve been building up to this for years, Stiles thinks. The bickering’s a symptom of a larger cause, a deeper connection which makes Stiles’ heart ache whenever he and Derek are separated for any length of time. Everything’s there: lingering glances, hours spent together, observations which hit a little too close to home sometimes.

Or, well, almost everything’s there.

No, wait, that’s not right. Everything’s there, goddamn it. Everything he needs, anyway.

But maybe not everything Derek needs.

Stiles shoves those thoughts away and clenches his hands into fists, nails digging into his palms as he knocks on the door.

“What do you want, Stiles?” Derek barks, not even bothering to open the door. Rude.

“A date?” Stiles answers, before he can really think through his answer. From inside the apartment, Stiles hears a thump and some muffled swearing. Derek’s probably tripped over the coffee table again.

Stiles fights the urge to flinch back as Derek shoves the door open and pins him with a glare.

“Go bother someone else,” Derek growls, although Stiles can’t help but notice how he grips the doorframe just a little too tightly.

“But I’m serious,” Stiles protests, wedging himself into the doorway before Derek can slam it in his face. “We should date. It’ll be cool.”

“Cool?” Derek repeats, eyeing Stiles skeptically.

“Yeah. We can, like, watch action movies until you start complaining and then switch to The Princess Diaries for the millionth time,” Stiles replies, trying to infuse as much earnestness into his voice as possible. “And then I can steal all your popcorn.”

“Stiles…” Derek sighs, rubbing a hand over his forehead and looking impossibly tired. “Just go home.”

Stiles backtracks just quickly enough to not get shut in the door.

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vyokir  asked:

On the NarraChara theory. What about Serious Mode? It's an unnamed event in the game where the game stops making small jokes. ButtsPie is referred to as pie, InstaNood to I. Noodles (& is always eaten dry), Unisicle to Popsicle, and Mandanna to Bandanna. This happens only four times in the game, When fighting goat mother, goat father, goat brother, and during genocide. There's also no flavor text when fighting Asgore. Do you think this would be Chara's actions if they were the narrator?

(undertale spoilers)

serious mode is a really interesting thing that definitely deserves a mention. let’s look at it both ways: when applying the narrachara theory, and without applying it.

narrachara theory:

in life, chara did everything they could possibly do to achieve their goals, and their surrogate family played a huge role in their plan. they manipulated asriel into helping them die and then tried to force him to kill. asgore and toriel never learned that their family was destroyed as a result of chara’s actions. 

both of them tried to attack frisk, and both have the potential to kill them, a farcry from what chara would have seen in their care. perhaps in chara’s eyes, they finally reveal their true colours as the human-slaughtering beasts from the stories. chara’s actions in life were those of someone who never quite trusted anyone – perhaps chara saw this “betrayal” as the inevitable condition of living beings (possibly why chara had no qualms about watching them die).

when chara is narrating for frisk, they try to describe frisk’s feelings about most situations, not their own feelings (but sometimes their own opinions slip in). while fighting their family, chara stops caring about frisk’s perspective. chara is distracted by their memories. whether or not chara cared for the wellbeing of their family, they still had some significance to chara.

this is demonstrated in the above words which flood into frisk’s mind (or into the player’s, or maybe it’s just chara narrating their memory to us) at different times – when sleeping at toriel’s and getting a game over. the game over one is significant: asgore told chara these words while they were dying. it seems that chara repeats these words in their head like a mantra; maybe it’s the drive that keeps them going and gives them the strength to continue with their goals even without a soul.

from what i can see, every time the flavour text/narration becomes short or to the point (and serious mode occurs), this is when chara is most determined. the difference is that, in the genocide route, chara can actually control frisk’s body, while otherwise they are more of a spectator within frisk. chara’s old family is a reminder of what they must do. now they’re just things that chara must get past.

without narrachara:

these are important fights with no time for joking around. here’s why:

toriel: the player is led to believe that perhaps toriel isn’t as nice as she seems. she is the first boss fight. the player can be tricked here to see toriel as an “evil monster” and think that the only option is to kill her, as she must be spared repeatedly and this isn’t obvious at first.

asgore: the entire game leads up to this battle. there is no way to spare asgore during the fight. the lack of flavour text represents frisk’s uncertainty. it feels like the game will end after this battle.

asriel: the absolute final boss. “the whole world is ending”. it’s time to save the world.

