there's no video for this please don't ask

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There's almost 1billion views on Zayn's vevo channel everyone should go and watch some of his videos

Hi!! I went to take a look on YouTube and anon, YOU ARE RIGHT!!!  

I only counted* his official music videos (which is why I blocked out the Like I Would audio), and the tally* comes to 938,391,459. *clenches fists* That’s so close! (Even Pillowtalk alone is nearing 1 billion views! ALONE.) (Alone!)

SO LET’S DO THIS, ANON. Everyone can go to his YouTube or Vevo channels and listen to/watch the videos of their choice (i.e. all of them). And we can give Zayn another billion number milestone!!!! 

Thanks so much for the info, anon! xxx 

*Let the record show the only man I’d do math for is Zayn Malik.

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Hey your like the only person I follow that I trust to ask about spirit working and stuff so I was wondering how I can ward my room from negative/bad spirits. I think there's one already there but I don't want to anger it by accusing it of lying (I asked it via ouija already if it meant any harm, it said no) so could you help me out a bit? (Any sigils, rituals, or that kind of thing would be super helpful)(ily you're videos btw)

Oh my gosh dear! Unless you were warded specifically against untruths and lies, a spirit could have simply told you anything, even if you used your most stern voice to command it to tell the truth in the moment. Please trust me that for a beginner, the intent of a maclicious spirit to stay hidden can overwhelm our intent to have it show it’s true identity. I have been doing this for several years, and I ward heavily with some real primal shit, and I still regularly have to deal with spirits trying to pass a fast one on me. To literally overpower a spirit with your mind and command it in such a way without Words of Power is a highly advanced technique in my path <3

Try this format:

1. Cleanse yourself as hardcore as you can.

2. Protect yourself as hardcore as you can.

3. Banish as hardcore as you can.

4. Cleanse the space as hardcore as you can, maybe a little less hardcore because you’re tired now which is okay, we all have natural limits but I am sure you will do as much as you need <3

5. Employ protections you premade because at this point you’re exhausted.

Thank you for your kind words about my vids too <3 that really makes my day!

Guys, please. There's videos of the funeral going around. Don't spread them, don't gif them, don't edit them. Just, please ask the person nicely to take them down. Even if the Korean Media won't respect Teuk's privacy, let's not make the same mistake as fans.

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THIS ASK MAY HAVE SPOILER CONTENT - But I beg you to read it, it's not a confirmed spoiler! Ok, there's a The 100 twitter account claiming that they have received a video of a Clexa kiss on 3x06. Please tell me it isn't true. I mean, tell me it is true FOR GODS SAKE, but damn I wish I wasn't spoiled. I DON'T KNOW IF THAT'S TRUE OR ANYTHING. What do you think??? I'M CRYING

Honestly, it kinda fits in with my Clexa progression timeline. So, I would say that it is pretty likely. But, I don’t know who this source is or fully believe what they are saying. I do think that there will be a kiss before Clarke goes back to Arkadia though. Here is a brief synopsis of my Clexa timeline: 

At the end of episode 5 they will see the massacre (the episode title). In episode 6 they will talk about how to proceed and create peace between their people. This might lead to a moment of “how are you even real?” kinda thought and then they kiss, but it doesn’t progress beyond that.  I think in episode 7 or 8 is when Clarke goes to Arkadia to stop the Sky People from going to war. This is also when the ALIE storyline will start to pick up and will be the focal point of the story. There might also be another kiss before Clarke leaves, or maybe this IS the kiss – the “may we meet again” kiss. 

Then I think Clarke is in Arkadia from episode 8-10, but then she comes back or is somehow reunited with Lexa in episode 11 and that is when things heat up and might lead to a sex scene. I then think that they will become separated again due to some event, and then Lexa will come back at the end of episode 14 or 15 and finish out the season. 

Even though there was a possible leak…you don’t know the context or how intense the kiss is. So, i don’t think it is too spoilery.