the other bosses in the game have some leeway for jokes. papyrus is lighthearted, undyne suplexes boulders because she can, muffet has spiders with cute signs, and mettaton is mettaton. although there are elements of seriousness in all of these battles, there is also time for amusing moments. the same feeling of lightheartedness is not given in the story leading up to the fights with toriel, asgore, and asriel.

for more details about chara, check out these posts:

soulmates part 2

mina submitted: I saw your latest post about soulmates. and i instantly made a ‘research(?)’ about soulmates. I found an interesting saying by an American writer Richard Bach, which goes: ”A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are” and I remembered that one time when Baekhyun said Chanyeol was the one who opened up his heart:

It totally hit straight to my heart. I knew there was something about them. I always knew. I’ve seen a lot of OTPs and stuff, but they don’t seem true. They don’t seem like sincere. They don’t seem like soulmates.  As a normal girl, I of course have a crush on someone. You know, I can never get my eyes off him, and all I want is to be near him. All i want is to get his attention, because before we were so close, and he knows I like him, we texted each other like the whole time, we talked about stupid things (etc. porn stuff), we were like so damn close. not as lovers but as best friends, like “never ever get separated friends”, but that now we are like apart, we are not like before, and all I want now is to get close to him again like before. And now there’s something lost in me, in my heart. Like I miss him a lot. I miss the old things we did. Even just as friends. I’m not pointing about my life, but I wanna relate it to chanbaek, because thats when I realized chanbaek has a thing. Maybe not as ‘lovers’ but as ‘true partners’. The one who would always take care of you. Who would always catch you when you fall. Have the admins read about ‘elements of a soulmate’? Here is something that i read: It’s something inside. Describing how a soulmate makes you feel is difficult. It’s a tenacious, profound and lingering emotion which no words can encompass. You just get each other. Ever met two people who finish each other’s sentences? Some people call that spending too much time together, but I call it a soulmate connection. You might experience this with your best friend or your mother, but it is the telltale sign of a soulmate when you experience it with your partner. (just like interviews/exost. they always complete each other’s sentences </33333) You’re mentally inseparable. Soulmates often have a mental connection similar to twins. They might pick up the phone to call each other at the exact same time. Though life may keep you apart at times, your minds will always be in tune if you are soulmates. (this gets me everytime <//////3) You look each other in the eye. Soulmates have a tendency to look into each other’s eyes when speaking more often than ordinary couples. It comes naturally from the deep-seated connection between them. Looking a person in the eye when speaking denotes a high level of comfort and confidence.(i don’t need to explain that one anymore cuz we all know) Like what you posted chanbaek may or may not be lovers. but they were meant to be together. Because lovers aren’t always meant to be together. Just like in like this case, they may be not lovers. but Chanyeol knows Baekhyun was the one or vice versa. They complete each other. It’s like “wow he’s the one. he’s the one i was looking for”. I don’t know what do you guys think but in like mama era I think it was all a fanservice. You know how SM is like. OTP is their thing. I mean, I could tell it. I could tell the difference between then and now. It was a huge difference. They did too much skinship and sometimes it seemed so ridiculously unreal and insincere. Especially Chanyeol, and Baekhyun was like too uncomfortable. But because they spent most of the time together their hearts got closer and closer. Too much synchronization from mama era even till now. Now that they’re all fucking famous, the chanbaek title must have been taken down by SM. No need for acting anymore right? And here right now we see the real thing. Everything happens so naturally, because they’ve spent most of their times together back in the old era, they’re attracted. Theres like a strong magnet that keeps them attracted, never separate. I found something which is one of elements of love: “Commitment is the decision to remain with another person long-term, and commitment to keeping the relationship alive”. Not only love as in ‘lovers’ but also liking (friendship), infatuated love, empty love, romantic love, compassionate love, fatuous love and consummate love (true love). Like I said before with too much skinship in mama era. I mean skinship is nothing. my guy friends do those stuff like chanbaek did before too and I’m pretty sure your guy friends do the same. Well chanbaek still do skinships now. but not as much as before. Baekhyun does a lot skinships with other members but not Chanyeol. But it all still seems true now. Even just their stares say it all. There are like sparks and fireworks everytime their eyes meet. And thats when I realized this is it. this is love. To sum it all up chanbaek has a great attraction for each other. They’re a soulmates who can’t spend the rest of their lives without each other. They’re like one same person, but in two different bodies. Omg is that too long. I’m sorry if you find this too long, or useless(!). And I’m truly sorry for my english. I know it’s terrible). Bye beautiful admins!!! You guys are so fucking awesome!!! Bless you two!!!

Wow. I’m gonna get freaking teary-eyed. I think I re-read this message like 4 times. no joke. Long? I wish it would have been longer! Before I respond to this perfection and praise the hell out of you, let me direct anyone to the original masterpost that prompted this lovely person to send us this. 

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It was at the age of five that Dean learned the meaning behind the numbers counting down on his wrist. The numbers that would count down to the day he meets his soul-mate.

Being so young, Dean had never quite understood the meaning of it, but he remembers his Mother carefully explaining the significance of the numbers and how special it all is for everyone.

“You know how Daddy and I love each other very, very much?” She had whispered to him, tucking him in to sleep for the night.

He nodded in consent. Dean knew this very well. His parents were made for each other.

“Well, when your numbers count down to zero. You’re going to meet someone that you love just as much as I love Daddy, see?” She smiled kindly at him, her hand gently combing back his hair. “It’s going to be a day you remember for the rest of your life.” She murmured, leaning down to kiss atop his head before saying goodnight.

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illfightmyenemiesbutillfightfair  asked:

This could be nothing, but... did you notice the inside patterns of the trunk where Kristanna were locked? Same pattern as Killian's ring (and Emma's crib) :D :D :D btw the Sorcerer's hat has a lock, that means there's to be a little tiny key (did u see Killian's dagger pendant?) ok I'm not obsessed with his jewellery, but maybe, they're family belongings? *hugs*


Well, isn’t that INTERESTING?!?!?!

The pattern inside the “Dead Man’s Chest” trunk is a six-point star, and it exactly matches Killian’s ring!!!

DUDE, you have got some SHARP eyes!!! Omg, that is unbelievable! It could very well be a family heirloom. As of yet, we have no idea where Killian got those rings or necklaces. But the fact that they’re a match is quite intriguing! As I have indicated in a previous post, HERE, I feel as if the Sorcerer was involved in not only the thawing of Arendelle, but he was also behind Blackbeard, the Jolly Roger, the spot where Hans “decided” to stop the ship and dump Kristanna out, and Blackbeard’s decision to lock them both in the trunk. I described how I believe the Sorcerer was manipulating this whole situation, and the matching pattern between the inside of the trunk (most likely the Sorcerer’s) and Killian’s ring indicate a relation between the two. This is yet another tiny bit of proof that the Sorcerer is Killian’s father.

Now there are two things that I find fascinating about the whole Sorcerer’s box lock and Killian’s dagger necklace:

  1. The necklace itself—the one that looks like it could very well be the key to opening that box—is a dagger. Remember what I said in THIS post, regarding what Killian’s heart represented within the POTC storyline? Killian’s heart paralleled Jack’s broken sword in the POTC storyline. Killian’s heart functioned as the dagger from the movie. When Killian’s heart is inserted into the hat, it will act exactly as the dagger that Will used on Davy Jones’ heart in the movie. It will free whatever’s trapped in that box. In the movie, it was Davy Jones (Will stabbed his heart, he was free for all eternity). On OUAT, it will be Killian’s magic (Rumple inserts Killian’s heart, and his magic is freed for all eternity). Thus, the fact that the key to opening that box could possibly be that necklace, and that necklace is shaped like a dagger is incredibly appropriate! Is that sort-of clear? I feel like I didn’t explain that very well. In the movie, the “key” to freeing Davy Jones was to stab his heart with a “dagger”. On the show, the “key” to freeing Killian’s magic is to insert his “heart” into the hat. The heart and the dagger are paralleled, and they both function as a “key” to freedom. Get it? That’s why the key to the box being the dagger pendent is appropriate. In short, it’s a POTC reference.
  2. The necklace is just long enough so that it constantly sits just atop his heart. People who go after his heart constantly have to move the necklace out of the way. And if the necklace itself acts as a key to the Sorcerer’s box, and the “key” needed to free whatever’s in that box is Killian’s “heart”, then, in essence, the literal key to the box sits atop the metaphorical key to the hat. The literal key (dagger pendant) would both guard and indicate the metaphorical key (Killian’s heart). Isn’t that cool? I think that’s interesting.

Of course, this is all dependent on if that lock actually opens the box, or that lock is just there for decoration. Ooooo! I also thought about something else right now—the necklace is a dagger, right? Well, Rumple uses his dagger as a “key” to “unlocking” the hat and getting it out of that box. Thus, from this parallel, it’s wholly possible that Killian’s dagger necklace is also a key in the same sense as Rumple’s dagger, but for the actual box itself. The box, of course, should it actually unlock, would be different from the hat. The hat is unlocked magically. To literally unlock that box would be to literally open it. Thus, that would imply there’s actually something inside it. And if the writers take directly from POTC: At World’s End, and have the box serve as a case for something precious, then we can infer that what’s in that box, judging from its size and shape, is a heart. An actual human heart. That box is just big enough to fit it in. And in point of fact, that is exactly what the Dead Man’s Chest functioned as in the movie—a case for Davy Jones’ heart and a way to control him.

So if Davy Jones is the Sorcerer right now, then his heart is in that box (direct parallel with the movie and the Dead Man’s Chest).  If Rumple inserts Killian’s heart into the hat to release his magic and exchange it for his own, something has to happen to Killian’s heart, doesn’t it? My guess is that when Rumple drops Killian’s heart into the hat, it will replace the heart that’s already in the box. Thus, in terms of magic—Killian’s magic is released, Rumple’s magic in trapped in exchange; in terms of hearts—Davy Jones’ heart is released, Killian’s heart takes its place (again, a direct parallel with the movie). The exchange of hearts would mean that Killian becomes the new Sorcerer, and his control of the hat would mean that Killian now controls Rumple’s magic.


And just like Will and Elizabeth from the movie, Killian would give the box to Emma. And then they would have their honeymoon on the beach. Or, at least, Will and Elizabeth will. Killian and Emma would probably celebrate in the “honeymoon” house, and maybe the Apprentice would tell them that the house is for them. After all, the “I need to find my own place” storyline for Emma was instigated this half-season. It would be the only dangling storyline left for 4A. And this whole “battle” would have taken place in that mystery house that has no occupant. You know what that means! ;-)

Oh! And I forgot to mention—should Killian’s heart go into the box in exchange for Davy Jones’ heart, that would mean that Davy Jones’ heart would have been released, and now we’ve got a loose heart hanging around. Thus, a possible storyline for Killian in 4B would be to find his father and return his heart to him. Which is a storyline I’ve already started working with as soon as I realized they were doing a reverse POTC, and so that’s consistent with my assumptions.

Thanks so much for the great catches! I hope you have a fun weekend! :-D

PS: I’m going to get to all the older messages in my inbox, because they’ve been sitting there for quite a while now, and I’m really feeling guilty about just leaving them there. So I’ll try to get to those today, some PMs, and a couple Easter Eggs. Okie dokie? :-)


Not Your Type - Luke Fluff

If you beat yourself up enough there was a slight hope and belief it might kill the uneasy feeling in your stomach. That feeling that was ignited by sly comments of what had became the obvious, you were not his type. By far your hair was the wrong colour, your body the wrong shape, personality far from what he described as “perfect”. The first few sneers you ignored putting them down to jealousy, yet now it seemed the more you heard the less you matched up. The sad paranoia that followed you around everywhere you went, hiding it behind a smile as you watched fan after fan get close to him each night, feeling sick when a girl way over your head wrapped her arms around him and he leaned in to kiss her cheek. They way she’d flicked her eyelashes at him, flashing a suggestible smile and cling into him just a little but too tightly. Looking at you like you were invisible she night after night a girl much the same would push he limit with him. It was ridiculous because he was yours but the hate received each day had driven you crazy, enough to finally convince yourself you’d never be enough.

Watching the mascara run, colouring your cheeks as the mirror opposite let the person you despised the most stare back the all to familiar scenarios ran through your mind. Maybe one day he’d leave, maybe he’d send you a message when on tour or maybe it would be like in the movies when its done “gently” over a dinner which would soon end up ruined. Maybe he’d just stop calling, stop contact and move on without a word. Of course he wouldn’t, not Luke. He wasn’t cruel like that, he was kind and sweet and adorably funny but that only added to the fear. What if he was only with you still because his conscience couldn’t bare hurting you?

Closing your eyes you turned taking your face in your hands and slid down the wall. Praying somehow when you got up to look in the mirror again the person you saw would finally match up to the incredibly high standard you had set. All too often did you fail to do so, wiping the tears away and composing yourself enough to face the world without question. Yet this time something stopped you.

“Y/N..? Baby whats wrong?” Staying still with shock horror and embarrassment you could feel a breeze hit you and i warm body fall to the ground beside your own. His arms wrapping around your own to pull you close making you safe. The tears seemed to dry up as he was warm and contrasted with the cold iciness of your current nightmare.

“Shhh…baby? C'mon i’m here.”
But for how long was all you could wonder as he rocked you back and forth.

“Can…can you just leave and pretend you never found me here.” Whispering your first words he continued comforting your body, failing to let go like you hoped.

“You know i cant, why would i want to? Whatever it is i can make it better.” Voice laced with concern and worry you were quick to protest it was not his fault.

“Its..its not you…its me. And, and i cant make it better.” Voice cracking you fell against him defeated and let tears flow, his hand rubbing your back.

“I don’t understand baby.” For what seemed like forever you stayed silent unsure and scared of the truth. You had prepared tor the worst and needed it to come before you got fell any deeper with him if that was even possible.

“I…i cant be what you want, i cant and its killing me inside, i cant pretend anymore.” Looking into his eyes you broke down, walls of armour failing you finally.

“Baby…what..” Cutting him off you stood up, pulling away from his grip and he watched wide eyed as you stood above a sobbing mess.

“No, listen. Im not a supermodel with huge boobs and an bubble butt, i cant sing or dance and i have no wittiness. Im not cute or sweet and theres nothing about my face close to beautiful…I’m sorry but I’m just not what you want.” Rubbing away tears with your sleeves he stood taking your face in his hands and leaning down so you were eye level. He stared for seconds that felt like minutes, his eyes bloodshot and strained somehow. His eyebrows frowned and jaw clenched.

“If your not what i want then explain this to me. How come when i see you i get chills? When I’m near i get so nervous my palms sweat? How your smile makes me smile? How the smell of your hair is intoxicating? How i can take my eyes off you? How your laugh is my favourite sound? How i crave your touch?” Letting go he stepped back with frustration and fisted his hands taking a breath.

“If your not what i want then explain one thing to me…How come i love you?” The words alone could blow you away, enough to make your knees weak and mouth dry. He loved you?

“What? love me?”

“Yes, more than anything. Im young and i have a lot to learn but one thing I’m certain of is that i love you Y/N and every single thing about you, all those things you said, they don’t bother me, i don’t want them. I just want you, just the way you are.” Shivering softly a strangle feeling filled the gap of what used to be fear.

“I love you Luke.” Biting down on your lip as the words escaped you had made yourself completely vulnerable to all the things you felt before, all the self hate you believed in. He could break your heart right here and now but the spark of kindness and love you had first seen in his eyes was present and gave you courage, you knew deep down he would never be capable of such a thing. Taking small steps towards one another your hands reached for his, intertwining together you giggled back a sob.

“Theres that laugh i told you about.” He whispered leaning down so your foreheads pressed together. Touching his cheek with your fingertips you checked it wasn’t all a dream but feeling the stubbily skin showed it was only a beautiful reality.

“You, Y/N Y/LN are all i want.”

i was showing my sister the Watch for Rolling Rocks meme when the upd8 hit

okay now time to read it

its papers!!!!!!


lets see how jade is doing


 CALLIOPE: we are here.
JADE: where?
CALLIOPE: our destination.
JADE: you mean
JADE: the green sun?
JADE: it feels like we have been approaching it for hours

“hours” i thought you were stuck for like a mental eternity O_O

i mean

good to know that wasnt how long it was ahahahahha

but jade still wants to see her friends

JADE: then… what do i have to do?
CALLIOPE: nothing.
CALLIOPE: you needed to accompany me on this journey, so that time could pass for you.
CALLIOPE: and now, that time has passed.
JADE: i… see
CALLIOPE: is there anything you would like to say, or ask, before we part ways for good?
JADE: uhhh
JADE: for good??
JADE: you mean i will never see you again after i wake up?
CALLIOPE: no one will ever see me again after you wake up.
JADE: :(

what the fuck???

are you going to destroy yourself???

CALLIOPE: you are still quite young, and your kind is soft.
CALLIOPE: the ability to absolutely dominate is better housed in a being designed for seclusion, singularity of purpose, and remorseless resolve.
CALLIOPE: it is too much for one like you.

im sorry buddy that sounds like a load of BS to me

is jade not going to fight? :(

JADE: actually, its
JADE: scary to think about sometimes
CALLIOPE: it won’t be a problem for much longer.
JADE: huh?
CALLIOPE: it’s not your concern.


yeah caliopes going caput :(

CALLIOPE: you are a child, belonging to a race for which that distinction is understood to correspond with experiences of “enjoyment.”
CALLIOPE: perhaps you should try to have,
CALLIOPE: “fun.”

what is this… this “fun”…


CALLIOPE: goodbye, jade.






JADE: d-
JADE: davesprite???


DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < guess i just decided to fly away up to the sun like a fucking piece of garbage after all
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < like i always said i would

this is so cute… jade finally has a reunion…

DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < jade i used to be fairly depressed
JADE: yeah…
JADE: well i DO remember that
JADE: you seem to be in pretty high spirits now though :)
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < yes im doing fucking phenomeownal

it was noticable that early?!

JADE: one of them is presumably back with our friends now
JADE: the other just… quite literally flew away up to the sun
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < like a fucking piece of garbage???
JADE: she is quite dignified and aloof as a matter of fact
JADE: i sincerely doubt she has ever done ANYTHING like a piece of garbage

are u sure

we all know calliope is homestuck trash

DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < except i dont know what he smells like
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < but i guess i do know what some people who will be NEAR him smell like
JADE: like who?
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < vwiskers, for one!


holy shit theres too much for me to paste, but jade is describing her lonliness :(

how space makes one lonely

JADE: like i get closer to my aspect, but further away from everyone i love, and further from…
JADE: feeling like a person?
JADE: its just a really empty feeling after a while
JADE: empty like…
JADE: space i guess
JADE: heh

jade is starting to talk like dirk and terezi shes been hanging round calliope for too long :(

DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < stuff like us dating and johns stupid birthday parties and playing shitty ghostbuster mmos
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < that stuff all happened to you, its just you dont have access to the memories
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < they didnt happen to shape this particular version of yourself
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < but they all played a role in helping like “greater jade” grow if that makes sense
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < everything that ever happens to every version of you is an important part of your ultimate self… like a superceding bodyless and timeless persona that crosses the boundaries of paradox space and unlike god tiers or bubble ghosts or whatever, it really IS immortal


DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < but in your physical form there are all these partitions in your mind that prevent you from remembering any of that which makes your existence f33l totally linear
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < which is probably for the best!
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < in a regular body s33ing all that would be too overwhelming
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < in an advanced sprite form like mine tho its fine



DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < understanding heart is all about the nuances of a distributed self
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < nepeta never got to make much headway with her aspect but shes finally gettin the chance
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < the time aspect is all about running into different versions of yourself so you kinda get confronted with it in a really literal way that can be disturbing
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < obviously davesprite stuggled with that too, but now its fine
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < hes fr33 from worrying about it all and what it means for his place in reality
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < because he can s33 now all his selves have relevance in painting the full picture of who he truly is
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < im not COMPLETELY sure because im not like some sort of ASPECT MASTER but
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < my avian slash feline intuition tells me that all roads will lead you here eventually
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < gaining the d33pest possible understanding of any aspect will bring you to the same final conclusion about your ultimate self 


same jade… same

DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < maybe she was leaving it up to you in a myterious way
JADE: leaving what up to me?
JADE: the decision to wake up?
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < sure why not
JADE: but i dont know how!
JADE: …..


O H   M Y    G O  D

relatable content

JADE: wuhh
JADE: :o
JADE: was that supposed to wake me up?
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < that was just goodbye





I want to see that note… whether its heartfelt or just plain silly

anonymous asked:

What defines gender? Like if nothing is inherently masculine or feminine, how does a person identify as a woman, a man, polygender, pan gender, agender, etc? I understand that there's more than two genders in existence, I guess I'm just trying to figure out how a person ends up identifying with any one of them. ( Sidenote, I'm sorry if I come off as ignorant. I'm still in the process of unlearning transphobia and learning about different genders)

Honestly, there is nothing universal or concrete that I can answer this with. 

Gender can be a feeling, an experience, a performance, a role, a set of expectations, an abstract concept, this incorporeal thing within you, or a mish mash of all or some of these things.

 It’s an identity. And at the end of the day, it is a very deeply personal thing. 

Everyone views gender and their own gender differently, everyone experiences it differently, and has their own relationship to it, some people may not feel that they have it at all. Some people, only feel it some of the time. For some people, it’s just this vague thing that you know is there, but you can’t accurately describe. 

It is up to you to define your own gender, and find how you feel comfortable describing and labeling it, if you want to do that at all.

 That’s why there are so many gender labels, and so many more being created. A term might seem obscure or bizarre, but think: there is a literal infinite amount of ways one could experience and view their gender. Every person is unique, and some people prefer describing their unique experience as specifically as possible, even making new words to do so. Which is part of why these terms are valid and should be respected.

Please, don’t be afraid of looking ignorant. As long as you are respectful and make your good intentions obvious, I’m super happy to help anyone who has genuine curiosity about the subject, within the best of my abilities!!